InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Metamorphosis. ❯ Blame it on the Youkai ( Chapter 33 )

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CAUTION… Uh, err, umm… Lime?
~~Chapter 33~~
~Blame it on the Youkai~
`I hear . . . singing . . . ?'
`Rest, sweet nymphs, let golden sleep.
Charm your starbrighter eyes,
Whiles my lute the watch doth keep.
With pleasing sympathies.
Lu-la lullaby, lullaby!
Sleep sweetly, Sleep sweetly,
Let nothing affright ye;
In calm contentment lie.'
Wandering through the misty meadow, following the song, the voice . . . InuYasha frowned at the wash of summer flowers dotting the field. `Where . . . am I?'
The mist slowly dissipated, the morning sun burning off the blanket that covered the land. Kagome sat in a ring of soft pink flowers with blossoms in her hair, tucked behind her ears, entwined in the long locks spilling down her back as a breeze toyed with her bangs, blew her scent to him. “Kagome? Where are we?
She didn't answer him as she smiled and patted the grass beside her. “InuYasha . . . watch the clouds with me?
“. . . Okay.”
Stretching out beside her as she lay down and stared at the floating clouds, InuYasha breathed in her scent. “That one looks like a rabbit,” she said, pointing at a fluffy formation.
Keh. Looks like Shippou.”
It doesn't!” she exclaimed with a giggle. “You're terrible!
He tried not to smile. “There. That one's fat like Kaede.”
She nudged him with her elbow. “Oh, look! That one looks like a heart!
A deformed heart,” he agreed.
Kagome sighed and rolled over onto her side. “If you're not going to cooperate then you might as well get out of my dream, dog-boy.”
He blinked, turning his head to stare at her. “Is that what this is? Your dream?
Kagome shrugged. “I think so . . . but what are you doing here?
InuYasha frowned. “Keh. I dunno . . . it's your dream, remember?
I know, but you've only talked to me once in my dreams . . .”
InuYasha felt his cheeks warm as he turned his gaze back to the sky. “I dunno . . . Stop dragging me into your sordid dreams then.”
Me?” she squeaked. “I didn'tyou just-it's not my fault you're invading my dreams!
Don't choke on it, wench,” he said with a snort. “Oi, look! It's Kouga getting Tetsusaiga shoved up his—-”
Invading my dreams to shove Tetsusaiga places where it ought not be?” she complained as she flopped back on the grass again. “Fine . . .”
What am I supposed to do?” he grumbled. “You're the one who said you wanted to look at the clouds.”
To his surprise Kagome uttered a sound suspiciously like a growl. Shifting his gaze to the side, he was even more surprised to see her staring back at him in much the same way. The intensity in her eyes drew his full attention, and he blinked. “What are you thinking?” he asked slowly.
“. . . Nothing . . .”
InuYasha snorted to let her know that he wasn't buying her feigned innocence. “If you want something, wench, just spit it out . . .”
I don't want anything!” she insisted a little too quickly.
InuYasha chuckled. “Your loss.”
Hentai,” she mumbled.
I'm not the one having ecchi dreams, Kagome.”
I'm not having-hrumph.”
“You are,” he challenged, rolling toward her, tossing a leg over hers to pin her. Replaying the pose that had nearly goaded him into something that both frightened and thrilled him earlier, the same sensations rippled over him now, only this time, in this place, he didn't move away.
I . . . I can't breathe . . .” Kagome murmured as she stared up at him.
Still talking . . . means you're lying,” he countered.
She shook her head. “Does it?
He nodded slowly, extending his index finger to trace the outline of her lips. Her eyes drifted closed as her breath whooshed out of her body. “Admit it.”
Admit . . . what?” she managed, her voice husky with bemusement.
Admit that you're lying . . .”
I'm . . . not . . .”
Her lips parted as her shallow breathing echoed in his ears. Mesmerized by the flush kissing her cheeks, by the softness of her fluttering eyelashes, InuYasha stared at her as her tongue flicked out, touched his fingertip, his claw. With a soft groan, InuYasha leaned down, let his lips fall to hers. She sighed as her hands wrapped around his neck, holding him to her as the gentle kiss he'd intended burgeoned into something greater . . .
