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Chapter Sixteen
Midnight Meets Moonlight
"And you're positive that you haven't heard of a void youkai in this area?...I don't know who he is, that's why I'm asking you!...yeah, well, if you hear anything, call me okay?  It's important."
Shippo hung up the phone, closing his eyes tiredly.  Even after calling all of his demon contacts, he was still no closer to figuring out who Kagome's mystery assailant was.  And that worried him.  Most demons that were still alive were accounted for and stayed aware of each other.  If they had a rogue demon about who had been lurking in the shadows for all of these years, they would be at a distinct disadvantage.   The demon could have been studying them for years while they still continued to be left in the dark.
"Well, that was the last of my contacts," he sighed, looking at Kouga who was standing behind him.  "What about you?"
"I ran out of contacts a long time ago, fox," Kouga said.  "We need to find out who this guy is soon, or else Kagome could be in more danger."
"From the youkai or from Sesshoumaru?" Shippo said with a sly grin, watching a storm cloud on Kouga's face. 
"Both.  Kagome's a sweet, naive girl, and dealing with someone like Sesshoumaru is beyond her level.  She might get the crazy idea to mate with him soon before she can reconsider."
Shippo chuckled. "If Sesshoumaru has his way, they'll be mated tonight."
"What!"  Kouga started stomping for the door, struggling when Shippo calmly held him back.  "I'll kill him!"
"You can try," Shippo said mildly, trying not to laugh.  "Of course we both know that Sesshoumaru can wipe the floor with you in two seconds flat on a bad day, and especially since he would be fighting for Kagome, you wouldn't stand a chance." 
Kouga stopped struggling, and Shippo went to face him.  "You didn't really think you would seriously end up with Kagome, did you?"
He watched as Kouga suddenly became very serious instead of enraged.  Following as the wolf went back to the table, he sat down across from him and really LOOKED at him, and noticed that Kouga looked more resigned than angry now.
"You didn't, did you?" Shippo whispered.  "Even back when we were with Inuyasha, you always knew that Kagome would never be yours."
For a moment, he thought that Kouga wouldn't answer him.  Finally the other demon gave a small, frustrated growl.
"A part of me always knew," he ground out, sounding reluctant.  "She just didn't see me like that.  I guess that I just always wanted to protect her.  Inuyasha sometimes wouldn't make it in time, and when he didn't protect her physically, he harmed her emotionally.  I just didn't want her to go through that, especially now.  She's been through enough."
He looked away, seemingly embarrassed by his admission, and Shippo felt the need to lighten the mood, glad at least for the fact that the wolf knew what was going on.  "You're just angry about losing to another dog," he said, an amused smile crossing his face.  "I don't think you're pride can take it."
"Hell, I'm much better for her than Mr. Icicle," Kouga boasted, sounding like his old self again.  "He won't know how to please her."
"Please, you're going to start putting images in my mind and leave me scarred for life."
They both fell silent, lost in their own thoughts. “He'll take care of her, right?” Kouga asked softly, not looking at Shippo. “He's not just going to get tired of her and leave her.”
“The guy has waited for her all this time. I don't think he'll be giving up any time soon.”
“Good. `Cause if he hurts her, he'll have to answer to me, and I won't stop until I kill him.”
“You and me both then,” Shippo said, knowing it wouldn't come to that, but serious about it all the same. “By the way, how is Ayame?”
He watched Kouga blink slowly. “Ayame?”
“Yeah. Cute wolf chick who gave up on you after Kagome disappeared? The one who adores you? Or…well, she did at least.”
“Yeah…how could I forget?” he said sarcastically, but the truth was, the fiery redhead had popped into his mind every now and again. More than what she should have. “I, ah…I told her after Kagome had left to go and find a mate for herself. She didn't take too well to that suggestion. I think I nursed a black eye for a week.”
“Did she finally take a mate?”
“Yes.” The word came out a little brusquer than he intended and he wondered what the hell was wrong with him. He supposed that the memory of the day she came and told him that she was taking a mate two-hundred years ago still rang on his nerves. She had looked so…so…uncaring. Like she hadn't spent all that time pining over him. It had stung his pride a little bit. And so after that, he kept tabs on her…just out of consideration of course. He had to make sure her mate didn't treat her badly. “He died in Hiroshima during the war, and she left the country. To Paris, of all places. Last time I checked, she was still there.”
