InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Remembering ( Chapter 39 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Warning: Citrusy
This chapter is a product of a fever-induced mind….
Kagome sat dazedly in all her classes. She even ignored an incoming call from her mother as she relived Inuyasha's kiss over and over in her head. Wow, the boy could kiss. She thought as she toyed with her Parker pen.
“Higurashi!” The professor yelled and Kagome stood up abruptly knocking her chair down.
“Yes, sir?”
“You and Mizawa are to report next meeting on Plato's The Republic.”
“Okay, sir.” Kagome said blushing.
“Your mind's somewhere else, Higurashi. You should bring your boyfriend along if his distance distracts you so…” The professor joked and Kagome's classmates laughed.
Wow, Mr. Liu has a sense of humor. Kagome thought dryly as she sat down.
“Hey, when do you want to start with the report?” Hojo said from the row behind her.
“How about tonight, I hate doing school work on weekends…” Kagome replied.
“Okay, what room are you in?” Hojo asked.
“1025.” Kagome replied and Hojo whistled.
“You must be rich…” He said.
“No, how about you, what's your room number?”
“437,” Hojo said.
“Okay,” Kagome smiled writing it down.
“I would rather that we do the report in your room because mine's a bit….too cluttered.” Hojo said smiling sheepishly.
“Sure. Be there at nine.”
“Okay,” Hojo replied smiling at her.
Kagome quickly took her clothes off, she stared at her necklace and sighed, she took it off too before sauntering to the bathroom for a quick bath. She changed into a pair of gray, baggy, cargo shorts and red spaghetti-strapped blouse.
“Hon?” Inuyasha called and Kagome rolled her eyes. Hon…? Too mushy.
“In here…” She said as she laid the plates on the table.
“I thought I was to cook dinner?” Inuyasha inquired as he sat down.
“I'm already hungry and I can't wait for you…” Kagome replied as she sat across him.
“Sit beside me.” Inuyasha said and Kagome's brow rose.
“Because I want you to…”
“What if I don't want to?”
“I'll sit beside you then…” Inuyasha said as he slid his place mat right next to Kagome's and stood up to sit beside her.
“How was your day?” Kagome asked, suddenly self-conscious.
“Good. Are the kids already sleeping?” Inuyasha said seriously.
“Yeah, tucked them to bed early but they were wailing `where's daddy?' before they fell asleep.”
“Did you explain to them that Daddy has to work hard to give them a better future?” Inuyasha asked again and this time Kagome giggled.
“No, I told time Daddy had to work hard to buy his other family a better future…”
“Don't say that,”
“Do you think I'd two-time you?”
“Inuyasha, we were kidding!”
“I was serious.”
“You've lost it, man.” Kagome said sighing while deep inside her heart was doing back flips.
“I'll always come home to you….”
“But of course, we live in the same dorm for crying out loud!” Kagome said as she hid her hand on her lap because they were trembling.
“You're dense most of the time.” Inuyasha commented and Kagome's head snapped in his direction.
“You're dense…”
“And I'm dense because?”
“Do you let your friends kiss you on the lips, Kagome?” Inuyasha asked putting his spoon and fork down.
“Eww…of course not.”
“But I kissed you…”
“So?” Kagome said cursing in her head when she felt her face burn.
“I don't kiss my friends either…”
“That's all you're going to say?!” Inuyasha asked mildly irritated.
“Yay…?” Kagome muttered raising her brow and Inuyasha rolled his eyes.
“I kissed you and you let me, we don't kiss our friends, we live in the same dorm…what are we?”
“Roommates?” Kagome squeaked, getting more embarrassed by the moment.
“No, we're not friends, we're not just roommates…” Inuyasha said.
“Okay, so are you telling me we're married?” Kagome teased and regretted when she heard Inuyasha growl.
“Damn, I'm not good with this, do you have to make it difficult for me?”
“You're not good with what?”
“Courting! I've never courted anyone in my whole fucking life and you just had to make my damn life more miserable by being slow in the uptake. Dammit, I like you okay and I'm asking….” Inuyasha stopped as he felt Kagome's lips on his.
“Better?” She asked.
“Yes…” He croaked, his throat suddenly felt parched.
“Good.” Kagome said as she resumed eating.
“Do it again…” He commanded gently as he cupped her face.
“Inuyasha, all you have to do is ask…” Kagome replied as she closed the gap between them. Inuyasha lifted her off her chair and deposited her to his lap.
“Sofa…” He moaned as he stood up carrying Kagome with him. They reached the living room in five strides and Inuyasha laid her gently on the fluffy, matte gold sofa, following her shortly as he covered her body with his.
