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She watched with amazement as the locket opened with a snap. Kagome's tears fell when she saw a photo of them inside the heart-shaped locket. Inuyasha caught her tears with his thumb as he leaned his forehead against hers.
“I'm here with my mate and I'm holding the key to her heart…” He whispered holding her close as sobs shook her frame…
“Hon, please don't cry…” Inuyasha whispered as Kagome cried in silence. “Please….” He pleaded kissing her forehead as she burrowed deeper into his chest and continued to sob. “Kagome, come on…your tears are tearing me apart…” He added as he kissed her hair. He felt Kagome shiver as she valiantly tried to hold her tears and his eyes misted when he realized that she's doing it for him. She's holding her pain back for me. He thought as he stroked her back. He felt her let out a heavy breath as she tried to gain her composure. Leaning away from him, she looked at his face, her gaze bearing through his soul.
“You're back…” She whispered softly.
“Kagome, I'm sor - “ Inuyasha started but Kagome silenced him with her finger.
“Shhh…we'll talk later…” She whispered as she pushed him to his back. She moved atop him and let the robe fall off her shoulder as she straddled him. “Remind me to blast you to pieces for taking so long but for now…” She whispered as she moved her hair away from her neck. With a groan, Inuyasha tugged her closer and kissed her on the mouth.
“I love you…” He whispered against her lips.
“You better…” She whispered back as she traced his lower lip with her tongue. With a moan, Inuyasha held her head with both hands as he opened his mouth over hers. Kagome felt him tug at the robe that lay twisted around her hips and she raised herself a little without breaking the kiss to loosen the cloth.
“Only with you and only else…” Inuyasha whispered in her ear before biting gently on her lobe.
“Only with you and no one else…” Kagome replied nuzzling his neck as she made a pull at his shirt. “You're overdressed my love…” She teased and yelped when Inuyasha flipped them so that she now lay beneath him.
“Really?” He teased leaning up as he supported his weight with his right hand and inserted his left inside her lacy, white underwear. He smirked knowingly when Kagome shivered at his touch. “I love you…” He whispered again and Kagome felt a tear roll down her cheek.
“I know… I love you more…” She replied. “Welcome back…” She added smiling tearfully.
“It's good to be home…” Inuyasha said as he sat up and took his shirt off. He took and carelessly kicked his boxer shorts off the bed as he eagerly covered her body with his. “Mate.” He said as he put his hand on the place where her heart beats.
“Mate.” Kagome said as she placed her hand on his chest and leaned up to kiss his lips.
“No one can take you away from me.” Inuyasha said as he smoothed her bangs off her face.
“And you from me…” Kagome replied as Inuyasha opened his mouth over hers. The kiss was slow, languid as both felt no need to hurry, savoring each other's feel and taste.
Inuyasha's hand moved and cupped her breast and Kagome arched her back, pushing her flesh into his touch. He nudged her knees gently and settled in between them when she parted them invitingly.
The kiss became heated, demanding and Kagome moaned when she felt Inuyasha rock slowly back and forth against her. Her hand moved to cup his bottom and pulled him closer as she raised both her knees craving for his nearness. She was panting heavily as he trailed small kisses along her jaw.
“Inuyasha…” She moaned impatiently.
“You're killing me…”
“Am I?”
“Yes…” Kagome replied breathlessly as she felt his tongue trace a line from the side of her neck to her breast. She fisted his hair rather roughly as he began to suckled on a nipple. “Oh Gods…” She moaned when his hand made a feverish trek from her stomach to her thigh as he laved the other breast hungrily.
Inuyasha sucked on a nipple harder as he felt Kagome's breathing came in short puffs. His hand lingered to the junction in between her thighs and he moaned aloud when he felt how ready she was for him. Leaning up a little, he watched as she closed her eyes when he inserted a finger pumping it slowly in and out of her.
He followed a bead of sweat as it traveled from her neck down to the valley in between her breasts. Moaning softly he leaned forward and licked at the bead as he watched Kagome moving her head from side to side. He inserted another finger inside her and pumped harder all the while biting his lips painfully as his arousal twitched in protest as she moaned in helpless abandon. He felt her wetness drip from his fingers and he licked his lips in anticipation.
