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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Originally posted to IB4Y on April 24, 2011.

P-Prompt #5

Title: Too Many Sits
Author: ananova
Rating: T
Genre: General/Humor
Word Count: 500
Warnings: Language for Inuyasha's potty mouth
Summary: Inuyasha has a bad day.

Inuyasha muttered angrily to himself as he and Miroku followed behind the angry girls. Did she really have to sit him so many times in one day? It wasn't his fault!

His day had started to go wrong when he had gone through the well to retrieve Kagome. She had had her three days and it was time for her to return to their quest. But the miko didn't appreciate being awoken at dawn and sat him. Didn't she realize they couldn't afford to lose daylight by letting her sleep in?

Then she had insisted on being allowed to attend one more day of school since he had been “so inconsiderate as to wake her up so early.” Keh! He had been sat again when he argued with her and she had gotten her way, again!

She had left him at the shrine where he had been made to help the old man, then yelled at and slapped with worthless ofuda when he broke something. Mrs. Higurashi had stopped his attempted retreat by asking him to bring Kagome her bento.

He had been sat out of the tree he was in when Kagome spotted him staring through the window. When she finally met him on the roof he was sat again and given a shrill lecture about how he wasn't allowed at her 'skool'. Fed up with her yelling he had shoved the bento into her hands and leaped down from the roof only to be sat again, this time for leaving before she was done yelling at him.

Returning to the shrine he had waited on the roof until he heard her return. Entering through the window he tripped over the laundry her mother had left there. Kagome entered to see him holding several of her underclothes and sat him again. Then sat him for breaking her grandfather's things.

They finally returned through the well and he demanded that they “fucking get going already!”, earning him yet another sit for his language. Kagome turned to walk away and had tripped, her skirt riding up when she fell, just in time for Inuyasha to lift his head and be met with the sight. Both of their faces had matched his haori then she had sat him TEN times!

Now she was walking ahead of him, not speaking to him.

Kagome winced at his recitation of the day's events. She had overreacted and owed him an apology. “Inuyasha? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have sat you so many times. You didn't deserve them, at least not all of them.”

“Feh.” He crossed his arms. “It's not like I ask to be put into these situations.”

Miroku spoke up. “My friend, a wise person once said 'Trouble defies the law of gravity. It is much easier to pick up than to drop.' You don't go looking for trouble yet always seem to find it.”


Sango glared at the perverted monk. “Like someone else I know.”
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