InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Summer Sunshine ( Chapter 18 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Author's Note:
Friends, school in this story starts in June and ends April. That explains the title.
“Okay, time is up. Pass you papers.” The teacher announced and the class cheered. The final exams are officially over.
“Wow that was intense.” Sango remarked as they exited their classroom.
“I'm just happy it's over.” Kagome replied as she massaged her temple.
“Now that classes are over, the fun begins….” Miroku said as he rubbed both his hands in anticipation.
Kagome shrieked suddenly as a pair of strong arms hugged her from behind.
“Why did you leave without me?” Inuyasha asked as he inhaled the scent of Kagome's hair.
“You were talking to the teacher.” Kagome replied as she tilted her head to one side to look at Inuyasha.
“Making out 101…” Sango teased and Miroku looked on grinning lecherously.
“We're not making out! Inuyasha stop that!” Kagome protested as Inuyasha nuzzled her neck and she vainly tried to wiggle out of his embrace.
“No.” Inuyasha replied.
“I'm ticklish, baka.” Kagome whispered and Inuyasha peered into her face, grinning.
“Oh?” He teased.
“Come on, I'm hungry and you're paying.” Kagome grinned as she pulled Inuyasha with her. Sango and Miroku followed closely behind.
“Are they together?” Miroku asked.
“Hmmm…” Sango replied watching the pair.
“I mean, they were almost killing each other two days ago and now…”
“Love is a fickle thing…” Sango retorted as she took Miroku's hand in hers.
“Hey, can I come over later?” Miroku asked nervously and Sango raised her brow at him.
“Do you promise to behave?”
“I love it when you stutter, it makes me feel like I have absolute power.” Sango teased.
“Really…?” Miroku asked grinning.
“Sango, Miroku!” Kagome yelled and waved at them.
“Be there at ten. My parents are asleep by then.” Sango replied as she waved back at Kagome.
“And Miroku….?”
“Yes, Sango dear?”
“Don't be late…” Sango replied as she turned and walked towards Kagome and Inuyasha leaving a gaping Miroku behind.
“I won't….”
“Oh my, he's so fine…” Sango whispered and Kagome nodded her head.
“I wouldn't mind marrying him….” Kagome said as they ogled at the screen.
“I heard he's going to the army this year.” Sango supplied and Kagome pouted.
“Oh, they can't make Kim Rae Won leave, he's too handsome for the army!” Kagome declared as she stuffed popcorn into her mouth.
“Not to mention manly….”
“Absolutely gorgeous….”
“He's a god!”
“Look at those abs….” Kagome said and both she and Sango sighed.
“Korean actors are so handsome.”
“Marry me, Kim Rae Won!” Kagome squealed.
“Hey, I saw him first!” Sango joked.
“Ah, but he fell in love with me first…”
“That's because you lied and told him you love kimchi!”
“Oh please, Sango. He loves me because I'm absolutely ravishing…” Kagome retorted as she flipped her hair.
“Ah but he finds me absolutely sexy…” Sango replied grinning as she posed.
“Hey, may be we could share. I'll have Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.”
“Okay, so I'll have Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays….” Sango winked.
“But what about Sunday?” Kagome asked again.
“Ah, let the poor man rest.”
“He's a god remember, he does not feel tired.” Kagome countered.
“Oh I forgot, sorry…” Sango sheepishly responded. She caught Kagome's eye and they both laughed, rolling on Inuyasha's bedroom's carpeted floor.
“Crap, he's so cuuteeeee!” Kagome squealed as they both sighed and stared lovingly at the television. They were watching `My Little Bride.'
“I wish I have a family friend who's as handsome as that, I wouldn't really mind being married to him…” Sango dreamily said.
“Oh, it's illegal to be that good-looking…”
“Yes it is especially is he's making you drool….” Inuyasha said as he crossed his bedroom and turned the television off.
“HEY!!” Kagome and Sango stood up, their hands on their hips as they glared at Inuyasha.
Just then Miroku came in carrying a tray full of drinks and cookies.
