InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Broken ( Chapter 30 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

“Kagome, Principal Kaede is here…” Mrs. Higurashi called and she sighed when she saw Kagome's untouched plate on top of her desk.
“Kagome…” She called again as she sat on her daughter's baby blue and white-covered bed.
“Tell her I'm still sleeping…” Kagome said, her voice strained.
“But you're awake…”
“I don't want to face anyone yet…”
“Darling, Inuyasha's been gone for a week and you have not gone to school nor eaten anything after he left.
“I can't, Mama…”
“You promised him you'll wait for him…”
“I did and it hurts…I'm dying…”
“This is more difficult than I imagined…”
“I see him every time I close my eyes, I look for him in other people's faces when I'm awake, I dream of him even when I'm not asleep…”
“Kagome, snap out of it…”
“I can't…” Kagome moaned as tears fell from her eyes to her pillows.
“You are putting Inuyasha in danger.” Mrs. Higurashi said quietly and Kagome sat upright.
“What do you mean, Mama?”
“He feels what you're feeling. If you're getting weak and hurting then he is too and he's undergoing training…”
“Why didn't you tell me this…?”
“Kagome, come one, don't you honestly know? You feel each other's emotions, when one of you is ill, the other feels weak too that is why Inuyasha's parents want the bond severed so you both will live…”
“I did not know…”
“Now you do. What are you going to do? Endure this pain as you call it…the more stubborn you are, the more danger you're subjecting Inuyasha to. Come on, Kagome, be strong for him. You'll both get through this…” Mrs. Higurashi said gently as she looked at Kagome's lifeless blue eyes.
“Will you remind me about him, Mama when the bond is broken and we'll forget?” Kagome asked as she gripped her mother's hand.
“I don't like seeing what you've become now…if you remember you'll revert back to this hollow, sad, bitter girl I did not raise.”
“But Mama…”
“Kagome, I did not raise a selfish daughter who'd rather wither slowly and die in self pity than fight and live for the one she loves. How selfish of you to think you're the one hurting? How selfish of you to think that the world is laughing and mocking you while you bleed…”
“Mama…” Kagome whispered crying again.
“I am hurting too, grandpa is hurting and Souta cries every night because he's scared to lose you. What happened to you, Kagome? Inuyasha hurt as much, may be more than you do, but I did not hear him whining to his parents to stop his training. He is there, half a world away fighting for his life in hopes that you'll be here when he comes back but what are you doing?”
“I'm sorry…” Kagome said as she sobbed in her mother's shoulder. `I'm sorry I was too caught up in my own pain…” Kagome cried feeling ashamed because what her mother said was true.
“Don't be sorry…do something….fight back.” Mrs. Higurashi said as she smoothed Kagome's tangled hair.
“I'll try…”
“Don't just try, Kagome. You have to get through this…”
“I don't know where to start…”
“Take a bath and eat. I'll tell Principal Kaede you'll be coming down in twenty minutes.” Mrs. Higurashi said gently as she rubbed her daughter's back.
“How is she?” principal Kaede asked when Mrs. Higurashi came down from Kagome's bedroom.
“I think she'll come around…” Mrs. Higurashi replied.
“They're both young…”
“Love does not choose at what age one feels it…”
“So it seems…” Principal Kaede replied smiling gently at Mrs. Higurashi.
“What happens…?”
“What happens when?”
“What happens when the bond is broken?”
“She won't remember him…”
“But she'll remember the rest?”
“Yes, when she sees him, she won't recognize him. The same goes for Inuyasha…”
“How will you break the bond?”
“Through a spell reversion enchantment… when they made the bond, a link between then was forged, the enchantment will cut that tie…”
“And this will not hurt the children?” Mrs. Higurashi asked.
“A little…their auras will fight back…”
“How little is little?”
“A discomfort in the chest, as they both feel the ties being cut off, but it will only last a minute…then they will spit each other's blood out and the bond is finally broken…”
“Each other's blood?”
