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Author's note: This part of the story takes place around the time of episode 85 or so. Before Koga actually meets Sesshomaru but after Inuyasha and Sesshomaru have already done battle against a common enemy twice

  Fireside Chats
Part Six: Horse and Wolf


Inuyasha's expression was thunderous by the time Koga arrived. The wolf-demon leader put on the brakes as he came upon them, sliding to a stop while maintaining complete control over his momentum.

"Yo! I thought I smelled you people around. Including the stink of Mutt-face."

"Koga!" Kagome exclaimed with feigned surprise. "Just the demon I was looking for!"

Inuyasha growled deep in his throat, but Miroku and Sango both blocked him from moving by crossing Miroku's monk staff and Hiraikotsu in front of him. Inuyasha darted his eyes from side to side, giving his companions a menacing look, but neither of them bothered to care.

"Relax, Inuyasha," Miroku hissed, "she's just trying to get information out of him. A little flattery and he'll do anything for her."

"My Kagome!" the arrogant young wolf clasped Kagome's hands in his customary greeting, turning his back deliberately on Inuyasha, who seethed quietly. "I knew you'd choose me! A simple half-breed mutt could never hope to be as worthy of you as a fine demon like me!" He glanced coyly over his shoulder. "Did you hear that, Mutt-face?"

Inuyasha shouldered Miroku aside and lunged at Koga, drawing Tetsusaiga as he did. With a mighty swing, he brought the blade inches from Koga's throat.

"Fuck. Off. Koga. I've had a rotten night. I've had two run-ins with my asshole older brother in less than twelve hours; I'm not in the mood for your shit. Now back off."

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled angrily. She looked like she was about to yell the incantation that sent Inuyasha face-first into the dirt.

"I wouldn't recommend yelling 'sit' right now," Miroku warned. "He's liable to slit Koga's throat on the way down."

"Back down, Koga, and I'll leave you alone," Inuyasha snarled. "Otherwise, make another move and I'll slit your jugular."

"Jays," Koga spat as he carefully took two steps backwards, "all right, I yield, Mutt-face. Don't get so hot under the collar!"

"Kooooggggggaaaaaaa!" Ginta and Hakkaku came into view down the road, leading a cadre of wolves.

Inuyasha sheathed Tetsusaiga and turned away, his blood still boiling with rage at Sesshomaru and now steaming with anger at Koga. He strode about seven paces away and planted his feet at a parade rest. He folded his arms across his chest and waited.

Kagome turned to Koga. "Do you know these woods very well?"

Koga tipped his head in inquiry, his ponytail swinging in the breeze. "Well enough. What do you need?"

"We're trying to find a demon tree named Bokuseno."

Koga looked confused; "Demon tree?" He looked over at his packmates. "You guys ever heard of this Bokuseno?"

Ginta shook his head. Hakkaku looked confused (which was usual for him).

"Koga, I smell horses," Ginta said nervously.

"Tch." Koga snorted. "I asked you a question."

"We could ask Royakan. He's in the region," Hakkaku suggested. "He knows this forest much better than we do."

"So, Koga will be of no use or help," Inuyasha spat. "Fine. Let's get moving." He grabbed up Kagome's pack and started forward.

Koga leaped forward and landed in front of Inuyasha. "I didn't say I couldn't help. I don't know this Bokuseno, but I can find out. Stop being so impatient, Mutt-face. I don't give up as easily as you do."

He motioned one of his wolves over, crouched down and stared intently into its eyes. The wolf returned his stare briefly then trotted away. A few heartbeats later, a lone howl went up from where the wolf had gone.

Koga crossed his arms complacently as he stood up. "If Royakan is anywhere nearby at all, he'll be here shortly. He holds Kagome in high esteem." He looked sideways at Inuyasha, who had set the backpack down and crossed his arms disgustedly. "So, what are you doing here, Mutt-face?"

"What else? Looking for signs of Naraku, or Jewel fragments. Why?"

"Tch," Koga snorted contemptuously. "And here I thought you were scouting for territory, seeing as you have none."

