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"We are humans by day. At night the demon blood takes over and we become demons. The demon side doesn't take over completely, except for some people. That's why I told you to be careful. By the sounds of it, the man who has been coming in your home is a vampire, so that means he's not necessarily a demon, but more of a monster," Kagome explained.
"So then, the two people outside my window the day I moved in were demons," Sango stated.
Kagome giggled slightly, "Actually that was InuYasha and me."
Sango looked at her and then laughed, "So that's why you looked familiar on the first day of school."
Kagome nodded.
"Sorry to break the happy moment, but Kagome you should be getting Sango home before it becomes too late," Kaede said.
"You're right. Come on Sango. InuYasha I'm borrowing your car!" Kagome stated.
Kaede walked with Kagome and Sango out to the car. As the two girls climbed in the car Kaede said one final thing.
"Make sure you give that other pendent to your mother," Kaede said, "And Sango you must keep that pendent on you at all times. It will protect you from the bad demons and monsters in this town. If you ever take it off, you might not get away with your life."
Demon High
Chapter 5
The Mystery Man Revealed
When Sango got home she presented the pendent to her mother as a gift of apology for being so upset at her about the whole moving thing. Her mother thought nothing of it and put it on. Sango made sure to tell her never to take it off, no matter what. Mrs. Nyuki was a little confused by this, but promised she'd always keep it on.
To Sango's relief the night was silent with no strange guys appearing in her room. She woke up and managed to make it to school on time. Sango took her seat and turned to Kagome who was currently sitting in her seat.
“Can you make sure to thank Kaede again for me? I really appreciate it,” Sango spoke quietly so as not to attract unwanted attention from their classmates.
“Sure,” Kagome responded halfheartedly.
Sango looked closely at Kagome and noticed she looked a little pale, “Are you okay? You don't look so good.”
“Yeah, I think I'm going to head home before school starts. I think I might be coming down with a bit of a cold,” Kagome responded, “Would you mind if I copied your notes tomorrow?”
“No, of course not. Go home and get some rest,” Sango stated with a smile.
“Thanks,” Kagome said before she picked her stuff up and left the room.
When lunchtime came around Sango became nervous. This was the first time she'd be eating lunch without Kagome right there. Sango took a big breath and proceeded up the stairs to the roof. As she passed the section of stairs where Miroku saved her, she felt herself turn slightly red at the memory.
`What is it about him that make me feel this way?' Sango thought to herself.
Sango almost jumped all the way to the ceiling when she felt arms wrap around her waist. Her first thought was of the man who kept appearing in her house. She turned ridged.
“Got ya. You aren't going to fall again are you?” a voice joked behind her.
Sango turned her head around and relaxed a little when she came face to face with Miroku. However, her relaxation quickly turned into embarrassment as she realized the situation she had landed herself into. She quickly pulled herself out of Miroku's grasp.
“Don't do that! You scared the crap out of me!” Sango yelled at him.
“Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you, just wanted to surprise you,” Miroku said in defense, “By the way, it looks like it's just going to be you and me for lunch today. InuYasha didn't come to school and I heard Kagome went home early.”
Sango first thought was how it was weird that both of them had decided not to stay in or come to school today. However, that was quickly replaced by her sudden awareness that she would be alone with a boy during lunch period. Not only that but it was Miroku she was going to be with. The boy who, for some reason, made her feel a feeling she had never experienced before.
They made their way up the rest of the stairs in silence. Once there got to their normal spot, Sango realized she had forgotten her lunch.
“Oh no, I forgot my lunch at home and I don't have any money,” Sango stated as she blushed when her stomach growled at her.
Miroku laughed lightly and held out a sandwich to her.
“Here you can have this,” Miroku said kindly.
Sango looked slightly shocked at first, “Are you sure?”
“Yep, I have enough lunch here that we can share it,” Miroku said as he placed in lunch in between them.
“Thank you so much Miroku,” Sango said happily before she took a bite of the sandwich.
