InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ The Party ( Chapter 19 )

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“So…” Sango said as she eyed the new ring Kagome was wearing.
“So?” Kagome asked back pretending to ignore her friend.
“Do you have anything to tell me?” Sango inquired again, temper rising at Kagome's display of nonchalance.
“Hmmm…no, why?”
“Kagome Higurashi! If you are to pretend that I don't see that ring winking at me from your left hand, gods forgive me for I'm so going to throttle you!” Sango yelled and Kagome laughed. The girls were spending the afternoon at the Higurashi Shrine browsing through some new magazines they bought.
“We're together.” Kagome said simply after her laughter subsided.
“About time. But how did it happen, come on, I want the juicy, gory details!” Sango eagerly scooted near Kagome who rolled her eyes heavenwards.
“He said he's tired of us being just friends and I agreed.” Kagome replied blushing as the events before and after Inuyasha's declaration played on her mind.
“Is it just me or are you blushing like an idiot?”
“Nah, it's just you…”
“Okay, okay….we kissed.”
“OH GODS!!! YOU KISSED?!” Sango yelled excitedly.
“Yes we did and no I don't want all of Japan to know so keep it down.” Kagome replied as she covered her friend's mouth with her hand. Sango nodded vigorously and Kagome took her hand off.
“Wow, is he a good kisser?”
“Was there tongue?”
“I mean, don't tell me it was just a smack!” Sango demanded, frowning at the thought.
“Gods, we are so not talking about this!!!” Kagome replied as she covered both her ears with her hands.
“Come on….”
“Does Miroku kiss well?” Kagome asked.
“Does he make good use of his tongue?” Kagome asked again and smirked when Sango blushed.
“Exactly! It's damn embarrassing to talk about that.” Kagome said as she plopped back on her bed.
“He's a good kisser and his tongue can do wonders, there was this time when I thought I'd probably choke…” Kagome's eyes widened as Sango rumbled on, she caught her friend's grin and threw a pillow in her direction.
“Gods! You perv!” Kagome laughed as Sango ducked to avoid being hit by the pillow.
“Hahahahaahahahahahaha! You should have seen the look on your face, it was priceless….” Sango laughed holding her stomach.
“Argh! I should exorcise you, Miroku has shared his bad, perverted vibes with you.” Kagome said as she watched Sango continued laughing.
“You're so uptight, girl. Loosen up.” Sango said as she finally stopped laughing and wiped the tears that trekked down her cheeks. A soft knock and Mrs. Higurashi opened Kagome's bedroom holding a large rectangular box.
“Hello, Mrs. Higurashi.” Sango greeted.
“Hello Sango. I see you girls are having fun.” Mrs. Higurashi said as she laid the box in on top of Kagome's desk.
“For whom is that, Mama?” Kagome asked as she slowly got up.
“It's for you. This came a minute ago.” Mrs. Higurashi replied and both Sango and Kagome frowned.
“Does it say from who it was?” Kagome asked as she walked towards her desk to examine the package.
“No,” Mrs. Higurashi replied.
“Open it, may be it's from your boyfriend.” Sango teased and immediately closed her mouth, her fearful stare darted towards Mrs. Higurashi.
“Oh, so you and Inuyasha….” Mrs. Higurashi asked her daughter who was blushing furiously.
“No, it's me and Orlando Bloom.” Kagome recovered from her initial embarrassment and joked.
“Orlando who? I don't think I've met that man.” Mrs. Higurashi frowned, a little disappointed that she wouldn't be getting golden-eyed, silver-haired and dog-eared grand children. Sango and Kagome sniggered.
“Mama, you should watch television more, you're way out of reality.” Kagome affectionately said as she wrapped her arms around her mother.
“Mrs. Higurashi, Orlando Bloom is a really gorgeous Hollywood actor!” Sango supplied giggling.
“Hollywood, how did he meet my Kagome then?”
“Mama, it was a joke and as much as I would like to claim being Orlando Bloom's true love, I can't, Inuyasha would probably kill the man.”
“You're right about that, Kagome. Inu-youkais are very possessive and protective of their mates.”
