InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Come To Me ( Chapter 38 )

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R E V I E W!!!
Kagome stretched and yawned as she pushed away from Inuyasha's chest. Oh my God, I hope he did not hear me moan. Kagome thought remembering her dream. She flushed to the roots of her hair when she remembered how wanton….deliciously wanton she felt. She turned away from Inuyasha and stared at the space behind his desk. What was that? It felt so real…She bit her lips until she tasted blood, emotions swirled and erupted in her heart.
Gods, this is crazy… Kagome moaned silently. I made love to a demon in my dream…a demon with…silver hair? Kagome frowned as she turned around to touch Inuyasha's hair. Weird…
Inuyasha lay on his side, his mind hazy. He could smell himself on Kagome but he doesn't remember anything at all - merely snatches of things which do not make sense. He held his breath when he felt her turn and touched his hair. Did I do anything last night? He thought as he let Kagome's touch calm him.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome called.
“I'm hungry…”
“What do you want to eat?”
“You're that hungry, wench?”
“I'm not a wench, baka…
“Oh, sorry…I forgot…you're that hungry mate?” Inuyasha teased as he turned around to face her. His breathing snagged when he looked at her, she was a sight to behold with her pink lips, untidy, raven-black hair and… My scent on hers…did we…?
“What?” Kagome said as Inuyasha continued to stare at her.
“Nothing…” Inuyasha replied.
“Okay,” Kagome said as she sat up and stretched. She stiffened for a second when she noticed how sore she felt. Oh great, too much cum shot. She thought as she massaged her neck.
Inuyasha watched Kagome closely, he knew something happened between them, he could smell him on her. He stared at her neck to see if there were any marks and was relieved and saddened when he saw none. It would have been easy if I marked her….
“Hey, are you okay?” Kagome said touching his shoulder.
“Hmmm?” Inuyasha asked, startled.
“I asked if you're okay…” Kagome said rolling her eyes heavenwards.
“I am…”
“Are you sure?”
“Okay, I'm cooking…” Kagome got up and Inuyasha grabbed her wrist. She turned towards him and raised her brow questioningly.
“Kagome, did….did….we….did I do…something that I should ask forgiveness for?” Inuyasha stammered and Kagome frowned.
“Yes,” Kagome said sighing as she sat on the bed.
“What is it?” Inuyasha inquired, his heart beating wildly in his chest. She knew and she's not angry?
“You got me drunk, baka.” Kagome replied and Inuyasha's shoulders droop.
“That's all?”
“Are you sure?” Inuyasha asked again as he sat up and wrapped his arms around her, inhaling their combined scents. Should I tell her something happened between us?
“Positive…wait, why are you asking me these weird questions?”
“I don't know…” No, not now…
“You're just hungry, I'll cook ramen for you.” Kagome hugged him back and stood up.
“Eat!” Kagome commanded as she placed ramen in front of Inuyasha.
“I can't, I'm in a hurry…” Inuyasha replied as he tied his shoelace.
“No, it's either you go to school late or wake up earlier but you should always eat breakfast.” Kagome said putting her hands on her hip. Inuyasha pretended to roll his eyes but smirked as soon as Kagome turned around to get glasses. He loves it when Kagome fuss over him and fussed she did when classes started almost a week ago.
“Thanks.” Inuyasha said as Kagome poured a glass of juice for him.
“You're cooking breakfast tomorrow…” Kagome stated.
“Kagome, boiling water for instant ramen is not considered cooking…” Inuyasha remarked as he ate his ramen noisily. He loves how she wrinkles her nose when she's in deep thought or annoyed. He had been watching Kagome closely after they slept together… Only she doesn't know we did sleep together… Inuyasha sighed as he wolfed his ramen down.
“Keep the noise down, enough slobbering…” Kagome said as she stood up and expertly draped a paper towel over Inuyasha's shirt. “There, that ought to take care of your problem.”
“Thanks, hon.”
“And stop flirting…too early….” Kagome replied as she sat back.
“I'm not flirting…”
“Wow, for once you're not…are you feeling ill?”