“Maybe you should go pay her a visit,” Shippo said, casually examining his nails. “After this is all over, I mean.”
Kouga scowled when the implications set in. “Oi, runt, I'm not that cold hearted. It's not official yet that Kagome is Sesshoumaru's, and when and if it does become official, I'm not just going to use Ayame as a bounce back. I have more honor than that.”
Shippo sent a faintly mocking look over. “Right.”
“Besides, she wouldn't even take me back. I spent so much time in the past convincing her that I didn't want her, and just showing up on her doorstep isn't going to change that.”
“Would you want it to change?”
He frowned at the direct question. “Why in the hell are we talking about this anyway?” He asked, avoiding the topic. “We still have work to do.”
But, throughout the night, visions of the redhead popped into his mind, and he damned himself every time.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
“Inuyasha…is that really you?”
“Keh, who else would it be, wench?” The vision known as Inuyasha was surrounded by a faint glow as he looked tenderly at the girl before him. He glanced down at himself and observed the ethereal glow that he was emitting. "Guess last wishes really work."
"What do you mean?" she asked, still amazed to see the hanyou standing not three feet in front of her.  Sesshoumaru moved out of her way to give her clear access, and she snuck a glance at him.  He stared at his brother, his eyebrows drawn low and small frown on his face.
She turned away from him when Inuyasha spoke.  "All I ever really wanted was to say good-bye to you," Inuyasha said.  "I guess Kami-sama is granting me a favor."  He paused a moment, gathering his thoughts.  "I missed you," he said finally.
"I missed you too," she choked out, holding back a sob, not noticing as Sesshoumaru backed away quietly and slipped out the door, no expression on his face.  She was focused only on the hanyou.
Moments passed in silence as they just looked at each other, memorizing each others features to remember, for they knew it was the last time they would ever be able to see one another.  As the silence dragged on, Inuyasha began to look slightly uncomfortable.  "I was never big on making speeches..." he began.
She took a deep breath.  "If you started making some long, sappy good-bye speech to me, you wouldn't be Inuyasha.  I don't really need to hear the words.  I understand."
His eyes softened on her, and indeed, she knew all she needed to by looking at him.  "Were you happy?" she blurted out. 
He paused.  "In the was the hardest, I think.  I didn't know why you had to leave...why things turned out the way they did.  I was angry for a long time. the end, yes, I think I was happy."  It was a simple answer, but she accepted it.
"So," he said, a wry gleam in his eyes.  "You and Sesshoumaru, huh?"
She let out a helpless laugh, and turned to look at Sesshoumaru, smile fading when she noticed he had left her. 
"You better be happy with him."  Inuyasha's voice cut her out of her thoughts.
"So I have your blessing?" she asked, slightly disbelievingly.
"Keh," he snorted.  "As much blessing as you're gonna get from me.  At least he can protect you better than that wimpy wolf."  He paused, his eyes growing serious.  "As long as he makes you happy, Kagome."
"I love him," she said.
"Okay then," he said simply.  He looked down at himself as the glow seemed to dim.  "I think I have to go now.  I just wanted to say good-bye to you."
"I don't want you to go," she said in a choked voice. 
He gazed back at her, the gentle smile of peace that she had always wanted to see him have on his face.  "I'm dead, remember?  It has to be this way."  His shimmering vision walked forward, and his hand lifted to wipe away the tears that were starting to fall down her cheeks.
Although it was a phantom caress and tears still ran down her face, she understood the sentiment behind it.  "And try not to cry," he whispered.  "Sesshoumaru hates it when girls do that too, he just never admits it."
She gave him a tremulous smile.  "Good-bye, Inuyasha," she said, trying to keep her voice from wavering as she watched him start to fade.  He lifted up a hand in farewell, and then he was gone, and she was left alone.
Hurriedly wiping the tears off of her face, feeling absurdly happy now that she had talked to Inuyasha, she went to go find Sesshoumaru.  It was time she got what she wanted.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&
She found him right outside the study and drew to a stop, staring at him leaning against the wall. He looked back at her warily, almost as if he expected her to walk away from him, to shut herself out and not speak to him.