A fierce desire to take whatever she was willing to give fought against the thread of reason that held the last of his sanity. Too easy to lose himself in her, too simple to let go. Her scent made him feel giddy, light-headed as a delicious sense of languor combined with a darker emotion that he couldn't name. She held no hesitation in her kisses, surrendered completely as his fangs grazed her lips, as he delved his tongue into her mouth, gently, timidly at first, with far more daring when she moaned softly, when she arched off the ground to press herself against him.
Pulling his mouth away from hers, he trailed wet kisses down her throat. Settling on the pulse that throbbed under his lips, InuYasha was rewarded with her soft cry, with the shivers that raced through her body and into him. “Inu . . . InuYasha . . . I . . . kami . . . it hurts . . .”
Leaning back quickly, he gazed down at her in concern. “I . . . did I . . . ?
She opened her eyes halfway, stared at him through her lashes. “Not hurt, like that . . . kiss me again.”
Still not fully understanding what she meant, InuYasha did as she requested, kissing her gently, trying to soothe whatever ache she suffered. Her hands shoved at his haori and undershirt impatiently, the hands she used to heal him time and again burning a path on his flesh everywhere she touched him. Kneading his muscles like a contented cat, the searing heat of her touch shot through him, converged into a central fire, an ache he knew far too well.
`That's what . . . she hurts . . . ? Like . . . I do . . . ?'
That knowledge was heady, frightening and somehow thrilling at the same time. It goaded him, taunted him, and he passed that on to Kagome with light touches, gentle caresses, stroking her body through the thin fabric of her summer blouse. Too much desire, too much want, too much need; a need that ached.
His claws tore through the flimsy material, slit through the elastic band of her bra just before his shaking hand covered her breast. She swelled under his touch as she whimpered. Her body spoke to him when her words seemed to fail her, rising against him, wrapping him in a balm of heat that was hotter than the sun. Broken words, breathy whispers, she tried to ask him to assuage her ache. Reacting on instinct, guided by some baser knowledge, he let go of her breast only to cover it with his mouth, holding her body against him as she reared up, as she pushed against him and tried to pull away at the same time. His name spilled from her lips as her scent escalated. Far too inebriating, much too strong to ignore . . .
The need of the flesh overrode all else. Kagome's skin was hottoo hot, too perfect, too inviting. The taste of her mingled with the harsh moans that echoed in his ears; the scent that wrapped around him was far too perfect to ignore. She did the only thing she knew how to do: she gave him everythingheart, mind, soul. Simple, beautiful . . . Kagome . . .
She fed off his emotion, her sensation based in him. Every tremor in his body became hers, every ragged breath flowing from one to the other. He marveled in her beauty as she reveled in his strength. Blossoming, centering, twisting, and convoluting, he felt a tug at his waist but it made no sense. Dragging his fangs over the tender skin of her breasts, he soothed her with tickling kisses, inhaled her scent as she invaded every recess of his mind.
Unprepared for the scorch of her hands, he gasped and leaned up, away. A visceral growl as her fingers touched him, as her hands enveloped him. A ragged cry as he struggled to understand what was happening.
Eyes opening with flash of golden shock, InuYasha's startled gaze fell on the campfire then down to Kagome's face. Her eyes were open, too, and the bewilderment was enough to jar him out of his delayed reaction as he realized a few things. They had been dreaming together again and had both been enjoying that dream far too much. His own thoughts came back to haunt him, `Can't hurt to lie down with her . . . just for awhile . . .' and he winced. `Can't hurt, huh?' Her hands were in his hakama, still wrapped around him, and if she realized that, he wasn't sure. All in all, the feel of her hands . . . he groaned softly, trying to forget exactly what she was doing. The dream had been a little too real, a little too nice . . .
