InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Jealous Rages ( Chapter 47 )

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Inuyasha was smiling as he opened the door.
“Yes, what can --?” He asked and stopped.
“Aw, you have not forgotten about me, have you?” Kikyo said pouting prettily up at him, a bottle of wine in her hands.
“Kikyo?” Inuyasha asked.
“Baby?” Kagome asked and Inuyasha looked behind him with alarm.
“Hon….” Inuyasha started when Kikyo cut him off.
“Baby?! You're with the miko-wannabe?!” Kikyo yelled and stomped her foot. Kagome pushed Inuyasha aside as she opened the door wider to look at Kikyo.
“Oh, the bitch-in-itch is here.” Kagome said as she leaned against the door frame crossing her arms on her chest.
“Who are you calling bitch?!” Kikyo asked, her face flushed with anger.
“Hmm…do you accept payment now from every man you bed, that must explain the expensive wine…and the slutty dress…” Kagome said coolly.
“You shall pay for insulting me, you moron!” Kikyo said looking at Inuyasha for help.
“Moron…do you even know what the word means…or did you just read it off somewhere?” Kagome said her head getting hot as Inuyasha just stood there watching the verbal battle. Damn idiot. She thought
“Who are you calling slut when you're the one living with a man you're not married to?!” Kikyo yelled and Kagome frowned for a while.
“Oh my God, is it just me or did you just mention one sacred thing like marriage? Oh, the world must be coming to an end considering that you came over mine and my man's dorm room, uninvited. How many men do you have to sleep with to get Inuyasha's room number…you must be tired.” Kagome said and Kikyo blanched.
“Why you…”
“Baby,” Kagome cooed turning to Inuyasha and dusting off imaginary lint, “Invite your lady friend inside for the effort….” Kagome said and Inuyasha stiffened.
“What? I'm going to be your wife I might as well practice being a hostess and a hostess always has the manners to invite people into her home no matter how disgusting they are…” Kagome said as she turned around to leave.
“Bitch, for your fucking information, Inuyasha told me his dorm room number! We even had coffee three days ago!” Kikyo said with venom and Kagome paused in mid track. Three days ago…that's after we…? She went to her after we…Fuck this bastard!
“Kagome, wait…hon…let me explain…” Inuyasha stammered as he watched Kagome look at him with pain in those beautiful, deep blue eyes.
“Changed my mind…How about you and that trash lounging by our door eat here while I go see some friends…besides I would never be able to stomach her stench.” Kagome said as she gathered her discarded bag from the floor and hastily put her shoes on.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha groaned watching her hasty actions.
“You finally figured it out bitch…your man wants me…” Kikyo said haughtily.
My man being the operative words but then again I might change my mind and let you swallow all six foot two inches of him…” Kagome said facing the girl.
“You lost…loser!” Kikyo smirked and cried out painfully when Kagome punched her on the face. Kikyo's had flew to her face automatically and she whimpered in alarm when she felt the warm, sticky trickle of blood oozing from her nose.
“Did I?” Kagome asked the bleeding girl without pity as she walked away.
“You're going to pay for this…I'll press charges!” Kikyo yelled holding her bloody face.
“Bring it…you're talking to a pre-law student and Tokyo University's Best Debater…I'm so eager to put classroom theories into practice…I'll wait for the summon sweetie…” Kagome said as she gave Kikyo the dirty finger.
“Kagome wait…” Inuyasha said as he fumbled for his keys locking the door behind him and nearly cutting off Kikyo's finger which was on the door jamb in his haste.
“Inuyasha!!” Kikyo yelled watching Inuyasha ran after Kagome.
“Kagome please….” Inuyasha said as he grabbed her wrist.
“Enough…I've had enough…” Kagome said, biting her trembling, lower lip to prevent the tears from falling.
“Please…” Inuyasha said trying to hug her to him.
“Go away!” Kagome said cursing the elevator for taking so long to reach the tenth floor.
“Will you listen to me, dammit?!” Inuyasha said harshly as he tried to pull her into his arms.
“No, Inuyasha, you listen to me…this is like high school all over again!”
“What the fuck are you talking about?!” Inuyasha yelled back and Kagome laughed ruthlessly.
