InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Runaway ( Chapter 20 )

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“Inuyasha is lucky to have you. Take care.” Sesshoumaru said as he kissed Kagome's hand.
“Thank you, I'm sure he knows how lucky he is. Enjoy the party.” Kagome said smiling brightly at Sesshoumaru.
SHIT! Kagome muttered as she heard Inuyasha's voice.
“What are you…?” Inuyasha asked, his eyes darting to Sesshoumaru's hand. Kagome swallowed as she shook Sesshoumaru's hand off.
“What the fuck is going on?!” Inuyasha yelled and Kagome cringed.
“I can explain….” Kagome started and stopped seeing the murderous look on Inuyasha's face.
“I thought I was going crazy when I smelled you nearby!!” Inuyasha hissed as he turned on his heel to leave. Kagome watched him, her heart shattering to pieces. A soft sob escaped as she tried her hardest to stop her tears.
“You!” You knew he was there that's why you took my hand kissed it!” Kagome glared as she pointed an accusing finger at Sesshoumaru.
“Why?” Kagome asked, her world crumbling.
“Don't give me that crap, Sesshoumaru!” Kagome yelled, her aura flaring and Sesshoumaru stepped back.
“Because he needs to trust you, Kagome and you need to trust him. You can't break up every time someone gets near you, that would ruin you both.”
“He trusts me!”
“It appears otherwise.” Sesshoumaru calmly replied.
“So you invited me to pose as your date to test mine and Inuyasha's trust?! Don't insult my intelligence bastard! I'm fifteen, not mentally-retarded!”
“I must admit, it did not occur to me to do what I did when I invited you out. But the opportunity presented itself and I couldn't help it.”
“Any last wishes, Sesshoumaru?” Kagome asked opening her palm and the white energy ball appeared.
“How dare you use me to hurt him? How dare you!”
“Kagome, do you really want Inuyasha to go berserk every time I'm near you? Do you really want us to act like strangers just because of he can't forget what almost happened between me and Kikyo? Resolve this now and get it over with.”
Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru, her breathing heavy. She sighed and closed her palm making the energy ball dissipate.
“You're right. I just want to go home now, please.” Kagome said in defeat. She knew Sesshoumaru was right, if they want to stay together for long, she and Inuyasha has to resolve some serious trust issues.
“Running away does not make the problem disappear.” Sesshoumaru said as he took out his handkerchief to wipe the tears off Kagome's face.
“What are you suggesting that I go after him and beg? I'd rather die.” Kagome replied laughing softly.
“Tsk, sometimes we have to swallow our pride, Kagome for those we love. Don't worry, it's not fattening.”
Inspite of herself, Kagome laughed. “You know what? I don't really know whether I should love you or hate you.”
“I would rather that you trust me. Inuyasha has your heart and hating me would lose you the opportunity of hanging out with such a fine man like myself.” Sesshoumaru said, his face expressionless that Kagome laughed aloud.
“You truly are Inuyasha's brother.” Kagome said as she sniffed. “And I mean that in a good way, aniki.
“Go after him and talk.” Sesshoumaru said.
“I don't think that's such a good idea.”
“Don't think Kagome…feel.”
“You're too good to be true, you know.” Kagome said, smiling at Sesshoumaru.
“I am.” I am too stupid to let you go to my brother when I really wanted to keep you for myself.
“Why are you doing this?” Kagome asked.
“Because I like you, because you're special.” And I know you and Inuyasha are meant to be. “Now go before that baka brother of mine renders permanent damage to the manor.”
I'm getting soft. Sesshoumaru thought as she watched Kagome walk towards the manor.
Kagome spotted Inuyasha sitting alone near the gardens and approached him.
“Leave, please.”
“I won't.”
“Why, Kagome?”
“Why what?”
“Why him?”
“There's no him and me.”
“Are you saying my eyes lie?”
“I'm saying you're jumping to conclusions.”
“Am I now?”
“We both know you are…”
“This is getting tiring, Kagome.”
“One day into the relationship and you're already tired, I must be one heck of a girlfriend.”
“It's tiring loving someone and watching them fall for your brother…”
“I'm not Kikyo, Inuyasha. Realize that and snap the hell out of it.”
“I know you're not her.”
“Do I fall short of your expectations?”
“Kagome, we both know what I'm talking about…”
“I don't so stop talking in riddles dammit! I'm already past nursery!”
“It's like a replay of the past but the only difference is I'm more scared now.”
“Inuyasha, I feel insulted that you managed to categorize me with that bitch by saying that what you saw back then was a replay of Kikyo and Sesshoumaru. I'm not her, I'm not Kikyo!
“I know you're not but Sesshoumaru is Sesshoumaru.”
“And Sesshoumaru does not have my heart.”
“And I do?”
“You don't deserve me if you don't know that by now…”
“I don't know…may be you're right, I don't deserve you.”
“I'm not going to tell you that you do but I don't care if you don't. I chose you, that in itself should let you what you are to me.” Kagome said as she stood up to leave.
Kagome splashed water on her face and looked at herself in the mirror. Damn, I've been crying a lot tonight! She sighed as she took out her lip gloss and face powder. She smiled at the mirror and sighed. Crap. I look like crap.
She sprayed perfume on and shook her hair free. She slowly combed her hair and let it flow in waves behind her back. I'd better ask Mama to fetch me. She decided as she took her cellphone out.
“Hello, Kagome.” Kagome spun around to face the owner of the voice.
“Mrs. Hirohito.”
“Why are you holed up in here? Shouldn't you be downstairs enjoying the party?”
“Ummm, I had to retouch my make-up.” Kagome lied. “Happy Anniversary.”
“Thank you, dear. Do you want me to call Inuyasha for you?”
“NO! I mean I'm okay so you need not call him.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, positive.”
“Did you and Inuyasha quarrel?”
“A little misunderstanding…”
“I see.”
“Be patient with my son, Kagome. He loves fiercely that's why he's easily hurt.”
“Oh, nothing like that…”Kagome said squirming under the older woman's gaze.
“Okay, I should probably go down to entertain the guests.”
“Okay,” Kagome replied.
“And Kagome, I hope it's not too much to ask, but please could you sing for us…?”
“Okay,” Kagome replied smiling gently at Inuyasha's mother.
“Come down then, we'll wait for you downstairs.”
Kagome smiled at Sesshoumaru as she neared his table.
“I'm glad you're smiling once more.” Sesshoumaru said.
“I'm glad too.”
“Did you two talk?”
“And I think I'm going to be single again.” Kagome joked as she sipped her juice.
“Kagome, I'm truly sorry…”
“No don't be, I'm too beautiful to stay single for so long.” Kagome kidded and Sesshoumaru laughed.
“You're such a joy to be with…”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you too.”
“Hey, that girl you told me about, is she here?”
“Where?” Kagome asked.
“She's flirting with your boyfriend…” Sesshoumaru said and Kagome turned her gaze and clashed with Inuyasha's. Crap! Kagome thought, her blood boiling when she saw Kikyo beside him. “Her?!”
“Man, I wouldn't be shock if she'd go after your father next.” Kagome said and Sesshoumaru laughed aloud. Out of the blue, the speakers sounded.
“Good evening, I hope you're all enjoying the night.” Mr. Hirohito spoke as he smiled charmingly at the guests. “Well tonight, we have the honor of hearing one of the sweetest voices I've ever heard. A very enchanting and beautiful lady will be singing for us this evening, I warn you though not to fall in love with her, she's already taken.” Mr. Hirohito continued and the guests laughed.
“Your Dad is so charming.” Kagome remarked and Sesshoumaru sniggered.
“Kagome?” Mr. Hirohito said and everyone's eyes fell on Kagome.
“Oh, you're that enchanting and beautiful lady…” Sesshoumaru teased.
“Shut up.” Kagome whispered as she unhurriedly stood up. She slowly made her way towards the beautifully-decorated stage and smiled when Mr. Hirohito offered her his arm. The older man kissed her on both cheeks before leaving. Kagome told the conductor the song and he smiled pleasantly in return. He waved his baton and the orchestra started playing.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome said over the microphone and Inuyasha raised his eyes to her face. She smiled softly at him and held his gaze. This song is for you, please listen….
Say it's true, there's nothing like me and you
I'm not alone, tell me you feel it too
And I would runaway
I would runaway, yeah
I would runaway
I would runaway with you