With a gasp, Kagome jerked her hands away from him and quickly threw her blankets over her head as embarrassed color shot to her cheeks, as tears washed into her eyes. InuYasha winced as he hurriedly fixed his clothes, racking his brain for something—-anything—that he could say that wouldn't sound . . . stupid.
`Baka! You forgot to shake the fucking vial!'
InuYasha scowled. How could he have forgotten that? “Damn it,” he grumbled, yanking the vial out of his undershirt and glaring at it. “Kagome?”
She didn't answer. His ears drooped. He knew this ploy of hers: pretending to be asleep . . . she'd done that before. He'd almost given up since she'd only end up even more embarrassed or angry if he pressed the issue when she lowered the blanket enough to peek over the top, her eyes still moist and glistening, her eyelashes spiky with her tears. “Would you . . . hand me my bag, please?” she asked, her tone prim and proper, carefully polite.
His frown deepened but he did as she asked. She made no move to reach for it. “Your bag?” he growled, unable to keep the frustration out of his voice since he was still suffering the effects of the position they'd been in.
She cleared her throat. The bit of her cheeks he could see over the top of the blanket turned a little redder. “Could you . . . give me a shirt, please?”
Stifling a groan, InuYasha realized what he should have realized before. If she had her hands . . . there . . . then it was a good guess that he really had shredded her blouse . . . among other things. Trying to control his own skyrocketing embarrassment, InuYasha hurriedly grabbed the first shirt he laid hands on and thrust it out in front of her face.
It was so close to her that she crossed her eyes as she looked at it. Her fingers shook as they crept out of the blanket to take the blouse, and she disappeared back under the blankets once more.
InuYasha waited until the fight under the blanket stopped and Kagome lay still once more before he spoke. “Uh, Kagome?”
Her answer was a long sigh.
“You . . . uh . . . you want to shake this thing now?”
Throwing the blanket back, and pinning him with a menacing glower, Kagome looked like she was contemplating his painful demise. He recoiled as she opened her mouth. “You hentai!” she shrieked. “Shake it yourself!”
“Wha—? What are you bellowing at me for? You forgot to shake this damn thing, too!”
The anger suddenly drained out of Kagome's expression as she stared at the talisman he stuck under her nose. If he didn't see it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have believed that her face could get any redder. She darkened about three more shades as she hurriedly took the vial and shook it fast, letting go as soon as the tenth shake was complete before she uttered a slight whimpering groan and dragged the blanket back over her head again.
InuYasha shook the talisman, too, and tucked it away with a sigh. “You can't hide forever,” he informed her in what he only prayed was a neutral tone.
“I can,” she argued.
And she didn't come out the rest of the night.
“I don't think I remember you ever being this quiet, wench.”
Kagome's cheeks reddened. “Was there something you wanted to discuss?”
That was a loaded question. There wasn't a good answer to it, in her opinion. Maintaining her silence for the better part of the day, she had been reluctant to talk about what had happened the night before. `Ugh, how humiliating! The kissing wasn't so bad. None of it was `bad' . . . just embarrassing . . . but . . . Oh! Don't even think about it!' If she thought she could have gotten away with wearing the blanket over her head all day, she would have done that . . .
InuYasha stopped and stared around the small clearing before dropping her bag and stretching. “Looks like a good place to camp . . . I'll go hunt something for dinner.”
Kagome watched his retreating back in silence before she shook her head and hurried off to find some firewood. `Are you more irritated about what happened or that you both woke up?'
She made a face as she snatched up a few bits of kindling wood. `As if I'll really answer that.'
The trouble was that she really hadn't minded it, at all . . . well, embarrassment notwithstanding, and who wouldn't have been mortified to wake up with their hands in places that they probably shouldn't have been?
Deliberately blanking her mind as she finished her task and started the fire, she shook her head slowly and pulled the pot out of her bag to get water from the nearby pond.
As she pushed aside the branch that blocked the path to the pond, Kagome gasped softly and stopped short, letting go of the brush. It hit her in the chest. She ignored it.
