InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Lend A Helping Voice ❯ A Thought, Sight, and Plan ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
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Sota age 9

Rin age 7


Summary: Rin grabs a small shard of the Shikon Jewel and accidentally slips inside the well falling through Kagome's era. Not knowing how she got there or where she was she sets off to look for help. Meeting Sota, he helps her out getting adjusted to the new surroundings while Kagome and the others look for Rin with the help of Sesshoumaru. Rin/Sota, Inuyasha/Kagome/Sesshoumaru


A quiet and soothing humming was heard deep in the forest, a small rustle here and there from the bushes were seen as brown hair tied in a side ponytail bent down to pick up berries. Standing up fully the height of the girl was no bigger then half of a full grown adult as she wore an orange outfit holding a basket full of berries. 'I hope Sesshoumaru-otochan will like this' she thought to herself, still not quite able to grasp the words that she wanted to speak for a long time. Skipping back she stopped and turned around thinking she saw a small shimmer of purple. Not seeing any she blinked and skipped back to looking for her "father"(1).


"Hmm..." Sota blinked and jumped on the well's inside as if trying to break through, giving a frustrated growl he pounded his fist into the dirt. "Maaaann" he groaned and sat down, "I so wanna go in there! Why is Kagome able to go there but me!" he said frowning. "Maybe....maybe if I sit here long enough the ground will break and let me in" he thought sweatdropping at how stupid it sounded. "'s worth a shot" he said walking home getting ready.


"Go to sleep now Rin" Sesshoumaru said leaning against a tree, Rin nodded and snuggled up against his tail, her bangs covering her face as Sesshoumaru glanced at her. He treated her like his own daughter, he had this sudden need to protect the small human girl. Yet...he wanted to protect someone else...someone who he could love and because of that love he would protect with all his might. He didn't mean that he didn't love Rin, he loved her like a father and daughter would or an older brother and younger sister would, but he needed to love, really love. He shook his head at the thoughts, what was he thinking, how could HE Lord Sesshoumaru heartless Lord Sesshoumaru ever love? He scoffed at the thought and closed his eyes falling asleep.


"Inuyasha, can we rest now? My legs are tired" Kagome said pouting a bit, her back a bit slouched as she pushed her bike along side of Inuyasha, Shippo in the basket watching butterflies pass by. Kagome blinked and looked at Inuyasha, 'why hasn't he responded? Usually when I say this he always yells back at me, did I do something wrong?' she thought as she stared at his face who seemed to be in deep concentration. "Inuyasha...?" she whispered as he continued walking, still not noticing her. Miroku and Sango tilted their head in confusion and walked faster so they caught up to them. Stealing a puzzled glance at Kagome, Miroku lightly tapped Inuyasha on the head with his staff.

"Kikyo...?" the half demon replied looking up a bit dazed, Kagome stopped dead in her tracks as she bit her lip.

"No Inuyasha, Kagome" she said to him.

"Oh, sorry I was just thinking" he mumbled mindlessly and continued walking, Kagome gripped the handlebars on her bike and continued as well, Shippo, Sango, Miroku, and Kilala all glanced at eachother and sighed.


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