“The bed would have been better…” Kagome said breathlessly as she felt Inuyasha place small kisses on her jaw.
“Kagome, all you have to do is ask…” Inuyasha murmured in her ear as he wrapped her legs around his waist and stood up without difficulty taking the girl with him. He kicked the bedroom door open and excitement went through him as he spotted his bed. He lowered her gently into it and kissed her again.
“Inuyasha….” Kagome said as she felt him unbutton her pants.
“Are we ready for this?”
“Yes…” Inuyasha replied as he rolled on his back, letting her straddle his lips.
“Are you sure?” Kagome asked.
“Aren't you?”
“I haven't done this before…”
“You have…”
“What?!” Kagome nearly yelled but Inuyasha pulled her closer to kiss her lips again.
We have done this before…”
“When?” Kagome asked, unnerved.
“Is it important when?”
“Of course it is, how come I don't remember anything?!”
“Because you were…” Drunk he was about to say but the idea does not suit him, he'd rather think that she came to him and he reached out for her….
“Because I was what?”
“Let me help you remember…” Inuyasha replied as he pulled her blouse off her head, he sat up and kissed her nose as he fumbled with the clasp of her bra. “You're mine,” he whispered looking into her eyes as his hand roamed, cupping her breasts lightly. “Everything about you is mine…” Inuyasha said and Kagome bit her lip to prevent a moan from escaping.
“My body longs for you, Kagome but you seemed to have other plans and I can't let it…” Inuyasha whispered as he pulled her closer to him grinding his arousal against her.
“You had me running around in circles since the day we met and I'm putting a stop to it now…” He murmured against her neck as he licked his way towards her breast. He growled approvingly when Kagome arched her back and played with his ears. He slowly lowered her to the bed as he groped for the zipper of her shorts.
“Wait….” Kagome said hesitantly when she felt Inuyasha impatiently slice through her shorts and underwear. Now, that's new. Kagome thought as she felt the cool air on her heated flesh.
“I can't…just kill me then if you're going to stop me now…” Inuyasha moaned as he kissed her navel, Kagome's mind was screaming at her to stop. There's someone else! Someone who haunts your dreams…But Inuyasha….Oh…
Kagome moaned when she felt him nuzzle in between her thighs. Her hands went to his head voluntarily as she held him in place.
“I like it when you moan…” Inuyasha whispered as he licked her warmth.
“Sh…it…” Kagome murmured as she opened her thighs wider for him. She gasped loudly when she felt him insert a finger.
“Look at me, Kagome.” Inuyasha instructed as he drew himself level to his gaze, pumping his finger lazily in and out of her. Kagome opened her eyes to gaze at him.
“Inu…yash…a…” She moaned when he inserted another finger.
“I am yours as you are mine…” Inuyasha whispered and Kagome felt like a bucket of very cold water was thrown in her face.
“You are mine as I am yours…” Inuyasha whispered again and Kagome pushed his hand away as she stood up.
“Who are you?”
“I am yours as you are mine.”
“You are mine…” The demon repeated. “Come to me.”
“Kagome?” Inuyasha asked. “What's wrong?”
“Nothing…” Kagome said as she quickly dressed.
“Something is wrong dammit! Tell me!” Inuyasha said tersely.
“I'm….I don't know….sorry…I have to go…” Kagome said as she ran out of his bedroom. She quickly opened her door and locked it as soon as she's inside. Gods, what's wrong…?
“Kagome….” She heard Inuyasha knock and she panicked.
“I'm okay, really….I just….I just need to sort things out…”
“Open the door.”
“We'll talk later, I promise….” Kagome said as she slumped to the floor.
“Talk to me now, please.”
“Later, Inuyasha….”
“Okay, if that's what you want.” She heard him say and she listened as his footsteps receded.
“You promised, you promised you won't leave me…ever.”
“I did…”
“So, are you going back on your word?”
“I'm not. Kagome, listen. I'm sorry I suddenly blurted it out when you've just recovered but I can't help it, you have to know so we will be prepared.”
“Stop going in circles dammit!! Tell me what the hell is wrong!!”
Kagome groaned as images flashed in her head. What's happening to me? She frantically stood up and ran towards the bathroom, she closed the door and kneeled before the toilet bowl and threw up as more images came…
“I'll miss you…”
“I'll miss you too
“Don't train too hard you might get sick…”
“Keh, where's your faith in your mate, woman?”
“Don't forget to eat on time…”
“I won't.”
Kagome heard a knock and she straightened up to splash water on her face.
“Yes?” She asked.