She really had to deal with this whole hidden insecurity thing about Inuyasha, and she smiled at exactly what she wanted to do to him to make him realize she wanted to be with him. Gathering her courage, she walked steadily to him, stopping a foot away from him, trying to ignore the way her body was screaming for him. Her heartbeat was racing, and a low throb was starting in her body, and she ached so much, but she had to make him understand what she wanted.
“I said good-bye to Inuyasha.”
“I noticed,” he said. Then he was silent.
“You know,” she said, changing tactics. “Shippo explained to me today about what it would mean to have you as a mate.”
“Did he?” He was still doing his damndest not to let her know what he was thinking, not to let her know how much he just wanted to take he right then. To know once and for all that she was his.
“Mm-hm,” she said, moving closer to him, causing him to grab onto her hips as if he couldn't handle her body touching his at that moment. She hid a smile. “Remember when you said that once you touch me, that will be it? I will be yours?”
She didn't give him any time to answer, choosing to be as direct as possible, giving him a beautiful smile and leaning even closer so her breath brushed over his neck. “The timing doesn't suck anymore, Sesshoumaru.”
She knew the exact moment when her words registered in his mind, his fingers tightening minutely on her waist, claws leaving little pinpricks that made her blood race faster. The look in his eyes was so fierce, so concentrated on her that she felt her breath come shorter, and the throb in her body gain in intensity.
“Are you sure?” he demanded in a controlled voice. “You know this is forever.”
“According to the grapevine, you would be with me anyway,” she said, wishing he would just kiss her already. “So I might as well not waste your time.”
He seemed to consider her for several heartbeats, making completely sure she meant what she said, and she shifted impatiently.
His slow smile made her melt a little on the inside, and she didn't think she had ever seen anything more beautiful in her life than his smile.
She was proven wrong as she saw his head lower towards hers slowly. That was definitely more beautiful.
At the first touch of his mouth on hers, her mind seemed to explode. He was kissing her so slowly, lips softly touching hers, almost as if he was memorizing the touch and taste of her and she let out a low moan. She felt him smile in response, and he deepened the kiss just a little bit more.
He had waited forever for her…he was damn well going to take his time. He focused on just the heat of her mouth, the impatient little noises she made in the back of her throat, the scent of her arousal gently clouding the air, and savored each moment. He wondered how long he would be able to go at the pace he was and still keep his self-control.
Kagome was starting to get frustrated. While her body was going languid and lax at the feel of his lazy kisses, her body was burning up, and she needed him to go faster. He kept his hands firmly at her waist, holding her immobile, so she couldn't get any closer to him, and she made another noise in the back of her throat, pleading with him. She could have sworn she heard him give a little chuckle, and she wanted to pout in response.
Without thinking, she nipped him lightly, urging him to speed up, and was unprepared for the response. Growling low in his throat, he whirled her around and held her pinned to the wall, bending his knees lightly and pushing her body back with his, so her feet rested off of the ground and she was pressed tightly to him. It took her a split second to get her bearings, but he was kissing her hungrily now, and suddenly she could feel him pressed up against her, against every inch, and her eyes almost rolled in the back of her head.
His thumbs were stroking her hips, little circles that drove her mad, and she strained towards him, rubbing up against him, and reveled in the dark moan he released.
Tearing his mouth away from hers, his lips ran down her neck and latched on, his tongue pressing against the pulse in her throat, beating a lusty tattoo against his skin. She cried out when he ran his teeth over that spot, and he almost lost himself.
With a great effort, he reigned in the urge to just take her against the wall, images of her head thrown back in ecstasy as he pounded into her running through his mind. The nip she had given him had appealed to his demon urges, and he thought darkly in his mind that if she did it again, he would take her where they stood. But the majority of him wanted to tease her first, to have her writhing in his arms, to draw out this first time together so they would remember it forever. It was this part of him that caused him to move back to her lips and take lazy possession, changing the pace once more. When he thought he could manage it, his hands slid slowly to her knee and brought one of her dangling legs to wrap around his hips. This brought their lower bodies into firmer contact, and he had to take a moment to compose himself before grabbing the other leg and hooking her ankles together around his back. She must have approved of this action because she let out an appreciative moan.
