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Chapter Eighteen
Getting What She Wants
"Damn it, Sesshoumaru, this is getting ridiculous!"
Kagome put her hands on her hips as she faced her mate, who was currently standing in their bedroom doorway, blocking her path.  His calm stare did nothing to take her irritation away.
"You should be resting."
She stifled a scream of frustration.  "It's been two days, Sesshoumaru.  You've practically kept me bedridden this whole time, but enough is enough!  You are smothering me."
"Considering that you could have died, I think I'm being rather lenient.  I will not risk anything happening."
She began pacing around the room, needing to work off the steam she was building up, trying not to completely lose her temper.  "Okay, look, I know what happened was my fault.  You think I haven't beaten myself up for leaving the house that night?  I have.  But that doesn't mean that I'm still injured.  You are treating me like a glass doll, not even touching me, thinking I'm going to break apart."  She didn't even mention to him how much that hurt her, keeping his hands to himself in a strictly business like manner.  Even if she insinuated something, he always put her off. She had tried to kiss him, to tempt him, and he participated for just a moment, as if he couldn't help himself, before stepping back, eyes shuttered. It broke a little piece of her heart each time.
  She lifted up her shirt to beneath her breasts and saw his gaze transfer to her torso, his eyes caressing the area where Kano had hurt her.  "See?  There is not even a scratch.  I'm only feeling a few aches and pains, nothing life threatening."  He didn't stop looking away from her skin.  She sighed again.  "Well the least you can let me do is go downstairs with you.  Shippo said he was coming with Inuka today, and I want to visit."
The room was filled with the smell of her anger, and her eyes flashed at him.  Realizing he was making things worse, he just silently stepped back from the doorway, allowing her access outside of the room.  Huffily she walked by him, shooting him one last baleful glare over her shoulder before she walked downstairs.
He had to resist the temptation to clench his fists.  She was not the only one frustrated with this whole situation.  Faced with the failure of not being there to protect his own mate, and then losing the one who had harmed her was grating on him like slivers of glass.  Shippo and Kouga had done their best to follow the scent of Kano, but as soon as they had reached a certain part of town, the fumes and other scents drowned out that of the demon.  They had returned frustrated and angry, to face an equally angry Sesshoumaru.
Kagome had healed from the stab wound after that first night, but he could tell she still hurt in some places.  He hadn't wanted to touch her and add to her pain, because once he did touch her, he didn't think he'd ever be able to stop.  She scared him more than she knew, more than anybody knew, when she went to face Kano alone.  He knew he was hurting her emotionally, and damned himself every time he smelled her hurt, but knew it was for the best.  He would not to anything to add to her physical aches.
Taking a deep breath, he followed down the stairs after her, meeting Shippo and Inuka in the foyer.  Kagome was already dragging Inuka away to talk with him, and Sesshoumaru watched her go with impassive eyes before turning to Shippo.
"How is she?" the fox murmured.
"Angry," was all he said, and led the way into his study.  "Tell me exactly where you lost him."
"In the middle of downtown," Shippo said.  "Near all of the factories.  Clever bastard probably lives there on purpose.  It must be hell on his own nose, but he knows none of us can follow him there.  Have you recalled anything?"
"No," Sesshoumaru said, barely resisting the urge to growl.  He had thought constantly of what Kano could be wanting revenge for, but he could not remember anything that had to do with the void demon.  "His name does not even sound familiar."
"You have a lot of enemies, Sesshoumaru," Shippo said carefully.  "Could it be you've just forgotten?"
Sesshoumaru was silent, not taking offense at Shippo's words, knowing his first statement to be true.  "I remember my enemies, even in my darkest days when I didn't care about who I fought.  For someone who has this much hatred of me, who would go after my mate just because she is worth something to me, makes me believe that I have done something to him in the past that is worth remembering.”
“What if you think about the time period? He told Kagome that you never had anything worth something to you before her. This has to be after Rin was killed, otherwise he would have gone after her instead.”
“After Kagome left, I didn't have any major altercations with anyone. I kept myself isolated.”
