InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Love is Blind ❯ Chapter 11

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Chapter Eleven






Raising herself up on her knees a bit, he steadied her with both of his hands on her waist while allowing her to guide both her descent and his shaft, herself, her right hand still gripping him firmly. Slowly, bit by bit, she lowered herself on top of him, hissing a little in mild discomfort as his size stretched muscles that hadn't needed to stretch that far in five years – or ever, really, since neither of her previous boyfriends had been nearly his size! – but it wasn't really painful and she had no intention of stopping until her body had swallowed him whole.


For Inuyasha's part, he was biting his lower lip so hard he almost punctured it with his fangs, desperately trying to keep a whimper bottled up. Kagome didn't know the specifics since she could only sense emotions, it wasn't like she could actually read his mind, but his mixed desire for her to both go even slower and hurry it the hell up was unmistakable. The feel of being one with her was nearly overwhelming for him. While as a hanyou he had a much higher tolerance for pain, and in fact he was much harder to injure in the first place, one very big exception to that rule was the part of his body that Kagome had just taken prisoner. He'd learned long ago through self-exploration that sexual sensations were muted in his human form along with his senses like sight, hearing and smell. The difference wasn't nearly as severe as with those other senses, but it was definitely still noticeable, which hadn't really made sense to him at first since he'd figure that logically, if he could feel pain more strongly as a human then he should feel pleasure more strongly as one, too, but that turned out not to be the case at least when it came to sexual pleasure.


He'd found out that it was just an inu-youkai thing. Inu-youkai just apparently had very sensitive dicks, and he had been lucky enough to be blessed with that particular part of his youkai heritage. At the nervous system level, at least. He was actually extremely grateful that his phallus looked fully human aside from the pink color of everything below the foreskin. A medical book on inu-youkai biology had taught him that full-blooded male inu-youkai actually formed knots. That was something he had not needed to know when thinking about his father and mother getting it on, and he was extremely grateful he'd gotten that book after moving out to his own apartment so that he hadn't needed to have breakfast with her every morning with those types of thoughts in his head.


In that moment, though, he wasn't thinking about his mother. Why the hell would he be? He was already well aware of the ins and outs of inu-youkai penises at that point, and in that moment the only ins and outs he was thinking about involved the young miko currently sitting on his lap, his cock now fully buried within her.


Kagome was also having a bit of a 'how the hell did THIS happen' moment. She'd just had Miroku bring her over to Inuyasha's apartment so she could talk to him, let him know she knew he was inu and didn't care, reassure him that she still loved him and still wanted to be with him. It's not like he had said 'prove it' afterwards.


Although I'd say this definitely does!


And she wasn't his girlfriend. Not any longer. She was his fiancée, so it was perfectly acceptable to make love to her future husband on the day he proposed.


That was her story and she was sticking with it.


“I wish I could see your face...” she whispered softly.


“Why?” he replied just as quietly, hoping to lighten the mood. “So you can laugh at all the goofy faces I'll be making?” He bounced his hips a little. “'Cause you feel fucking fantastic, and you haven't even started moving yet.”


“I can feel this, you know...” she said as she reached for his face, careful not to accidentally poke him in the eye as she brushed the back of her fingers against his damp cheek. He'd been crying.


Reaching up, he grabbed her hand and held it to his face, before then bringing it over to his mouth and kissing the back of her hand.


“Damn, your empathic powers are strong,” he chuckled.


“Only with you,” she confessed. “Because you're so focused on me, so instead of just overhearing a conversation people might be having amongst themselves, with you, it's like you're shouting your feelings at me.”


“They're tears of joy,” he assured her then.


“I know...and I feel the same way.”


She kissed him again, and then gripping his shoulders to steady herself, she moved her legs, shifting them so that she was squatting over him, both of her feet flat on the couch cushions on either side of his thighs. Then, with her hands still on his shoulders for leverage, she started raising herself up and down. His hands were back on her waist, but he let her control her movements at her own pace.