Breaking their lip contact, he began for the stairs, knowing it was time to move her to his room where they would be more comfortable. There would be plenty of afternoon opportunities to take her against the wall in his lifetime, as he would demonstrate to her soon, but he wanted a more intimate setting for their first time.
Kagome was taking to their new position quite well, planting solid kisses on his neck while he tried to manage each step. He was on the third one when she gave him a little bite, and she gave a low, gleeful laugh when his stride was interrupted. The next thing she knew, he was opening a door on the second floor and she was grabbing onto him for dear life. He had used his speed to his advantage to take her to his bedroom and he opened the door with one hand and kicked it shut with his foot. Only then did he set her on the floor and step back to look at her, taking in her flushed features and heaving chest. He never thought he'd ever been more satisfied, and thought he showed an amazing amount of restraint when he only ran a finger tenderly down her cheek. “Are you afraid?”
She shivered at the sound of his deepened tone, and the way his eyes stared at her hungrily even though his fingers still remained gentle on her face, and she knew that she made him this way. It was a heady thought. “I think I should be,” she said, being disarmingly honest. “After all, this is my first time with anyone, and the unknown is a little scary, but I'm not with you?” She looked at him with her heart in her eyes. “Is that funny? I should be scared out of my mind, but all I can think of is how right this feels. As if it were always you.”
Overwhelmed, he cupped her cheeks and leaned in again, telling her with his mouth the words he wanted to say to her. Passion flared once again, and Kagome held back a gasp as his hands trailed from her cheeks down to her collarbone, thumbs stroking lightly under the collar of the yukata she wore. They didn't stay there for long, skimming down her sides, past her breasts, and around to her middle to where the knot of the robe was tied. Within seconds, he had it untied and lying forgotten on the floor, leaving her clad in a sleeping gown.
Lost in his kiss, she hadn't realized he had maneuvered her towards his bed until he sat down on the edge of it, and her standing between his thighs, and she realized she very much liked looking down on him as he stared at her. His mouth was wet from kissing her and very serious as he rubbed circles over her hips again, no doubt trying to relax her. Smiling down on him, she brought her hands to his cheeks, stroking the two magenta stripes gently and watching in fascination as his eyes closed, leaning into her caress. Curious, her fingers trailed up to his ears, touching the soft elven points and scratching along the folds and creases, watching in rapt attention as his neck seemed to go limp, leaning his head to rest against her breasts, and Kagome knew she found a new favorite place on his body to focus on.
But he wouldn't let her have the upper hand for long as she felt his breath through her nightie against her breast as split second before he nuzzled his cheek against her, making her weak in the knees. He placed soft kisses on the top of her chest, where flesh met the collar of her nightgown and she held her breath as his mouth slowly moved lower. The peaks of her breasts were hard and were visible through the thin cotton, and she willed his head just a little lower, begging him silently to touch her where she ached.
Her breath came out in a whoosh as his mouth voraciously closed over her nipple, and gave a soft mewing sound as he sucked lightly, the cloth becoming damp, and the frustrated thought flittered through her scattering mind that she still had too many clothes on. He must have agreed with her, because she felt his hands move to the hem of her nightgown and lift it off of her quickly, barely giving her any time to think before his mouth was latched onto her again, and she cried out as she felt his tongue rasp against her. Her hips bucked involuntarily against him, and he moaned, sending tingles throughout her body as she felt the vibrations. It seemed he lost temporary control of his body as his hips rolled slowly against her, seeking the friction he craved desperately.
Kagome thought she was going to die. She could feel his hardness through the only layer between them, and decided the kimono on him needed to go. Running her hands down his chest straight to his belt, she reveled in his sharply drawn breath as she tore the knot that held her from her goal. Tearing the cloth impatiently away from him, she took her first good look at him unclothed.
He was lean, but not bulky, muscles rippling slightly as he leaned away from her, letting her look her fill. She let her hands run gently over his chest, curious to know the feel of his skin, feeling pleasure in the way his breath grew ragged as she lightly passed over his nipples and went lower, running over the ridges of his abdomen. Her smile widened when she traced the two magenta stripes that ran over his hip bones, before finally venturing lower, to the place that really interested her.