“Mates?” Mrs. Higurashi asked, a little shock.
“I mean, girlfriends, umm….prospective mates….umm…I mean they're dog demons so they call their wives mates…” Sango blabbed and Kagome felt like throwing her friend out the window.
“Sango, stop…” Kagome groaned.
“Are you, Kagome?” Mrs. Higurashi suddenly asked.
“What, Mama?”
“Inuyasha's mate?”
“Gods, our relationship is only a day old, give us a break!” Kagome complained as she burrowed her head into her hands.
“Just asking…” Mrs. Higurashi replied as she kissed her daughter's head before exiting.
“Wow, your boyfriend does love you…” Sango said as they took the gown out of the box. Kagome's stomach knotted. Crap, I totally forgot about that party I was supposed to go to with Sesshoumaru.
“I don't think Inuyasha sent this…” Kagome quietly said and Sango raised her brow.
“Well, girl, how many boyfriends do you have?”
“Umm….” Kagome bit her lip as she touched the chic baby-blue empire waist gown. She looked guiltily at its sequined, sparkling bodice.

”Kagome?” Sango asked.
“I have a date with Inuyasha's brother.” Kagome quietly said.
“What?!” Sango demanded jumping off her seat. “Are you crazy?”
“I am, actually.” Kagome replied as she sighed and closed her eyes. She slightly jumped when her cellphone rang.
“Hello, beautiful Miko.”
“Do you like the dress?”
“It's beautiful, thank you.”
“I'll pick you up at seven thirty.”
“What? Not having doubts I hope.”
“Umm…No.” Kagome replied biting her lip and slightly banging her hand against her forehead.
“Okay, see you then.”
“Okay, bye.” Kagome said as she put her cellphone down.
“What did he say?” Sango gently asked.
“He told me he'd pick me up at seven thirty.”
“You did not break the date off?”
“How could I, the party is today, that wouldn't give him time to find another date!”
“But what about Inuyasha?”
“He would probably kill me. Let's just hope he does not find out.” Kagome said as she stood up and headed to her bathroom. Kagome was about to open the bathroom door when her phone rang again.
“Honey, I miss you…”
“Hello, Inuyasha…I miss you too…” Kagome replied, her heart twitching at the sound of his voice.
“Can I come over? I have a surprise for you…”
“Ummm….no, I mean, Mama and I are going somewhere and…” Kagome stammered as Sango made stupid gestures.
“Tell him!” Sango hissed.
“Who was that?” Inuyasha asked.
“Ah, that was Sango…” Kagome replied as she glared at her friend.
“Oh, I thought you were going out…” Inuyasha said, hurt apparent in his voice.
“Baby, please don't….” Kagome groaned, feeling guilty already.
“Don't what…?”
“Don't….just don't…”
“Thank you.” Kagome said feeling relieved.
“I'll see you tomorrow then?” Inuyasha asked.
“Okay, bye.”
“Wait, Inuyasha!”
“I love you and I'm forever yours, don't forget that.” Kagome whispered wanting him to understand.
“I love you too, Kagome and I am yours as you are mine.”
“Glad we agree.” Kagome replied grinning.
Kagome paced her room nervously. I should just have told him. Baka! She thought as she adjusted the bodice of her gown. What if Inuyasha finds out? You're so dead, Higurashi.
“Kagome, your date is here.” Mrs. Higurashi called from downstairs.
Oh my God. This is it.
Kagome slowly descended the stairs, her stomach feeling hollow.
“Hello, Kagome.” Sesshoumaru greeted when she reached the landing and had she not been a nervous wreck she would have drooled at the sight of him.
“Hello, Sesshoumaru…” Kagome greeted smiling weakly.
“Yes,” Kagome replied squelching her urge to scream and run.
“Are you sure, you're okay?” Sesshoumaru asked as he opened the door for her.
“Yes,” Kagome replied after she kissed her mother goodbye. She shrieked when her phone rang and Sesshoumaru's lips quirked in amusement.
“Hello…” Kagome smiled apologetically at Sesshoumaru as she answered her phone.
“Hello gorgeous….”