For the next minute or so all was quiet, except for the occasional muffled grunts, growls and whimpers he tried and failed not to vocalize. Finally, she said, “You don't have to stay quiet for my sake. Now that I know you're canine, and I know there are no lower, animal dogs in here, I'll know the sounds are you and I won't be afraid of them. Be yourself.”


“If I were really going to be myself, I'd flip us over and pound you into oblivion.”


His straining, gravelly voice combined with what he said sent a fresh wave of tingles washing over her body. Holding still a moment, she brazenly asked, “Who's stopping you?”


The next thing Kagome knew, her back was on the couch, her ass was in the air, strong hands were gripping her hips in a tight but not painful grasp, and the most mind numbing, violent pleasure she'd ever experienced was wracking her entire frame as he slammed into her over and over again faster than a human man would be capable of moving. A dildo could be moved that fast by a strong arm, but not a set of hips, that she knew of, and he was unrelenting, untiring, and she was dripping as she screamed in pleasure from the onslaught.


He was far from silent. He had roared as he'd turned them over, like a hunter capturing his prey, and if it hadn't been for his previous insecurities Kagome would've wondered in that moment if that's what she was. He'd had her in his sights, and he'd captured her. But she was the one who'd walked into the lion's den; she'd had to convince him that she wanted to be his prey, but now that he was convinced she could tell he was never going to let her go...and she would never want him to.


A second climax, this one of a different nature, rushed up on her out of nowhere, as his relentless pounding stimulated the internal part of her clitoris, and she screamed so loud his ears pinned back against his head. As she began trembling uncontrollably below him, Inuyasha didn't resist or attempt to hold it at bay when he felt his own climax on the approach, and as it hit him he howled his release, as his hips locked and he held her as tightly against his groin as possible, emptying himself deep within her.


He knelt frozen like that for a moment or three, and Kagome could feel his still hard phallus pulsating within her. For a second she wondered if he was going to start thrusting again, but then finally, he pulled away from her, lowering her lower half to the couch. She immediately reached up for him, found his arm, and tugged him down. He went willingly, lying down stretched out on top of her, and she hooked her legs around his own while her left hand rested on his back and her right hand found his left ear, stroking gently.


“I love you,” she murmured quietly after a moment. It was no big revelation at that point, but something she'd still felt the need to say.


“I love you, too,” he replied, for the same reason. Then thinking about something, he laughed.


“What's so funny?” His amusement was enough to trigger her own, a chuckle escaping her lips before she even knew what the joke was.


“I just realized I'm really glad it's around midday on Monday, so my neighbors are all at work, otherwise the taijiya would probably be breaking my door down around now, someone having called them convinced there was a youkai beast in here murdering some innocent young woman.”


She chuckled again at the thought, then said with a teasing edge, “Hmmm, that's not far from the truth.”


“You asked for it,” he pointed out.


“Yes, yes I did, and I'm grateful. I want you to know you can always be yourself with me.”


“Keep talking like that and I'm going to start crying again.”


“That's okay, too.”


He kissed her, and the depth of emotion she could feel from him told her everything she needed to know.


“So do I get to keep you?” he asked her after after a moment, still lying stretched out on top of her. “Or do I have to return you to your family?”


“I can stay for a while, call Mama and let her know I'm visiting 'cause we worked everything out, but I should probably go home sometime today, unfortunately,” she replied honestly. “Gotta go to work tomorrow and I'll need a shower and a change of clothes.”


“You can shower here,” he offered. “Master bathroom has a nice soaking tub and everything.”


“Mmm, that sounds lovely. But I'd still need a change of clothes.” Thinking about it a moment, she said, “But at some point in the not too distant future I'll definitely take you up on that. I love me a good bath.”


“Hopefully at some point in the not too distant future, you'll be moving in with me,” he replied shyly.


