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Mobile  Dating


"Okay, let's go." a cheery Sango said. When he didn't response, Sango and Kagome got worried.

"umm...Miroku, are you okay?" asked Kagome, who reached out and gave Miroku's shoulder a shook.

"What?! Oh, yah. Let's go!"

"By the way, guess what us girls have planned for tonight?" said Sango. "Something we're sure you'll enjoy."

"You both going to strip naked for me?"


Then the two girls left in the opposite direction of where Sesshoumaru and Rin were heading, with Miroku not far behind.



I'm sure that the heart I left behind
still lies hidden in the heart of the deep, deep forest.
Exhausted, without the strength of search
people vanish into the infinite darkness
If it's so small, I wonder if I can see it even now?

Even in a huge mansion as the one Sesshoumaru owned, the music echoed throughout the house, carrying with it the heavenly tones and meanings behind the song.

It was half-passed midnight and everyone was fast asleep, save for the owner of the house. Sesshoumaru opened the door that separated him and Rin's bedroom, then quietly stepped inside. Sleeping soundly on the bed was Rin. She was all curled up in a ball, hugging her little stuffed animal. The same stuffed animal that Sesshoumaru had given to her as a birthday present. Of all the animals she could have chosen, she chose a white dog – Sesshoumaru's trademark.

He then turned off the music that Rin left on and carefully replaced the fallen blanket back onto his adopted daughter. This little gesture of kindness could be interpreted as compensation for his lack of words. What he could not express with words, could be seen by his actions but only towards those that he cared about. He carefully brushed aside a strand of Rin's hair, which was covering her face and quietly left the way he came.

Once he reached his bedroom, he went straight to the washroom to take a quick shower and the required preparation for bed. Half an hour later, Seshoumaru stepped out of the washroom. Instead of climbing into bed, he went to the far end of the room where a door stood. He opened the door that led to his private office and made his way inside, stopping for a brief moment in front of the mirror to stare at the figure. Standing firming tall with a confident composure, while his dark hair lay gently by his side and golden eyes returned his gazed. He made a discussed sound before taking a seat at his desk. He never did got used to his human form and never plan to but it was the formed needed to hide his youkai self. He flipped open his laptop and switched the 'on' button. He had decided, at the last minute, to take a closer look at the paper from work. Since owning so many companies, Sesshoumaru had taken the liberty of having each company send a report every week. He had also sent a letter regarding his need for more workers. He was expecting a reply within a day's notice.

As he prepared to get some work done, the all too familiar sound of an incoming text disturbed him. Sesshoumaru resisted the urge to slice the person's throat that sent the message. Now was not the time for petty chit-chat. He had much work to complete. He glanced at the two phones place side by side. His new phone, which he received today and the one he was currently using until now. Trying to ignore it did him no good, as the ‘twit twit’ constantly kept repeating itself.

Kagome:What is it with you men and your possessiveness?!

Sesshoumaru stared at the message in silent. Clearly someone had had a bad day and somewhere deep down; he knew he was the person to take the blame, for her miserable day. Except the person Sesshoumaru was talking to did not know him; if they did, they would know that he was not a person to sit around and listen to pathetic complaints.

Kagome:I mean, what part of "I'm not your woman" is so hard to understand?


Kagome:everything is new in the beginning, you men treat us like we mean the whole world to you, but once that's over, once you know you have us hooked...BLAM! You men think, "Hey what the hell! She's mine now, so I don't need to keep up the hard work." The worse part about it all is we were stupid enough to go along with it because we were afraid of losing you guys. But a woman can only take so much y'know. So when she breaks loose and dumps your sorry ass, you men come crawling back and pretend like all of the hell you put us woman through, was nothing! You guys even have the nerve to act all high and mighty and say that you forgive us and would take us back!


Kagome:Then when we refuse to come back, you make our life a living hell! Don't think that by beating every guy that looks our way is going to change anything. What do you men take us for?! We are not some rug that you can toss and take back anytime you feel, just because you don't want anyone else to have us!


The message kept coming after the others. Sesshoumaru didn't even have the time to glance at the previous message when another message came after the first.

TTC:Would you stop your infuriating complaints! I have important matters to attend to. I don't have time for your childish fantasy of how men should behave or how they should not.

Kagome:It's so like you men to defend one another!

Sesshoumaru placed his finger on his temple and began rubbing it in circles once the text stopped coming. He would never understand why the girl always took her wrath and frustration out on him. Was this the punishment he received for all the killing he had inflicted on her human race? If so, hell could not even compare to what he was enduring. When at last he thought he wouldn't be getting anymore intrusion, another message popped onto his screen but this time, on his main phone. He silently cursed his luck.