“The bite which marked Inuyasha and Kagome mixed their bloods…this blood reacts when someone touches another's mate, it repels another person's touch…” Principal Kaede said and sighed at Mrs. Higurashi's crest-fallen expression.
“What happens when her memory is `jugged' as you call it?” Mrs. Higurashi inquired after letting the last bit of information sink in.
“There will be confusion and she'll start asking questions…there will be flashes of what they were and it would just lead to more heartache since these flashes won't make any sense to her…”
“I fear for them…” Mrs. Higurashi sighed.
“Inuyasha's family feels the same way you do…”
“How is Inuyasha faring?”
“Not well…he's getting weak that is why it's important that the bond be severed the soonest time possible.”
Kagome carefully slipped the locket into the gold necklace her father gave her on her eight birthday - his last gift for her because he died a few days after. She sighed as she tried yet again to open the heart-shaped adornment but to no avail. What's inside this, Inuyasha and how should open it?” Kagome thought as she gave up and slipped the necklace into her neck.
Her mother's words haunted her and she felt ashamed at how badly she behaved refusing to eat, going to school or doing anything. I'm such an idiot, I'm putting Inuyasha's life in danger with my stupidity. She stood up and carefully removed their pictures that she pasted on her walls, her heart breaking a little as one by one the pictures came off.
I will do anything for you, Inuyasha. Kagome thought as she tugged the last picture free. She took her diary and every memento he gave her and stashed them in a box. She gasped for air as she vainly tried not to cry. Damn this is hard…
“Nee-chan?” Kagome quickly wiped her tears off her face and put on a smile before she turned to face her brother.
“Souta, come here…” Kagome held her hand out towards Souta who gently took her hand in his.
“Are you still hurting?” Souta asked and Kagome could not help the tears that flowed.
“Yes…” She replied smiling tearfully at her brother who wiped her tears with the back of his little hands.
“Everything we'll be okay, I'm still here, Ji-chan is here and Mama too…” Souta told her in a comforting voice and Kagome hugged her brother drawing strength from him.
“I'm sorry if I worried you…”
“It's okay, just promise me you'll get better…”
“I will get better…”
“I miss you nee-chan. You don't go out and you don't go to school anymore, you don't even join us for meals…”
“I'm sorry I promise things will change…”
“I hope so, I'm sure inu-nichan will feel sad when he knows you cry yourself to sleep every night.”
“And how did you know I cry myself to sleep every night, little man?”
“You bawl like a wounded big, I'm sure the neighbors even hear you…” Souta replied rolling his eyes at his sister.
“Wounded pig…?!”
“Yes you do…”
“I do not!”
“You do…but it's okay, be thankful inu-nichan is not here to hear it or he might leave you for good…”
“Brat…” Kagome said fondly kissing his brother's hair.
“Get better already, I'll take good care of you…” Souta whispered and Kagome felt stupid acting like a lunatic when she's surrounded by people who love her.
“I will…” Kagome said.
For you Inuyasha, I will…
Kagome slowly descended the stairs and was shocked to see Sango and Miroku sitting with her mother and Principal Kaede.
“Hello, Kagome…” Sango greeted.
“Good afternoon, Kagome.” Miroku seconded and Kagome smiled at the pair.
“Hello guys, what are you doing here?”
“They're here for instructions, Kagome.” Principal Kaede answered for them.
“Instructions?” Kagome asked.
“Since they knew of the bonding…”
“Are you erasing that memory from their minds too?” Kagome asked, aghast.
“Look, Kagome, only the immediate family should know, it's a good thing these two are the only ones who knew about it…”
“It's part of the process, your families are under strict directives that they will not mention anything about the bonding to you or to Inuyasha but friends are another matter…they tend to talk too much.” Kaede said eyeing Sango and Miroku who both raised their brows.
“So we won't even remember each other's names? We wouldn't even remember that we met?” Kagome asked and averted her gaze when she felt tears pool in her eyes.
“You won't…” Kaede replied truthfully.
