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“Happy nineteenth birthday, nee-chan!” Souta yelled as he dumped cold water on a sleeping Kagome.
“SOUTA!!!” Kagome yelled as she sat up glaring at her brother and the white pail in his hand.
“HEHEHE!” Souta laughed like crazy holding his stomach as he watched his sister dripping wet on her bed. Kagome stood up abruptly and tackled Souta to the floor wrenching the pail from his brother's hand and bopping Souta's head with it.
“What did I ever do to deserve a brother like you?!” Kagome glared as she squeezed water off her hair.
“Come on nee-chan, you needed a bath, you were starting to stink.” Souta said giggling like a three-year old boy.
“Nee…nee-chan?” Souta asked as Kagome bowed her head, her shoulder shaking. “Nee-chan, I'm sorry…I…”
“Hah! Got you!” Kagome said hauling Souta to her bed as she tickled her brother mercilessly.
“MAMA!” Souta yelled as he giggled loudly.
“You naughty boy!” Kagome said as she held Souta's wrists with her right hand and tickled her brother with her left.
“Kagome, that's enough, your brother is turning blue, you're going to kill him with your tickling.” Mrs. Higurashi calmly said as she put Kagome's newly-laundered socks on her desk.
“Souta, dumped cold water on me, Mama!” Kagome complained as she let her brother go.
“Souta is pulling pranks on you because he knows he'll miss you when you go off to college.” Mrs. Higurashi said knowingly and Souta blushed.
“Is it true, baby brother?” Kagome teased.
“No…” Souta replied as he ran out of Kagome's bedroom.
“We'll miss you, Kagome.” Mrs. Higurashi said as she wrapped a towel around her daughter's shoulder.
“You're making me cry, Mama.” Kagome replied as she pulled the towel closer around her.
“Ah, my baby girl has grown up…she's going to college…” Mrs. Higurashi said as she smoothed Kagome's wet bangs.
“I promise to come home as often as I could.”
“No, you've been `home' a long time, it's your chance to explore the world…”
“I promise I'm not going to fail you, Mama.”
“Kagome, don't think of me and what I want…think of yourself and what you really want…”
“I want you to be happy…”
“You always make me happy, daughter.”
“Thank you…” Kagome whispered as her mother hugged her.
“Let's not cry, it's your birthday today and you're leaving for the university the following day, we should be joyful…” Mrs. Higurashi said kissing Kagome's forehead.
“I'm meeting Sango and Miroku later for coffee…” Kagome said.
“You should have invited them over…”
“It's okay, they said they prepared something for me.
“I see…”
“I'm nervous about college, Mama.”
“You'll do fine…”
“What if…”
“No what ifs…”
“It's a good thing Sango and Miroku got accepted there too…”
“Yes, I'm glad they'll be there.”
“But we won't be living in the same dormitory. Sango is staying with her aunt and Miroku is sharing a flat with his cousin.
“Still, you wouldn't be alone.” Mrs. Higurashi replied as Kagome sneezed.
“Take a bath then, you might get a cold.” Mrs. Higurashi said as she closed her daughter's bedroom.
“Have you sent the gift?” Mr. Hirohito asked his wife.
“I'm glad they both got into the University of Tokyo.”
“I'm glad too, that's one thorn off our backs.”
“Have you made arrangements with the dormitory?” Mr. Hirohito asked as he hugged his wife.
“Sesshoumaru already did.” Mrs. Higurashi replied.
“I'm glad our children are okay now…”
“I'm glad too that they're closer.”
“I pray that Kagome and Inuyasha will get through this.”
“At least fate is on their side, they're both going to the same school.”
“Izza, what if they don't feel the same towards each other anymore?”
“I hope not…”
“Did Lora mention if Kagome's interested in anyone right now?”
“Tai, we both know the girl was cooped up inside the shrine for more than two years…”
“I know but…”
“It's Inuyasha I'm worried…”
“Why, did he mention anyone?”
