InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Inuyasha Drabbles ❯ Soaked ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Originally posted to The Inuyasha Fanfic Contest on April 26, 2011.

Title: Soaked
Author: ananova
Rating: K
Prompt High Ground (The Inuyasha Fanfic Contest)
Genre: General
Word Count: 441
Summary: Kagome brings some items from her time so the gang can enjoy a small break.

Miroku cautiously peered around the corner of Kaede's hut, the odd item Kagome had given him cradled in his arms. Looking left and right and seeing no sign of the others, he carefully left his hiding spot. Spotting a flash of pink and green turn another corner he quickly but stealthily moved after it. Hefting the item in his arms, he paused briefly before jumping out. “Gotcha!” he cried as he pointed the object he held only to be disappointed by the empty space. He sighed as he lowered the item, only to jump as a stream of water hit him in the back.

“No, I got you” was what he heard as he turned to see Sango, a smile on her face as she pointed her own item at him. “You didn't really think you could sneak up on a youkai Taijiya, did you?”

“No, I suppose not” he commented with a wry grin. Seeing the her relaxed stance, a twinkle of mischief appeared in his eyes as he surreptitiously pumped the weapon in his hands a few times. “But you should know not let down your guard, an enemy might not be as defeated as you think!” With that he swiftly raised his weapon and pulled the trigger.

Sango let out a shriek as she was hit by the stream of water. She quickly retaliated, firing back at him. The two quickly depleted their supply of ammo, and laughing set their weapons aside.

“I still won” Sango said as she leaned against the wall, soaked.

“No, I believe that I was the winner.” Miroku countered.

She glared at him. “I got you first.”

“I got you more.”

“Did not.”

Their playful bickering was cut off as water streamed down on them from above. “You both lose!” Inuyasha called down to the two as he and Kagome unleashed their attack on the unsuspecting duo from the roof of Kaede's hut. The two shrieked as they attempted to dodge but it was impossible as their attackers had the high ground and could reach them safely.

Kagome grinned at Inuyasha as they finally ran out of 'ammo' and the others were able to finally escape. “See, didn't I tell you this would be fun.”

“Keh.” But he allowed a small smirk to grace his face, flashing a bit of fang, as he glanced at her. Then he proved that his weapon wasn't as empty as it appeared as he quickly raised the super-soaker and fired at her, earning some shrieking laughter from the miko as she tried to retaliate.
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