Myoga:If you wish for your brother to return to you in one piece, meet us at Central Park in half an hour with one million dollar in cash.

Sesshoumaru raised one brow, irritated at the person's failed attempt of a threat. He could not believe the 'luck' he was having today. He was trying to understand why, of all day, people were messaging him constantly. What happened to basic communication? If only society created some form of communication where words can be exchange faster, instead of constantly waiting for text. Something like a cell phone.

Sesshoumaru:Do not assume you can blackmail me. If you were intelligent enough, you would have thought twice about whom you should have kidnapped. Instead, you chose that dim-witted hanyou of a half brother of mine.

On the other end of the receiver, a very angry hanyou pushed aside the person currently messaging Sesshoumaru and claimed the phone for himself. His kidnapper could only look on in bewilderment as the hanyou and the Inu-youkai exchanged word abuse towards one another.

Myoga: Dim-witted?! Who the hell are you calling a dim-witted hanyou, you piece of shit!

Sesshoumaru: Inuyasha, how nice to 'hear' from you.

Myoga:'Nice' my ass. We know perfectly well you care less whether I live or die!

Sesshoumaru:If you know me so well, as you presume, why the deception?! Are you that weak of a hanyou that you cannot even defend yourself?!

Myoga:Keh! I could take them down if I wanted to. I owe these assholes some money. I didn't tell them to pretend anything. Just bring the goddamn money!

Sesshoumaru:And what does this Sesshoumaru get out of it?

Myoga:You get to keep your head! That's what!

Sesshoumaru:I would like to see you try, half brother.

"Try! I'll tear you limb from limb if you were here!" An outraged hanyou growled.

Myoga:What the hell do you want?

Sesshoumaru:In exchange for my generosity, you will be in debt to me. Therefore, you will be obligated to work for me until you have paid for every single dime you owe.

Myoga:Like hell I'll work for a stick-up bastard as you!

Sesshoumaru:So be it!


Inuyasha sat for a few minutes thinking it over. He really did need the money, and this was the quickest way to obtain such money on short notice. He would just have to endure the torture of working for his brother for only a few days. How hard could that be?

Very hard.

Myoga:Fine. Just bring the stupid money already!

Sesshoumaru smirked in triumph. Things were looking up after all. Now, to put his next plan into progress.

Sesshoumaru:By the way, when did you start texting?


A furious 20 year old, young woman sat on her bed staring at the laptop screen and the previous message she received fromTTC. She knew it was unfair and unjust of her to take her troubled life out on him but part of her could not help it. He was the first male person to have come in contact with her after what happened tonight, so to speak.

Kagome flopped down on her bed faced down, buried her face in her hands and cried all the while, as the night's event once more played in her mind...

"Give me a minute and I'll be down." Kagome screamed from upstairs.

Miroku and Sango were currently waiting downstairs, quietly. Okay, as quiet as one could be when dealing with a pervert like Miroku. Even from upstairs, Kagome could still hear Sango scream 'hentai' and following that was a loud 'thud', which could only mean that Miroku was unconscious, again.

After they helped Sango with her unpacking, they declared that they needed a break and time to hang out. What better way to do just that than go clubbing, like old times? Hopefully, not too much like old times. The last time they were together and went clubbing, Sango had to beat up a couple of guys that were coming on too strongly and Miroku was drunk to the point where they had to drag him home. Kagome on the other hand...met Kouga.

Kagome changed quickly into a short navy skirt that wrapped around her hip and a sleeveless shirt, the top wrapping around her neck while the end of the shirt flared at the bottom. She then proceeded to work on her long hair. She brought half of her hair up, twisting and curling it into a bun. Then she used some pin to hold it in place, making sure to let a few strands fall, covering her face in the process. After applying her make-up and earrings, she came downstairs to meet her friends.

In less than a minute, Kagome and her friends were out the door and heading towards the most famous club there was. Of all three of them, only Miroku had a car. As to how he obtained such a car, it was one of those unsolved mysteries concerning Miroku. They decided not to press on the matter, knowing fully well what the answer would be: "A man can not reveal his secret, now." Or "Why Sango, if this impresses you, I can come up with a few other things that will amaze you." That, following with a slap from Sango and finally the car would have an unconscious body lying in the back. God only knew what the police would think about that.

