InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Married to Mr. Player ❯ More Than Just A Rebel ;p ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Kagome slot good that night . She thought she would have cried herself to sleep but, Mianda really helped. She was so sweet. And Kagome couldn't stop being exited. She was actually going to get married. True she never had a boyfriend. And she's never really been in love. Except with Miroku. 'Miroku' Kagome thought. All the memories of him came flooding back. Kagome sighed ' I'm still deep in love with him. No matter how perverted that stupid lech is. He is still cute. No scratch that smoking hot.(lol) He was funny kind and athletic. Although he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I don't care. UGH why can't I forget him!' Kagome was sick of thinking of him. She had to forget and get back at them. She knew what to do.'They think their so clever trying to make me jelous. Well Iíll show them. Everyone in school will be jealous as well.' Kagome plotted silently . She would become the school envi. Guys would be knocking her mansion doors down just wanting to take at least a small look at her. Kagome smirked and walked to her closet. She looked through all the clothes. All some kind of silk gowns. 'No taste for bad girls.' Kagome sighed.
Kagome rang for a butler. She could really get use to the idea of being a millionaire . Before she realized it she had completely forgotten about her soon to be husband mystery man. After a couple of minutes a well dressed man walked in.
"You called ma'am. Did you need something?" he politely asked.
"Call for Miranda. And make sure to mention love payback!" Kagome me called out as the man started to walk out. He stopped right before he was out the door.
"If coarse. I will alert her immediately." He politely replied. Kagome rolled her brown eyes. Sure it was fun having servants but she was really getting tired of the bow that they always gave her. I mean he didn't really have to be so formal. Kagome was getting sick of it.
"Please just say something like' Kay Kay' and call me Kag, Kay Kay Peppermint?" She instructed the butler not really willing to accept a no.
"I don't know ma'am and it's Peppertin" he told her nervously. Kagome looked him straight in the face.
"Call me Kag. And Peppermint is your new nickname Kay? I mean we're practically family. Now say it!" Kagome replied seriously but still frustrated.
"Kay I'll bring her up Kag" he said finally comfortably. Kagome giggled as she heard the British man pronounce it. He stepped out and started looking for Miranda. Kagome laid on her bed and put on her ear buds. She was already picturing her outfits. It would be something a truly sassy rebel would wear. And as well as a bad girl would wear. Nothing sluty. She was still no whore. Kagomes mind wondered off as she thought of her soon to be new clothes. Surprisingly she had only listened to one song. Before her big white door flung open. Nearly smashing the wall it bumped into . But the out of breath woman standing by it didn't care. Miranda looked at Kagome questionably hoping what Peppertin had said was true. Kagome knew what she meant and node smiling. Miranda's eyes lit up as she ran to Kagome.
So tell me what's the plan Kag?" Miranda asked as if she was a friend instead of mom.
"Make them jealous! Duh!" Kagome stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Which it was. She had told Peppetin to tell her that. Miranda sighed and rolled her eyes.
"I'm not stupid. I at least know that much. I just wanted to know how were you going to pull it off." She stopped to take a breath. " and if its anything sluty like she school whore I'm out." She continued.
Kagomes cheeks flared a deep red.
"What the heck?! Of course not! I'm getting new clothes bad girls would wear, but nothing sluty!" Kagome exclaimed still embarrassed. Miranda walked out the door not bothering to reply. Kagome stared at the door intently. 'What just happened?' Kagome mentally asked herself . She really thought Miranda would help. She thought for a while. Then she grabbed her notebook so she could write down her ideas too the plan.
First step- Give Sango a bitchy call
Second step- Take extra shifts at the club/ bar. I have to get money somehow. Note to self: Wear longer skirt so perverts won't get all grabby.
Third step- ta
Kagome stopped writing and put down her pencil. Her phone had gotten a text. She looked at the caller ID. It was Sango. Kagome smirked' I guess a bitchy text will be just as good as a call.' She picked up her phone and read it.
Sango: Hey girl!
