InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Crossing Paths ❯ Getting Acquainted ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Mizuki froze solid when she saw a tall shadow cast over her from someone in the door way. She made a silent prayer as she slowly turned her head to gave at the figure's face.

She looked over her shoulder at a tall man with silver hair down to his lower back. He had a certain feminine quality but he was quite good looking. Her bore two purple stripes on each cheek and a crescent moon shape on his forehead. She realized who he was and dropped her head to the floor in a bow. She kept her eyes glued to the floor and prayed he didn't get mad because she looked at him. She gulped as she saw two feet walk around and stop right in front of her.

''Look at me,''he ordered in a monotone voice.

Mizuki kept her head down as she thought of Sango's words.

''I said look at he,''he said calmly, though his voice became more stern.

Mizuki bit her lip and slowly raised her head. Her vibrant eyes stared at the youkai that stood before her. He looked at her with an emotionless face even though her eyes amazed him. She was much different than the poor looking maids that often tended to his chambers. This one was young and filled with emotion. Speaking of which, he took notice to her current emotions. She had kindness and obedience but fear almost completely covered them all.

''your name...''he said.

Mizuki didn't answer.

''I grow tired of repeating myself!''he said with a bit of annoyance.''now tell me your name!''

''Mizuki Mi'Lord!'' she said as she bowed once more at the tone of his voice.

He stared at her for a moment until he walked to his desk at the other side of the room.

''continue,''he said.

Mizuki took in a breath of relief and slowly reached for the bucket once more. She continued to scrub the floors and had to force herself not to look at him. Although, when he would be reading a document, she would sneak a glance at him.

As it turns about, Mizuki was peaking someone's curiosity as well. He glanced at her between documents and wondered what was causing her to fear him so. Wait! He knew! Janken and the other maids 'warned' her about him. He would agree, he was a bit unfriendly, but he was no barbarian.

After a few more hours of scrubbing, Mizuki sat up and looked at her hands. They were blistered and stinging from the cleaners in the water. She was also developing rug burn on her knees. As she rubbed her hands, Sesshomaru looked at her.

''you are dismissed,''he said.

Mizuki looked around and saw that there was still much work to be done. Sesshomaru noticed her hesitance and looked at her.

''worry not about the rest,''he said.

Mizuki, without looking at him, bowed and walked out of the room with the cleaners. Sesshomaru watched her leave and went back to his work.

Mizuki found this as her chance to explore the rest of the mansion. But first........she winced as she used her hands to set the items down and close the door. Mizuki looked out of a pair of double doors and saw a beautiful garden. With a smile, she walked outside and looked around until someone bumped into her.

''pardon me!'' a man said as he struggled with heavy bags of fertilizer. Mizuki kindly took on of the bags even though it hurt her hands very much. He smiled a thank you and sat his bag down by the garden and took her bag for her. They both looked down to see her hands bleeding becase of the course edges of the bag.

''are you ok?''the man asked.

''yes, I'm fine!''she said with a smile.

She studied the man a bit. He had short brown hair that he managed to pull back in a small pony tail. He had two earing in his left ear and a sun hat on his head.

''are you the new made?''he asked, having never seen her before.

She gave a nod and he smiled.

''I'm Miroku, your friendly neighborhood gardener,''he said.

Mizuki giggled and looked at the flowers until he sat by her and started to prune the leaves on several plants.

''I'm Mizuki by the way,''she said.

''well Mizuki, I would go tend to my wounds if I were you,''he said.

She nodded and waved good bye as she walked in the doors. Mizuki started to walk around the halls in an attempt to find a medical station of some sort and winced when she his something firm and tall. She opened her eyes to see a man's chest with a strand of white hair hanging over it. She looked up in fear of it being the Lord but was relieved when she saw a man with dog ears.....wait...what?

He steadied her so she wouldn't fall and looked at her.

''so you're the new maid,''he said with a smirk that reminded her a little too much of Kouga.

''you know I can smell fear right?''he asked as he gave her some space.

''um...''was all she managed.

The man sniffed and looked at her hands as he took in the scent of blood.

''jeez, what happened,''he said as he lifted one of her hands to see it better.

''nothing, really!''she said as she took her hands and hid them behind her back.

''yeah right,''he scoffed.''come with me,''he said as he took her upper arm and started to guide her in a certain direction.

When they stopped, she was in front of a small nurse's office. A raven haired girl with brown eyes suddenly came out and smiled.

''hello Inuyasha,''she said.

''hey Kagome, I think she could use a little help,''he said as he pulled one of her hands from behind her back gently and stowed them to Kagome.

Kagome blinked and looked at her. She took her wrist and kindly guided her to a room where she started to go through several drawers. She pulled out some salve and bandages before walking over. Mizuki gave a slight whimper as Kagome ran her hands under cold water and rubbed the salve on them. After her hands were bandaged up, she left Inuyasha and Kagome with a friendly smile.

Mizuki was walking with her head turned looking at something, so she didn't see the person in front of her. Once again, she tan into another strong chest. When she saw the silver hair, she looked up with a smiled, expecting to see Inuyasha. Her smile soon dropped when she saw the Lord himself. She dropped down and bowed in apology. A silent sigh escaped Sesshomaru as he looked at her.

''to your feet,''he said.

Mizuki slowly stood with her eyes on the carpet. She gasped softly when she felt his hand travel under her chin and lift her face up.

''stop behaving like a trained dog,''he said.

He smirked in his mind as he saw the blush that went over her face.

''let me see your hands,''he said.

She raised her bandaged hands up and looked at him. With a nod and walked past her.

''follow me,''he said.

Mizuki gulped and followed close behind him. They traveled down the long hallway and took a left. He stopped suddenly, almost causing her to run into him. He opened a door to pointed to a room with a table, bed and bathroom. There wasn't much to it but the walls were vibrantly decorated.

''this is your new room,''he said before walking away without another word.

This left Mizuki confused. Wasn't she the one who is suppose to tend to the Lord instead of the other way around? She shrugged it off as she looked at the clock and saw how late it was. She saw that her things had already been moved in there. She went to the bathroom and dressed in her nightgown and sat on the bed for a minute. She looked up at the ceiling as she laid back on the bed and sighed. In a matter of minutes, she was asleep.