“We made you goddesses a snack.” Miroku smiled.
“Aw, I'm so touched.” Sango clutched at her heart and walked towards Miroku.
“Anything for you, my dear.” Miroku replied and winked.
“Keh! You just brought the tray here, I baked the cookies and I prepared the juice.” Inuyasha muttered and Miroku laughed.
“Oh, you know how to bake?” Sango asked.
“Wow, you'll make a good husband.” Sango declared looking pointedly at Kagome who rolled her eyes at Sango.
“Hmm…not bad.” Kagome said as she chewed a cookie.
“Just not bad? It took me almost and hour to bake!” Inuyasha protested as he pulled Kagome to his lap.
“It's good actually.” Miroku said. Inuyasha took Kagome's finger and licked the crumbs off.
“Yeah, actually…” Inuyasah replied.
Crap, he's making me burn! Kagome thought as Inuyasha's tongue touched her fingers, already she could feel her insides churn.
“Win me that bear, Miroku!” Sango squealed happily as Miroku took aim.
“I will, Sango.” Miroku replied as he shot and missed.
“Oh,” Kagome said as she saw Sango's face droop. They were to the local summer bazaar sponsored by the seniors of Midoriko High.
“Don't worry, I'll try till I die.” Miroku told Sango earnestly.
“Nah, it's okay, I love you still.” Sango smiled dismissively as she linked her arm around Miroku's waist.
“Awww, that's just so sweet….” Kagome smiled at her friends as she licked at her ice cream cone. Inuyasha smiled as he watched Kagome out of the corner of his eyes. She was wearing his favorite colors, a stripe red and white sleeveless blouse, a white denim shorts and red flip flops.
“Quit staring, Inuyasha.” Kagome suddenly said without looking at him.
“What? How did you know I was staring?” Inuyasha said as he draped his arm around the miko.
“I'm a miko, remember, I can sense your demon aura drooling over me.” Kagome joked.
“Oh, and how does your pure miko aura react to my demon youki's drooling?”
“It's annoyed.” Kagome laughingly replied.
“You're lying, I can smell otherwise…” Inuyasha whispered in Kagome's ears and she giggled helplessly.
“Gods, that tickles!” Kagome said as she ducked under Inuyasha's arm.
“Hi, Inuyasha…” Kagome and Inuyasha stopped laughing as they heard Kikyo's voice.
“Oh, hi.” Inuyasha greeted the older girl as he moved to hug Kagome to his chest. Kikyo looked at the affectionate action angrily.
“Are you free tonight, I would want to go out.” Kikyo said as she smiled engagingly at Inuyasha.
“No,” Inuyasha replied.
“The bitch forbids you to go out with me? Has she put a leash on you?” Kikyo taunted and her friends sniggered.
Kagome laughed as she tiptoed to kiss Inuyasha's nose. “Ah Kikyo, how pitiful, are you in heat that you had to taunt my man to cool you down?”
“Inuyasha's. How about you, whose are you?” Kagome replied as she smiled laying her head on Inuyasha's chest.
“Kagome, Inuyasha!” Sango waved at them and raised her brow when she saw Kikyo's group.
“Come on, baby. The stench in the air is too much….” Kagome said as she turned her head and flicked an imaginary dust from Inuyasha's shoulder. “Bye, Kikyo. Mwah!” Kagome smiled and waved at the older girl.
“That bitch!!!!” Kikyo said as she stomped her foot.
“She's cool…” Kanna murmured.
“What?!” Kikyo asked glaring at Kanna.
“I mean….”
“You! Leave before I kill you!” Kikyo yelled as she advanced menacingly towards Kanna.
“ Ummm….”
“Run, Kanna.” Kagura said under her breathe and Kanna fled.
“Argh! She's damn annoying!” Kagome said as she stomped after Sango.
“Honey…” Inuyasha called.
“Hmp, enough, I don't want to waste such a beautiful day thinking about that dumb excuse for a miko!”
“Kagome…” Inuyasha called again.
