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Midnight Meets Moonlight
Chapter Fourteen
A month passed in relative peace while Kagome took her hand at trying to become normal again. It was odd, to say the least, to realize as the weeks passed that she was no longer going to be fighting for her life on the other side of a well, five hundred years in the past. There were no demons to conquer, no quests to complete, no mission to accomplish. For once she could be just normal Kagome and not have to worry about keeping her time travel a secret. However, during the course of the five years she had traveled back and forth between worlds, she realized one thing.
She had forgotten how to be normal. Oh, sure, she still did normal things. She went shopping, she worked, she had normal conversations with normal people, but it never felt quite right. She knew she was different.
But, she was adjusting well, in light of all the circumstances. She was grateful she had more time for her family now. Many nights were spent having dinner with her grandpa, brother, and mother, catching up on old times. She knew her mother would never admit it, but she was more than relieved that Kagome was home for good. Her family had never complained about the constant absence of Kagome, the obvious danger she faced every time she left home to fight demons, the fact that if she stayed for over two months they would have to start facing a grim reality. No, they had never said a word, and Kagome loved them all the more for it. In a way, the well closing was a blessing. She had been missing on watching Souta grow up into a fine young man, but their bond had never seemed to diminish. She could spend more time with her mother, her gentle nature and calm words comforting Kagome no matter what the situations. And her grandfather, still feisty and protective, she knew that he was getting on in years, and had to face the fact that she might not have a lot of time left to spend with him.
The pain of her departure from the past had faded little by little, day after day, always in the back of her mind, but never breaking her. She was coming to cherish the moments with her family and friends more know that she knew what it was like to lose almost everything.
Her time with Sesshoumaru was becoming more precious as well. She had taken to spending her lunches in his office with him, sometimes spent in comfortable silence, sometimes full of rousing conversation that made her scramble to keep her wits. She knew his personality in those moments. He had a great passion for what he believed in, although most of the time his voice never reflected his emotions, his eyes were her window into his soul. They flashed when he was angry, sparking gold flecks of fire, or they were a somber amber when he was serious. She was still taking time getting used to his laugh, for he never laughed easily, but when he did, she was spellbound. They could talk easily for hours, or sit quietly together, and she would bask in his presence, his strength, just the fact that he was there.
She had come to cherish those moments secluded in his office and whenever she went for her weekly dinner visit…it was her chance to really get to know the demon known as Sesshoumaru, sides of him she had never seen before because he wasn't allowed to show who he really was in the Sengoku Jidai.
She was falling for him more and more with every passing day, and it was a great relief for her to figure out that when they had a relationship, it wouldn't all be physical. She loved him for the man he was, not because he could keep her heart racing for hours with just a heavy-lidded look. Although that was a plus…
Kagome was grateful to him for giving her time to heal, knowing that she would have gone to him if only just for comfort in the beginning. Now she wanted him for just her happiness.
And as she entered her second month at home, she was beginning to wonder what was going to happen next. It was beginning to make her frustrated because she could not get that kiss out of her mind. It came upon her at odd times, most embarrassing was when it came on her when she was with him.
One minute she would be thinking about nothing in particular, and then she would remember flashes of heat and the pass of his tongue on her lips, and she would be shocked at herself. But she could never stop the flushing of her cheeks and her increase in body temperature. What always made it worse was that he was able to sense it whenever she was thinking about him. He would look at her from across his desk, and his eyes would flash heatedly. It made it almost unbearable to see that slow smile cross his face, yet still he would do nothing. He would just look at her and wait.
At first, she was embarrassed at just how heated he could make her feel, then decided to take it in stride. To say he was a very handsome specimen was an understatement, and now that she knew him on another level, it was time to admit that she lusted after him. It never made it easy to say, it just was.
