InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Platonic ( Chapter 43 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

“Higurashi!” Kagome stopped and turned to watch Hojo run towards her.
“Hojo, hello!” Kagome greeted smiling at her block mate.
“Hi…” Hojo smiled shyly at her.
“So…you want something from me?” Kagome asked as she balanced her books in one arm.
“I would just like to congratulate you for a good job on our report on Plato's The Republic.” Hojo replied as he offered a single white rose to her.
“Oh, thanks…” Kagome said, blushing a little when she heard her three other block mates, Eri, Yuka and Ayumi sniggering and giggling in the background.
“I really hope we could be partners again…we seem to really click…” Hojo stammered blushing painfully and Kagome bit her lip to prevent from laughing.
“Ummm…yeah…” She replied and waited for Hojo to say something more.
“Ummm…Hmmm…Ahh…are you free Saturday night?” Hojo asked and Kagome nearly rolled her eyes when she heard Eri squeal.
“Hmm…I'll check, today is still Wednesday so I'm not really sure if something might come up.”
“I hope you are…I would like to invite you to Stone Free's Gender Issues this Saturday, it will be fun…”
“I really can't decide now since my best friend Sango might have other plans…” Kagome said hesitantly.
“Well, if you change your mind…you know my dorm room number…I mean you can just call me and I'll come to your dorm…or we could just meet at the dorm lobby…or…I could just…”
“I'll give you a call, Hojo if I'm free before Saturday…” Kagome said smiling at Hojo whose blush turned an ugly shade of purplish red.
“Umm…okay…I guess I'll see you later then…” Hojo stammered and Kagome watched him run back to his friends.
“Kagome…are you planning to ditch Hojo's invitation?” Eri asked indignantly.
“Are you blind, girl?” Yuka asked.
“Hojo is like the god in our block, he's smart, good-looking, soft-spoken, gentlemanly…”
“And he's like not my type...” Kagome finished.
“Wow, your standards are way too high…” Eri commented dryly.
“If you adore him so much, Eri why don't you ask him for a date?” Kagome asked, a little irritated at how the three girls `throw' her into Hojo's open arms every chance they get.
“He's not my type...” Eri replied.
“Too tame…” Yuka seconded.
“I like men who look like that…” Ayumi finished and Kagome, Eri and Yuka all turned their heads to look at the guy Ayumi was referring to.
“Hi, Kagome…” Inuyasha said as he passed by them. They have not spoken to each other for almost five days and Kagome was a little surprised when he greeted her.
“Hi,” Kagome replied as she ignored her friends who were elbowing her painfully. Gorgeous must have been a word created to describe him. Kagome couldn't help but think seeing Inuyasha in white Red Sox cap, red shirt and blue denim jeans. Ah crap, get over it, girl. Kagome admonished herself quietly.
“You know him?” Eri whispered loudly.
“Yes…” Kagome replied sighing as Yuka looped her arm around hers.
“How?” Ayumi asked, gripping her other arm painfully.
“We're…friends…” Kagome replied casually as she walked towards the main library with Yuka, Eri and Ayumi in tow.
“Kagome, wait!” The four girls spun around when Inuyasha called Kagome's name.
“Yes?” Kagome asked shielding her eyes from the sun's glare with her free hand.
“My car's in a shop for alarm it okay if I hitch a ride with you tonight?” Inuyasha asked smiling hopefully at her and Kagome thanked the sun for making her face appear flushed hiding her blush.
“Umm…” She hesitated for a moment until Eri whispered that Inuyasha could ride her instead making Yuka and Ayumi giggle like crazy teenagers.
“It's okay if you have other plans…” Inuyasha said, hiding his disappointment behind a charming smile.
“Okay,” Kagome replied.
“Okay, what time does your last class end and where should I meet you?” Kagome replied.
“No, tell me what time your class ends, I'll fetch you from your classroom.” Inuyasha replied as he took his handkerchief out wiping Kagome's brow as if it was the most natural thing to do in the world.
“I have Obligations and Contracts from 3:30 to 5:00 PM, Faculty of Law 247.” Kagome replied ignoring how her heart twitched at Inuyasha's action.
“Okay, see you then.” Inuyasha said smiling as he walked away from her.
“Can I be his friend too?” Yuka asked, smiling evilly….
“I'll be the bestest friend ever…I could even towel him dry after he takes a shower…” Eri said dreamily.
“Or he could towel me dry after I take mine…” Ayumi whispered and Kagome freed herself from the three girl's grasp and walked towards the main library alone.