His manhood stood up proudly, moisture beading lightly at the tip, the smooth column joining his body, and she felt just the slightest moment of hesitation. He wasn't huge, just rather large, and she wondered exactly how much pain she would feel when he entered her. She shook her head, willing those thoughts away, and reached her hand out curiously to the tip, running her thumb over the moisture gathered over the small slit there, not noticing how Sesshoumaru went completely still at her touch.
When she had run her hands down his chest, he felt the drugging pleasure run through his blood, when she had run her hands over his markings, he had to will his hands not to touch her, letting her continue with her examination of his body. But when her small hands touched the part of him that was so hard it hurt, feeling her dull fingernail scrape over his nerve endings, his vision went white. When he had his wits about him again, she was writhing beneath him on the covers, and his mouth was nipping at her navel. Dipping his tongue into the little indention there, he willed himself to slow down. She sure as hell wasn't making it easy, her soft skin rubbing against him maddeningly and the sexy noises escaping her mouth driving him crazy.
She seemed uninhibited around him when he was touching her, and he was proud he could make her lose her mind so thouroughly. But as she brushed their lower bodies together, finally without any obstacles between them, he realized he wasn't in any better condition than her.
Moving back up her body to the place where her neck met her shoulder, he bit down slightly, making her go still in compliance. Keeping his teeth closed over her, his hands reached up to cup her breasts, thumbs rubbing over her slowly, and he felt her jerk.
“Sesshoumaru!” she cried out, and he arrogantly thought he loved the way her voice sounded when crying out his name.
Kagome didn't know if she wanted to be upset with him that he wouldn't let her move or not, because his mouth was now doing interesting things behind her ear…but she didn't want to just lie there, being inactive. She wanted to make him feel some of the things she was feeling, and she only had the barest of touches before he had covered her with his body before, and she needed to know that she could make him as wild as he was making her.
She leaned her neck up and gently blew on his ear, making him go still once more, before tentatively closing her lips over his earlobe, his little nip to her neck telling her that he liked that. Smiling to herself, she ran her tongue up the ridge and bit lightly down on the pointed end, hearing his muffled moan.
She wasn't laughing as he decided to switch tactics, moving his head away from her neck and attempting, instead, to memorize and kiss every inch of her body. By the time he got down to her toes, she could barely move.
Sesshoumaru looked up at her then, as he gave a kiss to her ankle, and saw her watching him through lazy eyes. Smiling slightly, he gave her a long lick up her calf to behind her knee, and saw her hands clench in the bedsheets. Her scent was driving him crazy, and only grew stronger as he moved closer to the center of her. He nuzzled the place where her thigh met her torso, and enjoyed her long moan. He took a deep breath, the smell of her arousal making him dizzy and needy for her, and he looked up at her as he felt a sharp tug on his hair. He looked up at her, saw the passion in her eyes, and tried to focus on what she was saying.
Her voice was incredibly husky and raw, distracting him almost as much as her scent, “You know…with all this talk about being together forever….you're sure taking your damn time.”
He smiled at her. “Impatient?” he teased. Before she could retort, he brought his hand up and cupped her, making her suck in her breath. He could feel the wet heat of her, and tried to ignore the throbbing in his own body…just for a little longer. “My, my,” he said, his voice dark and heady. “I can feel that you are.” Experimentally, he moved his fingers and she whimpered.
“Sesshoumaru…please,” she said, past the point of caring about how she was begging, and missed the flash of his eyes. She choked on her next breath as she felt a clawed finger move in her. It seemed as if her were trying to touch her very soul.
“Watch,” he demanded, and her eyes opened wide on him, a part of her surprised by the thought of what he was asking, the other part highly aroused. Her face flushing, she looked down at their bodies, and watched his finger move in her, buried to the knuckle. Her eyes flew back to his, watching her with a fierce look on his face, lust burning through his eyes, and she regretted looking away a moment later as she felt a second finger join the first. “Watch me, Kagome,” he said, his voice no more than a growl. Helplessly, she looked down again, watching as his skilled fingers moved inside her. It was the most erotic thing she'd ever seen.