Shippo was silent for a moment before speaking hesitantly. “There is always…”
He trailed off and Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed in thought. “Do you know where he is?”
“Last I heard he was in this area.”
“…find him and bring him back here.”
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
“I hear you had quite a scare,” was the first thing that Inuka said, and watched as Kagome scowled.
“It was nothing. I don't know why everyone is making such a big deal about it.”
“Because every one cares that much for you,” the reincarnation said mildly, and Kagome felt slightly ashamed of her behavior.
“I know they care, Inuka. But, honestly, I'm fine now. The only thing is that Sesshoumaru won't believe me.”
Inuka looked at her, looking like the very picture of frustration.
“Well you know what you have to do then, right?” She glanced up to see him give her a very Inuyasha like smirk. If he had fangs, one would be poking out of the side of his mouth.
“What?” she asked.
“Convince him another way.”
“Another way?”
“Well, obviously just saying that you're fine isn't going to do anything. You have to show him.”
“Show him? How?”
He shrugged. “How in the hell should I know? Use your imagination.”
Suddenly, he was unsure when he saw her delighted grin.
“I think,” she said slowly, “that I have the perfect way to show him while benefiting us both. And this time he won't refuse me.”
“I don't even want to know,” Inuka said, closing his eyes to the sight of a plotting female.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
It was close to midnight by the time Shippo returned to Sesshoumaru's home. Kagome had gone upstairs to read, leaving the two demons alone to talk.
“Did you find him?” Sesshoumaru asked, leaning back in his chair.
Shippo smiled and reached into his sleeve, pulling out a string that was tied to his wrist. Sesshoumaru leaned forward, gazing at the spot in Shippo's hand.
“My Lords, this is highly unnecessary! Tying me up and dragging me off without so much as a hello! You should respect your elders, you most of all, Shippo!”
“Myoga,” Sesshoumaru intoned, his voice deep and sure, stopping the ancient flea in his tracks. “Surely these aren't the first words to your Lord after remaining absent for so long?”
Myoga, ancient flea and servant to the clan of the Inu, had the grace to look slightly sheepish. “Of course not, my Lord, it is good to see you again. I have heard of your recent mating to Kagome. Congratulations.” He waited until Sesshoumaru nodded in acceptance and then tugged on the string that was still tied around his waist. “However, you did not have to kidnap me. I would have come willingly to serve Sesshoumaru-sama!”
“Would you?” Shippo asked, a slight tinge of amusement in his gaze. “Is that why you tried to sneak out the back when you saw me?”
“Ah….well…about that….” Myoga trailed off, and then cleared his throat, sitting down cross-legged in Shippo's palm. “What can I do for you, my lord?”
“There is a demon named Kano who has attacked Kagome. He targeted her because of me. I have no recollection of him, or any conflict between us. Is he familiar to you?”
Myoga put a hand to his chin, thinking deeply. “Kano…Kano….I'm sorry, Sesshoumaru-sama, although his name sounds vaguely familiar, nothing is sticking out in my mind. Did Kagome-sama get a good look at him? Did she describe him?”
Sesshoumaru quickly gave the details of Kano's appearance that he had gained from Kagome. “Apparently I took something that mattered to him, long ago. He is now seeking revenge.”
Myoga shook his head. “I know…I know his name from somewhere…but I cannot remember any details. If you did manage to take something…or someone…of importance to him, how long ago do you think it was?”
“After Kagome left through the well,” Shippo spoke up. “And he waited until Sesshoumaru found her again to take his revenge.”
“These are sad circumstances,” Myoga said, shaking his head mournfully. He stood up and dusted himself off, discreetly tugging on the string. “But if I can be of no further use to you…”
Sesshoumaru calmly pinched the small flea between his claws and tugged on the string, breaking it effortlessly. “You will remain in this area until you remember who this demon is.” His voice suggested no arguments, and Myoga gulped, beginning to sweat. Those claws only had to close, and he would be flattened.
“O-of course, Sesshoumaru-sama.”
Sesshoumaru tossed Myoga back to Shippo, who caught him gracefully, and then stood up. “I will join my mate now. Contact me tomorrow, Shippo.”
