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Preview of the last chapter:
"That house you moved into has quite a history. You see the owner of that house before you moved in was murdered there," Kagome quietly said under her breath.
Sango stopped dead in her tracks.
"What did you say?" Sango asked as she looked at her friend with a fearful look.
"There was a girl living there she was good friends with one of my friends. She was a couple years older than us. On the night of a full moon she was murdered in her home," Kagome stated as she urged Sango to continue walking.
Sango lost all the words she had. She couldn't bring herself to speak. Kagome noticed her shocked state and grabbed onto her shoulders and shook her.
"Look, I didn't mean to frighten you, but I thought you should know. There are some things in this town that I can't quite explain to you right now, but you have to remember that you must always be cautious. There are things and people that roam this town that don't care much about human lives. I'm telling you this as a warning. This isn't a normal town so please be careful! I don't know who that guy is that keeps coming into your room, but do whatever you can to keep away from him," Kagome told Sango with an important and serious look on her face.
Sango swallowed the little bit of saliva that was in her mouth and nodded. She was still very confused as to what Kagome had just told her and all the new information had yet to sink in. Kagome hugged her friend and said her goodbyes as Sango entered her house. As Sango shut the door behind her the sun made it's final dip into the ground and disappeared from the sky. Kagome started walking down the street, but stopped and turned around as the transformation completed.
"Be careful. Be very careful," Kagome muttered to no one in particular before she turned around and started back home.

Demon High
Chapter 3
InuYasha and Miroku

Sango entered her house, thankful that her mother was still awake and the lights were on. Kagome's story had finally sunk in. In this very house a person around her age had been murdered. Who was to say it wouldn't happen to her as well? Sango was in a state of shock. Of course after moving so many places, she had heard many horror stories, but none of them had indirectly affected her. What if the guy that kept coming in her room was the murderer from last time. Sango walked up and into her bedroom in a dazed state. Once in her room, she quickly walked over to the window and saw the new window job. The window now had three, pretty heavy duty, locks. Sango, without delaying, securely locked all three locks and then closed her curtain. Once she was certain that no one could get in through her window she was partially relieved. She heard a knock on her door.
"Honey, I'm going to bed. Good night," Sango's mom's voice said through the bedroom door.
"Good night mom," Sango replied.
'Kagome said it was just a warning for my information. Besides what are the chances that it'll happen in the same place again?' Sango thought to herself as she proceeded to get ready for bed, 'At least I don't have homework tonight.'
At getting ready for bed, Sango quickly fell asleep. All the while she kept telling herself that nothing would happen.


Sango woke up to her alarm clock going off. She lazily rose from dreamland with just enough time to hit the snooze button. She rolled over in bed and began to rub the sleep from her eyes.
'Morning already?' Sango thought as she sat up in bed, 'And nothing happened last night.'
With a smile and high spirits, Sango got out of bed and prepared to get ready for school. There was another note on the table from her mother to tell her that the dinner had gone well and to have a good day. Sango quickly finished getting ready and for once was to school early. She walked into the classroom and was greeted by Kagome.
"Ohayo," Sango said with a smile.
"Ohayo Sango-chan," Kagome said, "How'd last night go? I hope I didn't frighten you."
Sango just giggled slighty and replied, "Don't worry about it. Everything was fine."
Kagome smiled at Sango cheerfulness. She was about to ask Sango about her brother when a annoyed male voice interupted her.
"Oy, Kagome why the hell didn't you come to work last night? The boss was pretty pissed off," a boy with long silver hair and golden eyes said as he walked up to the girls.
"Sorry InuYasha, but I wasn't feeling well," Kagome replied.
InuYasha, still slightly annoyed, looked to his side and saw Sango standing there. He gave her a weird, curious look. Kagome noticed the look and attempted to explain.
"InuYasha, this is Sango the new transfer student from America," Kagome stated, "Sango, this is InuYasha, my very annoying, but still good friend."
"It's nice to meet you," Sango said.
"Kee," InuYasha stated.
Sango looked at Kagome slightly confused.
"Don't worry about this. This is his normal behavior," Kagome replied with a "i'm not kidding you", but playful tone.
InuYasha and Kagome proceeded to get into an arguement and Sango watched on like a spectator, trying to hold in her giggles.
Soon the teacher arrived and class started. The beginning of the day proceeded uneventful. However, lunch proved to be a little more interesting than Sango had inticipated.


