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Chapter Fifteen
Inuyasha's Death Revealed
Her lips still tingling, Kagome followed Sesshoumaru to where Shippo, Kouga, and Inuka were sitting in the living room and took a seat next to Inuka, who was casually examining his nails.
"I thought all the danger you guys went through was supposed to end when the well closed," the human male said boredly.  "So why, in a time that's supposed to be safe, are we talking about soul-stealing demons and all that good stuff?"
"Kagome is a powerful miko who has helped defeat many powerful demons in the past.  Underlings of those demons may have waited to get their revenge," Shippo suggested.
"Waited all this time just to get revenge?" Kagome said doubtfully.  "Plus, I wasn't the only one.  Why not target you?  Or Sango and Miroku when they were alive?  Or even Inuyasha for that matter?  It doesn't make any sense."
"All right, fine," he said, undeterred.  "What about trying to steal your soul for your power?  Many youkai would want that for themselves, and this soul-stealer could be no different."
"Maybe," Kouga put in.  "Or, what if it's Naraku?"
Kagome and Shippo stiffened in response to those words, and Sesshoumaru's fists clenched at his sides.  "How...How would that be possible?" Kagome asked.  "When Kikyo killed herself, she killed Naraku as well.  Or she should have.  How would he be able to come back?"
"What if he's reincarnated?" Shippo asked.   "Just like Inuka is.  It would make sense."
"There is no guarantee that he would have his past memories of Kagome," Sesshoumaru broke in, speaking for the first time in a quiet voice.  "Because we prompted, we managed to make Inuka remember the past, but even then, it wasn't a sure shot that it would work.  And he still doesn't remember all of it, just bits and pieces.  Although it would make a nice explanation...well, we won't know for sure until we find out who he is."
"What if," Inuka spoke up lazily in a loud voice, "we're dealing with a good old fashioned stalker?  Perhaps you old demons are stuck in the past and don't realize that Kagome is a good looking girl...lots of guys in this modern era would love to have her.  This guy just has an advantage because he happens to be a soul-sucker demon thingy, and so he decided he might as well get her soul in the process."
"Jeez," Kagome said, burying her face in her hands.  "You're telling me this could all be because of a stupid INFATUATION?  Compared to some of the other things we've fought against, this seems sadly...well, almost normal."
"It's still a problem," Sesshoumaru said.  He was trying hard to hide his anger at the situation.  She was finally getting back to normal, damn it, and she was supposed to be safe.  She was supposed to fall in love with him and they were supposed to spend the rest of eternity together, with no interruptions, no attempts on their lives.  Unfortunately, things were not turning out as planned.  He wondered if, FOR ONCE, could something go right when it came to Kagome and plans.    "He's already made contact with you twice, and I don't want it happening for a third time."
"If it does, Kagome, you at least have some natural defense against him," Shippo said, his mind working his memories.  "Remember the first time Naraku sent Kanna after you?  She wasn't able to take your soul that time, and if this new youkai is the same, he'll have the same trouble.  Your soul is too big to steal."
"That's hardly comforting right now, Shippo," she said, and watched as he just shrugged.
"Just trying to be optimistic.  Every time someone has tried to mess with your soul, they've failed.  The only one who had any success at all was Urusue, and she only got part of it to give to Kikyo.  Now that you have your full soul back, it will be harder."
"But not impossible," Sesshoumaru said.  "We don't want to be fools and underestimate him.  And we're not going to assume anything else until we find out who we're dealing with."
"We should start at Kagome's house," Kouga said.  "Maybe the bastards scent is still around and we can catch it...or at least figure out who he is."
Shippo frowned.  "It was raining pretty hard last night, so it's gonna be hard to catch anything."
"We still have to try," Inuka said, standing up and heading to the door.  Kouga and Shippo followed after him, and as Sesshoumaru gestured to her, she followed as well.
They took separate cars back to Kagome's small apartment on the edge of the Shrine's grounds, and after Kagome gestured to the demons where the man had been standing the night before, she went in to pack a few things.  She had no idea how long she would be staying with Sesshoumaru, and ended up covering all the basics.  If only she could hear his thoughts she would realize that if he had his way, she would never be coming back to her small apartment to live.
Completely oblivious to the plans of the TaiYoukai, she made the short walk to her mother's house to explain the situation so she wouldn't worry.  Her mother was just putting on some tea when Kagome walked into the kitchen and set her bag by the table.
"Are you going somewhere?" her mother asked in curiosity, pouring her daughter a cup of tea as she sat down.
"Um...I find myself dealing with a little problem, Mom."  She quickly explained the situation to her mother, who took it all in without speaking.  "And so," Kagome finished.  "I'm going to be staying as a guest at Sesshoumaru's until this all blows over.  I'll be safer there and keep the bad guys away from you."