“Why are you worried then?”
“He's your son…”
“So?” Mr. Hirohito asked frowning.
“He has your blood…meaning he's as much as a playboy as you are…”
“You're giving me too much credit my love…”
“What I said wasn't meant to be a compliment, Tai.”
“It wasn't?” Mr. Hirohito teased.
“And you're actually asking me why I`m worried?” His wife replied raising her brow.
“Where are you going?” Sesshoumaru asked his younger brother.
“Out, it's too hot…”
“And you're going out?”
“I'm bored.” Inuyasha replied as he picked his car keys up.
“Are you seeing anyone, Inuyasha?” Sesshoumaru asked watching his brother's reaction closely.
“And my lovelife is important to you because…?”
“Answer me…” Sesshoumaru asked and Inuyasha raised his brow inquiringly.
“No and the reason I'm going out is to get laid.” Inuyasha replied sarcastically as he tied his long, silver hair.
“Are you in heat?”
“What the hell is wrong with you…have you turned gay or something?” Inuyasha asked and Sesshoumaru smirked.
“I was just wondering…”
“Sesshoumaru, training is no child's play, I actually fell asleep while wielding the sword father sent me, that's how tiring it is.”
“So you're sexually frustrated?” Sesshoumaru pressed on as he raised his brow.
“Damn, your line of questioning is giving me the creeps. Man, go find a mate already before you turn weird…”
“I think I can say that to you too…”
“Fine, fine. I'll ask the first girl I'll lay my eyes on to become my mate.” Inuyasha answered back rolling his eyes as he turned to leave.
“I hope you're strong enough….” Sesshoumaru called out and laughed when Inuyasha gave him the dirty finger. I hope you're strong enough because when Kagome finds out, you'll need it. Sesshoumaru laughed softly as he shook his head. My brother is such a big baka.
Mrs. Higurashi sighed as she signed the delivery form. These people are too generous. She thought as she looked at the Hirohito's gift.
Izza Hirohito had called her in advance telling her about `their little gift' for Kagome's nineteenth birthday making her promise to not refuse the present. She had asked what the gift was but the other woman would not divulge. And here it is -- a brand new, bright red, Z4 3OSi BMW Roadster.
Mrs. Higurashi sighed as she climbed back towards the shrine. She heard Kagome shrieked.
“Aww…this is so sweet…” Kagome cooed as she held up the pink shirt Souta gave her with bold white prints in front - “I May be Beautiful and Sweet…” “But My Brother Will Break Your Face if You Break My Heart…” printed in smaller letters on the back.
“Quit cooing, nee-chan, it's embarrassing.” Souta declared as Kagome kissed her brother's forehead.
“Will you really, Souta?”
“Really what?”
“Break the face of anyone who breaks my heart?” Kagome asked.
“Of course, you're my sister; I'm supposed to take care of you!”
“Aww…Hitomi is such a lucky girl…” Kagome fondly said and Souta blushed a furious red.
”Thank you Souta, I'll wear this today when I meet Sango and Miroku.” Kagome said and smiled at her mother who was leaning against the door.
“Mama, look at what Souta gave me.” Kagome said holding the shirt up for her mother to see.
“That's very sweet of you, Souta.” Mrs. Higurashi said as she patted her son's head.
“Thank you for all the gifts…I feel so loved…” Kagome said as she kissed her mother, grandfather and Souta.
“Kagome. There's one more gift…” Mrs. Higurashi said and Kagome's face lit up.
“Where? From whom?” She asked excitedly and Mrs. Higurashi smile at her daughter's excitement.
“Follow me…” Mrs. Higurashi said and Kagome and Souta followed her.
“Where Mama?” Kagome asked as she looked around her, her eyes scanned the foot of the shrine for a person who might be bearing the gift.
“There.” Mrs. Higurashi said turning Kagome's head.