Kagome:Sup bitch
Kagome: fuck yourself
Sango: wtf???!!!
Kagome: never mind you have Miroku to do that
Sango: ................... :(
Kagome: that's right I know. FYI you'll regret not letting him B. later! Hope you drown in hell slut
Kagome put her phone down. True she felt bad but she tried to convince herself it was the right thing to do. Kagome was about to start writing again when she heard a honk coming from outside. Startled Kagome nearly fell out of her chair. And she wasn't even sitting. That's how surprised she was. Anyway she looked outside her window. There was Miranda sitting in one badass car. It was a brand new red mustang. She stared at probably the coolest car as well as step mom in the world. That's when it got better Miranda was motioning for her to come outside. Without even realizing it Kagome had crawled out her window. She was now sliding down the roof as if she was skiing on snow. The brown tiles were shuffling behind her, but she really didn't care. She landed safely in a bed of flowers.
" Bad girls ride in badass cars like this one you know? And FYI that whole roof thing is so bad!" Miranda shouted proud for some reason. Kagome smirked and hoped in the car. Not literally though cause if she had she would have smacked her face against the roof. And she was no idiot.
When they got to the mall Kagome bolted out of the car and immediately bolted to the hippest store in it. The name of it was called 'HANG'. Kagome just loved the modo and jingle especially the part where it said 'Come on in tuts but not you sluts''. And they meant it literal . Kagome remembered this one time there was a girl and they dragged her out. And theydragged her out, they pulled her hair and led her out the door. Kagome couldn't blame them. I mean the girls skirt was only four inches long! Now that was sluty!
Kagome tried on many outfits once Miranda got there as well. The first one was a silver tank top. You wore it with a black leather jacket. Then the pants that went with it were a pair of black and I mean black skinny jeans. Miranda took a glance at it and just shrugged.
"It's pretty good looking but c'mon Kags you can do way better than that." Miranda informed Kagome. Kagome rolled her eyes with frustration. She did that and said that with every outfit. That's what made Kagome a little angry.'There is just no pleasing this woman!' Kagome sighed heavily. Kagome tried about two dozen outfits and not one of them earned a decent complement. Kagome tried on the last one. It was a pair of dark blue shorts. It only covered about one eighth of her leg. The tights that came with it were ripped. On purpose of coarse. The neck was rippled. And it had a huge hole on the back. And since no sluts allowed it came with an undershirt. It was a plain white tank top. It had fringes in the edge if he bottom. The lime green shirt was perfect! And with no surprise it was the only freaking outfit Miranda liked! It looked stunning on her. And of course Kagome loved it too.
When they got home it was dark already. Kagome was exhausted and threw herself on the bed. After 10 seconds she dozed off to sleep.
Kagome woke up to an irritating sound if her alarm clock. Without thinking she threw it across the room. Which caused it to break through the window. She heard what was probably Miranda rush up the stairs.
"What the heck! Don't you put on the bad girl act in my house! Only at school OK! I don't want to be a bitch but I kind of really don't want to see my house in ruins!" She scolded Kagome. Kagome was a little embarrassed. She knew she could only do this'd kinds of things at school but it came so naturally to her.
Kagome put on her new favorite outfit with black high heel boots and went down stairs. She and Miranda ate breakfast. Sota had already gone to school. But he walked there alone. Kagome forbid to walk with Kohaku cause he was related to Sango.
Miranda started to speak when the food arrived.
"OK want my red mustang". Miranda asked obviously knowing Kagomes answer.
"Heck yeah I do! Kagome exclaimed excitedly. Miranda took a sip of her juice and smiled.
"Anyways I have to tell you that you will be meeting your fiancé at the end of the day. That's why your outfit had to be perfect. So you will be a couple of months and then get married. You have to make sure everybody knows you two are engaged. And there might be some paparazzis there too so watch out for them." Miranda warned and informed Kagome.
"W.....h........a.........t.....?" Kagome asked while choking on her food.