“Kagome…” He moaned her name and his mate opened eyes which were dark with desire for him. “Let me taste you…” He whispered as he took his fingers out of her warmth and leaned lower until his lips met her crotch. Never taking his gaze off her he tentatively took a lick and almost came undone when Kagome gasped and bolted upright.
“Stop…” She said as she stared at him in between her thighs.
“No…” Inuyasha replied as opened her thighs wider licking at her warmth with renewed frenzy. Kagome threw her head back and screamed his name as his tongue brought her to a new dimension of pleasure.
She lay in a boneless heap in his arms as she tried to catch her breath. She felt him crawl up to her and she opened her eyes to gaze at him.
“I'm not yet finish…” He whispered against her lips as he kissed her fully on the mouth making her taste her essence from his tongue. She moaned deliciously as she sucked his tongue hungrily.
“Who says I am?” Kagome asked huskily when they parted for air and slid lower to touch his erection.
“Inside you…” Inuyasha whispered desperately and Kagome slid back up.
“What are you waiting for?” She asked as she raised her hips and rubbed her warmth gently against his tip. With a loud moan, Inuyasha reached down and placed his tip by her entrance.
“Mine.” He whispered as he slowly slipped inside her.
“Yours…” Kagome replied as she felt his length glide inside her. She bit her lip and closed her eyes at the sensation as Inuyasha raised her knees to bury himself deeper into her.
“Stay with me…” Inuyasha whispered hoarsely and she opened her eyes to look at him. He begun his slow pace and Kagome cupped his face in both her hands as they looked at each other.
“As you wish…” She moaned in reply as he continued with his pace. One of her hand moved down to cup his bottom encouraging him to hasten the tempo of their dance as she met each slow thrust.
“I love you.” Inuyasha whispered as he moved faster.
“Not as much as I do…” Kagome replied arching her back of the bed as the friction he created inside her body spread from her core to her toes.
“Not as much as I do…” Inuyasha whispered back as tears fell from Kagome's eyes. She felt the dam inside her tremble with pleasure as it threatened to break under his ministrations.
“Inuyasha…” She moaned wrapping her legs around his hips to bring him closer. Inuyasha answered her plea by quickening his pace as he felt her slick warmth tighten convulsively around her.
“Stay with me…” Inuyasha whispered as Kagome watched his eyes flicker red. She gave out a soft cry as she pulled him close for a scorching kiss. Inuyasha put her arms around his neck and Kagome held on to him like a drowning child. He sat up bringing her with him to straddle on his hips. Kagome gripped his shoulder tighter as the action impaled him deeper inside her. She gasped aloud as Inuyasha let out an inhuman roar and his youkai side took over.
“Mine…” Kagome gasped as she traced the ragged magenta strips on each cheek.
“Yours…” The youkai replied as he looked at his mate through hazy, crimson eyes. “Yours forever…” He declared as pumped harder while smoothing her hair away and licking her neck. The feel of his rough tongue on her flesh added fire to her soul and she ground herself harder against his length as she felt her release near.
“Inuyasha…” She moaned helplessly as she let him push her nearer to the edge.
“Scream for me… my mate…” Inuyasha murmured against her neck and Kagome exploded screaming his name as she felt herself fall towards an unknown abyss of desire. A feral growl joined her howl of pleasure and she felt something hot and wet spurt inside her womb. Resting her head on the crook of his neck, her muddled mind registered a slight sting on her shoulder and she realized that Inuyasha bit her like he did when he first claimed her and she leaned forward a little to bite him back until she felt his flesh tear. She gasped aloud when she felt an intense heat on her forehead and the place where he bit her.
“Inuyasha…?” She asked as she watched with fascination the bite mark on his neck glow. She smoothed his bangs off his face and watch as his eyes turn gold again. Inuyasha fell back on the bed with contented sigh cradling Kagome to his chest. His hand traveled to her flat stomach and stayed there.