In no time at all, the three friends made it to the club. Amazing enough, they were able to squeeze through the crowded entrance. Kagome looked around once they made it inside. It had been a while since she last set foot inside a club. She forgot just how noisy it was. The club was packed with more people than usual. Some people were already dancing the night away, while others were seated and having a conversation with their friends and relaxing. Kagome spotted an empty table at the far end of the room and quickly guided her friends there, hoping no one would take it by the time they made it there. Luckily, no one did.

"Ladies, how about something to drink?" Miroku asked when they were finally seated, raising his voice to be heard above the music.

"Yah, that'll be great!" Sango answered. "What do you want to drink, Kagome?"

"I'll have whatever you're having." was Kagome's reply. She too had to raise her voice and only then did she realize just how dry her throat was.

Miroku then left to get the girls their drinks, leaving Kagome and Sango to talk among themselves. In the middle of their conversation Sango noticed someone looking their way and nudged her friend.

"Kagome, that guy behind you is checking you out!"

"What?" Kagome turned around and searched the surroundings for the guy that Sango indicated. A guy was sitting not far from where she and Sango were sitting. He looked around the age of 23 and was drinking and hanging with his friends. He was very good looking with short dark hair and bangs that covered his face on both sides but did not cover his eyes. From her distance, Kagome couldn't tell just what colour they were. True enough, she noticed that he was looking her way. When their eyes met, he smiled at her causing Kagome to turn back and blush a shade of red.

"Looks like someone still got it." Sango teased while suppressing her laughter.

"It's nothing. He was just saying hi." Kagome reasoned. "Plus, I don't have time for relationships right now. Not with the last year of college and everything else that's going on in my life." she added.Sango frowned at hearing her friend's explanation. "Then what do you have time for?" she asked. "Come on Kagome, we both know why you're so off limited. It's Kouga, isn't it?"

"Y'know, I thought it would hurt when I broke up with him but I really don't feel much of anything. Is that wrong?" Kagome look Sango in the eyes and continued. "Do you think something is wrong with me?"

"I personally think you're suppressing your emotions." Sango explained, putting her hand up when Kagome wanted to protest. "Hear me out." At Kagome's nod, Sango continued. "He put you through hell and I think you might be having trouble expressing your emotions. You're so have all these feelings all locked up inside of you and it's not just with Kouga." Sango paused to let her explanations sink into her friend's head before continuing. "You're also having trouble letting men into your heart. So you always go for the kind of guy that you KNOW isn't right for you. Because you know that it will never work out and when they won't hurt." Sango placed her hand on Kagome's hand and smiled. "You told me about your mother dating before. I think the trouble lays...with your father!"

At the mention of her father, Kagome flinched. A part of her knew what Sango said was true but she was too stubborn to admit it to herself. Instead, she did what she always did when placed in such situations. She ignored it and changed the topic. "At least one of us is dating. You're too afraid to admit your feelings for Miroku."

Sango narrowed her eyes at her friend's attempt to change the topic. She was going to scold her friend for such an action, when she caught a familiar person walking towards their table. "Kagome, you may have changed the topic but it doesn't mean that it's gone." She indicated with her head, just as Kouga made it to their table.


The door to Kagome's room slowly opened to reveal her mother's boyfriend. Kagome sat up and wiped her tears dried. She refused to let him see her in such a weak state. She narrowed her eyes furiously when he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. "What do you want?"

"I came to apologize for scolding you earlier. I was just worried, that's all." Takasu explained. When she didn't say anything, he pulled out a chair from her desk and took a seat before continuing. "Kagome, you went out and came home late without so much as a note or call to tell us where you were or when you'd be home. That was very irresponsible of you! Your mother and I were worried sick."

"I don't need you to worry about me. You're not myfather!" Kagome said, with steel and venom pouring into the last word.

At the attitude projecting from Kagome, Takasu stood up from his seat so fast that he knocked the chair down in the process. His face was twisted in a sneer and strong angry waves was emitting from him, so strong that it surprised Kagome but she refused to back down.

"You got into a fight and caused chaos at the club! Not only that, you were arrested!" He hollered. "Then we receive a phone call from the police telling us that you were in jail. We had to put our dinner plans aside because of you. Not that it wasn't already ruined. Your mother and I were so worried that I cancelled it in advanced."

Kagome could tell that he was trying to hold his anger in place, with his hand curled up in a fist. "I didn't ask for any of this! You have no right to tell me what to do!" She screamed in his face. "Go back and fuck my mother for all I care and stay out of my life!"


