InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Kagome Meet Grimmjow And Their Adventure ❯ Kagome Saves Sesshomaru's Pup ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Three days later


Kagome came out of the bone eater there and started to walk back to the village. When she heard a scream for help. She runs towards the screaming with her bow and arrows. When she gets there she sees a little girl being chased by a bear demon. She pulls her bow and arrow ready to fire and fires it at the bear demon instantly killing it.


Kagome point of view


I checked if the girl was injured. To my relief, the girl wasn't injured. I heard a rustling noise come from behind me. I quickly notched an arrow in my bow and aimed it at the figure coming out of the bushes. The girl looked at the figure and yelled "Lord Sesshomaru" as she ran to him. He answered "Rin" as he walks towards me and the girl I presume is Rin. He stopped walking, having 4 feet between us, and patted Rin's head in a caring way. I put my arrow and bow away.


"This kind lady saved Rin from that mean bear demon." Stated Rin.


"Thank you for saving this Sesshomaru's ward, Miko." Said Sesshomaru.


"Your welcome Lord Sesshomaru" I stated as I turned to leave.


"Miko as your gift for saving this Sesshomaru's ward, you are going to train in swordsmanship by this Sesshomaru every night, starting tonight in this clearing Miko you can't get out of this offer" Stated Sesshomaru.


"Okay, see you later Lord Sesshomaru-sensei" I said as I was leaving them in the clearing. I went to the village to tell the group what happened.


I went to Kaede's hut and explained what happened. "Sango can you train me in demon-slaying and Miroku can you train me in my Miko powers?" I asked them.


"Sure" They said at the same time.