“You still don't get it don't you….how pitiful…” Kagome said as the elevator door finally opened. She got inside and Inuyasha followed her.
“Don't give me cryptic messages, dammit!”
“Why don't you transform and talk to your mate!? I'm done talking to an idiot!” Kagome screamed and the students on the eight floor who were about to get inside the elevator stopped and backed away.
“What the fuck….” Inuyasha said as he felt his youkai rise. Did she just call my youkai? Inuyasha thought as he gripped the railing inside the elevator.
“Well….I'm waiting for you so come out!” Kagome said callously and cursed when nothing happened. Inuyasha's breathing had gone harsh as he tried to control his youkai from getting out. He could feel his claws lengthening as he watched Kagome walk out of the elevator.
Kagome drove around the campus aimlessly as she tried to let her temper disappear. Damn that idiot for seeing her after we made love, I'm so going to kill you Inuyasha Hirohito! Kagome stopped her car and cried brokenly.
“Fuck you Inuyasha for making me cry again…” Kagome said as she searched for her handkerchief inside her Louis Vuitton bag.
“And fuck that damn bitch for showing up and rubbing it in!” She saw as she blew her nose.
“I think I broke her nose though…” She said aloud and laughed looking at her fist.
“Way to go, girl…” Kagome giggled for a moment and sobered. Kikyo might be a bitch but she shouldn't have let her temper get the better of her.
“Damn Inuyasha's youkai for not coming out when I called him…Some mate he is…” Kagome said as she contemplated her next action.
“Today is just Tuesday so I can't go home to the shrine…where should I go? I can't go back to Inuyasha…I might kill him…Or kiss him or both…damn that hanyou…” Kagome took her cell hone out of her bag to call Sango. I hope she'll let me stay with her and Miroku until Friday. She thought as she dialed Sango's number.
“Kags!!! I'm so glad you called!!! What's up?” Kagome grinned when she heard Sango's voice. Her friend is always so hyper and already, she felt her irritation dissipate.
“Not much…I'm broken-hearted again damn. I should write a book entitled How To Deal With Idiot Hanyous and Their Fickle-Mindedness and make money out of my misery…” Kagome said and Sango laughed.
“Yeah…And I'll write about How To Stop Your Husband's Groping Hands…and make money too…we'll both be rich, go somewhere exotic and find new beaus!” Sango said with a flourish and they were both laughing like high-schoolers again.
“Gods, men are just beyond me…I should be a nun…” Kagome sighed as she leaned back and push the button to put the hood down.
“Oh come on, with a sexy hanyou like that…you wouldn't last…”
“Sango, can I stay with you and Miroku for a while?” Kagome asked.
“Of course! But don't mind the moaning and groaning in the middle of the night though…” Sango said.
“You're married and you're still humping like pigs?”
“Pigs? Gods no, but I wish I have their talent for a thirty-minute orgasm though…that would be a really good cardiovascular exercise…”
“Ewww…pervert!!!” Kagome laughed.
“What? Did I offend your puritanical upbringing?”
“Puritanical my ass…”
“Did you just say ass…goodness, should I wait for the sky to rumble and the earth to tremble?” Sango asked gasping in pretend fear.
“You're not only perverted, you're a comedian too…”
“And you absolutely love me, girly!”
“My bad…”
“Hey, that hurts…not…so where should Miroku and I meet you?”
“How about at Rockwell's?” Kagome asked.
“Okay, we'll be there in an hour…”
“Okay…see you there…drive safely.”
“Kagome, wait!”
“Don't forget to bring your wand and invisibility cloak along…we must be careful for who-must-not-be-named has awoken…”
“You're sick in the head my friend…” Kagome replied laughing.
“And Dumbledore died…damn!”
“You just finished reading Book 6…”
“Yes…oh…my Harry Potter needs me.”
“Should I bring an ambulance too? Let's have that head of yours checked…”
“Ah, spoilsport…”
“Bye, Sango…”
“Bye Kags…”
Trust Sango to make me laugh with her amusing lines…Kagome thought as she brought the car to life and maneuvered it to exit the campus. Her cell phone rung and she frowned when she saw Inuyasha's name reflected on the screen. Sighing she ignored it as she made a mental note of things to buy as she was not able to bring anything with her except her car, keys and bag. She thanked the Gods that she normally leaves her textbooks inside her car. I can't go back there…not yet. She thought grimly as Inuyasha's face flashed in her mind.
