InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Mood Swings ( Chapter 60 )

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“We just want a simple wedding, Mama.” Kagome said over the phone as she plopped into Inuyasha's bed.
“How many people are we expecting?” Mrs. Higurashi asked.
“Less than fifty…” Kagome replied.
“But in a week's time…that's close to impossible, you still have to procure licenses…”
“Inuyasha is in a hurry…” Kagome replied and Inuyasha rolled his eyes at her.
“Why?” Mrs. Higurashi asked.
“Because his biological clock is ticking away…” Kagome joked and shrieked when Inuyasha launched himself on top of her and tickled her.
“Opppss, sorry….yes, Mama?” Kagome replied blushing furiously as she shoved Inuyasha off her.
“I'll call later when you're not…busy…I have an incoming call…” Mrs. Higurashi said and Kagome twisted away from Inuyasha when he tried to reach for her again.
“Mama, I'm not busy.” Kagome said blushing furiously and glaring at Inuyasha.
“Hm, it depends on how you define busy…”
“I'll call later, darling. Bye.” Kagome's frown deepened when she heard the other line clicked.
“What the hell did you do that for?!” Kagome demanded and Inuyasha looked innocently at her.
“What?” He asked and Kagome's eye twitched at his nonchalance. “Wait, honey…” He said smiling as his cell phone rang.
“Sess…” Inuyasha said as he got off the bed.
“Inubaka…” Sesshoumaru drawled and Inuyasha looked at his cell phone and frowned.
“Something nasty crawled inside your ass again?” He asked and smirked when he heard Sesshoumaru snort.
“Mother asked me tell you that she had talked to a lawyer friend of hers to secure your marriage license…”
“Oh, tell her I said thanks…” Inuyasha replied as he sat down on his gray, ergonomic computer chair.
“Why are you in such a hurry? Afraid Kagome will change her mind…?” Sesshoumaru taunted.
“And why do you care…still can't get over the fact that she chose me over you?” Inuyasha taunted back and Sesshoumaru growled.
“Ass…” Inuyasha replied smiling and he heard Sesshoumaru smirked.
“Take care of her, Inuyasha…”
“You don't have to tell me, Sess. Bye.”
“Bye, Inubaka….” Sesshoumaru replied and Inuyasha laughed as he heard his brother end the call.
“Was that your brother?” Mrs. Hirohito asked.
“Yes, Mother.” Sesshoumaru replied.
“Trust Inuyasha to do everything in a hurry….” Mrs. Hirohito said shaking her head.
“Come on, give the boy a break…he has three years to make up for.” Mr. Hirohito said as he sat beside his wife.
“But why this soon?” Mrs. Hirohito asked.
“Why not?”
“They said after all they want a simple wedding. Mother…” Sesshoumaru said.
“He's the first to get married in this family, the wedding shouldn't just be simple!” Mrs. Hirohito insisted.
“Well, let's make Sesshoumaru's wedding anything but simple then…”
“I want to be a monk, Father…” Sesshoumaru said in a monotonous voice as he flipped through the business section of the newspaper.
“Keh!” Mr. Hirohito said. “Monk my ass, you're violent to be a monk!”
“Talk to your son…he's not getting any younger and I have not seen him bring any woman into this house!”
“Dad, I'm too busy for such trivialities….” Sesshoumaru said in a bored tone.
“No, you're not! You're just too stubborn!” Mr. Hirohito bit out.
“Okay, enough both of you! Sesshoumaru, please call the Higurashi's darling about the caterers and Tai, I want you check Atty. Makota about the license.” Mrs. Hirohito said and the men reluctantly stood up to do her bidding.
“These bakas will be the end of me…” Mrs. Hitohito whispered to herself as she massaged her temple.
Kagome stared at her daily planner and the red ink encircling the dates. Furrowing her brows, she flipped another page wondering if she forgot to encircle the day her period fell last month.
“Hey…” Inuyasha said coming behind her and he kissed the top of her head. She hastily closed her organizer to smile at him.
“Morning…” She greeted as she tugged his face closer to kiss his lips.