“I love you.” He whispered against the top of her head.
“I love you too.” Kagome whispered back as she wiggled to get a comfortable position.
“Stay still, hon…” Inuyasha said and Kagome obeyed, too tired to protest. She felt him hug her close as he murmured more I love you's in her ear. Tilting her head back, she kissed his chin softly and fell asleep.
Kagome heard a distant ring and she stretched luxuriously on the smooth, silk sheet. She automatically groped for what she thought was her cell phone and came in contact with Inuyasha's very naked torso.
“Hm, not yet tired I see…” Inuyasha murmured and Kagome opened her eyes lazily.
“Morning.” Kagome said as she yawned and stretched.
“Good afternoon.” Inuyasha corrected and Kagome turned her head to look at Inuyasha's red and black alarm clock.
“It's four in the afternoon? Gods, my biological clock have gone crazy…” Kagome murmured as she sat up sleepily.
“Where are you going?” Inuyasha asked as he slipped an arm around her middle.
“Nowhere it seems…” Kagome replied as she lay back down and started fiddling with his necklace.
“What are you thinking?”
“Nothing…” Kagome replied as she let go of the gold chain.
“Come on, hon…what is it?”
“Who is Paris?” Kagome asked as she moved up to level with his face.
“Paris is my friend's sister…” Inuyasha replied as he kissed her nose.
“And you dated?”
“We went out once…”
“Oh,” Kagome said as she hid her face under his chin.
“You're jealous?” Inuyasha teased.
“A little.” Kagome replied and Inuyasha couldn't help the smile that tugged at his lips.
“You have no reason to be…”
“Why what?”
“She said she is your girlfriend.”
“A misguided infatuation…” Inuyasha replied as he ran his clawed hand through her silken locks.
“Hm…” Kagome murmured against his neck.
“Do you have anything more to ask?”
“How did you remember?”
“I heard you sing that song you sung when we were at the old park…”
“I think that was the first time I fell for you…” Inuyasha murmured against her hair.
“I think that was the first time I fell for you too…” Kagome said as she tilted her face for a kiss. Inuyasha pulled her closer and kissed her passionately.
“Any more question?” He asked.
“Are you sure…”
“I want everything out in the open as we start our new life together…” Inuyasha said and Kagome smiled.
“Our new life together…I like the sound of that…” Kagome sighed as she scooted closer. Inuyasha slanted her chin up and looked at her with gentleness in his eyes.
“Hm…?” Kagome asked arching her brow as Inuyasha continued to stare at her.
“I love you, Kagome Higurashi…”
“I love you, Inuyasha Hirohito…” Kagome said smiling.
“I want to spend the rest of my life with you…”
“Me too…”
“I want to wake up everyday with you beside me, I want to sleep every night with you in my arms…”
“You are going to make me cry again…” Kagome said as she started to sniff.
“I want you to have daughters who have your eyes and hair and your spirit…” Inuyasha said as he wiped a lone tear with his thumb.
“Daughter, huh?” Kagome asked as she took his hand and kissed his palm.
“I want to have sons who have you intellect and your kindness…”
“Sons…? How many kids do you plan to have?” Kagome asked laughing softly as she threw her leg over his hip. Inuyasha moved closer and he took her hand and guided it to his manhood.
“I want to come home everyday knowing you are eagerly waiting for me…” He gasped out in a husky voice as he felt himself harden to her touch. Moving her leg further up, he guided his manhood near her entrance and rocked forward slightly. They both closed their eyes at the sensation as they moved slowly against each other finding their rhythm.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome moaned as she placed her hand around his shoulder. Turning into his back, Inuyasha brought Kagome on top of him and guided her hips to move to their silent dance.
“I love you, Kagome…and I want the world to know that you belong to me and I to you…” He said as he raised her up and brought her down to slide along his length again.
“Faster…” Kagome murmured as she grabbed his other hand and directed it towards her breast. He cupped the mound and gently squeezed as Kagome moaned a broken version of his name.