Argh! Stupid hanyou! Kagome said as she stepped on the gas and sped off.
Inuyasha paced his room restlessly as he glanced at his wrist watch for the nth time. Damn woman! He thought as plopped on his bed, his gut twisting with worry when Kagome rejected his call. Damn Kikyo for showing up and twisting that story around. Inuyasha fiddled with his cell phone and flicked it open again redialing Kagome's number.
How did they know each other. Inuyasha thought as he recalled Kikyo and Kagome's animosity. Shit, it's not important, I should find Kagome before it gets dark, that girl has no sense of self-preservation at all! Inuyasha mused as he listened to Kagome's cell phone's continuous ringing.
Pick the phone up, dammit! He held his breath as the phone rung continuously and sighed in defeat when his call was yet again ignored. Deciding to comb Japan if he has to for Kagome, he stood up and picked the black leather jacket lying idly on his chair.
Where are you, Kagome? Please, I feel lost without you. He thought grimly as he opened her bedroom door and hugged her pillow to his chest breathing in her scent deeply. Sighing, he left the calming warmth of her bedroom and headed for the door to start looking for her.
Kagome played with her straw, shopping bags lying at her feet waiting for Sango and Miroku. She had the new clothes and under things she bought laundered and thanked the heavens again for Japanese ingenuity that borne twenty-minute Laundromats.
I feel like a wife running away from her husband. Kagome thought with a slight smile which turned into a frown when she remembered the incident with Kikyo earlier. Stupid, stupid, stupid hanyou! Kagome thought as she attacked her Coffee Crumble with ferocity.
“Ouch!” Kagome looked up and saw a grinning Sango with a very harassed-looking Miroku.
“Hi!” Kagome greeted happily jumping to her feet as she gave her friend a peck on the cheek.
“Poor, poor Coffee Crumble…” Sango mused as she sighed looking at the nearly mashed slice of cake.
“Don't start…” Kagome said. “What did you do to your husband?” Kagome asked as Miroku winced when he sat down.
“Don't pity that baka he doesn't deserve compassion!” Sango almost growled out the words and Kagome looked at her friend with concern.
“I told you she was an old friend!”
“Yeah right and she straddles old friends as a greeting?!”
“She slipped and fell over…”
“And you lay on your back to catch her fall…” Sango snorted with contempt.
“You know what Miroku, I can't believe I endured the kind of shit you've been feeding me for the past years!”
“I'm sorry…I'm telling the truth this time…” Miroku said sounding so defeated that Kagome pitied him.
“Really…you're telling the truth this time? Does that make up for the times you lied?” Sango said sounding so hurt that both Kagome and Miroku looked at her. Sango blinked her eyes furiously as she smiled at Kagome taking her friend's hand in hers.
“Come Kagome…let's go home.” Sango said. “You're not allowed to go home, sleepover at one of your bimbos' houses!” Sango bit out when Miroku stood up too.
“Sango please…” Miroku pleaded watching his wife march off with Kagome who looked at him with pity before waving her hand at him hesitantly. He raised his hand in acknowledgement and slumped back in his chair.
Inuyasha kicked a pebble in frustration and was alarmed when he heard the sound of a glass breaking and an alarm sounding off. Shit. He thought as he was torn between running away and walking up to the car to wait for the owner to arrive. He decided for the latter and changed his mind when an angry, drunken man stumbled towards the car and cursed savagely.
“I'M GOING TO BLOW THE HEAD OF THE PERSON WHO DID THIS TO MY CAR!” The man yelled and Inuyasha turned on his heel to walk towards the other direction. Shit. That was one angry man. He ran towards the parking lot and decided to try another bar. This is going to take forever. He thought as he turned the ignition. Where could she be, I hope she's with friends…friends…wait… Inuyasha took his cell phone out again and smacked his head for not thinking about calling Kagome's friends earlier. He had met Hojo on the elevator and even swallowed his pride and asked his `rival' if he'd seen Kagome but the other man told him that he didn't and even dared asked him why Kagome left. As if I'd tell him…that idiot… He thought angrily as he dialed Eri's number.