Watching her watch him made his self-control tatter into threads, and he moved his fingers just a bit more forcefully, making her eyes roll back. His finger brushed against her barrier, and using his claw, he cut it, causing her to wince slightly. He smelled the faint scent of her blood, causing his eyes to flash red once, and he fought for control. He watched as a single tear fell from her eyes, and nibbled on her hip bone in apology. He regretted hurting her, but it would only make his entry into her easier and painless. To make up for it, his thumb circled the tiny nub at the top of her entrance, and was pleased to see her react to his touch instead of focusing on the slight pain.
He was planning on waiting for her first climax to be with him inside her, but as her hips moved against his hand in innocent invitation, he couldn't resist letting his fingers move faster.
She cried out as he picked up the speed, her pain all but forgotten. The feelings were coursing through her, gaining in intensity as she moved her hips, seeking release.
“Come, koi,” she heard his voice say, running through her like a smooth honey as his thumb moved vigorously against her, and she cried out his name as she exploded, closing her legs tight around his hand, not letting him withdraw.
As he felt her inner muscles ripple around his fingers, his breath came faster. He would soon be feeling this incredible heat and strength, and the thought made him tremble. A fine sheen of sweat covered them both, and he slid easily against her as he moved up her body to rest fully against her. He held back a moan as he felt every inch of her against him, and the throbbing of his body grew worse, demanding to be released.
Kagome opened her blurry eyes to see Sesshoumaru hovering over her, lifting a hand to his cheek as she smiled. “Wow,” she whispered.
He gave her a little chuckle. “We're not finished yet,” he said, moving his hips against her and watched as her eyes widened in realization.
She saw his hand, shaking slightly, move to her hair and wipe some sweaty strands away. She realized just how much restraint he was showing with her, holding himself back so he could love her properly. She hooked one leg around his waist, bringing him closer to her, telling him without words that she was ready.
She felt him move until he was aligned with her, feeling just his tip against her, and she tightened her muscles down there experimentally. His head dropped to her shoulder with a loud groan, and she wrapped her arms around him. His breath washed hotly over her ear, making her shiver. “Don't fight it,” he whispered, just before he moved to cover her mouth with his and entered her quickly, leaving her to wonder what he was talking about.
Although there wasn't much pain, the shock of his girth entering her was a shock, his hand going around the small of her back to pull her closer to him, making him slide deeper into her.
Sesshoumaru had never felt anything as good as she did at that moment. He could have spent the rest of eternity happily between her legs, but he knew they still needed to get past the most difficult part. Before he could lose his mind to the feel of her legs gripping around his hips and the way her inner muscles were milking him, he quickly sent a small amount of his youki to her, praying that she would realize what to do.
Kagome felt the dark press of his youki against her, and her powers flared in response. She looked at him, seeing his eyes focused on her as the feel of his power grow stronger, almost suffocating. Her power was pushing back against his, but didn't seem to be making any headway, and she felt a moment of panic.
`Don't fight it,' she remembered his whisper. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she let his power envelop her, surround her, embracing it as she was him. She could feel the intensity behind it, the raw strength of him, and it overwhelmed her. She had never realized just how strong he was until this, and she was amazed by how much he had hidden from the rest of the world. She could feel her body tingle, and realized just what was happening.
He was bonding her to him. Giving her a part of his power, and binding her lifespan to him. Tears gathered behind her eyelids as she completely let herself go, gathering his aura into herself, hugging it with her own. Finally, the tingling receded as his youki died down, and she felt reborn, her blood singing.
She opened her eyes wide as she felt him move inside her. He was grinning at her, and she blinked, barely registering his words.
“The hard part is over,” he said. “We are mates.”
Her breath left her in a shuddering whoosh, and her arms tightened around him, but he didn't allow the stillness for long, reminding her that there were important matters at hand as he began thrusting shallowly in her, sending shocks throughout her system.
She hooked her other leg around his waist, tilting her hips so she could feel more of him, and he sped up.
Sesshoumaru finally felt complete as he felt the woman who was his other half accept him into her body. He had been worried about how she would react to his youki, and the dangers he had heard about demons mating with mikos had filled his mind again, but she had done exactly as she should have done and submitted to him. The bonding ceremony was always the most dangerous part in any mating, but now that it was over and he could feel her body tighten against his, it all seemed like a vague dream.