With the way she was feeling towards him now, she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, in his bed, and was becoming eager to take that step. Yet, he still did nothing. There was barely any physical contact between them, and it was making her frustration grow. He was always so gentlemanly with her, taking her arm when she alighted from the car, a hand on the small of her waist when he held a door open for her, but there was nothing beyond that. It was starting to make her ache.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
Sesshoumaru himself was experiencing a frustration that knew no bounds. It was driving him crazy, having to be so close to her, knowing that she knew he wanted her and that she wanted him, without touching her. Especially in those moments when he knew she was thinking about him, about their time in the woods. There was barely an hour that went by when he didn't think of it, and cursed himself every time because it just made the longing worse.
He didn't know how long it would take her to heal, so he didn't know quite when to make the move to make her his. In addition, there were still things left unsaid and not dealt with…like Inuyasha. Yes, there was still that.
In the darkness of his room, Sesshoumaru closed his eyes. He still had not revealed to her the circumstances of Inuyasha's death. His mind flashed to the rosary beads in his desk, and he knew he needed to get everything out in the open. He would need to tell her.
`Soon', he thought. `But not now.'
He went back to packing his bag. He would finish first with his unexpected trip and then he would tell her. A museum he lent artifacts to in Kyoto were done with their exhibit, and it was time to take back the items. He needed to go and make preparations for the move, which was going to take him two days at the most. And once he had returned…he would tell her everything.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
Kagome was pleasantly surprised to see Sesshoumaru on her doorstep. She had seen him earlier that day at work, and wasn't expecting to see him again until tomorrow when she would have dinner with him. But this was much better. She stood back to let him in, but he declined, staying out on the porch.
“Something unexpected came up,” he explained, and watched her eyebrows lower in confusion. “I must make a trip to Kyoto to a museum there, and I will be gone for a couple of days.”
“Oh,” Kagome said, disappointment welling up in her. It was amazing at what the thought of a few days without him did to her. She had been in his company for almost every day in the past month, but now he was leaving.
`God, it's only for a couple of days, Kagome. I'm sure you can survive until then,' her mind said sarcastically, and she shook herself.
“I see,” she said. “Well, I hope you have a good trip. I'll see you when you get back?”
He nodded shortly, not missing the disappointment in her eyes and wanting to stay. But, maybe this time apart would do them both some good. It would give him time to think without thoughts of her clouding his mind. He turned to leave when her voice called him back.
“I…I'll miss you,” she said softly, wanting him to at least know that before he left. Her heartbeat quickened when he walked back towards her and slowly leaned down until his breath touched her ear.
“Of course you will,” he whispered, his voice sending strange shivers down her spine that she forgot to be indignant over his arrogance. Then his lips lightly touched her cheek, sending sparks throughout her brain, and then he was gone, walking away briskly. He turned to her once more before he got into his car, staring at her inscrutably. “We have much to talk about,” he said finally.
Touching a hand to her cheek as she watched him drive away, she knew that only he could have made her heart pound like that. If just his kiss on her cheek could spur these feelings, she thought of what it would be like to fully be with him. The thought brought crimson color to her face, but not all of it was embarrassment. She fanned her face as she walked back into her house, thinking to herself that maybe it was time to be with him.
And when he returned, she would tell him.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
She was fine for that first night. She went about her business, had dinner with her family, came home and went to bed. She was sorry though that she didn't have to work the next day. It would have taken her mind off of how much she missed him. She spent the whole day moping, and then cursing herself for moping. It wasn't right to miss someone this much when they had only been gone a day and she had gone far more without him by her side.
Maybe it was the knowledge now that she wanted to be with him in every sense of the word that made her miss him so much.
In any case, when Shippo showed up on her doorstep with a smile and ice cream at the end of the day, it was a welcome distraction. He leaned down to give her a kiss on the cheek and walked into the house comfortably. “I thought you might be missing Sesshoumaru,” he said, his deep voice filling the room. “So I decided to force my company on you for dinner. I know I'm a pale comparison to the mighty TaiYoukai, but I can try.”
She wrinkled her nose at him and then giggled. “Is it that obvious?” she asked as she sat down at her small table as he got two spoons out.
“Not to anybody else,” he said, handing her one and opening the carton. “But you can't really fool me.”
