InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Everybody has a dark site. ❯ Confused Hanyou ( Chapter 2 )

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2. Confused hanyou.
“Inuyasha why don't you go for Kagome?” asked Shippo for one hundred times. ”It's five dais and we miss her so much.” The hanyou with a sad look leave the couple. ”I'm really feel sorry for him” said Sango. ”Why? It's just his fault.” said Miroku. “He doesn't know what he wants and it's a dilemma for him. And take away that hand immediately Miroku or it wills hurts.” said Sango. “Ok just relax, but if I will be in his situation I'll choose one of them. It will be the end of problem.” She looked at him, “but which one will you choose? Kagome or Kikyo?” “Off course Kagome.” “Why?” “Because, because.“ he was trying to find a reason. “Because what? Can't you find a reason?” “I have one, I'll choose Kagome for who is she, not for the fact that she is a reincarnation of Kikyo, but for her kind heart.” She smiled at him. “Fine that is a good reason, but for Inuyasha it's very difficult. He loves them, but not he loves Kikyo or he loves Kagome. He loves them same.
Inuyasha POV
Inuyasha 5 dais listened to Shippo. He was sick from it. “How can I explain to him, that Kagome didn't come back?” he thought. He stood up and left the couple. He followed the old scent of Kagome to the Gods Tree.
He was sitting on his favorite branch of Gods Tree. “How can I explain this to you? I'm sorry Kagome, really sorry.” he thought. “I never want to hurt you.”
Inuyasha and Kikyo stood at the glade. “Inuyasha it's time to go to the hell with me. Come with me.” She smiled at him and hugged him. “Forget on my copy. Come.” He hugged her back”Kikyo I can't, I must defeat Naraku. I owe it to you.” She looked at him and took a step from him. “No, you owe me your live. You promise!” she screams. I know but I can't, forgive me.” said Inuyasha sad. ”If I will go with you, I'll hurt Kagome, I already hurt her. And I don't want to break her heart on million pieces. I just can't do that.” Kikyo looked at him angry
“So you want to stay for her!” she took another steps away from him. Her sad face turns to cold and ironic.
“Than this is farewell Inuyasha. But never forget one thing, if you ever hurt Kagome, she will send you to the hell and we will meet again.” She looked behind Inuyasha, gave a smile to another person, she came to the Inuyasha and kissed him. Kagome turn away and leave. Inuyasha looked behind and saw her. ”Kagome wait! Kikyo you knew about her presence!” he turn to Kikyo with an angry look. “And the dog didn't notice her. How sad, I think I will meet you soon.” Around her appeared a flame circle and she disappeared. (And we can say one-way ticket to the hell. I don't like Kikyo!) Inuyasha ran to the well. He jumped in, but the portal didn't across the time. Kagome closed the portal with her priestess power. He fell to his knees and hit the ground with his fist. “Damn Kagome, come back immediately. Kagome do you hear me? I know you hear me, open the portal. Kagome? I'm so sorry, it's my fault. Please come back.” He felt miserable. “She never comes back?” he thought.
End Flashback
“How can I go to her time? I must explain her everything. She must know that I chose her.” he thought. “God, please send her back and I'll do anything.