“Morning…” Inuyasha replied, moving to sit beside her. “Is something bothering you?” He asked eyeing Kagome with concern.
“None…none at all…” Kagome replied. It's just that I don't remember if I had my period last month or I just forgot to mark my planner… She thought biting her lower lip nervously. I must have forgotten because we were busy with debate practice…or…? No, I must have forgotten.
“Ready for the registration?” Inuyasha asked as he watched her fidget out of the corner of his eye.
“Yes.” Kagome replied distractedly.
“Kagome…?” Inuyasha asked.
“You told me before you could smell if….I mean…you said you'll know when it's not okay to…I mean….” Kagome stammered helplessly as Inuyasha raised his brow.
“Something is bothering you, what is it?” Inuyasha asked as he took her hand.
“No, no…this is nothing…I'm just paranoid.” Kagome said squeezing his hand.
“Are you sure?”
“I'm positive…” Kagome said and winced at her words. I'm positive? What the hell?
“Hon….” Inuyasha said standing up to hug her from behind.
“I'm okay…”
“Are you sure?”
“Let's go, I want to finish the registration early.” Kagome said standing up. Sighing, Inuyasha followed her to the door. He has been pondering for days how to tell Kagome about her pregnancy but he'd rather break down and compute chemical formulas than tell her himself. Damn coward, why don't you just tell her, baka? He thought savagely as he yanked the door close.
Kagome dialed Inuyasha's number as she walked towards the parking lot. She was to meet Mr. Saitoh to give him her decision with the contract he offered and she just felt like meeting the kind, old man on her own.
“Hon, where are you?” Inuyasha asked as soon as he answered the phone.
“I'm off to meet my agent.” Kagome replied smiling to herself as she opened her car.
“Wait for me, I'm going with you.”
“No, it's okay. Go ahead and meet Sango and Miroku. This wouldn't take time.” Kagome said as she maneuvered her roadster out of the school's parking lot.
“You're not going there alone!”
“I am so be a darling and go ahead. Don't give our friends too much shock, okay?” Kagome said imagining the surprise on their friends' faces upon knowing that Inuyasha remembers.
“But, Kagome…”
“I'm okay, I can drive.”
“Be careful…”
“I will…”
“Bye, I love you and I'm giving you thirty minutes. If you're not yet at Rockwell's in thirty minutes, I'm coming to get you…”
“Inuyasha, you're possessively sweet and I like it. I'll be there in twenty.” Kagome said laughing.
“Okay. I love you.”
“I love you…” Kagome said before turning her phone off.
“I don't know if I can face her…” Sango said clutching Miroku's hand.
“I mean, wouldn't she feel bad that we're…”
“Stop worrying, okay?” Miroku said leaning a little to kiss his wife on the forehead.
“I mean, she lost him...and…”
“And she said she has something to tell us. She did not sound suicidal over the phone, did she?” Miroku joked smiling and stopped when Sango glared at him.
“How can you be so insensitive? Our friend lost the man she loves to the new moon!” Sango spat out as Miroku drove into a vacant parking space.
“I am not insensitive…please, I worry about Kagome too…but us worrying ourselves to death is not going to help…”
“Oh just be quiet! I don't want you opening that mouth of yours and upsetting Kagome further!” Sango instructed as she yanked her seatbelt off her.
“Yes, Ma'am…” Miroku replied rolling his eyes heavenwards.
“And don't do that!”
“Do what?”
“That thing with your eyes…it's annoying me!” Sango said and Miroku took a deep breath to calm his nerves. Sango's tempers and mood swings are as varied as the wind - one minute she was sweet and teasing and bitchy and downright demanding the next. Inuyasha, you lucky dog…I so envy you for not going through the same hell I am…Miroku thought as he helped Sango out of the car. He stopped in alarm when his wife suddenly burst into tears. “Darling…?” Miroku said hugging the feisty woman to his chest. “What is it?”