“Kagome!” Inuyasha said as he spun Kagome around to face him.
“What?” Kagome asked, startled as she stared at Inuyasha's face.
“I've been calling your name for the past two minutes.”
“Yes, honey, Oh.” Inuyasha grinned.
“What do you mean why?” Inuyasha asked back arching his brow.
“Why, what do you want?”
“You're blabbing…”
“I'm not blabbing.”
“You are.”
“Oh,” Kagome smiled up at Inuyasha.
“Did you mean it?”
“Mean what?” Kagome asked as she tilted her head.
“What you said back there…”
“About you being….” Inuyasha cursed under his breath when Sango's voice interrupted them.
“Hey, Kagome! There's videoke contest and the first prize is a ticket for four to the premier night of the Da Vinci Code!”
“Where?” Kagome excitedly asked freeing herself from Inuyasha's grasp.
“Over there, come, let's make use of that beautiful voice!” Sango pulled her friend towards the videoke booth.
“Wait, you were saying Inuyasha?” Kagome stopped and turned to ask Inuyasha.
“No, it's okay. We'll talk later.” Inuyasha smiled quickly at Kagome and Sango.
“Okay,” Kagome smiled back as she allowed herself to be pulled by Sango. Miroku put his arms around Inuyasha and whispered forebodingly…
“Hurry up, Inuyasha. Kouga might beat you into it.” Miroku said and grinned when Inuyasha growled watching Kouga make his way towards Kagome. Shit, I don't even know if I have the right to be jealous, we just made up and we're not `official.' Damn!
Damn this moron, can't he take a hint. Kagome thought as Kouga talked about himself tirelessly.
“And of course, my father knew it was me who killed the youkai and man, was he proud?” Kouga smiled as he told Kagome how he killed a snake youkai at a very young age.
“I bet he was,” Kagome replied blandly as she and Sango waited in line for Kagome's turn to sing.
“One time, my father brought me to….”
“Hello, hon. Miss me?” Inuyasah interrupted as he wrapped his arm around Kagome's waist. He smiled when Kagome sagged against him and sighed with relief.
“What took you so long?” Kagome asked ignoring Kouga who looked taken aback by the display.
“I'm here now, am I not?” Inuyasha replied as he tightened his grip. “Kouga.” Inuyasha addressed the other boy.
“Inuyasha,” Kouga smirked.
“Bye Kouga.” Kagome smiled sweetly at the wolf demon.
“See you around, Kagome.” Kouga hesitated at first but turned on his heel to leave.
“Talk about dense,” Kagome murmured as she pried herself off Inuyasha who reluctantly let her go.
“No 16.” A man called.
“That's me.” Kagome smiled at her friend as she walked towards a raised platform.
“Go girl!!” Sango cheered as Miroku and Inuyasha clapped while Kagome told the operator what song she chose. She winked at her friends as the music started…
Everyone's changing, I stay the same
I'm… a solo cello outside a chorus
I've got a secret,
It's time for me to tell that you've been keeping me warm
Inuyasha smiled as Kagome danced to the tune. She really does love singing. He thought as Kagome's presence filled the small podium making people stop and watch.
Just sweet beginnings and bitter endings
In coffee city, we borrowed heaven
Don't give it back, I've never felt so wanted
Are you taking me home?
You tell me you have to go…
In the heat of summer sunshine
I miss you like nobody else
In the heat of summer sunshine
I kiss you, and nobody needs to know
“Hmm…history repeating itself, huh?” Sango whispered to Miroku as they watched Inuyasha smiling while watching Kagome.
“Are they officially a couple?” Miroku asked.
`No, they're just friends. I know, it's ssooo lame.” Sango said shaking her head.
“If there were a Planet of the Bakas, Inuyasha and Kagome would have ruled it, hands down.” Miroku replied and Sango laughed.
Now that you've left me, there's no returning
I keep comparing, you're always winning
I try to be strong but you'll never be more wanted
Will you make me at home?
Don't tell me you have to go...