Standing under the waterfall in water that only reached mid-thigh was a very, very naked hanyou who luckily had his back toward her at the moment. An immediate wash of heat flooded her face yet again as another curious explosion went off somewhere deep inside her belly. Her mind screamed at her to look away. Her eyes weren't getting the message.
Across the distance, she could see the muscles rippling under his skin, every movement he made set off a chain reaction that culminated in an absolute wonder. `He's . . . amazing . . .' Something incredible, entirely unpredictable, grace and fluidity in his every motion . . . did he know? Did he have any idea? Though his body was more sinewy and lithe than professional bodybuilders or action movie heroes, she was pretty sure that InuYasha could give them a run for their money in sheer beauty alone. Defined and trim with a narrow waist and broad shoulders, Kagome stared, transfixed. She knew the power he possessed, had seen him fight too many times not to know, and yet she knew his gentle side, the one he tried so hard to hide—the side of him that she loved.
Even now, when he didn't know she was watching, there was a certain softness, a resonating sense of protection. Paradox in motion, he was. In a moment he could make her feel a thousand things, divergent things, things that frightened her and thrilled her and made her want to feel more. This rare man, this enigma . . . she'd seen the look in his eyes, knew the thoughts that hung onto his mind. How many times had he heard those things? Abomination, a half-breed, deformed . . . Staring at InuYasha standing under the current of water, an overwhelming outrage twisted her stomach. How could someone so poetic in his poise and stature think even for a moment that he was anything less?
Leaning his head back as he let the water cascade over him, InuYasha seemed content to let himself be inundated by the coursing liquid. Kagome smiled as she watched him. His hair looked like sterling silver, darkened slightly by the water. Ears flattened to keep from getting wet, he rolled his head from side to side, as though his body was sore.
Kagome winced. In all the upset from the night before, she hadn't once thought about how he felt after being thrown by the bear youkai. Then she'd spent the majority of the day avoiding any and all contact with him, all because . . .
She sighed. `How could I have been so thoughtless? Embarrassed, sure, but that doesn't give me the right to ignore InuYasha's needs, does it?' She made a face. So used to his obvious strength, his fast healing, she'd taken for granted that he was bound to have aches and pains, just like everyone else, even if they didn't last quite as long.
InuYasha suddenly turned his head slightly, ears perking up as the tiny radar-like triangles twitched. Kagome made a face and hurriedly ran back to camp as quietly as she could, heart hammering against her ribcage as she hoped that InuYasha hadn't caught her staring.
Since she hadn't been able to get water, she dumped the remaining bottles into the pan and set it on the fire to heat before digging two ramen containers out of the bag.
She couldn't get the image of InuYasha under the waterfall out of her head as she stacked some wood together away from the fire. Relatively certain that she'd be blushing for the rest of her life, Kagome tried not to think about him, about them, about what she'd seen by the pond and certainly not about the dream they'd shared in the night.
`Right, Kagome. Don't think about it. You think you can forget?'
Stubbornly wrinkling her nose as she poured boiling water into the ramen and set them aside to finish off, she nodded. `I can try, can't I?'
`Try all you want,' her mind scoffed, `but you'll still remember . . . and you'll remember that you wanted him to keep going, too . . .'
Kagome frowned as she sat down, wrapping her arms around her raised knees. `But not . . . in my sleep . . .'
InuYasha scowled at the burning logs as they slowly broke down into cinders and ash. Arms wrapped around Tetsusaiga despite knowing that the sword wouldn't react to him in this form, he leaned back against a tree trunk and raised his eyes to the branches above.
Kagome stifled a sigh. It always seemed to her that he missed being able to sit in trees more when he was human, like tonight. She knew he felt more vulnerable, less in control as a human, and while she didn't think he should consider it a weakness, she also knew that he did. That had to have been the reason he hadn't smelled her when she'd watched him in the pond earlier. His senses always seemed a little weaker just before the new moon.
He didn't lower his gaze from the trees as he grunted in reply.
“Are you okay? Did you get hurt last night? With the youkai, I mean?”