" You heard me and you better look stunning. And go put on some makeup and brush your hair cause right now you look no better if not worse than shit." Miranda replied coldly. Kagome could tell this marriage was very important. The whole company was probably depending on how this marriage worked out. She knew she had to look the part. So she ran upstairs to her maze of a bathroom and bolted to the mirror. She brushed her hair and curled it. Pushed a diamond in it. She didn't know whose it was or cared. She had found it somewhere on the ground this morning. She curled her eyelashes. They had always been really long. She applied mascara and lime green eye shadow. Although it was just a touch of it. She applied a little blush that gave a hint of rosy red cheeks. Then she put on red lipstick. It was the color thst someone's face would be after they just found out the Internet was filled with naked pics of them.
After a long while she ran out the door. She grabbed the Mustang keys on the way out. She hopped in and drove off. It was a well known fact that bad girls listened to rap. So she popped in her favorite CD and hit play. The song was Jennifer Lopez On The Floor. Good thing Pit Bull raped in it. She was close to school when he raped. When she got too school she left it on till he stopped and she walked out the car. Everybody stared at her with disbelief. She smirked and walked in school as her high heels made a click noise every time she stepped. Once she was inside all eyes turned to the red Mustang in the parking lot.
Miroku and Sango walked hand in hand as Sango told him about what had happened between her and Kagome. Miroku questioned her and asked why would Kagome do that. Sango wasn't about to break the promise she made not to tell him Kagome loved him. She had kept that secret for a few years and she wasn't about to break it now. So she shrugged and pretended that she didn't know. That's when they saw Kagome walk towards them with a crowd of teens following . They actually weren't sure that it was Kagome or a supermodel that just happened to walk by. Miroku didn't care all he said was,
"Dang girl!" Sango elbows her boyfriend in the stomach. At the sound of them Kagome turned to face them. She felt jealousy build up inside her so she grabbed the first male she could find . Once she did she kissed him making sure everyone saw. There were gasps. Kagome opened her eyes only to find Kouga kissing her back. She was shocked and stood still. After almost two minutes he pulled back giving her a 'What The Heck?!' look. Kagome ignored it and walked towards Miroku and Sango dragging Kouga behind her.
she stopped and stomped on Sangos foot.
"Holy shi.." Sango started but was cut off by Kagomes fake apology. Then she dragged Kouga to class with her. At class Kagome ignored the teacher and put her feet up on the desk. At lunch the gang sat in pairs instead of a group. Miroku with Sango and Kagome with Kouga. While Rin was enjoying the company of the taller silver haired transfer student.
At the end of school Kagome remembered she met her fiancé today. She had to tell Kouga about it. He was shocked. She tried to tell him to leave but he grabbed her arm and pleaded for her not to get married.
Inuyasha was walking towards the gate with a mob of paparazzi behind him. They were all eagerly waiting for his new fiancé. He saw his fiancé. He was shocked it was the same girl who tried to cheer up everyone of his ex girlfriends. Not only that but there was a pretty good looking guy pulling on her arm. And Kagome made no effort to try to pull him off. Inuyasha felt anger building inside her. 'Well if she can see another guy while engaged to me I can see another girl too!' Inuyasha thought as he stomped at what he thought was a couple. He punched Kouga right in the face after pulling him away from Kagome.
Kagome was shocked as Kouga fell into her arms. She glared at Inuyasha. Not really knowing his name . And watched in surprise as he kissed another random girl.
" You're my freaking FIANCÉ!" She exclaimed. That's when the cameras started to flash. The camera mob had witnessed everything. 'Shit' Inuyasha thought knowing that meant big trouble for the company and him.
Next Morning:
Kagome woke up to a screaming Miranda as she tossed today's news paper at her. Kagome was shocked. She looked at the paper and read it:
Daily Tokyo Gossip
Arranged Marriage Gone Wrong-
Bad Girl + Player= What?!:
Kagome stopped reading and saw the picture it had. Kagome has holding Koufa. It looked as if she had knocked him out cold even though it was the silver haired boy. He in the other hand was kissing the random girl. According to the newspaper she was definitely more than a rebel.