Shippo nodded and followed Sesshoumaru to the door.
“And, Myoga,” Sesshoumaru said, slowly inspecting his claws, causing the small flea to wince. “If you run…I will find you.”
“Y-yes, Sesshoumaru-sama.”
Closing the door behind the pair, Sesshoumaru turned to climb the stairs to where Kagome waited. He knew she was still angry with him, and it caused his heart to clench in reaction. Rubbing a hand over his face, he almost gave a humorless laugh. He never thought he'd be here, in the present time, content to fade into the background as long as he had her. His quest for power had ended the day she disappeared through the well, taking his soul with her. It had become a quest for her, just her, and now that he had her, he couldn't touch her until her injuries were healed. A part of him realized he was just being over protective, and that he was hurting her by trying to give her body time to heal, but he had already screwed up enough by not being there for her when Kano attacked. He would not do it again.
Never again would he allow someone he loved to be hurt.
Even if his control was tested, even if he ached to touch her, to make sure she was all right and alive in the most basic way, he would wait until he was sure she was fine. But as he opened the door to their room, he saw her lying in bed wearing only one of his silk shirts, and he knew his control was going to be tested. The shirt only came to mid-thigh, showing an ample amount of her slender legs. Her scent whirled around his head so enticingly, and she shifted minutely, turning the page in her book, causing the lapels to gape open and reveal a tempting glimpse of the hollow between her breasts. He swallowed.
She had opened the window, allowing the slight breeze to bring in all the secrets of the night, the soft smell of gardenias and jasmine mixing with her own scent to create a heady perfume.
Slowly calming the rising of his blood, he took off his jacket and tossed it in a nearby chair. Tense, he sat on the edge of the bed, grateful that she was seemingly ignoring him. He was not some whelp who couldn't control his urges. He was a TaiYoukai, damn it.
Caught up in his thoughts, he didn't notice as Kagome snuck a glance at him and smiled. It was time to put her plan into action. Setting aside her book, she slowly rose up behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders, kneading the hard muscles.
He tensed at the first touch of her hands, mentally groaning, but when he realized that was all she was doing for the moment, he relaxed and took pleasure in the feel of her hands on him. Her talented fingers found a knot, skillfully unraveled it, and moved on to another area, leaving him floating comfortably in a relaxing haze.
“I'm sorry for getting so angry at you earlier,” she murmured softly, breaking the silence. “I know you are just taking care of me, and I was rude.”
He made a non-committal sound, shifting slightly so she could reach his neck better, and she smiled. She kneaded around the base of his skull, coming close to his ears and leaning over so that the tips of her breasts touched his back. She felt him tense again, for a different reason, but she kept rubbing sensuously against him.
“But if we're to make this whole mate thing work out, we need to learn how to compromise.” She moved forward so that her breath touched his ear and she felt a slight tremble under her hands. She loved this feeling of power she had over him right now, and it was only the beginning. By the time she was through, he was going to know without a doubt that she was completely healed and not a fragile doll. She blew softly in the shell of the velvet ear before her lips. “But you also need to learn how to believe your mate when she says she is fine. And I am fine, Sesshoumaru. Let me prove it to you.”
Softly, she bit down on the tip of his elven ear and pressed up against his back. Quickly, he stood up and faced her, beginning to breathe heavily. He didn't think any being on the planet should be able to feel this hot this quickly.
“Kagome,” he began, trying to put authority in his voice instead of just throwing her back on the bed. He stopped as her fingers went to the buttons of the shirt she wore. Slowly she undid them one by one, only the slightest blush on her cheeks, and that almost undid him. She looked like a temptress and erotic innocence all rolled into one. She stepped off the bed and walked towards him, her unbuttoned shirt flaring open, allowing him to see her beautiful body. She stopped a few scant inches away so that he could feel the heat radiating from her body and reached for his shirt. He grabbed her hands, a little desperately, and held them away from him knowing that if she kept touching him, he would lose his determination.
“A few more days, Kagome, so I know that you are completely healed.”