Very slowly, InuYasha lowered his eyes to scowl at Kagome. “Why? Because I'm a weak, pathetic human now?”
She frowned and shook her head. “No . . . because I forgot to ask . . .”
“I'm fine,” he assured her acidly, turning his face to the side. “Don't you have some `exercises' to do or something?”
With a sigh, Kagome stood up and wandered over to him before kneeling down and slowly pushed his hair out of his face as she tried not to blush. “I'm sorry . . . about last night . . . and today.”
He ducked his head away from her reach and glared out of the corner of his eye. “Whatever, wench.”
“Can I ask you something?” She took his silence to be his agreement. Gathering her courage, it took a minute for her to force herself to ask him the one question that had been bothering her most of all. “Last night . . . you were there, right? In my dream?”
He nodded slowly as color flooded his cheeks. Still refusing to look at her, InuYasha stubbornly stared at the darkened forest. She could tell by the way his back stiffened that he was as uncomfortable as she was. Still . . .
“It was because we didn't shake the vial, right?”
He nodded again.
“So . . . if we forget to shake it . . .”
He sighed. “Choke on it, why don't you?” he grumbled.
She frowned. “I was just trying to understand everything, is all.”
He let his head fall back against the tree and finally turned his face toward her. “Yes, Kagome, that's exactly what happens.”
“If you hadn't woke up, or if I hadn't . . . would we have—?”
An even deeper shade of red engulfed InuYasha's features. “Keh.”
“I see . . . “
He stared at her with a strange intensity behind his gaze, a searching look meant to discern what she was thinking. For a moment, she thought maybe he would kiss her as his eyes dropped to her lips. Her heart stuttered an unsteady rhythm as it felt as though a thousand tremors erupted in her belly. He leaned away from the tree, slowly bringing his face toward hers. Her eyes fluttered closed as she pressed a hand against her heart, willing her body to stop shaking. His hand closed over hers, pulled it away from her chest. He closed her hand around something small and hard, and she looked down to see the vial, clutched in her fist.
“Shake it, wench.”
The color that blossomed on her cheeks had very little to do with embarrassment but had everything to do with absolute irritation. She shook the vial, jerking on the string and forcing him to lean in closer before she flung it away and stood up with a frustrated sigh. She stomped over to her bedroll and climbed in, covering her head as well as the rest of her body for the second night in a row. “And that would have been a fate worse than death, wouldn't it?” she grumbled sarcastically under her breath. “Heaven forbid he would want to do that with a pathetic human like me.”
“Oi, Kagome! I'm human, remember? If you're gonna say something, then say it loud enough for me to hear!”
“Okay, how about this: baka!” she hollered without emerging from the blankets.
“Baka?” he repeated incredulously. “What the hell did I do?”
“Nothing,” she ground out as she tossed the blankets back and sat up. “You didn't do a thing, and why would you want to? Oh, sometimes, InuYasha . . .”
“What the fuck are you so mad about?” he bellowed.
`Go ahead, Kagome, tell him why . . . you're mad because he didn't kiss you when you thought he was going to.'
Kagome made a face. `Shut up.' “I'm not mad,” she bit out.
“Keh! For not being mad you sure as hell seem like you are!”
“Well, you should keep your looks to yourself, and maybe I'd stop seeming so mad!”
“You heard me! And another thing, dog-boy!” she yelled as she yanked her bag onto her lap and rummaged through it until she located the unscented soap she always carried for him. She heaved the bar at his chest and set the bag aside with a hefty plop. “Next time you try to wash off my pathetic human smell, use soap!
She allowed herself precisely ten seconds to savor the absolute shock on his face before flopping back down and dragging the blankets back over her head once more.
Seconds later, she realized that it might have been a mistake to cover her head. With a grunt as something entirely unyielding smashed her pelvis into the ground, Kagome squeaked as the blanket was yanked away from her face. A very angry looking human InuYasha straddled her and was glaring at her with such fierceness that his eyes seemed to be glowing. “What the hell did that mean?” he demanded in a low growl.