Her mother calmly took a sip of her tea and Kagome marveled at understanding her mother had.  She had never questioned Kagome when she fell into the well five years ago, or the danger she was in.  She knew going to the Sengoku Jidai was something her daughter needed to do, and trusted Inuyasha to keep her safe.
"Sesshoumaru will be able to protect you well," she said, placing her cup back down.  "Will you be okay?"
Kagome frowned at the question.  "Of course I'll be all right.  I have Sesshoumaru with me."
Her mother hid a smile at her answer.  She knew her daughter would be all right physically, but emotionally was a different story.  Something was going to happen to Kagome while she was it a mother's intuition or whatever, but things were going to change between Kagome and the handsome youkai she had met a month ago.  And with the way Sesshoumaru had talked about her daughter, she couldn't say she was just going to be hard to let go.
"Kagome!"  Inuka's voice echoed from outside.  "Time to go, woman.  Get your ass in gear!"
Kagome just shook her head as her mother hid a laugh.  "I've got to go now, Mama.  I'll call sometime later okay?"
Her mother waved cheerily back at her, asking the Kami's to bless her daughter and help her face the upcoming changes and challenges she knew she would be facing.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
“Inuka, I appreciate you letting me know I'm leaving, but next time, try to watch your language around my mother,” Kagome said, joining the group outsider and looking at the dark-haired human in slight amusement. He at least had the good grace to look slightly ashamed.
She gave him a quick smile to tell him he was forgiven, and listened in to the last of the conversation that Shippo and Sesshoumaru were having.
“I'll call all of our demon contacts and see if they've seen a void youkai in this area,” Shippo was saying. “Demon circles are smaller now, so there's no way the bastard could slip through.”
“You didn't catch his scent?” Kagome asked, distressed.
“We found it,” Kouga said, an angry look on his handsome face. “But the damn rain washed away any trail he might have left. At least if we'll be able to smell him if he comes around again.”
“Right,” Shippo said, noticing Sesshoumaru's impatience. “C'mon Kouga, Inuka. Let's go find this bastard.”
“Why are we going with you?” Kouga said, whirling around to face the kitsune. “Who's gonna protect Kagome?”
Shippo looked pointedly at Sesshoumaru, and after taking a scathing look at the TaiYoukai, Kouga only just noticed the bag by Kagome's feet. “Oh, HELL no,” he said, a vein sticking out in his forehead. “This is not going to happen.”
“Yes, it is,” Shippo said in a hard voice, daring the wolf to contradict him. “We will find the bastard, Sesshoumaru will protect Kagome. That is how it will be and I don't want to hear any word otherwise.”
“Don't get too cocky, runt,” Kouga said, taking a step forward. “I can still take you down in two seconds flat.”
“Oh, really? I would love to see that,” Shippo said, taking another step forward, a glint in his eyes, and Kagome realized how dangerous her adoptive son could be now. Quickly she stepped forward, her hands out placatingly.
“Kouga, please, I'll be fine with Sesshoumaru, okay? I don't want you and Shippo fighting.”
“Wouldn't be the first time,” Inuka muttered. “Can we just go? I'm hungry and I know Shippo has ramen at his place.”
Shippo walked over and leaned down to give Kagome a kiss on the cheek, and his eyes met Sesshoumaru's with understanding. Nothing would touch Kagome if he could help it.
Kouga swaggered over as well, reluctantly giving in just to appease Kagome. He hugged her tightly and couldn't stop himself from whispering in her ear. “If he tries anything, you run to me, okay?”
She couldn't help but flush at his implications, and damn her traitorous mind, she thought about the kiss once more. Thank God Kouga had already moved away from her, or else she was sure he would have been able to smell that she was very much in favor of Sesshoumaru trying anything. She noticed Sesshoumaru watching her and hurriedly grabbed her bag and headed to his car, trying to get her body back under control.
`I better become his mate soon, or else I'm going to self-combust,' she thought to herself. `I can just see it now in the headlines… “Kagome Higurashi, beloved friend and daughter, left this world because of the fact that she couldn't wait to jump the youkai Sesshoumaru, and burst on fire because of her own hentai thoughts. The bright, young girl was an innocent, but because Sesshoumaru touched her with those very, very sexy lips, her mind was filled with impure thoughts, and it just became too much.”'
She almost laughed to herself at the image. Damn Sesshoumaru's stupid sexy lips. And hair. And body. And marks…he had seemed to like it before in the woods when she had brushed her fingers over them. What else would he like?
“Are you still mad at me?” she heard his voice speak to her, snapping her from the nice little fantasy she was developing.