Sango didn't notice that Miroku spent a good portion of lunch watching her with a kind smile on his face.
When the school day finished, Sango left the school by herself. However, she didn't remain alone long. Sango heard the sound of motorcycle from behind her. The sound quieted and her attention was turned in its direction when someone called her name.
“Sango!” the rider said as he pulled the bike to a stop right beside her.
Sango looked at the rider quizzically until he pulled the face cover up. Sango looked shocked for a moment.
“You got some spare time?” Miroku asked.
“Yeah, why?” Sango responded, still not sure what to make of him being there sitting on a speed bike.
“I want to show you something. Hop on,” he said as he handed her a helmet.
Sango took the helmet and placed it on her head. However, she wasn't sure how to completely strap it on. When Miroku noticed her confusion he took the straps of the helmet and proceeded to tie them. Sango stiffened and turned red as she felt his hands under her chin attempting to secure the helmet to her head.
`Oh my god! What have I gotten myself into?!' Sango thought to herself.
Once the helmet was on, he signaled for her to take a seat on the seat, right behind him. Sango reluctantly got onto the bike and rest her feet on the footrests.
Miroku turned his head back and looked her straight in the eye as he seriously said, “Hold on tight to me. If you get uncomfortable pull hard on the front of my shirt.”
Sango only nodded and then wrapped her arms securely around his stomach. She turned red instantly and was happy he had turned around and couldn't see. (A/N: the helmet she's wearing doesn't have the face shield). She felt the bike vibrate as he revved it and then took off. Sango closed her eyes at first and kept asking herself why she had agreed to do this. The wind was cool and brisk as the bike flew down the street. Before she knew it, she felt him stopping. Sango had no idea where she was. She had spent most of the time on the bike with her eyes closed. She let go of Miroku as she felt him getting off the bike after he had turned if off. Sango felt him reach under her chin again and undid the straps of the helmet and carefully pulled the helmet off her head. Sango was still getting over the stun from the bike ride and was vaguely aware of what was going on. She snapped back to her senses when she felt the helmet coming off her head. She watched as Miroku placed the helmet next to his, which he had taken off before helping her. He held out a hand to her and Sango carefully placed her hand in his. Miroku carefully helped her off the bike.
Meanwhile, Sango's head was in a whirl. She couldn't believe what was happening. Miroku was acting like such a gentleman and she didn't know how to respond.
“You okay?” he asked gently as placed a hand on her forehead to check for a fever.
Sango turned red at the contact and quickly embarrassingly responded, “No, I'm fine. I'm still a little shaken. It was my first time on a motorbike.”
Miroku grinned at her comment and then responded, “Well, that's common. Now follow me.”
With that said, Miroku took a hold of Sango's hand again and proceed to pull her down a path. The path was lined with cherry blossom trees that still, for some odd reason, had flowers on them. Sango stared in awe at the spectacle. However, her breath was taken away when they reached the end of the path and walked up to the railing. Sango looked out at the ocean before her. The waves crashed into the rocks below and the sun was slowly starting to make its way to the horizon line.
“Wow! It's so beautiful,” Sango said.
Miroku looked at Sango's happy expression and couldn't help himself from smiling. Sango felt his gaze on her and felt the heat rise into her cheeks once again and was happy the sunlight covered up her pink cheeks.
`Geez, how many times can I blush in one day!' Sango thought to herself as she looked at Miroku and asked, “How did you find this place?”
“I was driving around one day last week and ran out of gas right where we parked. While I waited for the tow truck I took a walk and found this place,” Miroku responded as he looked out at the sea.
Sango looked at his profile and couldn't help but feel her heart take an extra beat.
`Oh no, please don't tell me I'm falling for him. I can't be….. can I?' Sango thought to herself.
After a couple of minutes, Miroku broke the silence, “Well, it's getting late so I should get you home.”
Sango only nodded. They started to walk side-by-side back to his bike. Sango felt his hand gently take hers into his. Sango was taken aback at first, but then lightly took his hand also. The ride to Sango's house was quiet and Sango took in everything around her as they went this time. She had him stop around the corner from her house, afraid that the sight of her getting off the motorbike of some guy might freak her mom out.