Sango, Kagome, and InuYasha went up to the roof top to eat lunch. They were halfway through eating when they were joined by another person.
"Hey, Miroku what's up?" InuYasha said to the black haired, blue-eyed boy that walked onto the rooftop.
As soon as Sango saw him, something sparked inside of her. She didn't know what it was, but it was something she had felt before, but at the same time hadn't felt before. It was a very strange feeling.
"Hey guys," Miroku repsonded before his eyes landed on Sango, "And who might this lovely young lady be?"
"This is Sango. She's the new transfer student from America," Kagome replied, "Sango this is Miroku, my other friend."
"It's nice to meet you Sango-chan," Miroku said as he took a seat right next to Sango.
"It's nice to meet you too," Sango said as a slight blush crept onto her cheeks.
"But Sango I must warned you that Miroku has a habit of touc......" Kagome began before she was interupted by Sango's scream and a smack, "He has a habit of touching women's butts."
Sango, who was beet red and hyperventalating, stared arrows into Miroku, who currently had a huge red hand print across the left side of his face.
"This... this.. is.. is normal?" Sango said more as a statement than a question.
Kagome just sighed.


After the scene at lunch, Sango had remained pretty quiet. However, on the walk home with Kagome she began to talk more.
"So where do you work?" Sango asked Kagome as they left the school yard.
Kagome hesitated before answering, "I help an elderly healer outside of town. InuYasha is not to friendly with her so they tend to fight about a lot, but she's really nice and I like working there. I don't get paid a lot, but it's enough for me."
"Do you think I might be able to get a job with her too?" Sango asked, "My mom is really crazy right now and I need something to get me out of the house and give me a little of side money."
Kagome stopped walking for a moment before she responded, "I... I don't know. I'll ask her about it tonight."
"Thank you so much Kagome-chan!" Sango exclaimed as she quickly hugged her friend, "I have to go I have a bit of shopping to do before heading home. I'll see you tomorrow."
With that the two friends parted ways. Sango entered the grocery store not long after and grabbed a basket before pulling out the list of ingredients she'd need for dinner and a couple of things they need at home. She walked up and down each aisle around four times. This was her first time in the grocery store here and she didn't know where anything was kept. She had made it half way down her list and was currently having difficulty finding ramen noodles. Finally, she found them and just as she reached out to grab a couple packs her hand bump with someone else's.
Sango quickly appoligized before looking at the person, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."
"It's okay. The pleasure is all mine," the person responded.
"Miroku!" Sango exclaimed in surprise and shock.
"It's nice to see you again too Sango-chan," Miroku repsonded with a smile.
Sango looked at him suspiously. Miroku noticed the look and quickly reacted.
"Sorry about earlier. It's an old habit of mine," Miroku stated as he grabbed a couple packs of ramen noodles and handed them to her, "Here."
Sango gentily took them and placed them in her basket, "Thank you."
Miroku smiled and looked at the items remaining on her list.
"Would you like some help?" Miroku asked, "I can help you find the remaining items on your list. A sort of repayment for earlier."
Sango blushed slightly. A guy had never acted so nice to her before. Sango hated to admit it to anyone, but she had never had a boyfriend. She moved around way too much to even keep friendships, let alone a full out relationship. This guy was different, but there was something about him that made Sango's heart begin to pound a little faster.
"Thanks. That would be a really big help," Sango quietly repsonded.
So Miroku proceeded to take her around the grocery store, showing her were things were at. As they walked around, Miroku told her funny stories about incidents that had happened to him or one of his friends. Sango laughed at everyone and enjoyed his company. Once the shopping was complete they stepped outside the story together. Daylight was already disappearing and the sun was beginning to set.
"Was I in there that long?" Sango said outloud.
"I guess so," Miroku responded.
"Thank you for your help. If you hadn't been there I probably would have been searching around for another hour," Sango said.
"It was my pleasure. If you ever need help don't be afriad to ask me again," Miroku said with a smile.
Sango melted at his smile. Her heart began to race a little faster.
"I'll walk you to your house," Miroku said out of the blue.
Sango stuttered, "No, it's okay I can make it on my own."
"No trouble. You live on Kingsley right? My house is in the same direction," Miroku repsonded.
"Well, I guess as long as you're not going out of your way," Sango stated as a blush began to develop on her cheeks again. She was thankful to the sun for helping her hide it.
Miroku took some of the bags from Sango's hold, "I'll help you carry that."
Before Sango could retaliate Miroku said, "I chose to do it. It's no trouble at all."
Their walk home was relatively quiet and Miroku carried most of her bags for her. Once they reached Kingsley, Miroku handed her the bags again.
"Thank you for walking me home," Sango stated.
"No problem, but you should hurry," Miroku said.
"Hurry? Why?" Sango questioned.
"Because it's getting dark out," Miroku calmly stated.
"I think I'll be alright. I'm not afriad of the dark," Sango responded.
"That may be true, but in this town darkness brings upon a unique thing," Miroku stated calmly again.
"What are you talking about?" Sango asked slightly confused.
"Here darkness allows that which is hidden during the day to be brought forth," Miroku said as he looked Sango straight in the eyes as the last of the suns rays began to disappear, "Night is when the monsters come out to play."

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