InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Mobile Dating ❯ That's Life ( Chapter 5 )

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Mobile  Dating


When the tunnel ended, a small clearing came into view. Instead of stepping out, Sesshoumaru let his eyes wander around. Sitting near a small pond to the left of the clearing, sat a girl. From what he could make out of the girl's back, he could tell she was alone. The scent of salt assaulted his sensitive nose. Seems the girl was crying. Having dealt with enough of other people's problems for one day, Sesshoumaru turned back the way he came from and made his way to meet a certain hanyou. He would let the girl use his clearing for tonight but next time, he won't be that generous.


The girl turned her head around at the sudden sound. Something white flashed by the cave's exit. Curious, Kagome slowly got up to get a better view.


She sat back down and stared at her reflection in the pond. A girl with swollen eyes stared back at her and a full moon hung above her head.



Kagome, the waitress, politely smiled and answered the question without hesitation. After writing down the person's order, she returned to the kitchen to inform the chef. This went on for several more hours until 10 O'clock came around and the restaurant closed for the night. An exhausted Kagome grabbed one of the table's chairs and took a seat, relaxing from a long day of work. She knew that leaving home wasn't going to be easy but it never occurred to her just how hard it would be. It had been about two weeks since the day she ran away from home and Kaede took her in.

Kaede was an old friend of her father's. When he was still alive, Kagome and her father would visit her every week, so she could help Kagome develop and control her miko power. That was four years ago and since her father passed away, Kagome was never able to go back because she knew if she did, she would be going alone. Kagome still had a hard time accepting that her father was gone, since she spent most of her time with him when he was alive.

It was quite surprising that the day she ran off, she ended up in the one place she never thought she would be. Kaede caught her wandering around the neighborhood and after explaining to the old woman what had happened, she insisted that Kagome stay with her. Kagome agreed since she didn't want to return home, and staying anywhere else would have been dangerous for a girl with no money, such as herself.

So much had happened since the club incident. Even though Sango attended the same school as Kagome now, they rarely saw each other. Every morning Kagome would wake around seven to meditate and focus her miko power. It would last until noon, and she would head off to school. She spent most of her free time during school finishing up any homework assignments. Every time her last class ended, Kagome would rush to work. The only time she could get any peace and quiet, basically time to herself, would be after work.

Despite the fact that every muscle in her body ached, she still managed a smile at the thought of being able to speak or text TTCThroughout the many hard days of stress, it was nice to know that when she returned home she could tell her new friend of the wonder that is her life. Of course, he would then say something like: "Do you not have anything better to do than annoy me with your petty attempt of a conversation?" Amazing enough, she had gotten quite used to it and was able to 'read between the lines', as the saying went. He never did exchange any of his life stories but neither did she, at least not anything too personal. Sometimes, he would slip and tell her something about himself  but that was often rare and only then did she feel grateful for the little exchange he gave. Kagome liked to think that she knew him a little more now but he was still a mystery to her.

"What do you think you're doing? Get back to work!" the angry voice hollered, interrupting Kagome's thoughts.

"What?" said Kagome, sitting up so suddenly she gave herself a headache. She turned to face the owner of the voice, only to find her boss Abi staring at her with a playful smile on her face. "Don't do that, you nearly gave me a heart attack!"

"Wouldn't be the first." Abi grabbed a seat beside Kagome and nudged her arm teasingly. "So, who's the guy?"

The question totally caught Kagome off guard. "W-what do you mean?" she stuttered, lowering her eyes and staring at the floor.

"I mean the guy you're so preoccupied with, as of lately." Abi stated, as if it was the most obvious thing.

Kagome couldn't help but blush at how transparent her behaviour had been for the last couple of weeks. "Was it that obvious?" she asked, trying to stop her face from getting any redder than it already was.

"Yeah, it was that obvious! Even I noticed and we only knew each other for two weeks." Nobunage commented as he stepped into the room. "By the way, Abi, the kitchen's all clean and I took out the garbage too."

Abi gave a relieved smile and thanked Nobunage. It was a very long day. She didn't think she could handle anymore labor work. "You are an angel, Nobunage. If you didn't already have a girlfriend, I would kiss you." she teased, winking flirtatiously at the blushing dark haired boy. "Y'know, you can't keep hiding her from me forever..." she said to Nobunage and turned to Kagome. "..and that goes for you too, Kagome."

"Umm...Abi?" Nobunage blushed again and lowered his head. "Tsuyu and I..."

"No need for explanations. Teenagers nowadays...awww..." Abi stared up at the ceiling in a dreaming fashion and placed one hand on her chest. Then she looked Nobunage in the eyes and said, "Go – everything is done anyways. Have a wonderful time."

Nobunage thanked Abi and ran out the door, leaving Kagome and Abi to stare after his back. "Wow, she really got him hooked." Kagome giggled at her own joke.