“That's my intention,” she confirmed, putting that mild worry of his to rest. “But I can't just up and move out of my home right away. Even though I don't need my family's permission to marry you, 'cause this is the 21st century, it'd be nice if they got to know you better, for their own peace of mind.”


She could feel his worry starting to grow again, so then she assured him, “They already know you're hanyou. I told Mama everything yesterday as soon as I got home, and she immediately didn't have a problem with it. Even teased me about puppy grandchildren,” she said, which had him blushing. “Then last night we told my brother and grandfather, together. Jii-chan wasn't thrilled...” she said with in a disappointed tone of voice, “...but he ultimately gave me his blessing, saying that he knew I was a good judge of character, especially with my sixth sense restored, and so if I was happy, he was happy for me.”


“That's amazing. I was worried your grandfather would try to purify me or something when he found out.”


Kagome laughed again at that.


“My grandfather might be a bit set in his ways, but this isn't the Feudal era, and he's the one who taught me not to be racist towards youkai growing up. We're all just different beings put here by the kami. How can it be right of people who profess to serve the kami to harbor hatred and prejudice towards other beings that also belong to the kami?”


“Your grandfather sounds very wise.”


Finally getting up off of Kagome, because it was starting to be awkward having such a serious conversation while still lying naked and sweaty on top of her, he gathered up her clothes for her and helped her stand so she could get dressed when she joked that her legs felt like jello. Once they were both fully dressed, Kagome retrieved her phone from her skirt pocket and dialed home.


Without going into details that were nobody's business, Kagome told her mother that she and Inuyasha had talked, had gotten the misunderstanding all sorted out, and that not only were they back together as an official couple, he'd just asked her to marry him, and she'd already said yes.


Mrs. Higurashi was beyond happy for her daughter, and told Kagome that she could visit with him as long as she wanted, when Kagome told her she'd be staying over at his place for a while before he brought her home, and she also told her daughter that he was welcome – read, expected – to stay and visit for a while when he did.


Deciding not to worry about that until the time came, once Kagome hung up the phone, Inuyasha asked her if she was hungry.


“It ain't as good as the stuff Sango makes, but I have a cupboard full of instant ramen if you'd be okay with that?”


“Sounds perfect.”


They visited for hours, talking about everything and nothing. They took turns telling stories about their childhoods, quizzed each other regarding their likes and dislikes, and Inuyasha even took her on a tour of his luxury apartment, taking the time to describe each room in vivid detail. Finally, a little before dinnertime at the Higurashi residence, Inuyasha drove Kagome home.


He was nervous about walking on hallowed ground in his hanyou form, but Kagome assured him that only the main shrine building had wards on it that would prevent anyone with demonic blood from entering. Sure enough, when he walked with her up the shrine steps, he could feel how incredibly powerful the land was, like being in the presence of a powerful reiki user, but it did not reject him.


As Kagome put it, reiki and youki were not automatically opposing forces, which was why a reiki wielder life-boned to a youkai, who would then have their partner's youki running through their system as a result, could also still channel and use their reiki. That reminder had him longing to find a way to restore her reiki so that they could do the bonding, a longing that Kagome could feel from him and also shared, herself, and squeezing his hand she told him quietly that they would find a way. She had brand new determination.


Making it to her family's home, they quickly agreed that it was a topic for another time, unless her mother or grandfather actually asked them about it.


Mrs. Higurashi was delighted to meet the real Inuyasha when they arrived, of course, Kagome not bothering to knock but instead just opening the door wide with a call of “I'm home!”


Removing his sandals in the genkan, he was not barefoot as he'd thought beforehand to put on a pair of tabi socks. He'd also thrown on a gray outer robe over his white kosode, though he'd left his hair loose, not tied back, and as Kagome's grandfather looked him up and down next, the holy man nodded his approval as Inuyasha executed a formal bow to the Higurashi elder.


Souta was just as easy to please. He simply asked Inuyasha if his inner youkai had chosen Kagome – everyone in the room knew what that meant – and he unabashedly answered that yes, yes it had.