“Wow, you bought me a car.” Kagome said sarcastically and Mrs. Higurashi laughed.
“Not me but someone else…”
“WHAT?!” Kagome yelled and Souta ran towards the car excitedly.
“It's from a friend…” Mrs. Higurashi replied.
“OH MY! Who?”
“You'll know them in time…”
“This is really for me?” Kagome asked again as she ran her fingers through the car's smooth surface.
“They said it's your birthday and going-off-to-college present.”
“WOW!” Kagome exclaimed as Souta opened the door of the car and climbed in.
“I can't wait to get to college…” Souta sighed enviously.
“It's beautiful, I suddenly feel scared driving it.” Kagome said as she climbed into the driver's seat.
“Take it for a drive…” Mrs. Higurashi smiled and handed Kagome the key.
“Later, I'll be meeting Sango and Miroku in thirty minutes. Gotta go change…” She said as she sprinted towards the shrine.”
Inuyasha pulled his cap and adjusted his sunglasses as he sipped his strawberry and banana smoothie. He smiled as he remembered his and Sesshoumaru's banter. Okay, where are the girls so I could ask one to be my mate. He smirked as he scanned the crowd. Damn, where are the chicks hiding? He asked as he looked at all the men lounging in tables similar to his, looking around too…just like him. This is boring, watching Sesshoumaru balancing company ledgers is more exciting. He thought as he stood up to leave.
Kagome parked her new car at the back of the coffee shop where she's supposed to meet Miroku and Sango when her phone rang.
“Kagome! We're so sorry…something happened….ummm….I'll talk to you later…”
“Sango, what's wrong?” Kagome asked.
“Where is that bouzo?! How dare he touch my baby daughter?!” Kagome leaned away from the cell phone as she heard screaming.
“SANGO!” Kagome yelled as she heard her friend's voice and an older man's arguing. A minute later…
“Kagome, my dad caught Miroku…on…top…of me….talk to you later…” Sango hurriedly whispered before Kagome heard a click signaling the end of the call. On top of her? Kagome laughed as Sango's words sunk in. Good luck my friends.
“Okay. What to do now…” Kagome muttered aloud and sighed. She pushed a button to let the hood up. Might as well enjoy since I am already here. . She smiled as she looked at the rearview mirror and adjusted her sunglasses. She smoothed the new shirt Souta gave as she unlocked her door. She was wearing a white pair of shorts and pink Benetton rubber shoes to match her new shirt.
Argh! She thought as she felt the sun's scorching heat on her skin, she ran as fast as she could towards the coffee shop.
Inuyasha cursed under his breath as he searched his pocket for his keys. Damn, I forgot it on top of the table. He removed his cap, twisting the ends of his hair and hiding the coil under it to prevent the hair from sticking to his neck. He moodily made his way back towards the coffee shop, he could feel his red shirt clinging to his back as he put his sunglasses on. He opened the door and headed straight for the table he occupied earlier and stopped when he saw a woman in pink shirt and white shorts sitting there toying with his keys. Hmmm…she's the first woman I saw, should I ask her to be my mate? He laughed quietly at his thoughts and made his way towards her. Before he reached her table however, three teenagers, at least two years younger than him, crowded the girl.
“Hi beautiful…” One of the boys, a dark-haired well-muscled guy, said as he sat across the young woman who glared at them. Pesky kids. Inuyasha thought looking at the lads as he waited for the woman's reaction.
“I'm not in the mood to spill blood today, so back off…” The girl replied and Inuyasha smiled at her guts.
“Feisty.” The fat, bald boy remarked and his companion, a leaner but shorter teenager snorted.
“The name's Naraku…and you are?” The dark-haired guy, obviously the leader, said.
“Not interested.” The young woman replied and Inuyasha sniffed the air to see if the woman was nervous. He was surprised when he smelt rage.
“I like women who play hard to get…” The fat, bald one said.
