InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Married to Mr. Player ❯ WHAT IS HAPPENING?! ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
There he was on one knee, holding out a ring. It was a blue diamond sounded by gold, but how it looked was besides the point. The fact that he was there, was horrible enough. Did he not understand the situation, apparently he didn't if he was there. Kagome hoping he wasn't there for the reason she though asked nervously,
"Um, K-ko-ou-ug-ga-a w-wh-ha-at-t a-ar-re-e y-yo-ou-u d-do-oi-in-ng-g h-he-er-r?" Kouga looked at her confused. He scooted closer.
"Isn't obvious?" He questioned Kagome. She froze, yup it was as she feared. She looked at him for a while. She tried to search for the right word's, but really couldn't find any at all, so she stood there for a while. Kouga shifted and pulled on the collar of his tux and spoke.
"Look Kagome, you don't have to give me an answer all I hope you give me is a chance. I promise I'll try my best and truly love you. Just don't marry this guy and go out with me." Kouga pleaded. Kagome stood frozen, her heart racing a little too quick before she could answer Inuyasha cut in.
'Yeah well last time I checked that's how you asked a girl to marry you not on a date." Inuaysha spat at Kouga. Kouga blushed like crazy and looked at Inuyasha.
"W-wh-ha-at-t?" Kouga stammered out. He seriously didn't know that's what it meant. Where he was raised what he was doing at that very moment didn't mean he was asking for a girl's hand in marriage. It never once crossed his mind that to human's that's what it meant.
"I HAD NO IDEA HUMAN'S PROPOSED LIKE THAT! " Kouga exclaimed standing up. He looked at Kagome who had finally broken out of her trance thank's to Kouga's yelling," KAGOME I'M SO SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT!" He continued. Kagome's eye widened along with everybody else's.
"What do you mean 'humans'? Aren't you human Kouga?" Kagome asked bewildered by how he had said it. Kouga's eyes widened when he realized what he had said. He used his hand's to cover his mouth, and he dropped the ring to the floor. Kagome just stared and her eyes widened once more,'Why is he not answering is he really not human. If he's not what is he?' Kagome wondered as well as all the others. Well only the first part the second, if he really wasn't human they had a pretty good idea what he was.
"Well What do you mean 'humans'? Aren't you human Kouga?" Kagome repeated trying to break the silence. And hoping to break the tension. It sort of worked, but he still didn't answer. It was the rest of the family that broke the silence.
"Your a demon aren't you" Inyasha stated more than questioned." And a scroungy wolf I might add" Inuaysha continued wrinkling his nose. He naturally hated Wolf demon's no wonder he also hated Kouga. At least that's what he told himself, he didn't wan to admit to anyone or himself that the reason he hated him was for the feelings he had for Kagome.
"I see your a demon too, but now that I look at you your a half aren't you mutt" Kouga snarled. Kagome watched as the two stared at each other bitterly. Sesshomeru cut in.
"Yeah what of it?!" Inuaysha looked at his brother surprised. 'Is he actually sticking up for me?' Inuyasha wondered bewildered at his brothers action's.
"Figure's" Kouga mumbled smirking. All off a sudden Sesshomeru turned into some huge white beast. With blood red eyes. Not only that, but for some reason they were no longer in the mansion living room. Somehow all the floor tiles, that were clearly glass, had drifted off. They seemed to have disappeared to who know's where. That's when Kagome turned to Inuyasha. For some reason he had a huge sword that resembled some kind of huge Fang.
She spun back to Kouga who had some kind of Claws with chains on them, with purple rime stones on the knuckles. Kagome turned back to Inuyasha to see if she was seeing thing's, but for some reason Inuyasha now had dog ears on his head, not wanting to look she looked at Kouga once more. For who know's what reason he had a TAIL. And he had a lion cloth shorter that any of HER skirt's.
Which was really saying something cause for obvious reasons like..... SHE IS A GIRL AND HE IS A GUY. Kagome thinking that if she kept looking at them it would get even weirder, not that was really possible. But she was wrong. She took one look at Inuyashas dad and knew she was wrong. He now had purple mark's on his cheek's and somehow put on what looked like 10 tons worth of armor.
'I've officially gone mental' Kagome thought as she looked at Iza. She kind of hesitated thinking there might be a possibility she had changed too. To her relief she hadn't, she was still the same. She sighed and smiled at her. Then out of no where she heard Inuyasha yell something.
"WIND SCAR!" He yelled at the top of his lung's swinging his huge sword. Kagome just thought he was yelling for nothing, that is until she felt the wind pick up. Next thing she knew a huge wave of power had swarmed through the air. She found herself enveloped in light and pushed back. But Inuyasha's father stood in front of her, making sure she didn't get hurt.
"ARE YOU CRAZY?! WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU WOULD HAVE KILLED HER!?" His dad scolded at the top of his lung's. Inuyasha just stared,
"I wasn't thinking! The scroungy wolf got on my nerves!" Inuyasha defended after a long silent pause. Kagome looked at Inuyasha with wide eye's.
"YOU TRIED TO KILL ME! UGH! WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR SO MUCH BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE HUH MR. PLAYER!?" She yelled once she realized she could have died right then and there. Not only that but, it would have been the teen player's fault. Inuyasha felt a vain pop out of his forehead as he clenched his fist.
"CAUSE I AM! AND MR. PLAYER?! I HAVE A NAME YOU KNOW!" Inuyasha exclaimed.
"AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED YOU DON'T! PLUS I'VE CALLED YOU THAT SINCE I FIRST SAW YOU DUMP A GIRL FOR NO REASON!" Kagome exclaimed not really caring if he did or didn't have a name. All of a sudden you heard a loud rip like sound. Kagome turned only to find Miroku standing there with Sango next to him. She had a large cat like monster. It kind of resembled Kirara but it couldn't be, Kirara was a small cat not a huge monster. Kagome flinched at the site of them TOGETHER. So with out thinking she ran to Inuyasha and clung onto his shirt.
And for some reason he didn't mind. In fact he warped a protective tight arm around Kagome's waist. She looked back at where Sesshomeru, that's when she realized she hadn't imagined anything. He was still a huge dog like white beast. She felt dizzy as she shook her head back and forth. Her head and heart pounding, she felt sick. In fact she was sick. SICK OF WHAT EVER IT WAS THAT WAS HAPPENING. She finally snapped and yelled at the top of her lung's "WHAT IS HAPPENING!?"