"Not that you do either, wolf-cub!" Inuyasha retorted hotly. "You transient bum, you're not recognized by the reigning demon lord, so wipe that smug smile off your face! Besides, I do have territory. There is a forest that bears my name. It was given to me by my father."

Koga scoffed; "Not that your father was recognized by a demon lord either, Mutt-face."

Inuyasha's jaw dropped in astonishment. "What?"

Kagome frowned; "I can't believe you said that, Koga. Inuyasha's father was very powerful."

"Who's this demon lord you consulted that said he doesn't recognize me as a landruler? This so-called Lord Sesshomaru? Royakan mentioned him once."

"The very same," Inuyasha's ears twisted sideways as his face morphed into a look of pure contempt.

"Sesshomaru is the elder son, and heir, of the Inu no Taisho," Miroku explained. "Does that mean anything to you?"

"Nice. Heard of the Great Dog General. He was long before my time, but greatly revered. I believe he sealed up a renegade dragon that was laying waste to the countryside. So this Sesshomaru is his son and heir? Why would he have anything to do with people like you?"

"You don't know?" Sango cocked her head.

"Obviously I don't." Koga was starting to get annoyed. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Give it up," Inuyasha snapped. "He wouldn't understand."

There came a thunderous stomping sound from the forest. It was Royakan. Kagome moved over to stand next to and slightly behind Inuyasha. She knew that that was the safest place in the world for her. The last time they'd encountered Royakan, he'd been possessed by a tainted Jewel fragment. Granted, the last she'd seen of him was him bidding them goodbye after she'd removed and purified the Jewel. But Naraku had a history of reusing his unfortunate victims.

The great, beady-eyed demon came into the clearing with his blue eyes alight with curiosity. "You called, Koga?" The lupine creature took in his surroundings. "Lord Inuyasha, nice to see you again."

Inuyasha grunted an unintelligible greeting. Koga erupted into laughter. "Oh, come on, Royakan! Enough with the formalities! This half-breed is no lord!"

Royakan looked a little confused; "Actually, he is. He may not be of the stature of his older brother, but he's of higher stature than you are, full demon that you are, Koga."

Koga's jaw unhinged. "Wha...? That's impossible!"

This is going to be fun! Inuyasha thought as a vicious smile crossed his face. His canines peeked out from his mouth as he grinned maliciously.

Royakan then turned to Inuyasha and offered him a polite bow. "How may I assist you?"

Kagome spoke before Inuyasha could make a snide comment. She could see one building up. "We're looking for a demon tree named Bokuseno."

"Bokuseno? Why are you looking for Bokuseno?"

"Sesshomaru told me I should," Inuyasha said. "Don't know quite why, but he doesn't offer advice often. I'd be a real baka to ignore it."

Kagome turned to stare disbelieving at him. The comment was so out of character for him that she couldn't believe he'd said it. He's learning how to act!

"Sesshomaru, eh? All right." The demon drew himself up and coughed up a small pack of three-eyed wolves. The wolves loped off to sniff out the forest.

"Alright, Mutt-face," Koga snarled, "spill it. What is Sesshomaru to you? Or what are you to him?"

"He's my older brother."

Koga shook his head slowly; "That can't be right. You can't be a son of the Inu no Taisho! You wouldn't be alive if your father was the Dog General! The blood of a demon lord that powerful can't mix with that of a human and have the offspring live to adulthood!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Demon lord blood is too powerful for humans. It'd devour a human body and soul, leaving an empty husk behind."

"Who are you to presume to know about demon lords?" a hard voice inquired from behind them, within the forest. Koga whirled around, his eyes going wide. Inuyasha cocked his claws, prepared to attack if necessary. Royakan faded back into the woods, perhaps intimidated by whoever spoke.

