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Critical Decisions

Chapter 2: A Critical Journey

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Sango and Miroku sat in a dimly lit room. The light of the fire flickered on and off. The monk lay there on a futon on the ground, dressed in a white robe. His face etched with pain as he held the wrist of his right hand.

To his left, Sango sat, warming a needle over the flickering fire.

“Just hang in there Miroku.” The long haired girl praised.

“Sango…” The monk watched her.

“Hm?” The Taiji-ya looked over her shoulder to see the monk lying on the ground.

“You know that the Kazaana will eventually pull me into its void…” Miroku spoke in a pain-filled voice.

“Don’t speak like that.” Sango replied. “We’re going to take you back to Mushin’s temple. He’ll be able to sew up the Kazaana, just like last time. You’ll be all right, don’t worry.”

“But Sango, every second we…” He was cut off.

“I know that every second we waste, the Kazaana becomes bigger and rips even more. Hopefully, this little patchwork job will hold out and keep the Kazaana closed until we get to Mushin’s.” Sango held up the needle in front of her face.

“Now, let me see your hand.” The long haired woman held out her hand to Miroku, whom, in which, handed his right hand over to her.

The Taiji-ya examined it closely. “This looks pretty bad.”

“It is I’m afraid.” The monk replied. “It’s much worse then I thought.”

The woman began to sow precisely and rapidly. She was very professional about it and left no gaps in the stitch work.

“There! This should hold out for a while.” Sango replied, after finishing her job.

“I am in your debt, Sango.” Miroku smiled at his friend. ‘For more then you’ll ever know.’

“Now, get some rest, and when Kagome comes back, I’ll come and tell you so we can get a move on to Mushin’s Temple. There’s no time to waste.”

“Right.” The monk agreed.

For what seemed like a hour, Miroku lay there, trying to get some rest, but the pain from the constant tearing of the Kazaana was almost too much to bear.

His twisted and turned every which way, but it seemed that there was no way he could get any comfort from it. Finally, getting tired of being pained in lying down, he sat up right and rubbed his head, looking intently at his hand.

‘I sense a bad omen from all of this.’ Miroku thought. ‘I hope that it’s just my sense of paranoia about the situation at hand. The Kazaana seems to be ripping at a faster pace then usual. Sure, Sango’s stitch-work will hold up, but can it until we get to Mushin’s Temple? We’re quite a way away, and I don’t know if Inuyasha will want to go all the way back to Mushin’s Temple, since it’s so far from our current destination…’

The monk looked up; examining the ceiling of the small building he was placed in. ‘Sango…I am in your debt for more then you’ll ever know…Of all of the members of this group, I have a fondness for you especially. Perhaps that is why, after I met you, that I intentionally hit on those other women, hoping that your jealousy would get the better of you and you would end up admitting your feelings for me. But it seems that I must now tell her, before I may not get the chance to say it again.’

He rolled onto his back and looked at the sewed up Kazaana.

A little later, Kagome returned, walking up casually to the group with her hands full of miscellaneous medical items and herbs.

“Kagome’s back.” Inuyasha replied.

Sango turned around. “Kagome!”

She ran up to her friend. “I’m glad your back. What all did you find in town?”

The black haired girl peeked around the pile in her arms. “Some needles, thread, bandages, and some healing herbs. If Miroku takes them, they’ll get rid of some of the pain. Speaking of which, where is Miroku?”

“He’s asleep. I sewed up the Kazaana and told him to rest. We have to go back to Mushin’s Temple, if we don’t the Kazaana will just keep cracking.” Sango informed.

“What!?!” Inuyasha replied, almost falling over. “Ya mean we have to go all the way back to that old drunk’s Temple!?”

“Inuyasha, Osuwari!” Kagome yelled as the hanyou’s face met the turf once more. “Quit being so mean! Miroku’s life hangs in the balance here! We don’t have time to whine about it!”

All that was heard from the hanyou was a set of grumbles.


Sango turned her head from Inuyasha to Kagome. “Yes?”

“You go and wake Miroku up.” She informed. “I’ll pack this stuff in my bag, and go and get Shippou. We’ll all meet back here and head over to Mushin’s Temple.”

“Right,” The Taiji-ya agreed.

Sango headed over to the small building to leave Inuyasha and Kagome to sort out their problems.

She walked silently into the building. “Houshi-sama? Houshi-sama?”

“Huh? Oh, right here, Sango.” Miroku signaled, waving her over to him.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Actually, I didn’t sleep at all. The pain was so great, that I couldn’t get to sleep.” Miroku replied.

“I’m sorry.” Sango looked worried. “I came to tell you that Kagome has returned, and that we all are gong to try and get you back to Mushin’s Temple as quickly as possible.”

“Right.” Miroku nodded, getting up slowly and grabbing his staff. “Let us go.”

“Are you sure you don’t need any help?” Sango asked.

“I think I can handle it for now.”

“All right.” The woman nodded, and then turned to walk out of the door.

“ Oh, Sango!”

“Yes?” The long haired girl turned half way to see what the monk wanted.

“Never mind.” Miroku looked away.

“All right…” Sango replied unsurely.

‘I wished I could tell you, Sango…’


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