She was gasping with every thrust as he pulled out until only the tip of him was left within her, before plunging back in, filling her completely. The slow burn was building again, and she scratched his back lightly at one particularly deep thrust.
It was the darkest of sins that he took pleasure in the feel of her dull claws against him, and he couldn't stop himself from taking a hold of her hips and lifting her to him every time he plunged down. He was falling fast, the feel of her in his arms becoming too much for him to handle, and he could feel her as she got close to her peak once more.
Her legs tightened around him, and he changed the angle of his thrusts, hitting the little bundle of nerves at her center every time he moved. She gave a cry, her head thrown back, and he couldn't resist tasting her neck, the salty sweat covering her body urging him on faster.
Finally, all too soon for him, he felt the impending rush of his climax, his hips moving in desperate bursts, all feeling of control gone. He could feel the beginning ripples of her walls squeezing him, and, determined to give her pleasure first, he sealed his hips to her in one last push and rotated his hips slowly, causing her to scream as she finally found her release.
It was too much for him, and he exploded inside her, muffling his cry against her shoulder as his seed burst into her in a rush of pleasure so blinding he thought he had died.
It took long moments for them to catch their breath, trembling in the afterglow of their releases. Finally, he pulled away from her, giving her system one more zing as he slid out of her and pulled her to his side. She lifted one leg over his thigh, and his clawed hand came down behind her knee to hitch her more firmly to him right before he lifted the sheets up.
She sighed in the quiet, never feeling quite so at peace. “I love you, Sesshoumaru,” she said quietly.
“I know,” he said, his hand stroking her thigh as if he couldn't stop touching her. “And I you.”
She buried her face in his shoulder as the tears started to fall.
“Kagome?” he asked, lifting her chin away from him and looking at her in concern.
“I just didn't think you'd say it,” she admitted, giving a little sniff. “I mean, I knew and all, that you did, it's just I never thought you would actually say it.”
He smiled at her, and she smiled back, snuggling happily against his broad, smooth chest.
“The bonding surprised me,” she said softly minutes later. “I thought you would have to mark me or bite me or something.” She didn't count those the little nips he had given her bites.
To her surprise he sniffed lightly. “Do you think me a vampire?” he asked, his tone slightly reproachful. She sat up, not bothering to cover herself, and watched with pleasure as his eyes stayed glued on her. However, she was not to be distracted by him, no matter how sexy he looked with the glow of sweat on his well-built body, or his sexy hair slightly mussed.
“I didn't know how you did things,” she said, defending herself, because she had imagined him biting her and the thought of her covered in blood on the night she lost her innocence was not very appealing. Then she flushed as she realized the implications of her words. “I mean…I knew HOW mating was done…I just….damn it!” she burst out as she saw his eyes light with slight amusement. “You're making fun of me.”
“Yes,” he agreed immediately, and smiled when she huffed and lay back down beside him. Just to get her riled up, he added, “There was no reason for me to bite you…unless you wanted me to.” As hoped, a rush of her arousal filled his head at the sound of his darkened tone, and he smiled, saving that bit of information for another day. A few moments later, drowsiness started to set in, and she held back a yawn as she lazily traced the stripes on his hips, looking around his room for the first time.
It was very large, and decorated tastefully with a few items becoming the main focus. It was simple, with dark coloring, and fit the demon who resided there perfectly. Kagome found she liked the room, and wouldn't mind moving in a soon as possible. That made her stop. She would be living with him now, wouldn't she? She bit her lip, following the line of color around his hip bone. She would have to tell her mother.
`Soon,' she thought with another yawn.
“Do I detect a fetish?” she felt more than heard him rumble at her, as she began her tracing from the beginning.
“Maybe,” she said lazily. “Do you mind? I've been wondering where else you had the stripes for the longest time.”
“Really?” he said, and she could almost imagine an eyebrow cocked at her. He was quiet. “I don't mind at all,” he finally said, grabbing her hand and holding it loosely in his.
He felt her breathing slow and deepen into sleep, but he stayed awake for hours, listening to her heartbeat against his, smelling their lovemaking in the air, and finally registering the fact that she was his for all eternity now.
It was the perfect way to end the day.