“I just realized that I don't like the color of my shoes…” Sango said and Miroku nearly kicked himself in the face with annoyance. He had stayed up all night trying to find a fruit named soursop which Sango saw over the internet which also had her bawling her eyes out when he told her the said fruit is not in season. And now this…
“You cried because you don't like the color of your shoes?” He asked in a clip tone which had Sango crying some more.
“Don't use that tone on me!” She demanded as she struggled against his grasp.
“Sango…please…you are driving me crazy…” Miroku said and closed his eyes when Sango turned around to glower at him.
“Is that so…?”
“Sango…you know what I mean…”
“Well, I'm sorry for being pregnant!”
“Dear…” Miroku said as he followed his wife to the parking lot exit.
“Don't come near me, you insensitive jerk!” Sango said walking fast and Miroku stayed where he was…too scared and confused to do anything. A minute later Sango turned around to yell at him.
“What the hell are you standing there like an idiot for?!” She demanded.
“You said…”
“And you believe me?! What the hell is wrong with you?!” Sango asked and Miroku jogged to catch up with her. No wonder making love is so much fun…its consequence feels like hell. Miroku thought as he opened the door for his wife who smiled sweetly at him and latched her arms around his waist.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Miroku screamed in his head.
“Kagome, it's good to see you again.” Mr. Saitoh greeted as soon as Kagome opened the door to his office.
“It's good to see you too, Sir.”
“Well, I gather you've made your decision?”
“Yes, sir…”
“And I'm not taking the contract….”
“I see…” Mr. Saitoh said nodding his head. “May I know why?” He asked the girl sitting in front of him.
“I'm getting married…” Kagome replied and Mr. Saitoh arched his brow.
“You are?”
“Why not?” Kagome challenged and the kind, old man laughed.
“I'm sorry…I'm just a little shocked….according to surveys, most women nowadays are getting less and less interested in marriage and raising a family and more on furthering their careers…”
“Well, I'm not most women….” Kagome replied and Mr. Saitoh chuckled.
“You're not…” He agreed smiling affectionately at the young woman in front of him.
“So who's the lucky man?” Mr. Saitoh inquired and Kagome's face softened.
“Someone I lost and found again…”
“Very well…”
“Thank you, Sir.”
“Tell him how lucky he is…”
“He knows…” Kagome replied smiling. We both do… Kagome thought as she stood up to walk out of Mr. Saitoh's office.
“And Kagome…”
“Yes, Sir?”
“Thank you, Sir.” Kagome bowed slightly and walked out the door.
Inuyasha turned his head when he heard his friends' voices.
“Do you see her anywhere?” Sango asked her husband as they craned their necks to look for Kagome at a rather crowded coffee shop called Mocha Blends.
“No.” Miroku answered and Inuyasha couldn't help but smile.
“Sango, Miroku, over here!” He called and the couple turned and just stared at him. Finally, Miroku's face cracked into a smile and he made his way to his table dragging a stupefied Sango with him.
“Inuyasha!” Miroku greeted punching him lightly on the shoulder.
“Sit down, both of you.” Inuyasha said as Miroku pulled a chair out for Sango who continued to stare and said nothing.
“So…” Miroku said pulling Sango to sit down beside him.
“So…” Inuyasha mimicked and hid his smile when the couple seemed lost.
“So, how long have you been in town?” Miroku asked.
“A few days ago…”
“Oh…” Miroku said ad Inuyasha laughed.
“What's up with you two?”
“We're supposed to meet a friend…” Sango piped in, looking at Inuyasha suspiciously. “Are you waiting for someone?” She asked.
“Hi, guys.” Kagome said kissing Inuyasha on the cheek. “See, I told you I'll be here in twenty.” She said unaware of the confused looks Sango and Miroku were throwing their way.
“Keh!” Inuyasha replied as he leaned forward to kiss her on the lips.
“Wait, just wait a minute!” Sango blurted out banging her hand on the table which made Inuyasha and Kagome jump apart.
“What?” Inuyasha asked.
“What the hell is wrong with this picture?” Sango asked Kagome. “Are you guys going out again? I mean...” She trailed off looking at Miroku for support who looked equally as stumped as her.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you…Inuyasha remembers…” Kagome said beaming at the couple who stared at her blankly.