“Hello…” Eri replied.
“Eri, Inuyasha here…do you happen to know where Kagome is?”
“No, didn't you fetch her earlier?”
“Yeah…thanks…bye…” Inuyasha snappd the phone close and was about to dial Sango's number when Miroku called.
“Miroku, what's up?”
“Umm…where are you?”
“Out…I'm looking for Kagome.”
“Don't worry, she's safe with Sango.”
“She's with Sango, good, I'll go fetch her.”
“Bad idea, they're having some feministic moments…stay out of it…”
“What do you mean?”
“Women, who understands them? Let's leave them be for a while. Wait, can I sleep over?” Miroku asked.
“Sure…did your wife kick you out of the house?”
“Long story…why did Kagome leave you?”
“Longer story…meet me at the dorm…bring some beer…”
“This is going to be a long night…” Inuyasha heard Miroku sigh and couldn't help but silently agree with him.
“Bring a lot of beer…”
“How many cases?”
“How many cases can your car hold?”
“This night is longer than I expected then…”
“Okay, see you…”
“See you.”
Kagome popped another popcorn into her mouth, she had change into her new pair of pajamas and she and Sango were watching A Walk To Remember.
“Fuck, that's so sad…” Sango said sniffing and Kagome had a feeling that her friend wasn't talking about the movie at all.
“Why didn't we find a man like…that!” Sango asked pointing at Sean West on the screen.
“Umm…because we're not Jaime Sullivan?”
“Really…life is so unfair, Jaime had to die just when she's experiencing true love and my father had to catch me and Miroku moaning like crazy at the basement, and now I have a husband who's way too perverted and who gropes anyone who's wearing a skirt including gays!” Sango said crying for real.
“Doesn't he know it hurts?” Sango asked tearfully as she took the tissue paper Kagome offered.
“Shhh….” Kagome said as she tried to comfort her friend by putting her arms around the sobbing girl.
“Fuck that idiot! Fuck me for letting him fuck me and fuck both of us for getting caught fucking each other!” Sango ranted and Kagome bit her lip to avoid herself from laughing.
“You had one hell of a fucking experience…” Kagome said and Sango looked at her through tearful eyes and they both cracked laughing like crazy.
“What a way of putting it!” Sango said panting as they lay on the carpeted floor.
“Come on, you married him, you could have said no but you chose not to….that means you long to be his wife.”
“I know but his naughtiness is oftentimes hard to stomach…”
“What if he's telling the truth?”
“Yeah right and I'm still a virgin.”
“You're not?!” Kagome asked faking surprise ad they laughed all over again.
“How about you what did his sexy doggie-ness do?”
“Ah, he met up with his ex…”
“And you're jealous because?”
“The girl went to the dorm while we were busy and rubbed it in…”
“You should have rubbed it back…”
“I punched her face actually; I think I broke her nose…”
“I slapped the bitch straddling Miroku actually; I think I broke a nail…” Sango retorted and they burst out laughing again.
“You're a psycho Sango!”
“It takes one to know one.”
“I wonder what Inuyasha is doing….” Kagome said as she curled on her side facing her friend.
“Cleaning his ears?” Sango said and they giggled like crazy. “I wonder what Miroku is doing?” Sango thought aloud as their giggling subsided.
“Thinking about you….” Kagome said and Sango's face softened.
“Or may be groping some woman?”
“Or better yet getting groped by some gay…” Kagome muttered and they laughed again.
“We have such weird taste in men…” Sango finally said.
“Yes…yours has an ass fetish while mine has furry, white ears…”
“Wanna swap?” Sango asked smirking and they both looked at each other laughed aloud again.
“EWWWW!” They both shrieked.
“Shit, I bit my tongue…” Miroku said wincing.
“Someone must be talking about you…”
“Sango and Kagome.” Inyasha concluded.
“Weird girls.”
“You're right, we both have weird tastes.” Inuyasha muttered as he and Miroku leaned back against the sofa to watch frolicking monkeys.
“Women…” They both sighed.
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