“Your classmate is here.” Inuyasha replied and Kagome smacked her head for forgetting about Hojo and their report.
“Tell him I'll be out in a minute.” She said as she quickly brushed her teeth. She hastily combed her hair and tied it in a low pony tail. She looked at her reflection on the mirror and smiled sadly. I'm losing my mind, I have memories of something I don't even remember. She opened the bathroom door and smiled at Hojo who was sitting very far away from Inuyasha.
“Hello, Higurashi.”
“Hello, Hojo.” Kagome replied as she sat on the other love seat.
“I've made a summary of every chapter so it will easy for both of us…” Hojo shyly said and Kagome smiled.
“I did the same thing, wait let me get my notebook…” Kagome said as she walked towards her bedroom.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha said as he closed her bedroom door.
“What?” Kagome replied without looking at him.
“Will you tell me what's wrong?”
“Nothing is wrong…”
“Inuyasha, we'll talk later okay?” Kagome said as she zipped her bag after finding her notebook. She walked past him to turn open her door and changed her mind. Sighing she walked back to him and hugged him close.
“I'm sorry…” Inuyasha said as he hugged her back.
“I'm scared…”
“I'm here, I will not let anything hurt you…” Inuyasha said as he kissed her forehead.
“I know…”
“You'll tell me what's scaring you when you're ready, right?” Inuyasha asked.
“I will…”
“And I don't want you sitting too close to that Hobo guy, okay?” he sternly said.
“I won't…” Kagome replied laughing softly.
“I'll just be in my room when you need me.”
“Thank you.” Kagome said as she leaned away from him intending to leave.
“And Kagome…”
“I'll come to you tonight…” He whispered in her ear.
“I'll…I…” Kagome stuttered, her heart jumping to her throat.
“You'd better be there when I do…” Inuyasha added as he walked past her and opened her door.
“Good night.” Kagome said as she opened the door for Hojo.
“Good night, Higurashi.” Hojo said as he smiled shyly at Kagome. Kagome sighed and closed the door gently. Inuyasha had gotten bored staying cooped in his room while she and Hojo discussed how to go about their report and he went out telling her he'd be back in a few minutes. And now Kagome is alone with her thoughts.
She walked inside her bed room and plopped on her bed closing her eyes, minutes later, she had fallen asleep…
She could feel her heart pumping in her chest as she ran. She looked behind her and her breathing stopped when she saw him following her, his movements measured as he stalked her.
“Stay away!” She cried as she blindly dashed forward. Her foot caught on a protruding root and she fell. Ignoring the pain she hastily got up and almost cried when she saw the wooden hanging bridge. Safety. She thought.
She looked down and swallowed convulsively. Instead of flowing water, molten fire ran underneath the bridge. She hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to do.
“Mine.” She heard him whisper and she looked behind her and gasped - he was a mere five foot away.
“No…” She cried as she put her hands in front of her warding him off.
“Mine.” He whispered again as he took a step towards her.
“No, please…leave…” She pleaded as she stepped back. She looked at his protruding fangs and shivered as she imagined them tearing into her flesh. She took another step back and stumbled. The beast continued to advance towards her and she slowly moved, sliding against the hard wooden slabs as she tried to put as much distance in between them as possible.
“No. Don't go. Please.” She heard him whimper and she stopped moving. She looked at his blood-red eyes and her fear returned. He sniffed the air and snarled at her seemingly smelling her fright. He growled and stepped towards her again. This time she bolted upright and ran, not daring to look behind her.
Her unshed tears blurred her vision and still she ran. She saw a black iron gate and hope sparked in her. “Almost there.” She coaxed her aching feet as she ran towards the gate beaconing her like a light at the end of a dark tunnel. A few more steps…
“Mate.” She heard his whisper in the wind and something in her heart burst. She was so near the entrance, she could almost touch the cold, metal railing if she stretched her hand but something in the voice made her stop.
“Mate.” She heard him call again, this time her breathing hitched, the tug in her heart stronger and she looked behind her. And that's when she saw him - looking longingly at her, the red eyes soft and sad as it pleaded with her. He extended his clawed hand in front of him as he waited for her to come to him.
“Mate.” He called again and Kagome felt her tears fall.
“Who are you?” She asked.
“I am yours as you are mine.” The demon replied and Kagome shook her head.
“No,” She cried softly.
“You are mine…” The demon repeated. “Come to me.”
Kagome did not make a move as she stared at the great demon before her.
“No.” She finally whispered. “You lie. I was never yours.”
“Why are you doing this to me?” Kagome cried as she slowly backed towards the black, iron gate. She pushed the gate open and entered. The demon let out a pitying howl as he dropped on his knees. Kagome slowly turned her back and walked away.