He offered her the ice cream, and they both dug in happily. She found herself glancing more and more at Shippo, never seeming to get over the fact of how much he had changed. Almost as tall as Sesshoumaru, he looked lean and strong, and very handsome with his long, dark hair falling in a fiery waterfall down his back. His dark green eyes were very cunning and clever, and there was always a smile of mischief tugging about his mouth.
He caught her staring at him. “What?” he asked around a mouthful of chocolate ice cream, and Kagome grinned wryly. Some things never change.
“I was just thinking about how different everything is, and how much some things stay the same,” she said softly. He smiled at her then, lifting his arm in front of her face. With a sleight of hand, he made an old toy top appear and she giggled as he presented it to her with flourish.
“Ne, Shippo? How come you never found someone to be with? I mean, how come you aren't married.”
He looked slightly uncomfortable. It took him a long time for him to answer. “I guess I just haven't found the right woman, demon or otherwise. None that I was ever serious about anyways.” He set down his spoon, his eyes a million miles away. “I guess you could say that I grew up around examples that I couldn't ignore. Sango and Miroku…Inuyasha and Kikyo…you and Sesshoumaru. I wanted something like that, and I haven't found it yet.”
Kagome blushed at the mention of her and Sesshoumaru and Shippo noticed, grinning unrepentantly. “C'mon, Kagome, you can't fool me. You guys will be mates by the end of the year, if you can wait that long.”
“Shippo,” she exclaimed, a scandalized blush covering her cheeks. He chuckled. “There are still a lot of complications that need to be cleared up before Sesshoumaru and I can become…mates,” she said, struggling with the word.
“Things like what?” he asked, taking another spoonful of ice cream.
She was quiet for a moment, and he put down his spoon, staring at her. “Kagome?”
Taking a deep breath, she gave him one of her biggest fears. “Shippo, he's waited all this time for me, but sometimes I think he forgets I'm human.”
“You know his prejudices died out a long time ago,” Shippo said quickly. “He doesn't think of humans that way-”
“No, that's not what I meant,” she said, some frustration eeking through. “I'm human, Shippo. Mortal. I'm going to die someday, and I'm going to leave him alone again.”
To her surprise, Shippo let out another chuckle. “I'd forgotten how little you know about demons nowadays, Kagome.”
She began to look indignant, thinking he was making fun of her, but he put his hands out pleadingly. “Let me explain,” he said. “Things have changed since Inuyasha's time, more than you know, especially regarding demons and their mates. As time went on, it wasn't as rare to see more demons mating with humans, especially since demons were becoming scarcer as the centuries passed. Demons are very protective of their mates, and to be separated from them is almost unbearable, especially since a lifetime of a human is very small to a demon. Demons set about trying to find a way to give some of their life spans to their intended during the mating ceremony. It wasn't very successful at first, and more demons found themselves on the receiving end of a shorter life due to the experiments. But, after a few decades, they found a way to make it happen. If both parties are completely committed to the mating, the demon will mark his or her mate, bonding that human to their own lifespan, allowing them to live their lives together.”
Kagome looked confused, so he elaborated. “That means,” he said slowly, “that if you and Sesshoumaru are mated, you will live as long as he does.”
Kagome's hands rose to cover her mouth. To live as long as Sesshoumaru? To be with him forever?
She cleared her throat. “Well, uh…that's…convenient.”
“No it's not,” Shippo answered, and he saw her confusion again. “Kagome, I don't know if you realize just how long forever is. Yes, there are perks to it, but there are also downsides. Seeing everyone you love wither away and die while you stay young, watching history pass you by while you're forced to stay the same. It can get…overwhelming.” At her look, he hastened to say, “I'm not trying to dissuade you from belonging to Sesshoumaru, I'm just warning you. He's probably going to tell you the same thing so you know what you're getting into. He'll stay with you anyway, if you decide to live forever or not. I'm just saying that it can become difficult.”
Listening to his words she realized how much they had all downplayed their journey through time. The isolation…the sadness of watching Miroku and Sango, even Inuyasha pass way…it must have been unbearable.
