InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Meet you again. ❯ In new school. ( Chapter 1 )

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In new school.
„Good morning, dear, wake up, because you will be late for school.” said Mrs. Higurashi behind the door. “Ok, mum, I'm wake,” the girl with pale skin and black hair opened the door. ”Do I have to go to that school? I know, that it will be horrible. Why can't we go back to the Washington?” she asked sadly.” Mrs. Higurashi kindly smiled at her daughter. “My dear, we came back to the Tokio, because we have to take care of the shrine. You know that's very important.” She touched her daughter's cheek. “Our family lives here for 500 years “ they said like one voice. Kagome smiled. “I know, but I lost my friends.” Mrs. Higurashi turned back. “Get dress and don't forget your lunch box it's time to go. On your first day in new school you can't be late.” “Ok, mum.” Kagome closed the door.
15 minutes later.
Kagome entered the building of school. She felt every bodies stares. The girl who was taking out her books from bookcase looked at her and smiled. She closed the bookcase and came to her and started to shaking Kagome's hand. “Hi, I'm Sango Izuka, nice to meet you. You are the new one who have to come to my class.” She started to walk in corridor to the class, still holding Kagome's hand. She opened the door of class 3/A. “Everybody listen! The new one has come.” All of the people looked at Kagome. “Hi” she said ”I'm Kagome Higurashi.” “Hi” everybody answered and came back to their work. Sango tugged Kagome to desk. “You can sit next to me if you want. And we can be a friends.” Kagome smiled. “Ok” and sit on the chair next to Sango.
She felt that someone is looking at her. She turned her head to right. She saw the most handsome men, what ever she saw. He has long silver hair, amber eyes and muscular chest under the shirt. His amber eyes were looking at her. She looked back at Sango. “Who is he?” and she showed the direction on the right. Sango looked at him. “Ah, this is the Inuyasha Taisho , the most favorite and loved men at school.” “Ok, and why is he staring at me?” asked Kagome. Sango smiled “Don't know, Inuyasha why are you staring at Kagome?” she smiled at him. He just proudly looked at both and turned his gaze on his book.
Teacher came to the class and looked at Kagome, smiled and came to her. “Please stand up Higurashi.” he said. Kagome stood and teacher took her hand and pulled her in front of the class. Kagome started to blush. The teacher smiled at her and looked deep in to her eyes. Kagome was blushing on 100% . Than he looked at the class. “May I introduce your new classmate Higurashi Kagome. I think that her name is well-know to you. Her family owns the shrine of Shikon.” The boy from the last desk stand and ask “Hey Higurashi, are you rich?” Kagome looked at him and wanted to say something to him, but the teacher stopped her. “Sorata-kun, it's not necessary to know it now.” He looked at Kagome. “I forgot to introduce myself to you. I'm Tsubasa Tendo and I'll be teaching you a history. And now go back to your seat.” Kagome sit on her chair and the class started. She found out that Inuyasha is looking at her. “From where I know you?” she thought. Sango inconspicuously hit her with elbow. Kagome looked at her and Sango whispered. “Pay attention or Tendo will send you behind the door.” Kagome smiled “Ok.”
After the last class.
Sango and Kagome were walking home. “Don't you want to go to the MacDonald?” Sango asked her and pointed at the bus.” Kagome looked at watch. “I think that we can go, mum wouldn't be worried, and she will know that I have a good day.” They were going to the bus and heared behind them a fast steps. “Sango, I'm happy to see you again!” the young man whit black short hair and blue eyes joined them. Sango narrowed her eyes. “It's you again, how many times I have to tell you, that I don't want to go with you at the date, Miroku!” Miroku smiled, “I didn't want to say this. I just want to shake hand with your friend.” He smiled at Kagome. “Hi, I'm Miroku and in school you will hear from many people that I'm pervert, but it's not true. Nice to meet you.” He shaked her hand and Kagome smiled at him. “Nice to meet you too, Miroku, I'm Kagome and I don't think that you are pervert.” Sango looked at her pessimistic. “Wait until he will touch with his unlearn able hand your butt. You'll see.” Miroku looked at Sango. “I wouldn't do it, because I want to be Kagome's friend, but you my dear, you are another case.” Sango giant her hand and tried to hit Miroku, but Kagome stopped her. “Can we go at last to the MacDonald? I'm starving!” She cought their hands and pulled them to the bus.
The streets were lighting only by a street lights and the rain was falling. Kagome was walking by herself at home. Opposite her was walking Inuyasha. He stopped and looked at her. “Hi kagome. How are you?” Kagome looked at him. “Fine, thanks and you?” “Just fine, are you going home?” he asked and looked into her eyes. Kagome took a step to him. “Do I know you?” He came to her very close and took into his hand her strand of hair and removed it from her face. He smiled at her so familiar. He inclined to her and whispered to her ear. “From where are you know me?” She took a step from him and looked at him in shock. ”I'm sorry, I thought, that I saw you somewhere, but I was wrong. We were met just today in school.” She passed him and walked away. He was looking at her back. “Are you sure Kagome, my angel?” She stopped walking and looked at him. “I'm sure Mr. Taisho.” She left him. He looked at the sky and whispered “you will remember, my angel.”