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Originally posted to IB4Y on August 4, 2011 for P-Prompt #9.

Title: The Boy Who Cried Youkai
Author: ananova
Rating: K+
Genre: Friendship/Humor
Universe: Canon
Word Count: 500
Summary: Shippou goes too far with his pranks.

Shippou snickered as he checked that everything was in place. He took a moment to school his features, he couldn't risk giving anything away, then darted toward camp. “Help!” he cried. “It's after me! Kagome! Inuyasha! Someone help!” He darted into the clearing that they had set up camp for the night and was immediately surrounded by his worried friends.

“Shippou-chan! What's wrong?” came Kagome's concerned voice.

“Youkai! I was picking some mushrooms and it tried to grab me! I barely got away!”

A determined look settled on Inuyasha's face. “Keh! No youkai's gonna get past me.” He quickly darted into the forest.

“Wait Inuyasha!” Kagome called after him worriedly but he didn't pause. She exchanged a quick look with the others and they each grabbed their weapons as they took a step after him.

Suddenly Inuyasha gave a cry of alarm then a string of curses filled the air. Extremely alarmed now Kagome ran after him, the others right behind her. They halted not too far from camp, gaping at the site before them. Kagome raised a hand to cover her mouth in shock

Inuyasha was pulling himself out of hole in the ground, covered in mud with leaves and other bits of forest tangled in his hair. He growled angrily as he swiped a hand over his face, clearing it of excess mud.

“Bwahaha! You should see your face!”

They turned to see Shippou rolling on the ground laughing.

Inuyasha growled, taking a step toward the kitsune but Kagome stopped him with a look. She turned to Shippou and chastised him. “That wasn't very nice Shippou-chan.”“But it was funny.”

Inuyasha took another step forward but was stopped again, by Miroku this time. “Shippou that is not a very smart prank to pull. Next time you come running, claiming a youkai is after you, you might not be believed. After all, a liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth.”Kagome nodded. “There is a story in my time about the boy who cried wolf. He kept claiming that there was a wolf nearby and the whole village would run to his aid but it would be a trick. Finally, they stopped listening to his cries and a wolf did appear and ate him.” She fixed Shippou with a stern look. “I would hate to see you have to learn your lesson the hard way like the boy in the story.”

Shippou gulped nervously. “I understand.”

“Good. Come on Inuyasha, let's get you cleaned up.” She winked at the grumbling hanyou when Shippou couldn't see her, then gestured to Sango who whispered to Kirara.

The nekomata darted into the forest to transform, then returned, creeping up behind an unsuspecting Shippou.


“Gah! Help!” Shippou went running after his friends only to stop as they laughed at him.

“Keh! Now we're even” Inuyasha smirked before moving to clean up.
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