“No, I'm not mad,” she said. `Far from it, in fact, if wondering where else you have markings on your body is any indication.'
But of course, she didn't say that last part. And he didn't say anything else after that, making the ride back to his house a very silent affair indeed.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
Sesshoumaru really did have the best house. It was big, it was elegant, but most importantly, it had a bathing area that was made to look just like the most lush of hot springs ever seen in Japan. Kagome's mouth literally dropped open looking at it as Sesshoumaru gave her the in-depth tour of his home. Never in a million years would she have been able to imagine the beauty this one room held. Dewy, full, green plants were placed strategically around the room in a well-thought out design while the hot spring itself was carved with many natural shelves and dips, so she could soak to her hearts content. Steam from the mineral water wafted across her skin, making her hair stick to her neck and her body anticipate the relaxation that was to come.
With assurances to Sesshoumaru that she would be fine, she quickly grabbed her bathing supplies and stripped. Sinking into the water until it was lapping at her chin, she took in a deep breath and slowly released it, enjoying the heat that was soaking into her bones.
She quickly washed her hair and body, wanting to get the necessities out of the way first, before she could really soak. After she was finished, she waded over to where one of those natural stone shelves jutted out and sat down, leaning back against the rock behind her.
As the tranquility and the quietness of the room descended over her, she found her mind wandering, and soon it wandered straight to the problem she was now dealing with.
Why was a void youkai fixated on her? Could it really have something to do with Naraku…or was it something completely different? Bringing her knees up and placing her head on them, she repressed a shudder. Maybe it was as simple as Inuka said and she just had a stalker on her hands, but even so, that stalker had the ability to try and steal her soul. She didn't feel reassured by the point Shippo brought up about Kanna not being able to steal her soul. It still wasn't a pleasant experience, and for once, she wanted her soul left alone. It was all hers now…she didn't want it taken away.
And although she trusted fully in Sesshoumaru's capabilities, she couldn't help but think of all the what if's. What if this youkai got past Sesshoumaru and hurt him? What if he succeeded in taking her soul and she was ripped away from everyone? What if the youkai went after her family regardless of where she was?
She could feel the fear creep in on her, and buried her head deeper into her arms. This was so unfair. All she wanted now was to be with the one she loved and be left in peace to live with him, but even now, she couldn't cut a break.
She gasped as the door to the hot spring flew open, and she saw Sesshoumaru filling up the doorway, a fierce look on his face. His eyes quickly scanned the room, looking for any unknown enemies. She realized he must have smelled her fear and assumed she was in danger.
The look of protectiveness on his face warmed her heart greatly, and she didn't even think of covering herself when his gaze landed on her. Although she could feel a blush start to rise from her chest to her face, she was more focused on the way he never broke eye contact with her as he closed the door behind him. Her mind was screaming at her that now was the time her maidenly modesty was supposed to kick in, but her heart was screaming at the rightness of the situation and how much she wanted this.
Her breath caught when he took slow, deliberate steps towards her, and her heart began fluttering as he didn't stop at the edge of the spring, but continued walking steadily towards her, not even seeming to care that he was getting the gray kimono he had changed into wet.
The water barely reached his hips, and barely covered her shoulders, but Sesshoumaru didn't notice it through the daze he was in and couldn't seem to get out of. He had been leaving his bedroom when the first whiff of her fear reached him, and as he had reached her bathing chambers and tore open the door, ready to break and snap apart every bone of the unknown assailant who was daring to harm Kagome, all that had met his gaze was Kagome, wide-eyed and her lower lip trembling gently.
He couldn't leave her like that, no matter how much his body was screaming for him to get out of the room, his youki assuring him that her naked curves and glistening skin were going to prove too much for him, but he ignored that. She looked like a lost child and needed comfort. He didn't think twice about walking to her, and couldn't seem to stop his hand from reaching out to cradle her cheek. The steam and the smell of her was filling his mind, rendering him incapable of focusing on anything else EXCEPT her.
Kagome wasn't having an easier time than he was. The feel of his hand caressing her cheek sent warmth spreading through her body, making her sway towards him. She caught herself and sucked in a breath as his thumb ghosted over her mouth, tracing the contours of her lips gently, his eyes riveted on that spot. She felt his claw, and shuddered, not from fear, but from the feelings that coursed through her at his touch. Those claws had killed for her, would probably kill again, and yet were touching her like a priceless jewel. Tears filled her eyes, but did not spill over, at his tenderness.
He whispered to her, his voice intimate and deep in their little steam cocoon, “There is no need to fear anything here.”