“When they say no to you baldie, they mean it…you're too ugly for the human eye…how old are you, sixty?” The young woman replied and Inuyasha smirked. Definitely feisty. He watched as the girl stood up and the three teenagers followed suit, sighing Inuyasha walked towards the group and casually draped an arm around the girl.
Kagome stiffened because the contact brought chills down her spine. Demon aura. Kagome thought. Inuyasha sensing her discomfort pressed her shoulder lightly with his palm.
“Relax…” He whispered and unconsciously Kagome obeyed.
Honey, I've been looking for you…” Inuyasha said as he glared at the other teenagers pulling Kagome close to him. Kagome's heart beat skipped.
Oh great, he thought I'm some damsel in distress and he's here to rescue me…how chivalrous. Kagome sighed inwardly and decided to play along.
Babe, I've been waiting for you, what took you so long…?”Kagome replied leaning casually against the stranger.
“Ah, the fight with those five demons took longer…besides I had to take a bath first as I was covered with their blood…” Inuyasha replied flexing his claws. The teenagers eyed Inuyasha's claws warily and swallowed. Kagome bit her lip to prevent her from laughing.
“Are you messing up with my girl?” Inuyasha snarled at the three teenagers who all stumbled backwards in their haste to leave. Kagome laughed.
“Thanks.” She said as she turned around and removed her sunglasses to smile at the stranger behind her.
“Anytime,” Inuyasha whispered as he drowned himself in the bluest pairs of eyes he's ever seen. Kagome gathered her things and waved at him.
Whoa. Inuyasha thought as he followed Kagome with his gaze. Wow.
“Wait!” Inuyasha yelled when he realized that the girl still has his keys. Kagome turned around to look at the stranger who called her. What now? She thought as she looked at his tall frame. It's a shame he has his sunglasses and cap on, I wonder what color his eyes are…Kagome nearly kicked herself in the head for having such thoughts as she watched the guy run towards her
“What?” Kagome asked.
“You have my keys.” Inuyasha said and Kagome raised her brow.
“But these are mine…” Kagome said dangling the keys in front of the demon's face.
“No, they're mine.” Inuyasha said as he snatched the keys from Kagome's clasp.
Baka, those are my keys!” Kagome said as she tried to snatch the keys back.
“Okay, describe your car…” Inuyasha said as he pocketed the keys.
“Bright red, Z4 3OSi BMW Roadster.” Kagome replied haughtily.
“Are you following me, how did you know I drive a roadster?” Inuyasha asked as he narrowed his eyes. Kagome's temper flared.
“Duh, you're no Brad Pitt, so don't flatter yourself!” Kagome snapped and Inuyasha backed off a little.
“You're a miko?” He asked.
“Surprise…..” Kagome said as her aura swirled around her. “Now be a darling and give me back my keys or else!”
“Or else what?” Inuyasha taunted.
“Or else you'll know what it feels like to burn…:” Kagome said as she opened her palm.
“Sir! Sir! Excuse me!” Kagome closed her palm before the energy ball formed and Inuyasha turned his head to look at the waiter who was running towards them.
“Yes?” Inuyasha asked as the man stopped and panted in front of him.
“You left this earlier….” The waiter said dangling the keys in front of him.
“Oh….” Inuyasha replied as he took his keys from the waiter's hand.
Baka…” Kagome hissed as she tapped her foot impatiently on the pavement. Inuyasha felt his cheeks burn as he slowly took the girl's car keys out of his pocket.
“Umm…” Inuyasha said as Kagome snatched her car keys from his hand and walked away.
“Wait, what's your name?” Inuyasha asked and Kagome rolled her eyes.
“Call me whatever you want, baby.” She sarcastically said and walked towards her parked car. We drive the same car? Inuyasha thought.
“I'll call you mine then!” Inuyasha yelled at Kagome's retreating back and ducked just in time when an energy ball flew in his direction.
Feisty. He jumped into his own car and maneuvered it to follow the girl's.
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