That had actually been one of the things he and Kagome had discussed earlier, when she'd asked him about the deep seeded protectiveness she could feel from him. It'd come out that he had been the one following Kagome the day he'd accidentally let Kikyou sense him, which had Kagome briefly thinking she owed Kikyou an apology, despite the other woman's blatant bigotry. He'd actually admitted to following her every day, then, ever since she'd told him about nearly missing her bus, and instead of being disturbed by the information, she'd found it hopelessly romantic, because she understood the psyche of inu-youkai and understood what it really meant for him to care about her so deeply.


She'd then told Inuyasha that if he was going to insist on continuing to follow her that he may as well just drive her to work. He'd already offered to, and at first she'd politely turned him down, only from a place of not wanting to inconvenience him. He had a business to run, after all, which required his presence at an earlier time in the morning than when she left for work. That was when he'd confessed to already leaving the noodle shop that time of day, anyway, which had had Kagome ultimately conceding that she'd rather he drove her then, because who actually liked taking the bus?


In that moment, in the Higurashi household, Inuyasha discussed it with Kagome's mother, asking if it'd be all right for him to show up there in the mornings to take Kagome to work. Mrs. Higurashi didn't have a problem with it, of course. At first he said he could just wait for Kagome down at the bottom of the shrine steps, so as not to risk disrupting any holy services that might be going on, but waving off his concern, Atsuko assured him that he was family now and more than welcome at the family home any time he wanted.


The rest of their visit went just as smoothly, Kagome's mother insisting that he stay for dinner, which he gladly did because it meant being in Kagome's presence that much longer. When he finally left for the night he and Kagome shared a quick, chaste goodbye kiss, with his promise that he'd be back in the morning to take her to work.


He was right on schedule, of course, and also brought Kagome back home again at the end of her shift. The rest of the week went by much the same way, the only morning he didn't see her being Sunday, since she was off and therefore didn't need a ride to work. They made up for it that night, though, as he finally took her out on their belated second date, to Aka Ryu. She'd also surprised and delighted him by having an overnight bag packed, so after dinner he took her back to his place, not to be returned home until the following evening.


Feeling a little guilty about disappearing from the bus stop for a whole week without explanation, not that she really thought Kikyou cared – though of course, she honestly had no idea if the woman cared or not because she hadn't yet been around the older miko with her ability to sense souls restored – Kagome wanted to head down to the bus stop the following morning to let Kikyou, and the bus driver, know that she was alive and well.


At first Inuyasha wondered if that meant she just wanted to walk to the bus like old times that Tuesday morning, and he had been prepared to follow her again, and from a safe distance so as not to be detected, but then with her head held high Kagome told him she wanted him to walk her to the bus stop. She wasn't planning on actually using the bus; she just wanted to talk to Kikyou and the driver real quick, and then he could take her to work in his car.


After Kikyou's initial reaction to just the feel of a youkai nearby, Kagome was admittedly expecting lip from the woman, but also thinking about the bus drivers – whichever driver this one was, she would just ask him to please let the other one know, so this trip was definitely a one and done – she wanted to do this despite whatever Kikyou's reaction was going to be, for her own peace of mind. Plus, Kagome would admit it, there was a part of her that wanted to throw her relationship with Inuyasha in the other miko's face.


As they approached the bus stop, though, Kikyou's reaction to their arrival was not what either of them had been expecting.


Instead of feeling shock or disgust at the sight of them coming up the road, Kikyou almost seemed panicked.


“She smells afraid,” Inuyasha murmured quietly around the same time Kagome started feeling it.


She could sense it from a greater distance than normal because, just like with Inuyasha, Kikyou was actually focusing on her, projecting her emotions at her, and it instantly made Kagome regret this decision. She hadn't wanted to frighten Kikyou. Had Kikyou been attacked at some point, too, and was now also traumatized because of it?


“You're not walking behind me in a way that looks like you're stalking me without my notice, are you?” Kagome asked him quietly, while they were still out of Kikyou's hearing range.