“I'll remember his family…but not him?”
“When you see him again it will be like the first time for both of you… your memories of the past remains but without him, you won't recall him being your seatmate and he won't remember you throwing those energy balls at him when you first met….” Kaede said smiling a little.
“That's too harsh…” Kagome intoned in an expressionless voice and Kaede sighed.
“The consequence is even harsher…”
“Why like this…what did we ever do…?”
“Kagome…” Mrs. Higurashi said and stood up to hug her daughter.
“I won't even remember his face or his name, it's like I've never met him!”
“Would you rather that Inuyasha die?” Principal Kaede asked and Kagome's head throbbed painfully.
“Kagome, we're not cruel, we don't want you apart too but…”
“Okay, okay…” Kagome replied as the throbbing in her head continued.
“Have you discarded everything that would remind you of him?” Kaede asked, eyeing Kagome who squirmed under the old miko's gaze. She fisted her hand to prevent it from touching the necklace which holds the unopened locket.
“Yes,” Kagome replied.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. But I'm just curious, what happens when I see something that reminds me of him?”
“Nothing but we don't want confusion do we?” Kaede replied as she looked hard at the girl.
“Okay,” Kagome said raising her chin to meet Kaede's stare.
“Good…prepare yourself, I'll telephone the Hirohitos. The ritual will start shortly. Kaede said and Kagome swallowed the sob that threatened to break free.
“Okay…” She quietly replied as she excused herself. She went up to her room and clasped the locket tightly in her hand. I cannot let you go without something to remember me by, Inuyasha.” She thought as she tried to even her breathing. This is it, this is goodbye…Kagome covered her mouth with both hands as her sobs rose. She slumped into her bed as she finally let the tears flow.
“Kagome…” Mrs. Higurashi called and Kagome swiftly wiped her tears with her pillowcase.
“In a minute, Mama,” She replied as she hurried inside her bathroom to splash water on her face. She looked at the mirror and touched her mark lightly with her finger. I promise my heart will remember you at first sight, Inuyasha. Kagome thought as she wiped her face with her towel and headed for the door.
“Inuyasha?” Mr. Bokusen knocked at Inuyasha's door gently.
“The door is open, sensei.” Inuyasha replied as he sat up and straightened his bed. The door creaked open and one of the oldest council members came in.
“Your parents called.”
“Oh,” Inuyasha said. He knew what it means, Kagome has finally relented to break the bond… he was hoping she would not…
“Please follow me,” Mr. Bokusen said as he eyed Inuyasha with curiosity. The council had been shocked to learn that the young hanyou had claimed his mate, and debates went on until the wee hours of the morning about the boy's unusual circumstances. At sixteen, Inuyasha and his young Miko are one of the youngest mated pairs with kanji symbols to sanctify their marks on each other, meaning the ritual was completed - the auras recognized one another and fused, the hearts beat as one as the miko's life span lengthened to match her mate's.
Some of the council members are strongly against the severing of the bond because young as Inuyasha and the Miko be, their mating is still sacred in the eyes of the council. What had changed their minds was when Inuyasha's father disclosed how his son nearly killed his mate when he transformed so they agreed to take the boy in.
“Is it okay if I follow you after a minute, sensei?” Inuyasha asked politely and Mr. Bokusen nodded his agreement, his heart going out to the boy who in less than thirty minutes will lose his life's mate.
“Okay, we'll be in the third floor conference room…”
“Thank you.” Inuyasha said bowing his head in respect. Inuyasha closed the door gently after Mr. Bokusen left. He knew the drill, and his room is now devoid of anything that would trigger his memories of Kagome. He slumped to the floor, closing his eyes relieving his and Kagome's promises. I'll look for you, Kagome…
My heart will remember you at first sight, Inuyasha…Inuyasha smiled at the memory as he clasped the small key attached to the gold necklace he was wearing. My heart will remember you at first sight too, Kagome. Inuyasha stood up and opened the door.
My heart will remember you at first sight…
And so the journey begins…
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