He saw her eyes flash and smelled the rise in her temper, as dark and tempting as a thunderstorm, and he had to swallow hard again. She snatched her hands away and whipped off her shirt, leaving her naked. “Does it look like I'm not healed? Where do you see a scratch on my body?” He didn't answer as his eyes were busy devouring her. She pulled out her trump card. “Do you not want me, then? Is that what this is about?”
His eyes snapped back to hers, pupils rapidly becoming dilated with hunger. “How can you even think that?” he asked, his voice husky and rough.
Boldly, she grabbed his hand and brought it to her core, her head rolling back as his fingers moved against her. “Let me show you,” she gasped. “Let me show you that I'm healed.”
Bringing her hands up, she brought his head down to hers, sealing their lips together. With a groan, he surrendered, pushing her back to the bed and coming on top of her. Unexpectedly, she rolled them over, straddling his thighs and looking down at him with teasing eyes. “I thought I was going to show you. You can just sit there and keep your hands to yourself.”
“Impossible,” he said as her nimble fingers went back to work on his shirt.
“Don't make me purify you,” she warned, throwing his shirt behind her and working on his belt. They both knew he could take control of the situation at any moment, but allowing her this power was exciting.
But then he wondered who had the real power when she whipped off his belt and ran her hands up his chest. His mind went hazy as she looked at him, her passionate nature in full force, as if she were wondering quite where she would begin.
“If I'm to have your gorgeous body for the rest of eternity, I think I should be better acquainted with it, don't you agree?”
“Is that all you love about me?” he managed, and then held back a strangled sound when she leaned down and followed the path of her fingers with her mouth. “My body?”
“No, I lust after your body,” she corrected, sitting back up and giving him an unhindered view to her lean torso. “I love everything else.”
“Good to know,” he said, and closed his eyes as she scooted down his body to remove his shoes.
She glanced up the length of his body, his muscles standing out starkly on his chest from keeping his hands firmly at his sides, and congratulated herself on a good idea. She supposed she should have felt embarrassed, practically jumping him, but as she ran her hands up his thighs and she heard his little intake of breath, she didn't care. He made her feel sexy and beautiful and uninhibited. She wanted to show him how he made her feel. Slowly, prolonging the moment, she tugged on the button of his slacks. His zipper sounded loud in the quiet room, and then Kagome made an approving noise in the back of her throat that spiked his arousal, and then she was tugging his pants off in short jerks, her movements quickening with anticipation.
Without even giving him time to gain his bearings he felt her hands reach for him, closing around him and squeezing rhythmically. Before she could give herself time to think, she leaned down and breathed on him.
When Sesshoumaru felt the first tentative touch of her mouth, his breath left him in one long, uncontrolled growl, and she stilled uncertainly. She had never thought she would have the courage to do something like that to him, but all she was focused on was giving him pleasure.
Sesshoumaru dug his claws into the comforter beneath him, trying to gain back his famous control. She was driving him too close to the edge, and he could smell her anxiety now, mixing with her gentle arousal. He felt her begin to move away from him, and his eyes snapped open to meet hers.
She thought that she had made him uncomfortable, that he didn't want what she was offering to him, but when he looked at her and she could see only a thin ring of gold around the edges of his eyes, eyes that now looked more animalistic than human, she realized that he wanted her to go on. Anyone gazing at her with eyes as hungry as his would want her to continue her ministrations. Leaning down again slowly, keeping her eyes on his, she gave him a tentative lick. She watched in fascination as his head dropped back with a loud groan from his mouth. Smiling softly, she set about discovering what he liked and what he didn't like.
Kami must have thought he had done something right in his long life to give him a woman like Kagome. He was blessed, well and truly blessed.
Kagome settled on enthusiasm for what she lacked in experience, and she wasn't hearing any complaints from him. If anything, she gained confidence by the way his fists clenched and unclenched in the bed sheets, shredding them, but he didn't seem to care. Her lips traveled back up to the tip of him and gave him the smallest nip while her nails raked gently down his thighs.
“Enough!” he gasped, and grabbed her by her arms. He waited until she was straddled on his lap again, his arousal pressing against the hottest part of her. “That is enough of that.”