“I know that,” she whispered back, her breath teasing his thumb, making him repress a shudder. And she did know…she shouldn't have to fear anything when he was with her. Shouldn't…but she did. She was afraid of what would happen if things went wrong…she would lose him. And that thought terrified her above all things.
Suddenly, she was burning to touch him, to confirm his solid presence in front of her, as if she were afraid he would disappear before her very eyes.
Sesshoumaru watched her, the swirl of emotion in her eyes, and stood still as she seemed to surge towards him, his hand falling away from her face as her arms lifted to his neck. His mind stuttered to a stop as her lips touched his, initiating their contact for the first time, and he found himself in deep water. He could feel every inch of her pressed against him, her soft heat penetrating the only layer between them: his kimono.
She could tell she shocked him by the way he seemed to freeze in place, and she wondered if she had been too bold, but she didn't care…he tasted too good for her to care, and felt unbelievable. She didn't have time to be embarrassed by her forward manner before he seemed to get over his shock and placed his hands on her hips. They didn't stay there for long. They glided smoothly up her back, tangling in her wet curls and giving a gentle tug, forcing her head back so he could deepen the kiss. And then her whole world narrowed to the feel of his mouth on hers.
She could feel his hair float in the water, wandering over her body in a silken caress, and she shivered. Her hair was long enough in the water to mix with his, and her dark tresses floated over his pale ones.
Midnight meeting moonlight.
His mouth was hot against hers, his hands seemingly ravenous as they roamed over her back, barely dipping in the water below her waist before moving back up and touching a spot on the nape of her neck that made her limp. Her hands clutched at his hips, and a groan seemed to tear out of his throat, vibrating against her chest.
To her complete and utter disappointment, he backed away from her, breathing harshly, eyes dilated so only a sliver of gold showed through the black. It looked like he was forcing himself not to reach for her, and her body tingled.
It took him a moment to find his voice. “I think…it's time for that long overdue discussion between us.”
She looked confused by his statement, and he closed his eyes, fighting for control to not just grab her again and take her to his room. “I need to tell you about what happened to Inuyasha,” he said, softer now. He turned away and waded out of the hot springs, leaving her fighting to catch her breath behind him. He knew that if he looked at her now, he would lose his inner battle. “Get dressed and meet me in the study. I have something you should see.”
After he had changed into a black kimono to replace his sopping one, he headed to the study, wondering if what he was about to do made him into a fool. Bringing back memories of Inuyasha…finally telling her how he died…it could change everything between them. But it was the last major obstacle in the way of their being together, and he would not wait any longer.
Sitting down in his chair, he waited for her. A few moments later, he smelled her coming down the hall and then she poked her head tentatively through the door. She looked so afraid.
He gave her a small smile, reassuring her, and motioned for her to sit. For this conversation however, he would need to stand, and he did so, beginning to pace, not quite knowing how to begin. He decided that the best way was to just get it over with.
“Inuyasha died a human,” he started, and noticed her halted breath. “I was walking through the woods one night when I felt a pull on Tenseiga. This was many, many decades after the well had closed, and I had not seen Inuyasha since that time. As I followed Tensiega's urging, I saw Inuyasha, lying on the ground. It was the night of his transformation, and a demon had come upon him. Being unable to fight properly, he fell, and his wounds were too serious, and sunrise was too far away. I found him in his final moments, and he died shortly after.”
Her hand had gone to her mouth, but no tears fell from her eyes. “He died as a human,” she whispered. “He just died…”
“Yes,” Sesshoumaru said shortly. “But there were things he wanted you to know, and he knew I would find you. You were the one who didn't care about being hanyou, and you gave him the pride that he never would have had otherwise. His last moments were peaceful.”
“I…I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do.” Her mind had just stopped working. She vaguely saw him walked to his desk and retrieve a box. Walking almost warily towards her, he handed it to her, and she took it without a word.
“He wanted you to have this,” he said shortly, not knowing how to help her or make this easier.
She opened the box and her breath left her. “The rosary beads…Inuyasha's necklace.”
That was when the tears started. She fingered the bits of beads and bones, and a thousand memories flashed through her mind. Her tears weren't completely full of sorrow…she had shed those long ago. Instead, they were bittersweet this time, remembering the gruff hanyou that had been her best friend.
Nostalgically and with a sad smile on her face, she whispered, “Osuwari.”
Her eyes widened in shock as the beads glowed, and she could feel the magic within them. She felt them tug on her hand, and she let go, watching in shock as they slammed to the ground as they did so long ago. Except this time there was no hanyou attached.
The light surrounding the beads grew brighter, and she felt Sesshoumaru move to stand in front of her as she shielded her eyes. When the glow finally faded, she peeked around Sesshoumaru's shoulder, trying to see what had happened.
Her heart lodged in her throat.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
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