InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Kagome Meet Grimmjow And Their Adventure ❯ Mate ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Flashback 2 months ago Normal point of view


Kagome and her pack were fighting a horde of low-level demons that were trying to destroy a village. Miroku used his staff to fight a snake demon while his wind tunnel sucked up demons that attacked his group mates' blind spots. Sango on Kirara in the sky. "HIRAIKOTSU" yells Sango. Sango throws her boomerang at a 3 headed dog demon. Grimmjow and Kagome are fighting an 8 story tall earth dragon. Every single time, Grimmjow tries to attack a mud-like wall stops him from hitting its body. Kagome has her bow and arrows to shoot but the arrows break when they hit the dragon's skin.

"Grimmjow I have a plan." Stated Kagome as she walked towards him.

"What’s your plan?" Asked Grimmjow

"I shoot my arrow towards him," pointing at the charging dragon "and you follow my arrow and you use your sword to attack him directly." Answered/said Kagome.


"Okay let’s try it." Said Grimmjow.


Kagome notches her arrow and points at the dragon. Grimmjow grabs his sword and gets ready to follow the arrow at the same time. Kagome lets the arrow loose, streaking through the air the arrow hits the mud wall and purifies it as it rushes towards its target. As the arrow hits the target, Grimmjow cuts the dragon's head off. As the dragon's body falls down its tail pushes an unexpected Kagome off the cliff into the raging waters below. Grimmjow saw Kagome fall off the cliff and jumped off the cliff and grabbed Kagome in mid-air. Both of them fell into the water.


A day later in a cave, there are two figures. One of the figures was a midnight blue hair female and looks like she caught a fever. The second figure is a man with bluish-green hair and has a worried expression on his face. The man is trying to cool the female's fever down. The female started to stir.


"Arg, What happened?" Asked the female.


"Ah, You are finally awake, I was getting worried there, Kagome." The man exclaimed.


"How long have I been out for, Grimmjow?" Questioned Kagome.


"A day." Answered Grimmjow.


"So what happened?" Asked Kagome the second time.


"When we finally defeated the dragon demon its tail whacked you from behind and knocked you off the cliff. I jumped off the cliff to save you. I got to you before we hit the surface of the water and I dragged you out of the water into this cave." Answered Grimmjow.


"What happened to the others?" Asked Kagome.


"Right now you have a fever and you're going to ask about your pride members." Said Grimmjow.


"I don't know what happened to them, after all, I was with you the whole time." Answered Grimmjow.


'That's what I like about you' thought Grimmjow. 'Maybe I should ask Kagome to be my mate.' He thought.


"What do you think of me?" Asked Grimmjow.


"I think I am starting to fall in love with you. What do you think of me?" Answered/questioned Kagome.


"Same here, will you be my mate Kagome?" Asked Grimmjow.


"Yes" Answered Kagome.


"Kagome I am going to give you a mating mark and do the same thing on me." Said Grimmjow.


"I will bite you on your right collarbone and you do the same thing on me. Okay." Said Grimmjow.


Grimmjow bit Kagome on the right collar bone as Kagome did the same thing on Grimmjow.


After they bite each other the bites change shape to a jewel with a claw mark on top.


Two days later Kagome got better and they headed towards Kaede's village. When they got to the village Kagome was greeted with a small red ball running towards her. The hit made her and the red ball hit the ground. "Mama I missed you I was worried." Said the small red ball as it cried in her shirt. "Don't worry Shippo I am here." Said Kagome.