“For now,” she countered, still enjoying the slightly salty taste of his skin in her mouth. She rubbed against him like a cat and grabbed his hands, holding them to her breast. “Right now, I need you to touch me.”
He cupped the fullness of her, testing her weight in his palms. Her head rolled back, baring the delicate line of her throat, and before she could think, he reared up, nearly unseating her, and attached his mouth to the tendons in her neck. Letting out a deep, throaty moan she lifted her hips until he was poised at her opening, and slowly lowered herself. In this position, he almost felt like he wouldn't fit into her, but he cradled her back and let her shift backwards until she reached a more comfortable angle, causing him to slide into her inch by delicious inch. When he was fully sheathed in her, she breathed, “Aren't you glad you listened to me now?”
He said nothing, just moved his hips and thrust upwards into her…hard. Reveling in her gasp he did it again…and again…and again.
Getting caught up in the rhythm of his movements, she began to meet him thrust for thrust, heightening both of their pleasure. Soon, she felt like it wasn't enough. She was reaching for her climax and it was just out of her reach.
It was her pleading whimper that finally drove him over the edge. Feeling lightening race through his blood, he quickly rolled them over and drove into her, harder and deeper than before. She cried out, her muscles beginning to convulse around him, causing a deep sound to be ripped from his throat as he exploded within her.
His great strength completely diminished, he used his last ounce of will to fall next to her, turning her towards him, still seated completely within her.
It took him several moments to gain back his breath. “The next time you want to…feel free anytime to try and prove me wrong.”
She laughed weakly. “I'll take you up on that.”
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
It was raining.
Kagome found herself transported through time back to Feudal Japan, kneeling in the cold mud, watching the raindrops fall on her hands. A part of her realized she was dreaming. She was no longer lying connected to Sesshoumaru, and for a moment, she felt panic.
Looking around her, recognizing that she was in Inuyasha's forest, she slowly stood up. She was not dressed in her school uniform, which she found odd. She always was in her school uniform when she dreamed about the past.
Walking a few steps, she examined her surroundings. A flash of red caught her eyes at the edge of the trees, and she walked nearer for a closer look. It looked to be a lump of cloth, lying on the forest floor. The rain fell in an ever steadier drizzle, causing Kagome's hair to fall into her face. Even in her dream world, her hair was giving her trouble. Tossing it out of her face and smoothing it back, she saw the lump of cloth move.
Gasping, she started running, realizing that it was a woman lying on the ground, and her clothing wasn't red by choice…she was covered in blood. Sliding to her knees next to the fallen woman, the rain stopping completely, she tried to lift her into a sitting position, but her hands traveled right through her.
“That's right,” she remembered. “This is a dream.”
Before she could even think about what to do, a bright light filled the surrounding area. She shielded her eyes, trying to squint through her fingers, but the light drove her back. A few moments after the light died down, Kagome felt her soul jerk. Gasping, she dropped down on her hands. Suddenly it was beginning to make sense. The light, her soul, the time and place…she was back to the moment when the well took her back. The Shikon no Tama must have just been purified, and Kikyo killed herself, killing Naraku in the process. A part of her wanted to run to where the well was, to see if she could catch one last glimpse of her friends, but she couldn't leave the woman. Dream or not.
Darkness suddenly filled the clearing, and Kagome felt such a fear in her body that her heart skipped a beat. Looking around warily, she tried to see what was causing her reaction. Instinctively hovering over the woman, protecting her with her body, she noticed a being darker than the darkness around her slowly creeping towards the woman from the tree line in the direction of the bone-eaters well. The darkness flowed towards the woman, and Kagome stepped forward, watching in horror as the being hovered over the fallen woman. The bulk started to take form, a face beginning to take shape, and Kagome recoiled as the face of Naraku stared down impassively at the woman.
Without even thinking, Kagome launched herself at the evil hanyou, intent on stopping him, but she hit the ground with a stunned thump as she passed right through the body. Leaning weakly on her knees, she listened as the voice of Naraku filled the tiny clearing.
He leaned forward until he was an inch from the woman's face. The woman was breathing slightly, her life's blood still running to the ground. Kagome knew it inside of her self that the woman had only a few moments left to live.
