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Originally posted to At First Tweak on May 22, 2011. Won 2nd place.

Prompt # 44 What the flea saw

Title: The Witness
Author: ananova
Rating: K
Genre: General
Universe: Canon
Word Count: 300
Summary: In the wake of a summons by Kikyou, Myouga is the only witness to Kagome and Inuyasha's true feelings.

“What a jerk!” “I can't believe he went to see her!”

Myouga sat hidden in Kirara's fur as he listened to the others badmouth his master. He frowned, crossing his arms over his chest. 'Fools' he thought. Didn't they realize that Kagome-sama could easily hear them. 'How can they possibly believe he goes to her for a romantic tryst?' He knew the truth, only his master's strong sense of duty and honor had caused his departure.

His frown deepened further as he remembered his master's departure. He had been sneaking a sip of that tasty blood when the first soul collector had arrived and therefore had the perfect view of Inuyasha's expression. At that moment Inuyasha's face had been completely open, at least to him, showing his pain, reluctance and guilt, slight fear, and yes some amount of caring. Then his eyes found the miko from the future and Myouga had seen the guilt and reluctance grow before the mask had returned. Glancing at the girl in question Myouga had seen the fear and pain in her face as well as the understanding just before he was knocked from his perch as Inuyasha leaped off into the trees.

He sighed as the others finally prepared for bed. His master had still not returned. Glancing at Kagome, he saw that she remained awake, staring off in the direction Inuyasha had left, keeping a vigil for his return.

He must have dozed off because he awoke to see Inuyasha carefully settling Kagome into her sleeping bag. The movement woke her. “Inuyasha, you're back.”

“Keh.” His hand gently grazed the girl's face. “You know I'll always return to you.” He settled her in before leaping onto a branch above her, leaving Myouga the only witness to the exchange.
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