Because it was rather forward to hold hands in public, and they were earning enough 'looks' as it was, Inuyasha was walking beside and slightly behind Kagome while she swept the sidewalk with her cane like she normally did.


“If you couldn't sense my emotions and didn't know I was here, would you know I was here?” he asked, and she knew what he meant. He was right next to her, his sandals slapping on the sidewalk; of course she'd know someone was there.


As they got close enough for Kikyou to hear them, the woman looking frozen to the spot while she stared at Inuyasha, Kagome called out, “I didn't mean to scare you. In fact, I was worried you might have been worried about my absence last week, so I wanted to let you know I was okay.”


Kikyou snapped out of her stupor, then, but didn't seem to fully process what Kagome said.


“Kagome...” she began cautiously. “Don't make any sudden moves.”


Okay, first of all, I'm right fucking here, Inuyasha groused in his mind. Did Kikyou think he was just an animal that didn't understand their language or what?


But before he could say anything, Kagome beat him too it.


“Oh for the love of... Kikyou, meet my fiancé, Inuyasha Taisho.”


Condescendingly, he bowed.


Kikyou snapped her eyes to Kagome at the title.


“Your what?


Kagome shrugged, and decided to play innocent.


“I know we've only gone on a couple of official dates, but we've actually been friends for a couple of years now, so...” She let her words trail off as she shrugged again.


“Kagome...I think you have been deceived,” Kikyou said in her version of tact.


Actually, I can't be deceived,” Kagome revealed then. “Not any longer, at least. All of my miko abilities have been locked away since I was attacked by the inugami that blinded me, but a little over a week ago I suddenly regained my ability to sense a person's soul. I'm hopeful my ability to sense and use reiki will follow suit.


Kikyou felt completely shocked by this revelation, which wasn't surprising since she'd never even known Kagome was a miko. Kagome had also wanted to reveal the part about her being attacked to let Kikyou know that if that was where her fear was coming from, she understood.


Kikyou was not a survivor, though. She'd just grown up in a racist household hearing bedtime stories of the big bad youkai.


“ are a miko, and still plan on m-marrying this...this...”


“Inu-hanyou,” Inuyasha provided in a sarcastic tone of voice.


He immediately noticed it when Kikyou suddenly didn't feel quite as afraid anymore, and quietly he wondered if it was perhaps only pure youkai that bothered her – and the strength of his youki had had her assuming he was one – while learning that he was half human now actually made her feel a little bit better, like he had a human soul or something. He could not sense the growing determination within her because there was no malicious intent behind it, which would have made her smell like danger.


It made Kagome nervous as hell, though, which he definitely noticed, which put his instincts on high alert, which made his spiritual hackles raise, which made Kikyou even more determined to immediately follow through with her plan before the bus arrived and, with it, witnesses.


“Hanyou, you say? Then it is not impossible to purge you of your taint.”


Inuyasha felt it, then, as the miko's reiki built up, but there was no time to react.


Kagome felt it, too, via Inuyasha, because she suddenly felt his fear and coupled with Kikyou's words that could only mean one thing.


“Kikyou, no!” Kagome screamed, just as the other miko's determination shifted into satisfaction. It was too late.


But then, nothing happened, and Kagome was flooded with shock from both Inuyasha and Kikyou, the latter also feeling afraid again.


“You tried to purify me,” Inuyasha said then, sounding more in awe than dangerously pissed off. For all the prejudice he'd had to face so far in his life, he'd never been treated like a lower youkai beast before. He'd really only been teasing when he'd told Kagome he had been worried her grandfather would try to purify him. That Kikyou actually had? That was unfathomable.


“I tried to cleanse you, to free you of your youkai taint,” Kikyou argued, sounding as afraid as she felt, like she thought Inuyasha was going to retaliate now that she'd been unable to render him harmless.


Ignoring her, Kagome asked her fiancé “How did you block her attack?”


