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Originally posted to Inuyasha Fanfiction on July 16, 2012 for Drabble #36 Monk.

Title: Contemplating His Companions
Author: ananova
Word Count: 369
Prompt: Monk
Genre: Introspection/Friendship
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Characters: Inuyasha and Kagome, Miroku
Summary: Set in early canon, right before and after Sesshomaru attacks them using the shikon shard. Inuyasha's thoughts on Miroku and Kagome.


Inuyasha scowled as he stared into the fire, listening to Kagome prattle on and on about how nice it was to be able to sleep inside, in an actual bed for once. And then listening to her gush her appreciation to the monk.

His scowl deepened. So what if the monk was able to secure them room and board for the night? He wasn't the one that protected her from the various youkai they had fought. He wasn't the one that hunted and made sure she had food to eat each night. He wasn't the one who kept watch, staying up most of the night to ensure her safety.

He switched his glare from the fire to Miroku as the perverted monk began to offer her compliments. Didn't she see that he only cared about one thing? The pervert had groped her but now he offers her a compliment and all is forgiven as she blushes and laughs?

Turning back to the monk, Inuyasha voiced a thought that had been plaguing him since the monk had started traveling with them. The answer he received only made him angrier. How could Kagome like this guy? He was a pervert, a liar, practically a thief! Deceiving people for his own gain! What did she see in him? Why did she seem to enjoy his company more than his own?

His thoughts were interrupted by the appearance of his brother.

Later, as he laid there in a haze of pain, his sensitive ears picked up her sobs as gentle hands carefully bandaged his wounds, her voice pleading with him to survive, to be alright. Tears dripped onto his face, tears not for the monk but for him. And he realized that while she might care for the pervert as a friend, she cared for him as well, perhaps even more. And that realization only made his decision easier. She could have been killed today. What would he have done if that had happened? It would have been his fault, she had been trying to save him. His resolve strengthened. He couldn't allow her to be put in harm's way. Kagome must remain safe, she must return to her own time, for good.