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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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Originally posted to At First Tweak on August 5, 2011 for Prompt #50 Lost.

Title: Lost in the Fog
Author: ananova
Rating: T
Genre: General/Adventure
Universe: Canon
Word Count: 300
Summary: Takes place before Kagome and Inuyasha meet the others. A thick fog rolls in, and Kagome gets separated from Inuyasha.

Kagome winced as a twig snapped beneath her feet. The fog was so thick she could barely see two feet in front of her. She hadn't meant to get lost, she was just going beyond the bushes to take care of certain bodily needs but then she couldn't find her way back to camp and Inuyasha hadn't answered her calls. So here she was, alone in a strange forest, lost.

Despair filled her and she sat down, curling up into a ball as she tried not to cry. Why hadn't she stayed in camp like Inuyasha told her to?

A hand suddenly grabbed her shoulder and Kagome let out a shriek of fright as she scrambled away, hands grasping for a weapon.

“Damn it wench! What the hell was that for?!”

She ceased her efforts and turned around, barely able to see Inuyasha in the thick fog. “Inuyasha?”

“Keh! Who else would be out here looking for you?!” He snorted and she could see him crossing his arms over his chest. “Why the hell didn't you stay at camp?!”

She blushed, embarrassed. “I, uh, needed to...” She couldn't finish.

“Feh, whatever. Come on wench, let's get back to camp before you get lost again.”

Kagome glared at him, the word on the tip of her tongue. Only the knowledge that he was right (and the fact that she needed him to get her back to camp) stopped her. She quietly followed him back to camp.

However, once she had settled for the night, she glanced up at his position above her and blushed. “Inuyasha? Thanks, for coming to find me.”

“Feh, get some sleep wench. We got shards to find tomorrow.” Unknowingly his own blush was lost to her in the fog.
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