“Thanks for taking me today. I really appreciate it,” Sango said as Miroku took the helmet off her head again.
“No problem. I'm glad you liked it,” Miroku responded.
“Okay well, good night,” Sango said as she turned around to leave.
Sango felt Miroku grab her wrist and before she knew it, he had whipped her around and pulled her closer to him. He placed a light, chaste kiss on her lips. Sango couldn't believe what was going on. When he kissed her, a wave of warmth crashed over her body and she felt her legs go weak. Luckily, she didn't fall. He quickly let her go.
“Bye,” he simply said before he took off.
Sango stood there completely bewildered by the turn of events. She slowly made her way over to her house, completely off in her own world. She took her key out and unlocked the door. When she walked in, the house was completely silent. This revelation brought Sango out of her thoughts. It was weird for her mom not to be home when it was so late. Sango walked into the kitchen and found a note on the table.
The note read:
Something came up at work and I had to go back to the office. I'll probably be there the whole night. I'm sorry honey. I hope you'll be able to fend for yourself for the night. If you need anything, give me a call at work.
`Oh well, at least that means I'll have a little alone time to go over what happened today,' Sango thought to herself as she proceeded to make herself something to eat.
Sango watched some TV. When she looked at the clock it was almost midnight.
“I guess I should go to bed. At least I don't have school tomorrow,” Sango said as she turned the TV off.
With the TV it was very dark in the house. She hadn't turned any lights on and the night's full moon was currently hidden behind clouds.
“Ow!” Sango said as she stubbed her toe and the leg of a chair as she made her way to the front room to get to the stairs.
As she was passing through kitchen, she heard a sound. She didn't think anything of it at first, until she heard it again. Sango had made her way into the front room by then and she stopped dead in her tracks. The curtains in front of the front window were flapping in the breeze. Sango felt her face go pale as she knew that she had never opened the window and her mother would never leave the house with any of the windows open especially after she had heard of Sango's incident that one night. Sango slowly took two steps toward the window. Her heart was pounding in fear so fast that it felt it was going to come flying out of her chest. On her way over she grabbed the phone and dialed Kagome's phone number.
Kagome: Hello?
Sango: Kagome…..
Kagome: Sango what's the matter? You sound petrified.
Sango felt the warmth breath on the back of her neck again and turned around quickly. She came face to face with the man who had been “hunting” her the whole week. He lunged at her. Sango screamed and tried to get away, but he was too fast. Sango dropped the phone as he gagged her and hit her pressure point causes her to black out. The last thing she remembered hearing was Kagome's frantic voice on the phone.
Kagome: Sango? What's the matter? What happened? Sango!!!
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Sango felt herself slowly coming back to her senses. Gradually her vision came back into focus. She looked out of puffy red eyes, from tears, and saw a huge mansion in front of her. She was currently being carried up to the front door by the very man who had abducted her. She attempted to try and get away, but his hold on her was too strong. She was currently slung over his should like a sack. Sango tried to say something, but then remembered the gag in her mouth. She could do nothing, but cry. She had never expected something like this to ever happen to her. Sure she had seen it happen many times in movies, but this was reality not a featured film.
“Don't worry my pretty virgin. I'll make sure tonight is a night that you'd die for,” the man said cynically.
Sango whimpered in fear. He took her inside the house and up three flights of stairs. He put her down once they had reached a huge open room with 4 huge windows that one could see the full moon barely hidden by the clouds anymore. Sango thought about escaping once he set her down, but then she realized she had no idea where this mansion even was. The man took the gag out of her mouth and threw it aside.
“Sorry about treating you so rough, but I knew you would come without a fight,” he stated.
“What do you want with me?” Sango asked trying to hide the shake in her voice, but did so poorly.
The man smirked, the grin that Sango cruelly remembered from previous nights.
