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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Originally posted to IB4Y on March 25, 2011. Tied for 3rd place.

I-Prompt #4 – A Compromising Situation

Title: A Compromising Sit-uation
Author: ananova
Rating: T/General/Humor
Word Count: 300
Warnings: none
Summary: Inuyasha's decision to retrieve Kagome leaves them in a compromising position.
Author's note: This was based on the prompt of an image which showed Miroku, Sango, Shippou and Kirara each on one side of the well, peering into it's depths.

“Damn wench has been gone long enough.” With that Inuyasha leaped into the well.

The others rolled their eyes. A thud from the well drew their attention. Exchanging glances, the four friends moved closer to the well and peered in. They stared in shock before a lecherous smile formed on Miroku's face.

“Well Inuyasha, Kagome-sama, if you had wanted to be alone you should have just said so.”

When Inuyasha had leaped into the well, Kagome had already been coming through the time slip. The two had collided and Inuyasha landed on his back with Kagome on his chest. At Miroku's words they tried to separate but found that Tessaiga had somehow gotten tangled with Kagome's heavy yellow bag, making any movement in the cramped well difficult.

“Shut up bouzu! Wench stop your damn squirming and get offa me already!”

Laughter from above greeted his words. “I would have thought you would enjoy Kagome-sama's squirming.”

“Fucking Bouzu! Like I want her on me like this!” Inuyasha yelled though his red face said otherwise.

Kagome glared. “Osuwari!”

That turned out to be a mistake as their positions switched, Inuyasha now lying atop a prone Kagome, their faces inches apart as Inuyasha tried to fight the spell's pull. It was no use and the force of the spell pulled his face to meet Kagome's own.

Miroku smirked while Sango's blush deepened. “I had no idea Kagome-sama was so forward.” The smirk widened when it became apparent that the two had no intentions of separating despite the fact that the spell had clearly worn off.

A blushing Sango grabbed him and began pulling him away. “Let's give them some privacy.” A slap soon sounded as the monk tried to turn the situation to his advantage.
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