“Of course,” he continued, “and I'm sure Sesshoumaru will agree, I believe that eternity will have a lot more meaning if it is shared with someone you love. And Sesshoumaru is not going to just let you go.”
The thought gave her a heady feeling. Cockily she answered, “And what makes him think he can go through eternity without me? The question is if he can handle me for forever.”
“That's something I don't think he'll have a problem answering,” he said, and they both laughed, Kagome thinking that she was very glad Shippo had come over.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
Kagome woke with her heart trying to pound her way out of her chest. Visions of pale hands touching her skin, scratching here and there with deadly claws that she knew would never heart her made her shiver in remembrance. She had no doubt who those hands belonged to, and she felt faintly surprised at herself for dreaming so vividly. If she thought hard enough, she could still feel the brush of his hair against her thighs, and her cheeks burned, even as she wanted more of those feelings. Now it was official…she definitely could not wait until Sesshoumaru got back.
Getting up slowly in the darkness of her room, she realized that it was only close to four, and a storm was brewing. She'd seen the rain clouds when he had left, but those soon turned into a torrential downpour, complete with a spectacular show of lightning and thunder. She wondered if it was the storm that woke her, but something was niggling in the back of her mind, and she placed her hand over her heart and closed her eyes. She trusted her instincts more than anything, and right now they were screaming to her that something was wrong. Going back to her bed, she reached under it and grabbed her old baseball bat. Her bow had been left back in the past, and she was not about to live alone without some sort of protection. Lightening illuminated her living room for a moment as she cautiously peeked out. Not seeing an intruder anywhere, she slowly crept towards the window, watching the rain slam against it. Peering out into the darkness, she could see nothing out of the ordinary. But still that nagging feeling persisted, and she started scanning the woods that surrounded her little apartment.
There was another flash of lightening that illuminated through the trees, exposing shadows and what they hid, and the bat fell from her numb fingers as she saw a figure standing on the edge of the trees. Dark eyes were highlighted for a second by the lightening, and even as the darkness converged around them again, she could still see the slight gleam of them.
It was the man she saw outside of the museum.
She couldn't seem to take her eyes off of his. They were solid black, seemingly without a pupil, she could see that even from a distance. As if hypnotized, she lifted her palms against the cool glass of the window and shifted forwards. She could not look away.
In the back of her mind, she knew something was not right. She should be able to move, should be able to call the police, call Shippo, someone to get this man away from her, but her body didn't want to move. She felt her miko powers rise in her, and as if through someone else's eyes, she saw her body begin to glow a soft white, little wisps of power floating around her, reacting to the threat before her.
She felt a tug on her soul, and the spell was broken. Collapsing against the glass, she peered into the darkness once more. The man was gone. She was alone again.
Breathing heavily, she slid to the floor on her knees beside the fallen baseball bat and closed her eyes. She listened to the rain falling for a bit before she pulled herself back together and tried to think about what had happened logically.
She knew one thing for certain…that man had just tried to steal her soul.
Letting out a breath she didn't even know she had been holding, she stood up shakily, going to the kitchen and making a cup of tea, the familiarity of it calming her screaming nerves. Her miko powers still tingled, a sizzling under her skin, and she knew the tea would help. She was certain she wasn't going to be sleeping anymore anyway.
She made her tea and curled up on the couch, pulling the baseball bat into her lap. She didn't want anymore surprises.
Not for the first time that night, she wished Sesshoumaru was with her.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
It was a bleary Kagome that opened the door to Shippo the next afternoon. He took one look at her washed out features, and tired but wary eyes and knew something was wrong.
“What happened?” he asked immediately.
Keeping things brief, she told him what had transpired early that morning.
“So, let me clarify,” he said once she was finished. “You've seen this guy once before, but you didn't say anything even though Sesshoumaru was right there, and you see him again this morning, and now he's trying to steal your soul?”
She nodded. “But we can't tell Sesshoumaru.”
Shippo looked at her like she was crazy. “It will just worry him, and I don't want him to know until I know more about what's happening.”