“Are you letting her get away with it, Inuyasha? She betrayed you!” Kikyo hissed in Inuyasha's ear and felt more frustrated when Inuyasha chose to ignore her. She does not know when she started liking Inuyasha but she likes him now that he's not chasing after her. He's more of a challenge and I hate losing...

Cause I have fallen in love
With you, no never
I'm never gonna stop falling in love, with you
Kagome continued to hold his gaze willing him to understand. I'll let you go after this if you remain impassive and angry so please say something.

Close the door. lay down on the cold floor
And by candlelight, make love to me through the night
Cause I have runaway
I have runaway, yeah
I have runaway, runaway
I have runaway with you
Sesshoumaru watched the silent exchange between Inuyasha and Kagome. What did my brother do to deserve you, precious Miko? How did he manage to steal your heart?

Cause I have fallen in love
With you, no never
I'm never gonna stop falling in love, with you
With you…
Inuyasha felt a tightening in his chest. She loves me. She loves me. She loves me!

And I would runaway
I would runaway, yeah
I would runaway
I would runaway with you
Damn, this is more difficult than Chemistry. Kagome thought as she watched Inuyasha's vacant stare. Well, it was worth the try. It's goodbye after all. She felt her heart constrict. Goodbye, Inuyasha.

Cause I have fallen in love
With you, no never
I'm never gonna stop falling in love, with you
With you…
The crowd clapped appreciatively and Kagome bowed before making her way down the stage she stopped abruptly when she was pulled against someone's chest.
“Gods, you better mean that because I'll hold you to it.” Inuyasha whispered as he hugged Kagome close.
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