“I don't have to, I got you wrapped around my claws…” Inuyasha teased.
“That my dear is debatable…”
“Hmmm…” Inuyasha said as he stood up, Kagome beat him to the bathroom to brush her teeth while Inuyasha washed their bowls.
“I'm going!” Kagome said as she ran off.
“What?” Kagome said stopping as Inuyasha brushed his teeth quick. He ran to his bedroom to get his bag while Kagome tapped her foot on the floor impatiently looking every now and then at her wrist watch.
“Okay, I'm ready to go.” Inuyasha said smiling as he gently pushed Kagome out of their room.
“You had me waiting for you?!”
“Aww, hon….come on…” Inuyasha said as he hugged Kagome from behind while they waited for the elevator.
“Inuyasha, stop it…” Kagome said as she tried to wiggle out of his embrace.
“Kagome, stop it…”Inuyasha mimicked and laughed when Kagome turned her head and glared at him. He kept his arms around her even when they stepped inside the elevator making Kagome blush.
“Hi,” A boy greeted as the elevator opened on the fourth floor and, Kagome pushed Inuyasha's arm away and he growled menacingly.
“Hello, Hojo.” Kagome said smiling at the boy who stared at Inuyasha warily. “Oh, this is my roommate, Hirohito Inuyasha. Inuyasha, this is my block mate Mizawa Hojo.” Kagome introduced and stepped on Inuyasha's booted foot when the hanyou ignored the hand Hojo offered. “Shake his hand, baka.” Kagome hissed and Inuyasha glared.
“Hi.” Inuyasha curtly said and let Hojo's hand go abruptly.
“Hello, nice meeting you.” Hojo said, a little surprised at Inuyasha's hostility.
“Hmm…” Inuyasha grunted and Kagome rolled her eyes. The elevator door opened when they reached the basement parking lot and Inuyasha yanked Kagome close to him when Hojo held the elevator door opened for her.
“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Kagome asked as she shoved Inuyasha away from her.
“Me?! What the hell did I do now?!”
“You're…you're…getting too comfortable with that Homo guy!”
“HOJO, his name is Hojo and I wasn't getting comfortable with him, I just said hello and you were acting like a jerk!!”
“I am not!” Inuyasha replied as they both fumbled for their car keys.” Kagome let out a hiss when her key did not fit the car's lock, she walked towards Inuyasha who was cursing like a sailor and pushed him away. “That's my car, baka. Next time, avoid parking beside mine!”
“I parked my car here first!”
“Whatever Hirohito, next time remember to remove whatever that is that you stuck up your ass before you fell asleep so you wouldn't be this grumpy in the morning!” Kagome muttered as she put her car in reverse.
“What?!” Inuyasha yelled as he jumped inside his car.
“Nothing!” Kagome yelled giving Inuyasha the dirty finger. Inuyasha raced beside Kagome's car and they both stopped at a red signal.
“What did you say, wench?!”
“I am not a wench, fag!”
“I'm not gay!”
“You're too moody for someone who's supposedly straight!” Kagome yelled and zoomed past her roommate. She was fuming at his moodiness. How could he be sweet for a second and be a complete bastard the next? She grumbled as she pulled into a vacant parking space. She pressed the button to put the hood up and gathered her things. She opened her door and yelped. Inuyasha had opened the passenger's door and was growling at her threateningly.
“Are you going to eat me now?” Kagome asked rebelliously as she stared back.
“I won't tolerate that kind of attitude from my mate!” Inuyasha snarled and Kagome was too stunned when his eyes flashed red to notice what he said.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome called as she put her hand on his shoulder. Inuyasha was panting heavily and he bowed his head and closed his eyes to control his angry youkai.
“I'm sorry…” he said as he quickly got out of her car leaving Kagome confused.
Kagome bit her nails as she waited for Inuyasha to come home. She was worried about him. He tried sending him text messages and calling his cell phone but he rejected her calls. Gods, he's angry…Kagome thought as she tried to browse through her text book. She stood up and went to his bedroom. She sighed again as she sat on his bed. Where are you Inuyasha? She thought as she glanced at her wrist watch. She groped for his pillow and hugged it to her chest loving how it smells of pine, mint and sandalwood. Just like he does… Kagome thought and her lids closed.