“Hello baby….” Kagome replied feeling her stomach cave in.
“Where are you?”
I'm inside a limo with your brother and we're going to a party to drive some disillusioned woman away and I'm helping him by posing as his date just for tonight and Inuyasha, I love you, we've made the arrangements about this date before you and I became a couple and before you gave me that earth-shattering kiss so please don't be mad! Kagome thought as she sighed.
“I'm out of the house…” Kagome said after a long pause.
“And…?” Inuyasha asked.
“And I miss you.” Kagome whispered, missing the small smile on Sesshoumaru's lips.
“I miss you too. Don't worry I'll drop by tonight…”
“No, don't. Let's meet tomorrow. Besides, I don't know what time the party ends.
“Okay, but I'm disappointed. I will make you make it up to me.” Inuyasha replied and Kagome laughed.
“Hmm….that I can do.”
“Okay honey, I love you….”
“Bye, baby...” Kagome said as she snapped her phone shut biting her lips.
Inuyasha could not help his smile when he put the phone down. He gazed at the big, brown box holding the red, satin, gown he bought for Kagome for the party. It's your fault for not telling her in advance, Baka! He sighed as he got up adjusting his tie. Tonight, the Hirohitos are celebrating his parents' 15th wedding anniversary and he had planned on introducing Kagome to them as his girlfriend and he feels proud that it's true this time.
She's mine….He thought as he opened his door to meet the guests downstairs. Mine alone.
Sesshoumaru watched as Kagome fidgeted.
“Are you okay, Kagome?”
“Yes,” Kagome replied nodding her head.
“I don't think you are, you've never ran out of words and now all I hear from you is `yes.' Sesshoumaru smiled kindly at her.
“I'm nervous.” Kagome said as she bit her lip. I'm nervous your brother might find out and get mad even before I get to explain my side. I'm afraid that he'd run away and leave me because I just might die.
“I see…” Sesshoumaru replied and Kagome smiled at him.
Enjoy tonight, Kagome and let this tryst with Sesshoumaru be a secret. Kagome thought as she arranged the skirt of her gown carefully around her.
“We're here.” Sesshoumaru announced smiling at the beautiful girl in front of him. Beautiful. Beautiful and unreachable. Sesshoumaru thought as he offered his arm.
“Oh, we are? Where is here exactly?” Kagome asked as she took Sesshoumaru's arm.
“We're at the Hirohito Manor. Today is our parent's wedding anniversary.” Sesshoumaru replied and Kagome stiffened.
“Kagome….?” Sesshoumaru asked with concern as he smelled Kagome's fear. “Are you okay?” Sesshoumaru peered at the miko's face and was surprised to see tears. Kagome breathed deeply and wiped her tears off her face and laughed aloud.
Kagome could not stop laughing. She had prayed to all the saints she knows, even those she does not, to let her keep this secret date from Inuyasha until such time she's brave enough to tell him herself but here she was, in Sesshoumaru's arms, as Sesshoumaru's date, at Inuyasha's parents' anniversary. It was just so hilarious she felt like killing someone.
“Kagome, are you okay?” Sesshoumaru asked again.
“I'm great!” Kagome said as she turned to face Sesshoumaru.
“Are you sure?” Sesshoumaru asked.
“Sesshoumaru, I love your brother.” Kagome said and Sesshoumaru raised his brow.
“Okay.” He replied.
“And I don't think I can do this to him. I know what happened between Inuyasha, Kikyo and you and I don't want him to feel now what he felt then because it would kill me.” Kagome said smiling sadly.
“I understand.” Sesshoumaru said and sighed.
“Thank you.” Kagome said.
“I'll ask the driver to take you home.” Sesshoumaru offered.
“I would really appreciate that.” Kagome said as she turned to get inside the limo.
“Kagome…” Sesshoumaru called.
“Inuyasha is lucky to have you. Take care.” Sesshoumaru said as he kissed Kagome's hand.
“Thank you, I'm sure he knows how lucky he is. Enjoy the party.” Kagome said smiling brightly at Sesshoumaru.
SHIT! Kagome muttered as she heard Inuyasha's voice.
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