“You are the young virgin human I've decided to hunt,” he said simply.
“How do you know I'm a virgin?” Sango asked trying to sound that she was challenging his knowledge.
He leaned forward and placed his face above her left shoulder and took a big sniff before he whispered into her ear, “Because I can smell it.”
Sango began to shake lightly, but she had another question to ask, “So what are you going to me?”
“Well, that's pretty simple. It's a full moon and I need a virgin's blood to feast on,” he said mockingly.
Sango voice shook, but she managed to say, “So….. tha…that..means you're…a….a..vamp…a vampire?”
“Bingo,” he said simply as he pulled away and looked her in the eye.
Sango couldn't quite place it, but there was something familiar about his eyes. She felt him lean in slowly and felt herself become stone still.
It was at that moment that the clouds decided to clear and moonlight shined into the room. Sango looked straight at the man and her eyes widened in shock, her breath taken away.
`But…. But it can't be..' Sango thought to herself.
“Miroku?” she whispered.
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The man froze the second the name left her lips. He pulled back and looked straight into her eyes. Sango noticed a mist covering his blue eyes. Sango watched as he placed his hands on his head as if a pain was shooting through it. Sango was so dismayed. I was Miroku. She felt her heart shatter into pieces as she realized that Miroku had been the one sneaking into her house, scaring her to death, and just recently abducting her. She felt tears start to fill her eyes.
“Miroku…. why?” Sango asked slightly terrified by the answer.
“…Sa… Sango. What…. What's going.. on?” Miroku asked as his attention was pulled toward the glowing around Sango's neck.
Sango noticed it too and was surprised to find that it was the necklace that Kaede had given her.
“Why are you asking me what's going on? You're the one who kidnapped me and brought me here!” Sango said as she felt her anger rise at his act of being completely oblivious.
“I..I did what?!” Miroku asked.
Sango was taken aback by the shock in his voice.
`Is it possible that he has no idea what he was doing?' Sango thought to herself.
“Miroku you know that your not human, right?” Sango stated.
Miroku looked at her funny and responded by saying, “What are you talking about?”
Sango looked at him shocked, “You mean to tell me that you have no idea you're a vampire and that you were just about to drink my blood?!”
“I what?! Oh my god!” Miroku half screamed and back away from Sango a look of fear and disgust on his face.
“That explains my sudden blacking out at night and the reason I've felt so tired. I've been terrifying you and God knows what else!” Miroku stated, “I'm so sorry Sango. I never…. I'd never want… to consciously hurt you.”
Sango couldn't help, but hear the anguish and disgust in his voice, all directed at himself. She went to go say something when a howling sound cut her off.
“What was that?” Miroku asked.
Sango's face turned distinctly paler. That howl was no normal howl.
`It can't be. Though everything else about this town has proven me wrong already. That howl was much too loud for a normal wolf to make,' Sango thought to herself.
Soon more howls could be heard, these much louder than the first and they sounded like they were getting closer. Sango began to back away, fear gripped at her heart once again. Sango's attention was turned toward Miroku when he fell to the ground grasping his head.
“Miroku?” Sango said as she started to make her way over to him.
“Stay away!” Miroku yelled at her and Sango stopped in her tracks, “Don't come any closer! I don't want to hurt you if this vampire takes me over again.”
Sango didn't know what to do. Her attention was quickly turned to the door that led out into the hallway when she heard a very loud and close howl come from there. Miroku stood, he had managed to get this split personality in check. He walked over and stood in front of Sango as a figure walked up to the doorway. As it stepped into the moonlight, Sango and Miroku got a better look at it. It was tall, gangly creature. Its clothes appeared to have been torn as if the creature had suddenly grew and the clothes no longer fit properly. It appeared to look somewhat human, but a lot hairier. Sango felt her head go light as she realized that the figure in the door was no human. The figure stepped completely into the moonlight and Sango got her first glimpse of a creature that had haunted many of her childhood dreams. The werewolf sniffed and then let out a piercing howl into the night.
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