“Mate…” Her eyes snapped open when she heard the voice.
“Hello…” Kagome called as she stood up.
“Where are you?” Kagome called again as she looked around her, she was in the middle of a thick forest and the voice seemed to be everywhere.
“Left. Hurt. Pain.” The voice whined and Kagome clutched her chest, she seemed to be feeling her pain.
“I'll come to you, where are you?” She called as she spun around, trying to locate the direction of the voice.
“No. Pain.”
“Where are you?” Kagome yelled again as she ran to the right. “Answer me!”
“Pain…” The voice said before it faded, Kagome felt panic grip her heart.
“Don't leave, please. Where are you? Who are you?” She called in the dark and she fell on her knees and cried. “Who are you…” She sobbed brokenly.
Kagome sat upright as she felt tears run down her cheeks. Who is he? She thought as she hastily wiped her tears with the hem of her blouse. She stood up and exited Inuyasha's bedroom.
Kagome hastily got up and trudged to Inuyasha's bedroom. She had fallen asleep while waiting for him and she's going to give him a piece of her mind.
“Inuyasha!” She started and opened his door but he wasn't there. She ran to the kitchen, checked the bathroom and even underneath the dining table but she couldn't find him
“Dammit! Where is that baka?!” Kagome grumbled as she hastily took a bath and dressed. Is he in trouble? Kagome thought as she drove towards the Faculty of Law Building.
“Hello, Higurashi.” Hojo greeted her as she sat beside him.
“Hi,” Kagome greeted back and proceeded to listen to their professor's lecture.
Kagome headed to their building's canteen with a heavy heart. She tried to dial Inuyasha's number again but a voice prompt told her that the number is out of coverage area. Shit Inuyasha where are you?” Kagome thought.
“Kagome!!” Kagome looked up and saw her block mates, Yuka, Eri and Ayumi head to her table. She waved back and the girls grinned.
“Hey, what's the deal between you and that cute guy Hojo?” Eri inquired in one breath and Kagome arched her brow.
“What do you mean?”
“You two were cozy…” Yuka piped in as she toyed with her spaghetti.
“We just said hello.” Kagome replied rolling her eyes at them.
“Well…love begins with one hello…” Ayumi sang.
“The hardest part is over, now it's easy letting go…one hello is how it starts…” Eri continued and all four girls laughed. Kagome took her cell phone when she felt it vibrated and smiled apologetically at the girls.
“Sango!!” Kagome yelled excitedly when she saw the name on phone's LCD.
“Kagome!!! What happened to you? I have not seen you in ages!” Sango yelled back.
“I was busy….” Kagome said as she waved at Yuka, Eri and Ayumi taking her bag with her.
“Busy with what?”
“A lot of things…”
“Like school?” Kagome said laughing. “Hey, what's wrong with you? I haven't seen you around campus.”
“I was busy too…”
“Hmm…with what?”
“With being a wife?”
“Now, Sango…that's so not you…” Kagome teased and heard Sango snort.
“Argh, you tell me….My classes are boring. I should have taken up pre-law with you and not be stuck with this abomination called Psychology and Sociology.”
“I thought you love watching people…” Kagome replied.
“I love watching people, but I hate reading 250-page books for them…”
“Aw, Sango…you could always shift during your second year…”
“Yes and I can't wait….”
“Miss me already?” Kagome kidded.
“Of course, girl! Don't you miss me, I'm hurt…”
“Of course I miss you, Sango!”
“Well, how about we meet this weekend. I'll visit you at your dorm, I'll tell Miroku I'll spend the night with you.”
“That's great, but will Miroku let you?”
“Ah, Kagome…you have no idea how a little kiss can melt a man…” Sango replied.