“My heart will recognize you at first sight….” The demon whispered and Kagome stopped in her tracks.
“My heart will know it's you at first sight…” She murmured as something clicked in her mind. She spun around and ran towards the gate tugging it open but it won't budge.
“Kagome…” The demon called to her and she watched in horror as he slowly disappears, eaten by darkness. “Call me by my name, Kagome…try to remember.”
“No!” She screamed as she vainly tugged at the cold, metal entrance. Her heart knows him but her mind opted to forget. She closed her eyes as she frantically tried to remember his name.
“Remember my name, Kagome…”
“Don't leave…” Kagome pleaded and she gasped when the demon changed before her eyes, the red eyes turned silver, the fangs shortened and the claws retracted. She looked at his face and watched as the purple, jagged stripes vanished.
“Kagome…” He called.
“Inuyasha?” Kagome asked
“You remembered…” He whispered and Kagome watched in horror as darkness swallowed him little by little.
“No, don't leave!” Kagome cried as she tugged and kicked at the black, iron gate.
“You remembered…”
“INUYASHA!” Kagome bolted upright, her heartbeat racing. She clutched at her chest and was alarmed when she couldn't feel the gold necklace. She ran to her closet and rummaged her jewelry box and almost cried when she saw the gold necklace with the gold, heart-shaped locket.
“Inuyasha…” She cried as more images flashed in her mind. Her cell phone rang and Kagome searched for it inside her bag.
“Hello?” She sobbed.
“Kagome, what's wrong, I'm worried, you ignored my call earlier…” Mrs. Higurashi's voice sounded and Kagome cried brokenly.
“Kagome, what's wrong?”
“Why didn't you tell me?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Why didn't you tell me about him.” Kagome said, tears raced down her cheeks and she tried to calm herself by breathing evenly.
“Oh Kagome….”
“I remember….”
“Does he?”
“No, he does not or he would have told me…”
“I'm sorry, Kagome.” Mrs. Higurashi said.
“He's here…” Kagome said over the phone as he heard Inuyasha open the main door. “I'll call you later, Mama.” She said quickly as she hastily wiped the tears off her face.
“Hon?” Inuyasha asked and it took most of Kagome's will power not to cry.
“A minute…” She replied as she checked her face on the mirror.
“Hey, where have you been?” Kagome said, her heart bursting at the sight of him.
“Grocery, bought some bread…” Inuyasha replied and sniffed the air. “You've been crying…what's wrong?” he asked as he hugged Kagome.
“Come on, what is it?”
“Inuyasha, please tell me again how we first met?” Kagome said smiling up at him as she pulled her to the sofa.
“At the coffee shop, you were sitting on the table I occupied earlier and I thought you took my car keys…”
“Is that the first time you met me?”
“Yes, of course, why?”
“Nothing…” Kagome said, her heart shattering into pieces.
“Come on, what is it?”
“My heart will know it's you at first sight…” Kagome whispered and Inuyasha stared at her blankly.
“Hon, what's wrong…you've gotten corny.” He joked and Kagome closed her eyes to avoid the tears from slipping.
“I've always been corny.” Kagome replied as she blinked the tears away. “I think I need to rest, my head is throbbing painfully…too much Plato…” She said as she hastily stood up.
“Wait…” Inuyasha said.
“What?” Kagome inquired as se hastily brushed her tears off her face.
“I thought we're going to…”
“Fuck?” Kagome asked. Is that what I am now, a quick roll in the hay?
“Will you tell me what's bothering you?” Inuyasha asked as he stood up to put his arms around her.
“What am I to you, Inuyasha?”
“I want you….”
“Just want me?”
“I…I…don't know…” Inuyasha finally said as he let his arms fall to his sides
“Don't you remember, Inuyasha? Don't you remember…?”
“Remember what?”
“I guess you don't…good night then…” Kagome whispered as she ran to her room. She locked her door as fast as she could and dialed her mother's number.
“Mama, I'm going home tonight…” Kagome said as soon as Mrs. Higurashi answered the phone.
“It's already late, wait until tomorrow…”
“I can't, Mama.”
“Don't you want to tell him…”
“Tell him what? That we're mated? That I love him? That I died when he left? That I died again because I remembered how much it hurt? Tell him what, Mama?” Kagome asked, her voice growing hysterical.
“How can I remember before him? It's not fair that we had to forget….it's even more unfair that I had to remember when I've moved on…”
“We'll wait for you tonight…Drive safely.” Mrs. Higurashi said and Kagome turned her cell phone off and packed some of her things.
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