From the trees emerged a golden palomino horse. On its back was a beautiful woman holding a pike or spear that was easily seven or eight feet long. Her eyes were like Inuyasha's, polished citrine and reflective. Her hair likewise was brilliant silver, drawn back into a functional pony-tail. She was dressed in a fashion similar to Koga, but in horsehide rather than wolfskin. She wore a long cloak made of woven horsehair.

"Who are you?" Inuyasha drew Tetsusaiga.

"That's my line!" she snapped. "You smell somewhat like Sesshomaru. Who are you?"

"You answer my question first," Inuyasha snarled, his temper snapping. Kagome noticed that the Wind Scar was forming around his blade. He was preparing to attack.

"I am Kiniromaru," she said. "Leader of the horse demon tribe. I patrol this forest. You are trespassing. The forest ruler only tolerates Royakan to trespass without paying token because he keeps our forest private. Who are you who smell somewhat like my liege lord's arch enemy, Sesshomaru?"

"Tch," Inuyasha said. "He was here, that's why you smell him."

"Hanyou," Kiniromaru snapped, leveling her pike at his heart, "don't get cocky with me."

Inuyasha struck her pike with Tetsusaiga, startling her, but only momentarily. Then she whirled the pike and plunged its head into his shoulder, shoving him backwards. He collided with Kagome and the both of them tumbled into the dirt.

"Get out of my forest before I call my brethren upon you. We are a cavalry, and we are powerful. I possess a shard of the Shikon no Tama. I am a force to be reckoned with."

"Liar!" Kagome yelled. "You don't have a Shikon no Tama shard!"

"You, little human bitch, will be QUIET!" Kiniromaru stabbed at Kagome. Inuyasha dived sideways, taking the blow himself.

"Who are you, Kiniromaru? You have a masculine name. That can't be your real name," Miroku frowned

"That is the name you may address me by, human," the demon snapped. "I will say it only once more: get out of my forest."

"Peace, Kiniromaru, that is enough," a voice said from behind her. The horse demon flinched and bowed her head. Another horse demon emerged from the forest. This was a male, and he had bright chestnut hair. His mount complimented him like Kiniromaru's complimented her. His mount was a brawny chestnut stallion, rugged and strong. This demon, instead of a pike, was armed with a sword and had a shield slung across his back. He had a scar over his left eyebrow and another one on his right cheek.

"I am Nijimaru, demon lord of this forest," the male demon said. And like his claim, he was indeed a demon lord. There was no tangible difference that separated him from Kiniromaru, but he was definitely much more powerful. "Who are you travelers and what do you want?"

"We seek the demon tree Bokuseno. We were told by Sesshomaru that the tree is nearby, and were given to understand that the tree expects us."

Nijimaru frowned. "I see. Bokuseno is capable to taking care of himself. What do you have to offer me in return for my permission of you within my forest to seek this tree?"

"Your fucking life," Inuyasha growled ferally. "I'll end it right here if you don't step aside."

"Your confidence intrigues me. Let's see you try it."

"It's your fucking funeral. WIND SCAR!"

Nijimaru didn't move a muscle, but a barrier spiraled up around him. Inuyasha scowled and gripped the Tetsusaiga hilt tighter, causing the blade to flare red. He swiped again, sending a second Wind Scar rolling. This time, Nijimaru and Kiniromaru both reacted by spurring their mounts to leap up and away as the energy blades ripped the shield apart.

"Interesting," Nijimaru said with a contemplative look on his face. "You are intriguing me more and more. Are you a son of the Inu no Taisho? Are you the famous hanyou son of the great Dog General?"

"I might be."

"Inuyasha, is it?"

"Who the fuck cares?"

Nijimaru swung a leg over his horse's body and dismounted. Kiniromaru followed suit. Nijimaru approached Inuyasha, looking him over. "You don't look like much, but that was a powerful attack. Bokuseno will probably want to see you. If I'm not mistaken, this sheath," he pointed to the sheath still in Inuyasha's belt, "was made from Bokuseno's own bark, fused with the product of the steel-wasps. Very well. I will allow you within my forest. Kiniromaru will guide you to Bokuseno's territory. From there you will have to find him on your own."

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