“Hirohito, are you friends with Higurashi from Pre Law?” Kyu, Inuyasha's block mate asked.
“Why?” Inuyasha asked back s he closed his book to look at his block mate.
“She's really…pretty….I would like to ask for an introduction…”
“She has a boyfriend…” Inuyasa replied.
“So?” Kyu asked back.
“So you'd better keep your eyes and hands off her…” Inuyasha retorted calmly, his youkai straining to surface and he clenched his fist painfully, letting his claws dig into his palm.
“Why, are you her guardian?” Kyu asked smirking.
“If I'm going to tell you, I have to kill you…do you want to die?” Inuyasha asked coolly.
“Hey…you don't have to bite my head off man…”
“I'm not biting…just sniffing you…”
“I was trying to get your help since I saw you talk to her earlier, you can just tell you don't want to rather than get cranky like some sissy with pms…” Kyu said and he and his friends laughed.
Inuyasha stood up and towered over the smaller man. “Kyu, action speaks louder than words…or is your brain not up to the challenge?” Inuyasha said smirking as he lifted Kyu off the floor by the neck.
“I….I….” Kyu stammered as he gasped for air and Inuyasha let him fall to the floor with a loud thud.
“Sorry buddy, I'm just some sissy with pms…” He said as he looked at his block mate's crumpled form and left.
Inuyasha sighed as he leaned against the wall next to Kagome's classroom. He had waited patiently for five days, staying out of her way and not talking to her, giving her the time she asked for and his patience is running dry. He straightened as he heard chairs scraping after the professor gave the class their assigned reading. He easily `smelled' Kagome and he was momentarily annoyed when he saw that the Hobo guy was with her.
“Section 15 was a little vague so may be we need to expound on that and research case files on the library…” He heard Kagome said and Inuyasha felt like throttling the Hobo guy who nodded eagerly at what she said.
“I'll research about it tonight.” Hojo volunteered and Kagome smiled at him gratefully.
“Yuka, Eri, Ayumi and I will go through case files too for this one. Let's meet this weekend and consolidate what we've researched. I'm volunteering my place….just my room actually since I'm sharing my dorm room with someone else so it would be awkward if we occupy the whole space…” Kagome said and stopped when she bumped into someone. “Sorry,” She automatically stepped back to look at person she bumped into and her eyes met honey-gold ones.
“No problem…small thing to ask especially since I'm hitching a ride…” Inuyasha replied smiling at Kagome's surprised expression.
“Oh, oh…I forgot about you…” Kagome said thoughtfully and smiled when Inuyasha frowned. “Just kidding. Treat me to dinner and I shall not let you walk to the dorm.” She joked and laughed when Inuyasha raised his brow.
“Is that all you want?” he asked.
“Treat me to dinner and breakfast?” Kagome asked as she waved goodbye at her block mates as she walked beside Inuyasha. She turned abruptly remembering something…”Hojo, tell the girls we'll consolidate our cases this Sunday, I have a date this Saturday with my best friend.” Kagome said before waving goodbye at him.
“Sure…” Hojo replied watching the girl of his dreams walk away with another man.
“Tsk! Are you just going to watch her walk away?” Keno said thumping his friend's shoulder.
“If it makes her happy…”
“Wow…your love is so pure…” Keno snorted as he too watched Kagome and Inuyasha leave.
“Shut up…” Hojo sighed as he turned around to look for Yuka, Eri and Ayumi to deliver Kagome's message.
Inuyasha watched Kagome wrinkle her nose thoughtfully as she browsed the menu.
“I'll have yakiudon and red ice tea…” She looked up and told the waiter smilingly.
“Are you on a diet?” Inuyasha asked as he gave his orders to the waiter.
“Yakiudon and red ice tea?”
“I can't study when I'm full…” Kagome replied as she took a notebook out and jotted something down.
“Is our conversation on the record?” Inuyasha teased and Kagome raised her brow at him and laughed when Inuyasha's words sunk in.
“Yes, actually…hmmm…” She said pretending to tap her ballpen against her chin as if scrutinizing Inuyasha.
“Go on…ask me anything.” Inuyasha said leaning back on his chair.
“No holds bar?” Kagome challenged.
“Later….we have not updated each other about our lives for a long time…let's talk.” Kagome said as the waiter put the glass of red ice tea in front of her.
“Does that mean we're friends again?”
“One million yen and I'll say yes to that.” Kagome joked and Inuyasha laughed.
“I love it when you're playful like this…”
“I get playful when I'm bored…” Kagome said sighing.