“It's quite demeaning to have to use you as my last revenge, but I guess you'll do,” Naraku said. He closed his eyes a moment, seeming to go within himself. His eyes opened again. “Ahhh, you are supposed to meet your demon lover here. He is quite strong, is he not? Not like you, filthy human that you are. You should learn to guard your thoughts more carefully.” His voice was mocking. “Please allow me the use of your body…for however long it lasts. After that I will be gone from this world, but at least I will have someone carry on my cause.”
Watching in horror, Kagome saw Naraku disintegrate into mist, flowing through the air into the woman's mouth, becoming completely one with her.
“Akina! Akina, call out to me!”
Kagome whirled around as another being rushed into the clearing. Backing away quickly on her hands and knees, she looked at Kano. His eyes were the same emotionless voice, but his face was contorted with worry.
“The woman's demon lover,” she realized.
“Akina!” Kano ran to the woman's side. Tenderly, he cradled the woman's head in his hands, holding her close. Kagome wanted to yell at him, to warn him that Naraku was within the woman, but she knew he would not hear her. Enemy or not, she could tell he loved this woman, and he did not deserve to say good-bye to a puppet of evil.
“Kano,” a voice came gently. “You came for me.”
“Of course I did, baka,” his voice was quiet and choked. “What happened to you?”
“I…I was attacked…” she trailed off, and Kano gave her a soft shake.
“This…this is what we deserve for being together…Kami is punishing us.”
“Don't,” Kano said sharply. “Kami would not be so cruel as to punish us for loving each other, even if you are human and I am demon. And if Kami did, he would punish me and not you…you are too pure for the wrath of him. You have to tell me, Akina, what happened!”
Her hands fluttered at the void's demon's chest. Kagome watched painfully aware that the woman would not live. Tears began falling from her eyes as she cried for the love that was being lost. The woman's next words caused her to stiffen in shock.
“Two demons came…they attacked me…white haired demons with the golden eyes of evil…”
“Their names…do you remember their names?”
“Do not say what I think you are going to say, do not say what I think you are going to say,” Kagome chanted in her mind. She had a sick feeling she knew the outcome of this tryst.
“Inuyasha…and Sesshoumaru. They came and attacked me because I was meeting with you.”
“Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru? I hold no grudges against the Inu clan and they hold none towards me. Why would they attack you?”
“Do you not believe me?” Akina asked quite sharply for someone in your condition.
“It's Naraku speaking,” Kagome thought. “Don't believe her!”
Kano looked taken aback. “Of course I do, Koi.” He looked on helplessly as she coughed up blood. “Akina!”
The woman who once was Akina, now a tool of Naraku, gasped roughly. “Promise me! Promise me you'll avenge me…my love.”
Her head lolled back, her strength almost gone. “Please…for me,” Kagome heard her whisper.
“I promise…my love. I promise,” Kano choked, burying his head in the crook of her neck, holding the woman he loved close in her last moments. He did not see the malicious smile cross her lips as she took her last breath.
Kagome had to cover her ears against Kano's cries as he mourned his lost love. Setting the still warm body down gently, he wiped the blood from her face.
“Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha…” he said, his voice now hard and cold. “I swear it they will pay for this. If it takes me the rest of eternity, they will pay.”
You see what he did to me?
Kagome glanced around frantically as she heard Kano's voice echoing through the clearing.
This is why he must die…he stole from me that which I loved most.
“No!” Kagome said. “It was another! Could you not see him?”
Time seemed to stop.
You lie!
Kagome realized that, even though Kano must have been producing the dream within her, allowing her to see why he was doing what he was doing, he still could not see what Naraku had done. Only Kagome could.
“Kano, listen, you must believe me,” Kagome began but was cut off.
I will listen to nothing. I will come for him soon.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
Kagome jerked upright, sobbing in gasps.
“Kagome?” Sesshoumaru was right there, putting his hands on her arms to calm her down. “What happened?”
She took a few deep breaths to get herself under control and turned to face him. “I know why he is after you.”
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
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