In the heat of summer sunshine
I miss you like nobody else
In the heat of summer sunshine
I kiss you, and nobody needs to know
Kagome turned suddenly and winked at Inuyasha, she stared at him with dancing eyes as she held her hand towards him. Inuyasha was awed.
To sweet beginnings and bitter endings
In coffee city, we borrowed heaven
Don't give it back
Winter is coming and I need to stay warm
The heat.....
In the heat of summer sunshine
I miss you like nobody else
In the heat of summer sunshine
I kiss you, and nobody knows
“Tsk! Our poor hanyou is in love….” Miroku commented as they watched Inuyasha blush.
“This is too fun to watch, I feel almost guilty.” Sango whispered as they watched Inuyasha's enraptured face.
In the heat of summer sunshine
I miss you like nobody else
In the heat of summer sunshine
I kiss you, and nobody needs to know
The song ended and Kagome took a bow, the `host' smiled at her and accidentally touched her hand when she handed him back the microphone.
Inuyasha growled as the man's hand touched Kagome's. He blinked and for an instant his eyes turned red. Mine.
“Quit doing that…” Kagome sleepily said as she tried to push Inuyasha's hand away.
“Quit doing what?” Inuyasha replied as he continued to draw circles on Kagome's stomach while watching television. They were at the Higurashi Shrine and Inuyasha lounged at the family's white, plush sofa while Kagome lay down, using Inuyasha's stomach as a pillow.
“That,” Kagome replied as she turned her head to looked at the grinning hanyou.
“Ticklish?” Inuyasha taunted.
“No, sleepy…” Kagome answered and Inuyasha adjusted their positions, pulling Kagome higher so the girl is now laying her head below Inuyasha's chin.
“Yes, thanks.” Kagome replied as she burrowed her head deeper into Inuyasha's chest.
“Why are you sleepy?” Inuyasha asked.
“I don't know…stop talking….”
“Because I'm trying to sleep….?”
“Because I'm sleepy…” Kagome snapped and Inuyasha smiled.
“Why?” He taunted.
“Why don't you just shut up?”
“Arghh! Baka!” Kagome said as she hastily stood up intending to go up her room. Inuyasha laughed and lifted her off the floor carrying her upstairs.
“Put me down!” Kagome squealed.
“Okay, your wish is my command.” Inuyasha replied as he gently put Kagome on top her bed and lay beside her.
“You're impossible.” Kagome said as she curled beside Inuyasha and closed her eyes.
“What are we?” Inuyasha asked holding his breath.
“Friends?” Kagome answered sleepily.
“Really.” Kagome opened her eyes and smiled before sighing and turning away from him. She felt the bed move as Inuyasha shifted, she felt him wedge himself between her knees and lay in between her thighs.
“What the….!” Kagome said as she put both her hands against Inuyasha's chest as she tried to push him off.
“What are you doing?” Kagome asked, her eyes wide as she looked at Inuyasha's amber ones who were staring at her with so much intensity she felt her breathing stop. Her eyes bulged when Inuyasha's head slowly dipped, his eyes not closing and not leaving hers. She felt his breathing caressed his lips before she felt the warmth of his mouth. Almost simultaneously, their eyes closed.
Kagome could feel Inuyasha's heartbeat through the thin material of her blouse, he shifted and rolled unto his back, bringing Kagome to straddle his hips not breaking the contact. His tongue ventured out to stroke her lips and she opened them wordlessly inviting him in. Inuyasha's hand crept to her neck holding her there and his other hand slithered to the small of her back pressing her closer to him. They both moaned as they felt her warmth cradle his arousal through the layers of their clothes. Slowly they broke apart for air, they stared at each other, panting. Kagome swallowed convulsively and asked the first thing that came to her mind…
“What were you doing?” She whispered as she touched her bruised lips while her other hand braced against his chest for support.
“I'm tired of us being just friends…” Inuyasha replied as he leaned up to capture her lips again.
Author's Note:
The Song Summer Sunshine is by The Corrs .Please wait for the next chapter - The Party. Thanks.