Ten minutes after, both Abi and Kagome closed the restaurant and walked the required distance to Abi's car. Every night, Kagome stayed late with Abi and there were times that she stayed behind to close it even. Since Abi's mother was sick and currently resting at home, Abi made it her priority to come home as early as possible. They have become close friends because of Kagome's kindness and Abi's considerate personality. Abi gave Kagome the job and trusted her enough to look after the restaurant, which was passed down by Abi's father to her. Trust didn't come easily to her either, but these two got along just fine.

When the little temple that belonged to Kaede came into view, Kagome thanked her friend and, like her mother's temple, she had to climb the stairs that led to the temple itself. Since it was nothing new to her, she had no difficulty accomplishing the task.

Kagome intended to head straight to her room and turn on her laptop but when she stepped inside the temple house, an unexpected visitor greeted her in the living room. There, sitting quietly on the couch, sat her friend Sango and Miroku. Kagome still felt guilty for inviting Miroku to stay at her parent's temple and ditching him when the argument between her and her mother erupted.

"Hey..!" Miroku greeted.

Sango stood up from the couch and approached her friend. The two embraced and Kagome couldn't hold back the tears that threatened to emerge. She was just so happy to see her friends again. Even though a lot has changed, at least she knew that one thing would always be the same, and that was the friendship Kagome had developed with them. Grateful for the blessed friends she had, Kagome cried tears of joy. Miroku joined them soon after and for once in his life, his hand didn't wander.


Sesshoumaru was frustrated, that's what he was. Not that he would let it show, of course. He had learned long ago to keep his emotions hidden from everyone else. His employees have left to go to their comfortable home hours ago, where their families would be happy to see them, but not Sesshoumaru. He had yet again, stayed behind to get a head start on the forms of his new – soon to be released – technology. It was only a matter of time before it was out in the market. There was only one problem – Naraku.

Naraku had managed to bribe his way into taking two of Sesshoumaru's primary consumers. He even had the nerve of throwing a masked ball in their honor and Sesshoumaru was invited. He received his invitation early this afternoon and he was not pleased.

"My master awaits your answer, Lord Sesshoumaru." Naraku's servant explained, bowing to show his respect.

"Tell him I will be there." A calmed and collected Sesshoumaru answered.

"That will please my master well, and he asked that you come fully dressed in a costume or...a mask if you prefer." With that said, he bowed once more and left.

Too preoccupied with his work, he almost missed the text message from his ‘friend’, who he has been texting far longer than he had expected.

Kagome:Meet me at the Red Longue Restaurant. I think it's about time we meet, don't you?

An intrigued Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow in question. Clearly this was a change and unexpected twist of event. The thought of meeting his'friend'crossed his mind but a part of him was curious as to who this mysterious person, whom he had come to – dare he say it – consider worthy of his attention, was. She was unlike anyone he knew. Of all the times he tried to drive her away, she came right back with more fire and determination. She – god help him – dared to challenge his egoism and managed to irritate him to no end. Yet, Sesshoumaru still gave this human his attention and encourage her behavior with one of his own. Every night she would find ways and topics to debate with him and, being a demon lord, Sesshoumaru refused to fall before her, a human girl no less.

TTC:What makes you think that you are worthy of meeting me?

Kagome:Meet me this Sunday at 7:30pm at the Restaurant indicated above. Or are you afraid?

TTC:I fear no one!

Kagome:Okay, see you in two days. By the way, here's a picture of me so at least one of us knows who to meet.

Sesshoumaru just stared at the screen, when the picture was successfully received. He was unsure what had just transpired and how the conversation led to him meeting her. He examined the picture closely. A long dark haired girl around the age of 20 greeted him. Her crystal blue eyes stared into his golden eyes, and her sweet innocent face smiled at him. Sesshoumaru would never admit it but he found her to be quite attractive, for a human.


The fingers on the phone stopped typing once the screen indicated that the picture was successfully delivered. A triumphant smile could be seen on the face of the user.

"Umm...Miroku, what are you doing?"

Miroku looked up and dropped the phone as he saw Kagome by the door.


An unconvinced Kagome folded her arms as Sango walked in beside her. She had heard what her friend asked and she too, doubted Miroku's answer. Both girls gave him a death glare. Kagome noticed her phone on the floor, a dreadful feeling crept across her body.


"What?!  Both girls exclaimed.

“Since you refuse to leave the house and go out with us, I figure I'd find someone else to drag you out," explain Miroku.

Kagome was speechless. Carefully, she took a deep breath before she asked, "And who might that be?" She was already regretting having asked the question as she reached for her phone.

"Oh, just some guy that went by the name ofTTC."

Kagome's jaw dropped as she stared at Miroku, too stunned to react and back at her phone, the last text message still displayed on the screen.

Kagome:Okay, see you in two days. By the way, here's a picture of me so at least one of us knows who to meet.

‘Oh god. He sent a picture too!