“I want to hear my name on your lips just like now…” Inuyasha said as he quicken their pace thrusting inside her with vigor and Kagome's brows furrowed as she tried to match his speed. He watched as she bent forward to flick her tongue against his nipple making his manhood twitch involuntarily inside her. “Ahh…” He moaned when he felt her bit on his flesh. She ran her tongue along the hardening button and he pressed her closer against him as delicious tension built inside him.
“You taste as good as you look…” Kagome said through half-lidded eyes as she moved up and down along his hardness.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha murmured as they both strained against each other.
“Hm…?” Kagome asked as she moved faster, sitting upright again as she watched his almost pained expression. “What do you want, baby?” She asked as she gripped his thighs. She could feel his claws dig deeper into her flesh as she impaled herself with his manhood over and over and the slight pain brought a different hunger in her blood.
“Oh Gods…hon…” Inuyasha started as he closed his eyes against the sensation. Her movement became frantic as he felt her walls tighten around him. Placing his hands on either side of her hips, he aided her efforts as he raised his knees to plunge into her faster.
“Inuyasha….” Kagome said in a lost voice as passion overtook her senses.
“I'm here….” He replied as he pulled her against his chest kissing her fully on the lips. She opened her mouth in a silent scream as she surrendered to paradise. Taking advantage, Inuyasha inserted his tongue inside her mouth as he swallowed her moan while shuddering his own release.
They lay still for awhile contented with listening to each other's breathing. Kagome nuzzled his chin and scooted lower to listen to his heart beat.
“I love you.” She murmured, closing her eyes as sleep pulled her into its embrace.
“I love you.” Inuyasha murmured back as he tightened his grip on his mate, his hand straying towards her abdomen as he gently gave her a squeeze.
“Not as much as I love you…” Kagome replied sleepily and Inuyasha smiled.
“Marry me, Kagome.” He whispered and Kagome's eyes snapped open.
“Aren't we already married by youkai law?”
“Yes, but I want you to carry my name…” Inuyasha said and Kagome leaned up to look at him.
“You want a human ceremony?” She asked.
“Kagome Hirohito…I like that.” Kagome said as she snuggled back to his chest.
“Can we have the wedding before classes start?” Inuyasha asked the sleepy girl in his arms and he groped for the comforter and covered them with it.
“Okay…” Kagome replied sleepily.
“Okay.” Inuyasha said as he counted in his head. 1…2…3…4…
“Wait…before classes starts?” Five. Inuyasha thought as he looked at a fully awake Kagome.
“But classes will start in two weeks!” Kagome said. “You're kidding, right?” She asked curiously.
“No…” Inuyasha replied tucking her head under his chin again.
“But wedding preparations take time…”
“Not if you know the right people…”
“But the marriage license will take at least a week…”
“That can be arranged…” He replied as he inhaled deeply. He smiled at the change in her scent and kissed the top of her head again.
“Don't you want to marry me?” Inuyasha asked, his heart breaking a little at the idea.
“I would love to marry you but I'm thinking about the logistics…”
“You don't have to…I'll prepare everything…”
“I'll take care of the wedding…and you…and our children….and our grandchildren…and the children of our grandchildren…”
“Inuyasha, I'm human…”
“I know, hon…” He teased and stopped when he smelled her sadness.
“It means….” Kagome said and Inuyasha sighed.
“That's what the bite is for, hon…don't worry…”
“What do you mean?”
“You're tied to me…”
“So that means you'll live as long as I'm alive…”
“Oh,” Kagome said and Inuyasha smiled as he smelled her happiness.
“That also means we'll have more of this together…” He murmured seductively against her hair and laughed when Kagome pinched his arm.
“Such a hentai…” She softly reprimanded and yawned. She made a move to get off him but Inuyasha never loosened his grip on her.
“Let's sleep like this…” He said and Kagome sighed contentedly. “I want to be as close to my family as possible.” He added as Kagome's eyelids drooped close.
“I love you….goodnight, baby…” Kagome mumbled.
“I love you too…goodnight, mommy…” He whispered as his hand moved lower to caress her belly.
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