Smirking, feeling amusement she could sense from him, Inuyasha leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I didn't. You did.”




With her shock, the barrier she'd thrown up around the both of them popped out of existence, but when it broke, the remaining seal on her powers broke with it. Gasping and stumbling, Inuyasha caught her easily, and he didn't have to ask her if she was okay this time because he could easily sense just how okay she really was. Her reiki was much stronger than Kikyou's, which it'd needed to be in order to stop the other miko's attack, and the way Kikyou was now staring at Kagome with her mouth hanging open told him that she could sense it, too.


The bus showed up right then, and quietly, Inuyasha told Kikyou that if she ever tried that shit again, he'd press charges. It was an empty threat, really, since he had no intention of ever seeing her again, and was really more of a declaration that he wasn't going to press charges this time, but the only reason why was because, ultimately, she hadn't harmed him.


That, and the fact that her little stunt had ended up unlocking the rest of Kagome's powers, and all because Kagome had suddenly gotten that guilty feeling about disappearing from her daily bus route without saying goodbye.


The kami worked in mysterious ways.


When the bus door opened, Kagome ignored Kikyou and greeted the driver, who was thankfully one of the regulars as he immediately said “Kagome! I missed you last week.”


She told him then, very briefly so as not to hold them up, that she was doing great but wouldn't be riding the bus anymore, because her fiancé was going to be giving her rides to work from now on. The driver could see Inuyasha just fine through the open door, and all he said was “Good man,” with a friendly nod. Now that Kagome had her sixth sense back, she knew the driver actually did care for her, in a protective, fatherly sort of way – he wasn't just pretending to be nice – and harboring no prejudice in his heart, he was genuinely happy for her.


They left, then, letting Kikyou get on the bus in peace. Heading back to the shrine, where Inuyasha had parked his car, they got in his car and headed to work for the day, Inuyasha dropping her off right in front of Hojo's Holistic Healing before heading up to Mushin's Noodles.


The rest of the week went by uneventfully. With Hojo and her family all easily able to sense the return of Kagome's reiki, they took turns helping her with a few exercises to regain the ability to fully control her powers. Much like with the return of her ability to read souls, though, it had really only been overwhelming at first, and pretty soon, just like with riding a bicycle, it all came back to her.


Now that they could, she and Inuyasha were eager to do the bonding, but there was no way they'd be able to sleep apart after that, while likewise, her grandfather would never approve of her moving in with him without being properly wed, and while he couldn't really forbid it, Kagome loved and respected her grandfather and wanted to do right by her family's honor.


Since Christmas was rapidly approaching, it might have seemed a bit rushed, but they planned for a Christmas Eve wedding.


During all the craziness, Inuyasha did not forget to tell his mother the good news, of course.


He'd previously told her about Kagome with hesitant optimism back when he'd first asked Kagome out on that first date, and while he thankfully hadn't revealed the truth depth of his assholitry to his mother, he had told her, with much disappointment, when he'd been convinced it couldn't work out between them. Just like Sango and Miroku, Izayoi had told her son that he still needed to tell Kagome the truth about what he was, so that she could then decide for herself whether or not she wanted to be with him, rather than him just deciding for her.


He'd told his mother after that first Monday at his apartment that he and Kagome had worked everything out and were together, as well as the fact that she'd gotten her ability to sense souls back, without telling her the exact nature of how that'd come about. Happiliy telling her later when Kagome regained her other powers, and of their upcoming wedding plans, he then brought Kagome over to meet his mother in person, and she and Izayoi immediately hit it off.


He even called up his father around the same time, not that he expected the daiyoukai to come to the wedding, and indeed Toga Taisho said that he would not be attending, but briefly, he did also tell his son that he was happy for him, that he had found someone to love. When Inuyasha informed him that they planned on doing the soul-bond, Toga not-so-cryptically stated that in that case, he looked forward to one day meeting Kagome.


With everything figured out, there wasn't much left to do but wait for Christmas to arrive.