InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Everybody has a dark site. ❯ Chapter 3

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Chapter One: The Vixen
The door opened and she was thrown inside without any clothes around her body. She had been stripped and tortured on the location of her elder brother, but she had no idea where he was. They didn't believe her though and for her trouble she had been beat severely and thrown in here. This peculiar place happened to be his chambers, the one that was looking for her brother to kill him. Her red hair and bright green eyes had given her away and she cursed herself for taking her human form. He knew that she would take this form and the human form was weaker than her demon strength.
It was too late now for second thinking though because she knew that in just a few moments that he would come in and she would be dead. Searching quickly she found out that the only spot to hide would under the bed and that is where she went. Maybe if she caught him off guard she could stand a chance. Then the door opened and in stepped Darius, his dark eyes scanning the room until they fell upon the bed. The next second she had been pulled out from under the bed by her hair and pushed on to the bed by the man. “Stupid fox, did you really think you could hide from me?”
“Get away from me!!!” She screamed trying to sit up, but he decided to sit on her. He was done talking now she could tell for his face expression changed. It went from angry and enraged to lust-filled as he pinned her down and stretched out on top of her. She knew what was coming now and had no way to stop it. He was going to take her and ruin her in the eyes of Demon Council and she would become in exile.
He pawed at her breasts roughly before taking one into his mouth and biting causing her to scream in pain. She scratched at him, trying to get him off of her and away from her. He ignored the attempt and thrust two fingers inside of her womanhood making her scream out again. “You won't give the location of your brother so you pay the consequences, vixen. It's too bad that your brother isn't here. He doesn't get to see the show.” As he said this he shoved his manhood into her unprepared body, ripping her virginity to shreds in an instant.
He started thrusting in and out of her body causing her to continually scream until her voice had become hoarse. Darius groaned at the tight feeling around him and he grabbed a hold of her hips as he came harshly inside of her body. He laid there for a moment as he caught his breath then stood up and left her in the room, locking her inside. Drops of blood dripped from between her legs and fell on to the sheets, but she didn't move. For almost an hour she laid there, staring blankly up at the ceiling.
When she did start to move, all she did was curl into a little ball and cry in frustration. In the Demon World laws was simple enough for sex, youkai males were considered great if they had a lot of sex. Youkai females, on the other hand, were considered soiled if found having sex without a claim mark of a male youkai. They were exiled from the Demon World to the Human World and were never allowed back. There were plenty of females that broke the rule and never got caught, but she knew there would be no way to hide it.
She had been kidnapped in front of other demons before they could even help her, so if she went back there would be questions. Questions she would have to answer truthfully, questions that now would cause her to be forced from everything she had ever known. She continued to cry until she cried herself to sleep.
* * *
Standing on the steps to walk up to Genkai's temple, Kurama's eyes narrowed in concentration. Something was telling him that there was trouble brewing around him and was going explode soon. Yusuke stopped on the steps ahead of him and called down to him, “Are you coming, Kurama?” The fox demon shook his head and followed his old friend up to the temple where Botan was suppose to be waiting to tell them their next assignment. The other two was already there and waiting along with Botan.
“Good afternoon, Spirit Detectives. Your assignment is simple at least in telling you it is. There is a young female demon trapped inside of a bounty hunters mansion. She has no bounty on her head and with our knowledge has done nothing wrong, but bounty hunter refuses to release her. Go in and get her out. Good luck.” And giving them the location she disappeared.
“A rescue mission, great,” Kuwabara commented cracking his knuckles as the four boys headed away from the temple and toward a remote location where the bounty hunter was suppose to be. Hiei went and scanned ahead, trying to see what kind of things they were up against and how to defeat their enemies. He frowned as his Jagan picked up something very unusual for bounty hunters. Demon guards, lots of them with weapons of all sorts. With his third eye he found the female demon and the state she was in, he growled.
She was tied naked to a bed and looked like she had been thoroughly abused and who knew what else by them. Her long red hair was spread around her and her eyes were closed. He could tell she was unconscious and probably wouldn't be waking up anytime soon. He couldn't figure out why, but the way she was being treated made him angry. And for some reason she reminded him of Kurama, a feminine version of Kurama.
Before he went back to the others he put his face back into the masked expression that he wore around them. They gave him a questioning look as he landed beside them. “So?” Yusuke asked the fire demon.
“Demon guards, many of them.” Hiei responded automatically. “The girl is trapped in the bounty hunter's private chambers.” The others nodded and the four took off toward the mansion. They hid behind the huge wall covering the mansion before quickly and silently taking out the demon guards outside.
“That was a little too easy,” Kurama said as they slipped into the mansion unseen and unheard. Kurama had a strange feeling about this place and he halfway wanted to turn around, but something else was telling this was where he was needed most. That was when they heard the screams.
“NO! What are you doing to me?! What is that stuff?! A-hhhh!” Kurama froze in horror as the others looked at him puzzled. He knew that voice from long ago, he was playing in a field in the demon world by the village where he grew up as a demon fox before he had to escape to the human world. That voice belonged to a little vixen that always followed him and played with him. That demon that had been captured was his little demon sister. He let out a growl as he went from his human form to youko form, golden eyes flashing as he ran up the stairs.
Without pausing he kicked the correct door in to see a man climbing over top of his little sister. She was in her human form Kurama noted as he flicked his rose whip and pulled the bounty hunter off of her. As he pulled the hunter toward he realized with a start who it was, he was the one that had forced him into the human world. “Kurama, how nice of you to visit.” The bounty hunter forced Kurama back and Kurama knew the guy was maybe even more powerful than the last time.
The others dashed into the room in time to see Kurama knocked to the floor. He sensed them the moment they came in. “Get the girl out of here! Now!” The others looked at him for a moment and realized Kurama was desperate. Hiei teleported across the room and cut the bonds holding her, wrapped her in a bed sheets, and then picked her up.
Demons busted into the room behind Kuwbara and Yusuke and the two turned to face them. Hiei paused to consider the situation. “Just go!” The three yelled at him. As he turned to go the girl's eyes opened and she saw Kurama.
“Brother.” Then Hiei took off with her in his arms. He kept going until they were deep in the woods beside the mansion. He deposited her against a tree and turned to go back and help the others knowing that she would be safe. Then he heard her moan. The scent of sex and a drug filled the air. She was rubbing at her womanhood he realized and her body temperature was rising in lust.
Hiei cursed to himself, he was in a major dilemma because the scent of the drug meant she would need some to help her get rid of the ache. If the lust drug wasn't helped to get out of her system she would die. But Kurama and the others could die if he didn't get back to them. He had a hard choice to make: Kurama or Kurama's sister?