InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Inuyasha Drabbles ❯ Making Amends ( Chapter 53 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Originally posted to Inuyasha Fanfiction on September 10, 2012 for Drabble #44 Hideout.

Title: Making Amends
Author: ananova
Word Count: 500
Prompt: Hideout
Genre: Friendship
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Characters: Kagome, Inuyasha
Summary: Inuyasha tries to hide from Kagome but doesn't quite succeed. Follows An Epic Mistake which is the story immediately preceding this one in the collection.


Inuyasha grumbled as he rubbed his nose and jaw in his hiding place in a tree. He was lucky he had managed to claw his way up the well when Kagome paused to breathe. That last “Osuwari” of hers had pulled him into the well, nearly burying him in it on the other side. As soon as the subjugation spell had released him, he had hightailed it out of there before Kagome could follow him through the well and continue to say that word.

He sighed then winced as his back twinged. He carefully peered around the foliage. At least she wouldn't be able to find him here.


“Gah!” Thud! He groaned as he lay in the crater his body had formed after being pulled from the tree. How had she found him, especially so quickly?

“A piece of advice. Trees do not make a good hideout, especially not when you are dressed in vibrant red and have silver hair. You stand out like a sore thumb against the green and brown,” Kagome said icily as she stared down at him.

His ears flattened against his head as he felt the spell release its hold, though he dared not lift his head. “'M sorry,” he mumbled into the dirt.

Kagome stopped before even starting her rant. “What?” She couldn't have heard him correctly.

Realizing that she wasn't immediately saying that word, Inuyasha warily lifted his head. “I'm sorry,” he repeated, his face twisting into a pout.

Kagome sighed and dropped down to sit next to him. “What in the world made you decide to use Tessaiga, let alone that attack in my house?”

“I wasn't thinking. Souta told me you were struggling against demon spiders and when I entered they were on top of you. I just... reacted.”

“I'm gonna kill that little brat,” she muttered before shaking her head. “I understand that you just wanted to protect me. But next time, try using your claws first. At least if you're in my house. They are less destructive.”

“Fine,” Inuyasha agreed. “What was up with the spiders anyway?”

“They were decorations for a party. I meant to tell you but forgot. Sorry,” she gave him a sheepish smile.

“So, I ruined your party?” His ears drooped.

“It's alright, I didn't really want to have it anyway. My friends talked me into it and you know how they can be.”

Inuyasha snorted at that.

Kagome's smile brightened. “Come on back with me. They have probably left by now and there should be plenty of food left.” She watched him perk up at that. “And then you can help clean up the mess you made.”

He sighed. “Guess that's fair. Alright, let's go.” He rose and held out his hand, a small smile crossing his face when she let him pull her to her feet. The smile grew when she didn't release his hand and they walked hand-in-hand back to the well.