InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Inuyasha Drabbles ❯ Life's Guarantees ( Chapter 36 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Originally posted to Issekiwa on April 25, 2012 for Prompt #148 Death and Taxes.

Title: Life's Guarantees
Author: ananova
Rating: K+
Prompt: Death and Taxes (Issekiwa)
Genre: General
Word Count: 217
Warnings: None
Summary: After coming across a village in dire straits the gang decides to help.


Kagome stood before the soldiers, blocking them from the cowering villagers behind her. “You can't!” she pleaded. “This village has had a harsh growing season with the drought and everything. If you take the rice they won't survive the winter.”

“Stand aside girl!” The lead soldier ordered. “They must pay the annual taxes. They owe the Daimyo his share of the rice for his protection of this land. Now move aside.”

Still Kagome stood her ground, feeling little Shippou cower at her feet. She wished the others would return from hunting in the forest. They had stopped in this village and learned of their plight. The others had instantly agreed to hunt what they could so that the villagers would have some food. Kagome and Shippou had remained in the village as they had no hunting skills. Now she wished that the others would return.

“I said move aside!”

Kagome flinched as she saw the arm flash forward to strike her. But before it could reach her a red-clothed arm intercepted it. Kagome suppressed a smile as she was pulled back against Inuyasha's side. They say that the only guarantees in life are death and taxes, but she knew that Inuyasha would always be there to protect her. That was a guarantee.