“Why are you bored?”
“Too much studying…”
“Why do you study so much?”
“Inuyasha, not everyone is a genius like you…some actually have to study to pass…” Kagome said taking a sip from her straw and Inuyasha watched her pucker her lips when she did. Oh shit, shoo away dirty thoughts!
“Hmmm…” He said as he averted his gaze.
“Are we friends?” Kagome asked.
“We are,” Inuyasha replied taking the hand Kagome extended.
“Good, because I ate the yoghurt you bought last night.” Kagome grinned sheepishly.
“I bought them for you.” Inuyasha answered and Kagome nearly blushed. Okay, Kagome…think platonic. She thought as she pretended to watch the new couple who just arrived.
“Eat…” you're getting skinny…” Inuyasha said as the waiter placed a big plate filled with tempura, potato balls, sukiyaki and fried vegetables in front of Kagome.
“I didn't order this…” She said looking at the plate in front of her.
“I did…stop dieting, you're already beautiful…” Inuyasha commented as he added wasabe on the soy sauce near his plate.
“I know I am…you're not bad looking yourself…” Kagome replied and Inuyasha laughed softly.
“You think so?” he asked.
“Twenty minutes of being friends and you're already flirting with me?” Kagome teased.
“I can't help it, it's in my blood.”
“Aww, poor baby, not your fault but your genes'.”
“Hmm…” Inuyasha winked as he popped a piece of tuna sashimi into his mouth.
“How am I supposed to eat all these?” Kagome asked helplessly as she stared at all the food before her.
“What are you going to do without me, Kagome?” Inuyasha said rolling his eyes as he took a tempura from Kagome's plate and ate it. “See, it's good…” He said chewing the soft, breaded shrimp.
“I'm not even hungry…” Kagome muttered pouting.
“Well, I am…” Inuyasha responded as he moved his chair to sit beside Kagome.
“Then eat these…” Kagome smirked pushing the plate near Inuyasha.
“Feed me…” He challenged.
“Come on…”
“Is it just me or did you turn three notches flirtier?”
“Come on hon, we have to make up for the time we lost ignoring each other.” Inuyasha laughed as Kagome took two pieces of tempura and shoved them into his mouth.
“Did you see that?” Kagome asked as she took the bowl of popcorn from Inuyasha's hand.
“They switched the bags, remember?” Inuyasha replied as he pulled Kagome's head to lie on his shoulder.
“Ah, you're being sweet and we're watching an action movie…” Kagome kidded as she scooted closer to Inuyasha.
“I'll remember to be sweeter if we watch a romantic movie…” Inuyasha replied.
“Hush, you're making me blush…”
“You like me so much, don't you Kagome?”
“Come on, Inuyasha…we both know the feeling is mutual…” Kagome replied and sat up when she heard the intercom on sounded.
“You got…” Inuyasha started and Kagome squeezed his shoulder.
“Listen…” She said and Inuyasha tilted his head.
“We would like to inform all students that electricity will be shut down for an hour. This is due to a minor repair that has to be done immediately…In this light, the management has extended the dorm curfew from twelve midnight to one in the morning even if it's a weekday. So enjoy and we're confident you'll behave accordingly. You have thirty minutes before we shut down the whole system…”
“That's weird…” Inuyasha said.
“Behave accordingly? Define accordingly…” Kagome commented as she stood up to stretch.
“So, do you want to go out?” Inuyasha asked and Kagome furrowed her brow.
“Hey, it's a school day, we're supposed to study.
“Kagome, are you aiming for a 1.0 average…the highest so far is 1.4 so you have point four to beat…” Inuyasha joked and Kagome threw a decorative pillow in his direction.
“You go out...I'll stay here…”
“It's too hot…”
“Duh, like we have windows…”
“Still it will be too hot…”
“Don't worry, I promise not to wither and die until you arrive…” Kagome said wrinkling her nose.
“I'll stay here then…”
“You don't have to.” Kagome protested.
“I want to…”
“Why, are you broke?”
“Broke? I don't even know what that means…” Inuyasha laughed loudly when more pillows were thrown his way.
“Who needs air conditioning, Inuyasha…you have too much air for the entire dormitory!” Kagome said laughing.
“No, I'll stay…and we talk…” Inuyasha said with finality.
“Okay…game.” Kagome replied as she went inside her bedroom to get her comforter.
“What is that for?” Inuyasha asked.
“Because we should be near the window, genius…”
“How about we move this sofa there?”
