InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Kikyo's Haunted House ❯ Pick the Room! ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter Three

Kagome looked up from the bottom of the well as she traveled back to the feudal era. `Well, Inuyasha is going to be happy that I'm back on the same day. Good thing the school received a bomb threat and had to close. Now Grandpa doesn't have to come up with another excuse like monkey-nucleosis or something like that....'

She heaved her backpack over the edge of the well and climbed out. `Why do I have to pack so much? This thing weighs a ton!' As Kagome was reaching down to pick up her backpack, she heard the soft thud of someone jumping to the ground.

"Oh hello Inuyasha!" was out before Kagome saw who it was. "Kouga! What are you doing here?" Kagome said in surprise pulling the back pack onto her shoulders.

"Can't I come and see how my woman's doing? Is Dog-Breath treating you well? If not you can always come and live with me, you know that Kagome." Kouga said as he gazed into her eyes lovingly.

"I know that Kouga, but I already told you, I have a duty to fulfill. I have to collect the Shikon shards with Inuyasha. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Really." Kagome added when he didn't look to sure.

"Alright Kagome, just give a shout if you ever need me for anything. I'll wait for Mutt-face to show up to do his job. After all, I can't leave my woman with no protection. I just wish I was always here to protect you. I'd do a much better job than Dog-turd." Kouga said as he put his hands on her shoulders.

"Well Kouga, it really has been a nice time seeing you but I have to find Inuyasha so we can continue on our quest." `Speaking of Inuyasha, where is he? He'd usually be here by now....unless he was with Kikyo...' Kagome thought sadly.

Kouga could tell she was sad by her expression and this got him mad because he was supposed to protect her. Suspecting it was because of Inuyasha, and being right, he gripped Kagome's shoulders again and asked her what the stupid mutt had done now.

Kagome opened her mouth to tell Kouga that he hadn't done anything when a chilling laugh echoed through the clearing.

"Oh this is precious. The wolf has fallen in love with her. How sweet." Kikyo sneered and stepped into the clearing as Kouga pulled Kagome into a protective embrace before stepping in front of her.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Kouga demanded as most of his instincts began to scream at him to get out of there. The ones that weren't yelling at him to run were screaming at him that he couldn't leave Kagome there with this potentially dangerous enemy. He was considering grabbing Kagome and running to his cave or at least somewhere safe when he was startled out of his thoughts.

The witch had trapped them with her miko powers! Smoke that turned out to be knock out gas filled the small dome that Kagome and Kouga were trapped in.

Kagome fell to the ground coughing before finally falling under the effects of the gas.

`I have to protect Kagome!' was the last thought Kouga had as he crawled over to the unconscious girl and wrapped her in his arms before going into a deep sleep as well.

"Well this is going to be hilarious to watch. Inuyasha is sure going to be entertaining to watch!" Kikyo said as she used her soul swimmers to transport all the unconscious bodies to a house. A certain house. A house that was haunted. (Dun dun dun!!)


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The Inuyasha gang woke up to find themselves in a brightly lit room on the floor, or in Kagome's case, in Kouga's arms.

"Kagome!! Kouga!! What did you do to her?!" Inuyasha roared as he pulled out Tettsusaiga(sp?) and aimed it at Kouga.

"Inuyasha! Sit! Kouga didn't do anything to me except protect me from Kikyo!" Kagome yelled at Inuyasha from the floor. "Um, Kouga? You can let me go now, everything's okay."

Kouga embarrassingly let go of Kagome so they both could get off the floor.

"Ah my dear Sango, why couldn't we find ourselves in that position, mmh?" Miroku said as his hand slid down Sango's backside for a grope.

Sango stiffened before sending a glare in Miroku's direction and bringing Hiraikotsu down on his head. Making a Miroku imprint on the floor.

Kagome seemed to find the wooden floor very interesting as did Kouga. Silence filed over the group before Inuyasha said "Well we might as well find-" everyone thought he would say "a way out" but it came out a little differently. "out why Kagome was in Kouga's arms!!"

Everyone looked at Inuyasha who was glaring at the wolf and miko who now had found the ceiling very interesting. Then they all, looked at Kouga and Kagome as they shuffled their feet.

"Well," Kouga started, "I was out for a run and decided to check up on how my woman was doing. Then this witch in miko's robes that looked exactly like Kagome, except that Kagome is more beautiful." he said stealing a glance at the blushing Kagome. "She trapped us and knocked us out with some special smoke. So I protected her as best as I could. Which is more than you could say Mutt-face." Kouga finished with a glare at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha returned the glare along with his explanation of the story. Minus the part where he said stuff about Kagome and how he ran to Kikyo.

Shippo looked at Kouga and Kagome and then Inuyasha. Adults were strange. Very strange. Inuyasha completely missed out the fact that he said that he liked Kagome back.

Shippo opened his mouth to insert this very important detail but with a glare from Inuyasha decided that he valued his life. He wisely kept his mouth shut and bounded over to Kagome and up to her shoulder. There he nestled in her hair and smiled contently as Kagome reached up and rubbed his hair affectionately.

"Well we might as well look for an exit." Miroku said since he had come back to the conscious shortly before.

Everyone looked around the room at the different doors that led out of the room. "Why don't we all pick a door and see where it goes in to, we can shout if we need help." Sango said helpfully.

Everybody agreed and after a slight dispute of whether Kagome should go alone or with somebody, Inuyasha ended up being paired with her and Shippo.

Shippo tried to tell Inuyasha that he could protect Kagome but backed off when Inuyasha told him he couldn't even protect his chocolate from ants. This almost earned him a "sit" but he carefully didn't say anything else.

Sango and Kirara took the room on the far left. Miroku took the one on the left. Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo took the one on the right and that left Kouga with the one on the far right.

Kikyo's laugh could be heard as she smirked, "Now all the problem is, which to torture first?" Her cold, dead laugh echoed in the empty room as she decided.



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