The sound of flesh making contact with another flesh echoed in the silent room. Although it was a brief action, the sound could still be heard by Kagome herself. The pain was just what followed after, but that pain couldn't compare to what she was going through at the moment. She felt the last strand of that which so carefully secured her emotion snapping. She didn't care anymore. Nothing mattered!



"Show some respect, if not for me, then to your mother! The poor woman has had enough of heartache in her life. She does not need one from her daughter as well."

Kagome was stunned mute when his hand came in contact with her cheek. She was too angry to say anything. All that ran through her mind was how she couldn't take anymore of it. Mind made up she looked Takasu in his eyes, not flinching or blinking and said in the calmest voice she could muster. "You're right. She deserve better."

With that said, she walked passed a shocked Takasu and ran the rest of the way out the door.

"Kouga, what are you doing here?" Kagome asked.

"We need to talk." was the simple answer he gave her. He then held her by the arm and pulled her up and they both went to the washroom area. The only place that was the quietest and with less people walking by to interrupt them.

"Kagome, I know we had our differences and arguments and I was an idiot for upsetting you." Kouga began once he knew no one was around. "I'm sure that you didn't mean any of the things you said. Hell, I probably drove you to it but I just want you to know that I care deeply for you and I want us to start over again."

Kagome was speechless but she knew what she said about them not working out, was true. She just didn't love him the way he loved her. But a part of her didn't know how to tell him again when she saw how sincere he looked.


She didn't stop once when she ran out the door and abandoned the house that kept her safe all her life. Instead she raced out towards the one place she used to go with her father, when he was still alive. The tears that she shed were completely dried now.


Before she could begin, Kouga wrapped his arms around her waist and brought his lips to hers. At first Kagome didn't resist but she quickly pulled herself together and pushed him back.

"No! Kouga, I have to make this clear to you. We are over. I just don't love you, please understand." With that said, she shoved him away from her and started walking back to her friend.

She only made it to the dance floor when Kouga cut her off. "How could you say it's over just like that? It's not over till I say it's over, goddamnit!" he growled, pulling her back into his arms.

Kagome struggled in his arm, trying to free herself from his grip. "Kouga, let go. You're hurting me. I said let go!" She shrieked, taking a bite out of his hand. It loosened his grip on her arm, causing her to fall back and bumped into the person behind her.

"I'm so sorry..." she apologized. It was the same guy that was previously checking her out. He didn't look too happy this time. He stepped in front of her, blocking her view from Kouga.

"I think the lady made it clear to you. Leave her alone!" he warned Kouga.

The next thing Kagome knew, the guy and Kouga were exchanging punches and kicks. Then all hell broke loose when Kouga missed the guy and took out another guy's girlfriend. Everyone started throwing punches and kicks towards one another after that. The people on the dance floor ended up dancing to a different tone. Bottles started flying around soon afterwards.

"We're not done!" Kouga sneered, grabbing a hold of Kagome's arm before she could make her escape.

Even though Kagome could feel her leg slowly giving away, she refused to stop to rest. She kept running and so she ran and ran and ran. Away from her mother and her boyfriend, away from school, away from Kouga, away from reality and all the problems she had to endure...she ran. All the while she cursed the life that was hers. The men that she didn't want in her life refused to leave her alone and the one person she did want, left many years ago...abandoning her to the cruel world.


Sesshoumaru was walking through Central Park when his instinct became alert. He stood facing two paths, one leading to where he was to make the exchange for his half-brother and the other lead to a huge area surrounded by mountains. He turned right and started walking again. Once he made it to the mountainous area, he continued to walk until he came across the small path that took him deeper into the forest. A moment later Sesshoumaru was at his destination.

He pushed aside the bushes and vines that covered the small cave. No one knew about this little secret entrance expect himself. No one cared to wander this far into the forest. Even before he stepped foot inside he could make out another person's scent. He walked quietly through the cave that led to a tunnel, wondering who could have possibly found out about his secret place.

When the tunnel ended, a small clearing came into view. Instead of stepping out, Sesshoumaru let his eyes wander around. Sitting near a small pond to the left of the clearing, sat a girl. From what he could make out of the girl's back, he could tell she was alone. The scent of salt assaulted his sensitive nose. Seems the girl was crying. Having dealt with enough of other people's problems for one day, Sesshoumaru turned back the way he came from and made his way to meet a certain hanyou. He would let the girl use his clearing for tonight but next time, he would not be that generous.


The girl turned her head around at the sudden sound. Something white flashed by the cave's exit. Curious, Kagome slowly got up to get a better view.


She sat back down and stared at her reflection in the pond. A girl with swollen eyes stared back at her and a full moon hung above her head.