“I REALLY don't think that it's a good idea to keep this from him, Kagome,” he said. “He's going to want to know.”
“No,” she said, determined. “If this has to do with me, I don't want to drag him into it.”
“I think you're misplacing your chivalry,” he said with a wry smile. “This is Sesshoumaru we're talking about here. Which brings me to why I came over. He just called me a little while ago saying that he was almost in town, and requested if you were willing, to bring you over there.”
“Give me a little time to get ready?” she asked, and he nodded, watching as she went to her bedroom to get dressed. When he was sure she was out of earshot, he grabbed his cell phone and called Kouga.
“Get Inuka and come to Sesshoumaru's house,” he said shortly into the phone, not bothering to offer an explanation.
There was no way Sesshoumaru was going to be kept in the dark over what happened, and if someone was targeting Kagome, they would all help. They didn't need a repeat of the past.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
Sesshoumaru was anxious to see her again. It was only two days without her, but knowing that she was far away from him didn't sit well with him or his inner youki. He wanted her close to him at all times. So, of course, he had set about making arrangements to see her as soon as possible. What he didn't expect to see was Kouga and Inuka, both very irritated, standing at his front door.
“Was there something you needed?” he asked coolly, wondering how long it would take him to get rid of them.
“You tell me,” Kouga said shortly. “Got a call from the fox telling me to get the runt over here and then he hung up. Where is he anyway?”
“Getting Kagome,” he answered, and stepped back to allow them entry into his home, his mind whirling. Why would Shippo need to speak with all of them when all he asked him to do was get Kagome? Amidst his wonderings, he did not miss the smile on the wolf's face at the thought of Kagome.
Growling inwardly, he led them inside to his office, listening to the bickering between the human and demon passively, his mind on Kagome. Thankfully, he didn't have long to wait before his doorbell rang, and her scent filled the hallway, along with Shippo's.
He inhaled deeply, savoring what he had missed over his trip, before standing as his door open, Shippo entering first with her following closely behind, her eyes finding his before anything else and smiling.
He gave her a smile that was only for her back, and watched as she noticed the other occupants in the room.
“So, now what, Shippo?” Inuka asked irritably. “You brought us here to tell us something, obviously, now what is it?”
They all glanced at Kagome as she whirled on the composed kitsune demon. “Shippo, I told you not to!”
“Yes, you did,” he said, acting every inch the powerful demon he had grown up to be. “I never said I agreed. Everyone here has a right to know.”
“Know what?” Kouga broke in, hands on his hips. “What the hell is going on?”
Instead Shippo turned and locked eyes with Sesshoumaru, despite the pleading he could see in Kagome's. “A stranger was at Kagome's house last night, and he tried to take her soul. I figured that if we had a new enemy on our hands, we should all know about it.”
“No one needed to know about it,” Kagome said, resisting the urge to stamp her foot, trying in vain to ignore the piercing look Sesshoumaru was giving her. “No one needs to get involved.”
“I think your mate deserves to know!” he shot back.
“Oi, he's not her mate,” Kouga broke in, striding forward angrily.
Shippo gave him a passing glance. “Don't be a fool, Kouga. It's all just technicalities now. It's only a matter of time, and he needed to know that she's in danger, and we need to help.”
“Leave us,” Sesshoumaru said in a quiet voice, his tone suggesting that they leave now.
“I swear to God, you guys are the most frustrating people to be around,” Inuka muttered, moving towards the door as Shippo followed with Kouga giving a hard look at Sesshoumaru before leaving as well.
Kagome kept her head lowered to the floor, thinking to herself that this was not the way she wanted to see Sesshoumaru again. Her head snapped up when she felt his presence before her, not even hearing him move. He stared down at her impassively, and she cringed on the inside. He didn't look very happy at all with her right now.
“Um…hi?” she said in a small voice, hoping to distract him from his anger. It wasn't working. He brought his hand up, catching her chin between his thumb and forefinger, forcing her to look directly at him.
