InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Married to Mr. Player ❯ A Good Kind Of No Way ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
“No way!” the silver haired boy yelled in rage. His footing slightly tripping as he backed away from his angry mother. She was usually calm, but today was a different story. She had just demanded him to marry some random girl. Yeah he was a player, but that was something a married man could never do
“Inuyasha don't take that tone with me! You do what I say or I'll cump your sorry ass out in the fucking streets!” she yelled back meaning every word that came out of her mouth. She could not believe her own son was disobeying her direct orders. Did he not understand his company need him. The rival company had agreed to this, but her son was too stubborn.
“ shut your trap woman. We both know you wouldn't do that so stop spitting lies at me. Why don't you ask Sesshomaru too marry a random girl” He snapped back not really as sure as he sounded. I mean his mom's eyes looked like a gate that led straight into hell. Inuyasha Would catch on fire instantly there.
“Waht the fuck did you just say?” Izayoi replied about to explode with anger. What kind of a man would talk to woman like that?
“I said shut up wench! have you gone def as well. Cause its bad enough you've gone mental” Inuyasha snapped back getting caught in the moment. He didn't really realize what he had just said to his own freaking mother.
“wanna bet I wont throw your as on the street!” She yelled back now enraged. That was it one more of his back talk and she swore she would personally make sure he died there and now.
“Try me1” Inuyasha Yelled not aware of what would happen.
“Ronald! Dump my sorry excuse for a son’s ass onto the fucking streets!” She ordered the personal body guard. Inuyasha Knew then it would be his father that would be looking for him. Only to kill him afterwards. He stood only ha; surprised.
“What the hell are you still doing here get your shity ass out of my fucking house!” she snapped back ready to cut his head off. His company was desperate. She actually was kicking him out. Not only that she was cussing. Something she never did.
“Fine! I'll marry a random unlucky wench! Happy?!”Inuyasha yelled hoping that would earn him a keep in his house.
“Very” She replied walking out of his room. He could not believe what had just happened. Tashio inc( don't know inuyashas last name. many fan fiction writer use this last name instead.). was about to force him to marry a random girl. He knew he could probably divorce within 6 months. As long as the girl didn't fall in love with him. that would earn enough time for publicity and bonds to form. He would act like a total ass in private, but not in public that would be bad publicity. That was the last thing he needed. He knew the girl would probably be too smart too complain about him being a total jackass. He smirked and thought of what kind of hell he would put the girl through for six months.
Kagome ran through the streets blinded by tears. Not only was she soaked in her salty tears but in rain that had started to pour about an hour ago. She could not grasp the betrayal that Sango had done to her. She just now realized Miroku was in love with Sango and Kagome with Miroku.She had no idea why she had been friend with such bastards in the first place. She was more depressed than sad though so she continued to rub through the streets blindly.
Miranda searched the streets frantically. She had dropped Sota off at her mansion. He was probably running around enjoying his new home. Or he was crying while being hopelessly lost in their bathroom. But it was no time to think about that. She had to find Kagome. Not only because she was her newly adopted daughter, but because she had a meeting in two hours.
She had offered one of her many daoughter’s hand in marrige too the younger son of Taish inc.It was a peace treaty too sjow the publci that both companies got along fine just fine. He was supposed to meet every one of her 10 daughters. Well 11 with Kagome and she really doubted he would pick Sota. After meeting them he would simply go home too think about which girl he wishes to marry.
When he got too school he was too pick a girl. Everyone of them went to the same school. that was the reason he transferred to the school two days ago. She only had 1 hour and a half. Half an hour had passed with her just thinking about it. Thats when she spotted Kagome. Her usually mid night black bouncy hair was now straight and gave the impression of being gray.
She could easily tell she had been crying. She ran faster when she heard thunder. The water fell harder as she tried to reach Kagome. Thats when her vision cleared up she clearly saw a black truck heading her way. she was standing in the middle of the street as if she was in a daze.
Kagome turned her head her vision getting worse as her hair dripped on her face. All of a sudden it was brighter than the sun. She could see right through her hair. There was a truck that seemed to be going faster than a rocket heading toward her.She panicked and ran as far as she could. Of course she ran to the side. Unlike the idiots on TV who for some reason ran forward. I mean did they really think they could out run a spaceship, car, or T-Rex?
Miranda let out a relieved breath as she saw her daughter safely on the sidewalk. She ran to her.
“What were you thinking!? You could have gotten yourself hurt or even killed!” Miranda scolded por Kagome. Kagome just ran to her and latched on to her body. Miranda was stunned.
After a couple seconds the gentle rich young woman returned the warm friendly hug. She felt too soothing too Kagome’s broken heart. To her surprise they were right in front of MIrandas mansion.
They walked into the freshly cleaned house dripping dirt and water. but Miranda didn't seem to mind. They walked upstairs and Miranda immediately pushed kagome into the huge bathroom handing her a silk gown and underwear and a braw all pink. Kagome stumbled back at the women's surprising strength. She was about to remove her shirt when she heard a familiar voice screech ou no.
There was Sota who had obviously been lost for some time now. The hyper 9 year old shook her hand vigorously and left yelling. It was something about being free, but she didn't care. She continued to remove her clothes. She turned the fancy glass looking knobs and out came fresh hot water.
Kagome stepped in enjoying the soothing water that she was no drenched in. It was about a million times better than salty tears or cold dirty water that had dropped out of the sky. She laid only half her face was out in the open.
After a while she got up. She dried herself in a towel that felt soft. It was like she was drying herself with a cloud. A thin fresh cloud. She put on her silk pink gown. You could see right through it. Anyone could see her undergarments. But Kagome didn't really care. it wasn't that she was a ho or anything I mean who else would be in her room besides her and Miranda.
When she stepped out there was Miranda dressed the same way she was. Her blond hair brushed into a side ponytail. Kagome sat next to her and huddled besides her. She began to quietly sob as she recalled what she had witnessed earlier that day. Miranda frowned as she called for Kiel her butler.
“Kiel bring 10 tubs of ice cream,”She stopped momentarily as she heard Kagome’s cies get louder,”Make that 15 tubs.”She finished. “Wanna talk about it Kag? Or you wanna eat first, but I’ll take at least 10 years to finish one tub.”Miranda said trying to tease, but she knew it was probably true.
“I’ll wait the 150 years thank you.”Kagome responded equally serious. Miranda thought after a couple of seconds it hit her.
“Did I mention I’m lactose intolerance?(If you don't know what that means it means you get gas when you eat dairy)”Miranda stated hoping that would change her mind. Kagome took a deep breath.
“My best friend kissed my first love in which I’m still in love with”Kagome said hoping the ice cream would get there soon. Just then 5 well dressed butlers came in. Each folding 5 tubs of ice cream. Amazingly they all had different flavors. She grabbed one and started to scoop with her bare nand.
Miranda giggles like a school grl before her phone went off.It went a little something like ‘I’m sexy and,”Hello” Miranda asked as she saw Kagome Giggle. After a while she said “Yes Ok” and hung up. She looked at Kagome who was eating ice cream like there was no tomorrow. She smiled and made a big decision. The son of Taisho Inc. would marry her kagome.
“Kagome get your ass ready to squeeze into a wedding
dress!” Miranda exclaimed.
“What?! No way!”Kagome exclaimed happily. She knew it was strange, but she alway wanted to get married. She could not wait to meet the lucky guy.