“YOU FORGOT?!” Sango yelled and a few people shushed her. “Don't shush me, bakas!” She said glaring at the people sitting behind them to the utter embarrassment of the other occupants of their table.
“So Inuyasha remembers now?” Miroku clarified and Kagome and Inuyasha nodded.
“Do you know how many bags of Kisses with almonds I ate because I was upset that this baka here totally forgot?!” Sango hissed and Kagome raised her brow.
“So that explains the extra pounds…” She said teasingly and was confused when Miroku shook his head at her in alarm.
“What extra pounds is she talking about, you told me I didn't gain any!” Sango demanded and Miroku sighed.
“I was kidding!” Kagome said in a hurry and Sango glared at her and Inuyasha. Suddenly she burst into tears.
“You have no idea how upset I was…you should have called us you, bakas…
“Sango…” Kagome said gently, feeling guilty about not informing her friends earlier.
“I had to watch that DVD `My Little Bride' fifteen times because it reminds me that you two were happy once. Fifteen times, Kagome that I now know Kim Rae Won's lines by heart…in KOREAN! “ Sango sobbed taking the handkerchief Miroku offered as Kagome and Inuyasha looked at each other and burst into laughter. Sango and Miroku glared at them.
“Gods, I'm so sorry…it's just that we were a bit busy….so we were not…” Kagome said and blushed when Miroku gave her a knowing look.
“You were busy, huh?” Miroku said patting his wife's shoulder.
“I'm so sorry for not telling you earlier and for making you cry now, Sango…please…I'm so sorry…” Kagome said as Sango blew her nose.
“Well, at least this baka remembers now…” Sango replied as if nothing happened and Inuyasha arched his brow at Miroku who glared at him and shook his head.
“So you guys are okay now?” Miroku asked the pair and Sango beamed at them.
“I swear if you forget again, Inuyasha…I'm going to cut your ears off!” She threatened in a saccharine-sweet voice.
“Ouch…” Inuyasha said, his ears twitched in reflex inside the cap he was wearing. “Okay let's order, I'm thirsty…” She said browsing the menu. Inuyasha raised his brow at Miroku questioningly.
Pregnant. Miroku mouthed and Inuyasha nodded his head in understanding. He looked at Kagome suddenly with fear in his eyes.
“Hon, you wouldn't be like that, would you?” He asked and Kagome raised her brow at him.
“Like what?” Kagome asked after she gave their order to the waiter.
“Like Sango...who's acting crazy just right now…”
“HEY!” Sango said standing up but Inuyasha ignored her as Miroku pulled her back to her seat. She was throwing daggers at Inuyasha while cursing under her breath.
“Don't upset her, she's pregnant!” Miroku complained as Sango glared at him.
“What if I am…are you saying that I really am acting crazy?!” She demanded and Miroku groaned. Kagome rolled her eyes as she turned to face Inuyasha.
“See, she's not crazy…she's just pregnant…so it's not catching.” Kagome joked winking at Sango.
“Do all pregnant women act like her?” Inuyasha asked again and Miroku rolled his eyes at him.
“I'm still here, you baka!” Sango said as she whacked Inuyasha's head with the menu she was holding. Unfazed, Inuyasha continued to stare at Kagome who laughed at Sango's antics.
“What?” Kagome asked when she realized that Inuyasha was staring at her.
“It's a phase every pregnant woman goes through. Every. Pregnant. Woman. So breathe easy…” Miroku told Inuyasha. “You're lucky Kagome is not pregnant…” He added and winced when Sango kicked his foot.
“What in the hell does that suppose to mean?!” Sango said and Kagome laughed harder.
“But she is…” Inuyasha said softly and they all looked at him.
“She is…?” Miroku questioned.
“She is what?” Sango asked curiously.
“She is pregnant.” Inuyasha announced.
“WHAT?!” Kagome yelled standing up while Sango's jaw dropped in disbelief. Miroku was grinning like Christmas came early and Inuyasha browsed the menu for anything alcoholic to drink.
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