“You were going to keep this to yourself?” he asked in a deceptively soft voice.
She didn't know what to say. Helplessly, she nodded.
He stared at her for another minute, before taking his hand off of her. She missed the contact immediately. He turned away from her and walked back to his desk, sitting down behind it.
“And is this the first time this has happened?” he asked, his voice very cold. He sounded exactly like the Sesshoumaru from the past, and she could feel her heart crack a little at the way he was treating her.
Sadly she shook her head no. “I saw him at the museum once for a moment,” she said in a very, very small voice. “He didn't try to do anything though…he just let me see him.”
“I see,” he said, his voice still quiet and deadly. “And you thought that you would be able to keep this threat to yourself without knowing who or what you are fighting against, or what he could do to you?”
He never raised his voice once, but Kagome could feel his anger to the very marrow of her bones. But she needed to explain her reasons, so she lifted her chin a little in defiance, meeting the raising of his eyebrows with only a slightly shaking voice.
“I didn't want anyone to be in danger.”
“Except for yourself. Do you think we cannot protect you?”
At this he let a little bit of emotion slide into his voice, and she realized that she might have just hurt him more than anything by not trusting in him.
“I know you can,” she said without any hesitation, and his eyes showed his approval at her quick words. But still his mask was in place as he spoke again.
“I see…so you do not want anyone to protect you.”
“It's not that!” she said, frustration and desperation creeping into her voice. “It's just…after all that's happened, I don't want anyone getting hurt! I don't think I could take it if that happened.” Burying her face in her hands after her outburst, she fought against the emotions running in her.
Strong, clawed fingers pulled her hands away from her face, and his hand tipped her chin up again, making her meet her eyes. She could not, for the life of her, look away from him at that moment.
“Do you believe me weak?” he asked, his voice belying no hints to his thoughts. Immediately she shook her head no.
“Do you believe me incapable of protecting what's mine?”
Again, she shook her head no, her heart starting to beat faster.
“And you, Kagome…are you mine?” His voice had changed suddenly to a smooth, honeyed tone that sucked her in, and without even thinking, she nodded her head yes.
“Good,” he practically purred, his voice very deep and rumbling. “I'm glad we have that settled. You will stay here so I can protect you better.”
“I…what?” Kagome said, about to agree, but needing to step back away from his drugging presence. “What do you mean, stay here?”
“Just what I said. You will stay here, so I can protect you.”
“Uh…I really don't think that's a good idea,” she said, uncomfortable with the idea of being so close to him…especially if they weren't technically together yet.
“Then I will move to where you are,” he said, not missing a beat. “However, if the stranger decides to come back, your family is only a few meters away.”
She was about to open her mouth to argue again, but that cut her off. She would not put her family in danger. However, staying with Sesshoumaru was sure to be explosive, in more ways than one, and she had no clue as to what his intentions were for the immediate future.
“Here or there, Kagome,” he said, offering her the choice. “But either way, I will be where you are.”
“But what about…”she started. `Us?' she finished in her mind, but he seemed to understand what she meant. She watched his eyes soften minutely.
“We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Here or there, Kagome?”
“Here,” she said resignedly, not really liking his underhanded tactics, but knowing that he was too stubborn to give up. It was a plus in his favor that he didn't look triumphant over her decision, just accepting.
“All right, then. We need to discuss what happened last night with the others, and then I will take you to get your things. We'll go from there.”
She nodded, starting to walk out of the room, when he suddenly had her arm and she was pressed flush against his chest. Before she had any time to think, to say anything, which she doubted she would have in the first place, his lips were on hers, moving in a heated caress.
He did not try to enter her mouth with his tongue or take it beyond the basic level, but he still managed to devastate her senses by sucking lightly on her bottom lip and nibbling every so often until she was fighting for breath.
Then he backed away and began walking to the door, leaving her there, bemused.
“Kagome?” he said from the entrance, noting with pride how it took her an effort to focus on him. His own heart was fighting its way out of his chest. He made sure she was paying attention, and then gave her a slow smile.
“I missed you too.”
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
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