“You my friend are way too perverted…”
“Oh come on…I'm not the one who has a hot hanyou for a room mate…speaking of him. How are you…and him….and living together….alone…especially when the night is cold…?” Sango taunted and Kagome was glad her friend couldn't see her because she was blushing like an idiot.
“You are so sick in the head…” Kagome laughed.
“Aw, I can't wait until Saturday, we have so much to tell each other…”
“Me too, Sango.” Kagome said as she headed for her next class.
Kagome walked purposely towards the Science Building. Inuyasha had not come home again last night and she was not able to sleep because she was tossing and turning in her bed with worry. She saw a blond boy and stopped him.
“Excuse me, where in the biophysics lab?” Kagome asked.
“Third floor, red door, room 306.” The boy replied and Kagome thanked him. She took the steps two at a time as she ran. She was panting by the time she reached the third floor landing. She tugged her head band nervously and straightened her apple green blouse. She walked until she reached a red door with the gold numbers 306. Shit, I can't do this. Kagome thought as she fumbled with her hand bag. She turned on her heel to leave but changed her mind. What if something happened to him? What if he's not inside? Kagome thought as she pushed the door open.
“Yes, may I help you?” The professor said and Kagome swallowed. Oh God, they're mostly male… Kagome thought as she stared at faces staring at her.
“Yes, Miss….?” The professor said again startling Kagome.
“Yes, I'm looking for Hirohito Inuyasha…” Kagome spoke, holding her chin up. I passed the entrance exam too, what's there to be insecure about?
“And you are…?” One of the students inquired and the other students guffawed.
“Miss, I'm single!” Another said and the whole class laughed.
“She's mine and she's looking for me.” Kagome's gaze swung to the direction of the voice and felt her heart constrict when she saw him.
“Inuyasha,” She whispered and she let Inuyasha pull her outside the door.
“Where are going, Hirohito?” The professor asked with amusement.
“Out.” Inuyasha replied.
“Are you through with the experiment?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Okay, you may leave. The rest of you back to your work!” The professor bellowed and the class groaned.
“What do you want?” Inuyasha asked once they're outside the lab.
“I was worried…”
“Because you've been gone for two days!”
“And I thought something happened to you…”
“What if something did?”
“You knew I'd be worried!”
“You will be, Kagome?”
“What the hell is wrong with you, Inuyasha?”
“Nothing is wrong with me, but what the hell is wrong with you?”
“Sorry to disturb you.” Kagome said as she felt her eyes burn with unshed tears. She spun around to leave.
“Run, that's what you're good at.”
“I don't and I never run away Inuyasha…”
“You are running away now.”
“I might kill you if I stay one more minute near you.” Kagome snapped as she headed towards the stairs. Inuyasha ran after her pulled her into his arms.
“Why can't you tell me what you really feel?” Inuyasha asked as he buried his face on her hair, inhaling her scent deeply.
“I told you I was worried…”
“That's not what I want to hear…”
“What do you want to hear then?”
“I want to hear the truth…”
“I miss you.” Kagome finally said as she hugged him back.
“And that's all…” Kagome replied loving how she feels in his arms.
“Fine. Good enough.” Inuyasha said.
“Where have you been? I waited for you.” Kagome asked.
“I waited for you to come to me…”
“Because what?”
“Because…just because.” Inuyasha replied.
“I have to go or I'll be late for my next class…” Kagome said leaning away from him.
“Okay. I'll wait for you later.”
“Sure, but you're cooking dinner.” Kagome retorted smiling and Inuyasha felt his heart flip.
“Anything for you…” He said and Kagome arched her brow.
“The chemicals getting into your brain, roomie?”
“No mate, you're getting into me.” Inuyasha replied as he kissed her head. Kagome stood in tip toes as she kissed his lips shyly.
“Bye.” She said as she turned to walk away.
“Kagome!” Inuyasha called.
“Hmm?” Kagome inquired as she watched Inuyasha walk towards her.
“This is how it's done….” Inuyasha replied as he cupped her face in both his hands and kissed her passionately.
“Bye…” He whispered and Kagome just stood there with a gaping mouth as she watched him go back inside his classroom.
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