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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Originally posted to Inuyasha Fanfiction on January 22, 2012 for drabble #14 Gossip. Won 2nd place.

Title: Something to Talk About
Author: ananovaWord Count: 500
Prompt: Gossip
Genre: Friendship
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Characters: Kagome, Eri, Ayumi, Yuka, Inuyasha
Summary: Kagome makes a few discoveries at school.


“What excuse will it be this time?”

“Who knows? She can't believe she's fooling anybody!”

“Yeah, as if she looks like she's been sick a day in her life. She's leading poor Houjou-kun, pretending to be sick so she can run around with other guys.”


“Come on. Unlike others some of us actually have to go to class.”

As the door to the girls' bathroom closed behind the group of girls a lone stall slowly opened. A pale Kagome stood there, staring at the door the girls had disappeared through. “Is that really what everyone thinks?” She shook her head. Taking a deep breath, she made her way to class.

As the day passed, Kagome became aware of the whispers and the condescending stares. How had she never noticed the looks and the mutterings before? Her stomach sank at the thought that everyone was against her. As she passed one particularly loud group of gossiping girls her friends appeared.

“Kagome-chan, you're looking much better! Come sit with us,” Eri exclaimed.

“Yeah, we can catch up,” Yuka chimed in.

“It'll be so much fun,” Ayumi added.

Looking at their earnest faces Kagome realized not everyone believed the gossip. Her friends knew and were doing their best to protect her. She gave them a sincere smile. “Thanks you guys.”

The rest of the day passed quickly with Kagome reminding herself who her friends really were.

Finally, the last bell rang. Kagome and her friends were about to leave when the loud voice of the school's biggest gossip stopped them.

“Look, he's back again. Wonder what Higurashi is doing to snag a guy like that?”

“If I had a guy like that, I'd skip class too.”

Peering through the window, Kagome saw the unmistakable form of Inuyasha waiting for her near the gate. She could see his appeal to them. Despite his clothing he was definitely a sight to behold. His silver hair blew in the breeze and the girls outside let out sighs.

“Don't listen to anything those girls say, Kagome-chan.”

“Yeah, they like nothing better than to gossip, spreading lies and rumors about people.”

“Just ignore them, they'll find someone else to talk about soon enough.”

Kagome smiled at them, touched by their attempts to cheer her up. Glancing once more at the impatiently waiting hanyou, her smile become a bit devious. “Thanks guys, but I've got a better idea. I'm going to give them something to really gossip about.”

With that she turned and marched out the door, head held high as she brushed passed the gossiping girls. Inuyasha straightened at her approach. Before he could say anything, she grasped his haori, pulling him down for a kiss. Then, waving to her friends she led him away.

“Not that I'm complaining,” Inuyasha started. “But what was that for?”

“Oh, I just needed to give some nosy girls something to talk about.”

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