“Get off me,” she countered, bucking her hips and trying to unseat him.
His eyebrows shot up though his glower remained. “Answer me first.”
She felt her face heating under his scrutiny. “I went to get water,” she mumbled. “Now get off!”
He considered that before shaking his head slowly. “Apologize first.”
“What for?”
“For calling me a baka . . . and for throwing soap at me.”
“I'm sorry you're a baka, and I'm sorry the soap missed your head!
“You're crushing me,” she complained.
“You don't think I don't know I'm not?”
“And how would you know that?”
“I know how much I weigh, wench. I'm not crushing you.”
“Tell me why you're so mad.”
“I told you,” she retorted.
“Yeah, yeah, I'm a baka . . . now what's the real reason?”
Kagome glared up at him, refusing to say what, exactly, was bothering her. After a few moments of mulish silence, InuYasha snorted. “All right, I can sit here all night.” To emphasize his point, he bounced up and down a few times.
“Stop that! Get off me!”
“Fess up.”
With a frustrated growl, Kagome decided on another tactic. “Oh . . . can't . . . breathe . . . crushing . . . me . . .” and added a gasp for good measure.
InuYasha rolled his eyes. “That might work better, wench, if I was sitting on your chest, which I'm not.”
“I know where you're sitting, baka!” she shot back as a hot flush washed over her again. She bucked her hips again. “This isn't funny! Get off!”
“If this is all about the damn vial, I forgot. Being attacked in the middle of the night sorta does that to you.”
She snorted. “Blaming it on the youkai, InuYasha?”
He nodded slowly. “Whatever works, wench.” Something else seemed to occur to him, and his eyes slowly took on a suspicious glow. “How long did you watch me at the pond?”
Kagome snapped her mouth closed and turned her face away.
“That long, huh?”
`One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousanddon't blush, Kagome! Four-one thousand, five-one thousand . . .'
“It's rude to watch someone bathing,” he pointed out in a much too-reasonable tone.
Kagome sat up as best as she could as her mouth fell open in outraged shock. “You're lecturing me about rudeness? You're sitting on me!
“Yeah? And you had your hands down my—”
“Don't say it!” she cut in as violent color rushed to her skin despite her best efforts to keep it back.
A predatory gleam filtered into his gaze, a hint of humor behind the intense light. “—Hakama.”
“Well at least I didn't claw your shirt off, baka!”
“Stop calling me baka or—-”
“Or what?
“Or I'll sit here the rest of the night!”
“Did you shake that vial?” she hollered.
A look of complete befuddlement surfaced on his face as his anger receded. “Where did that come from?”
Kagome flopped back against the ground and turned her head away. “Because heaven forbid you should have one of your dreams again, so if you do, you can't say I didn't give you the soap . . . baka!
He suddenly scooted off her but stayed beside her with his glower in place as he sputtered indignantly. “Is that what this is all about? You think . . . are you stupid? That wasn't . . . Keh!”
Kagome watched as he shook the vial and shoved it back into his undershirt again.
“Go to sleep, Kagome. No use in both of us sitting up all night,” he grumbled.
She sighed, her anger melting away as quickly as snow in the first warm spring rain. The way he looked—so puzzled, so sad . . . how could she stay angry with him, ever? In a world where nothing seemed to stay the same, when everything else confused and scared her, InuYasha was the constant, the one person she knew wouldn't let the bad things happen. She trusted him when she couldn't even trust herself. “InuYasha?”
“If it matters . . . I'm not really mad about the shirt.”
He blinked in surprise and stared at her. “You . . . sure?”
She made herself nod and fought back the urge to hide under her blankets again.
He grinned just a little. “If it'd make you feel better, you could cut up my haori . . . `course, it'd just repair itself . . .”
She giggled as she closed her eyes. “Goodnight, InuYasha.”
He stared at her for a long time. She was almost asleep when she felt his human fingers smoothing her hair. “Good night, Kagome.”
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Rest, Sweet Nymphs by Francis Pilkington.
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