“It's too heavy…”
“Kagome…I'm half demon…”
“Fine Samson….go use brute strength…” Kagome said as she gathered all the throw pillows in her arms.
“Delilah, will you cut my hair off when I'm asleep…”
“Inuyasha, if I am to get my revenge…hair will be the last thing I'll cut off…”
“Oh?” Inuyasha said raising his brow… “Should I wear my chastity belt for extra protection?” Inuyasha teased.
“I wasn't talking to that head, baka…you're so green-minded.”
“And you're so…so…”
“So you…”
“Aww, how creative…” Kagome replied rolling her eyes.
“First question…what made you want to make friends with me again?” Inuyasha asked as he lay opposite Kagome, his head near her feet.
“I ate your yoghurt.” Kagome replied and Inuyasha snorted.
“Feh! Be honest.”
“It's tiring to ignore you when we leave in the same room…it's too emotionally draining…”
“Okay…your question?” Inuyasha asked.
“How was your date?”
“With that woman you almost professed your undying love to…” Kagome said happy that her voice did not quiver.
“I cancelled it…”
“What? Why?”
“You were crying…how could I go out on a date when I left you crying?”
“I'm touched…” Kagome replied and her heart did somersaults.
“You should be, you ungrateful woman!” Inuyasha joked and they both laughed.
“Do you feel anything for me, Kagome?” Inuyasha asked suddenly and Kagome was glad the lights were out or her face would rival the blood-red color of his shirt.
“Yes…” She replied truthfully.
“Why are you pushing me away?” Inuyasha asked.
“Hah, one question at a time!” Kagome protested and Inuyasha sighed. “Okay, my turn…what made you say those hurtful things to me, Inuyasha?”
“Because I was jealous…”
“Because you were hugging that Hobo guy…”
“It's Hojo and he's my friend.”
“You really are dense, Kagome…he'd like to be more than friends with you…”
“Okay my turn,” Inuyasha said. “If you have feelings for me, why are you pushing me away?”
“Because I'm scared…”
“Scared of what?”
“Scared to go through the same pain again…”
“What pain?”
“I was in love before Inuyasha and it didn't work, he forgot…”
“May be he didn't love you enough?” Inuyasha asked innocently and Kagome felt her heart break.
“You think so?” She asked.
“Yes or he wouldn't have forgotten…”
“What if he was forced to forget?”
“If it were me I'd rather die than forget…”
“Ouch…” Kagome said laughing softly.
“What if that guy was you?” Kagome asked.
“Kagome, we've never met before that café incident, how could it be me?”
“What if it was you?”
“I know it isn't me so quit playing…” Inuyasha retorted a little pissed at being compared to Kagome's first love.
“Should I just forget him then?” Kagome asked, her breath hitching.
“I think so…he does not deserve you…”
“Who deserves me?”
“Someone who'll love you forever…”
“I wish I'll meet the man of my dreams while I'm still awake…” Kagome sighed and she felt the sofa shifted when Inuyasha sat up.
“You'll meet him…” He whispered in her ear.
“Hmm…” Kagome said scooting to let Inuyasha lie next to her.
“He's next to you now…”
“Should I be taking my clothes off?” Kagome kidded to diffuse the tension in the air.
“No, I'd rather take them off…”
“Inuyasha, quit playing…”
“You still can't forget him?”
“The one you loved?”
“I can't…” Since he's next to me now…
“I'll help you forget…” Inuyasha said and Kagome felt her blood sizzle.
“How?” She asked.
“By tickling you so hard you wouldn't even remember your name.” he retorted as he pinned Kagome's arm to her sides and tickled her mercilessly.
“Stop!”Kagome yelled laughing.
“Say the magic words…”
“What magic words, dammit?!” Kagome asked squirming as Inuyasha tickled her relentlessly.
“Repeat after me….”
“Fine!” Kagome said laughing and squirming beneath him.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome repeated.
“I promise…”
“I promise…”
“To choose you over all others…” Inuyasha said looking at Kagome who stared at him blankly. “Come on, repeat what I said or I'll tickle you until you beg for me to stop.
“To choose you over all others…” Kagome recited. Everyday for all the days of my life. Kagome finished in her mind.
“Everyday for all the days of my life…” Inuyasha finished grinning triumphantly at her.
“Everyday for all the days of my life…” Kagome whispered. “That's a poem, right?” Kagome asked.
“Yes, how did you know?” Inuyasha asked.
“I'm psychic.” She replied hiding her pain behind her smile. Because you told me the same thing before you left.
Author's Note:
R E V I E W or else.... ^_^