InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Of The Fallen ❯ Of Sparks and Attractions ( Chapter 2 )

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Of Sparks and Attractions

It took about ten minutes for them to fix Kagome’s room up for its new occupant. She shoved all of her dirty clothes that had littered the floor from the previous day into her laundry basket, where they should have been in the first place, and threw it into her closet. She stripped the bed, changing them out for clean linen’s and made her bed to impeccably she could have bounced a penny off the duvet. She took a deep breath looking around the room, making sure none of her underwear was hanging out or anything else that would throw her into a whirlwind of embarrassment. Wait…. Did it smell weird in here? She turned on her heel throwing the window open to let in the cool evening breeze. Satisfied she’d checked everything off she least she headed downstairs after Inuyasha.

She rounded the corner and found Inuyasha was sitting up on the couch alone. She could hear the muffled humming and the constant spray of water from the kitchen were her mother was cleaning up after lunch.

.“Where is everyone?” She asked trying to keep from being so nervous, but she couldn’t keep herself from picking at her hands. She hardly knew this boy anyways, so she really didn’t know what to talk about with him. Slowly she took a seat next to him. Unfortunately the loveseat was on the small side, she usually only had to share it with either her mother or brother, but she noticed that because of Inuyasha’s size he took up more than half of it. She was careful to avoid touching him or getting close enough she might accidently bump into his healing side.

He didn’t look at her, but she got the feeling that she had his undivided attention. “The boy’s upstairs cleaning his room. I don’t know where the old coot is, but your mother’s in the kitchen.” Something she already knew.

Kagome noticed that the reply was rather blunt, not so much impolite, except for the part about her grandfather, but it sure didn’t bode well for a good conversation. “Oh.” She looked the other way, pursing her lips, her mind racing to find anything that would fill the heavy silence. Trying not to succumb to the awkwardness she tucked her hands under her legs and stared down at her slippered feet.

“Sorry for kicking you out of your room.”

At the sound of his voice she turned to look at him, he was overly interested in a small crystal trinket on the table and the way it was catching the light and sending dancing rainbows across his large palm. She had to choke back a laugh at his bashfulness, finding it surprisingly cute.

“It’s not a big deal. I’m not worried about it, plus you need it more than I do right now.” She smiled brightly at him, letting it catch her eyes.

Inuyasha was once again taken aback by this girl. Her entire household had bent over backwards for him, making him more than comfortable and welcome. It was remarkable, really. They had no idea who he was, didn’t know if he was potential psychopath and still they willingly gave him food, shelter and clothing. This little slip of a girl had saved his ass from a night of excruciating pain, potentially a life-threatening wound and was even shoved out of her own room as she was, offering him this beautiful smile. He bowed his head to hide his wonderment, hiding behind his too-long hair.

“Where’d you get the digs?”

The question pulled him out of his own head. He looked down at himself, fighting back a sneer in spite of himself. He was wearing a white undershirt that her much smaller brother had lent him and her grandfather’s grey sweat pants. “Your mom gave them to me.”

“Mm.” She gave her mother a silent salute as she ogled his chest enthusiastically. The shirt was two sizes too small and was stretched to its limit over the wide expanse of his chest. His biceps bulged under the fabric as he rubbed his neck. The move pulled the bottom hem of his shirt up, exposing a good portion of his hip and lower stomach. Kagome sucked in a breath. Her hand itched to touch the flawless cut of his toned muscles under that honey colored skin. Why was she so overwhelmingly attracted to him?

She coughed into her hand and tried to focus on something else, damn but the boy was quite possibly the hottest thing on two legs. She peeked up at his face, envious of his long sweeping eyelashes. He was quiet, his face set in an easy neutral expression, but the way his hand floated over the injured area prompted to Kagome to wonder.

“Do you need more pain medicine?” She leaned into him slightly, ever careful of his injuries, wanting a better look at his face. She could feel her shoulder brush up against his gently. The friction sent a spiral of sensation through her. He didn’t move away from the contact, so she didn’t think anything of it.

His dark eyebrows rose as she said that, then made a quick decent into a scowl. “I don’t need any of that sh– er, stuff.” He scoffed, turning his nose up at the idea. Pain medicine was rarely used by his kind, they earned their pain and wore it like a badge of honor. Those who couldn’t stand the pain were considered weak and unworthy of battle.

Kagome gave him a rather dry look, her eyebrow lifting slightly. “Right, well, I think you do.”

“Keh.” He turned his head away, signifying the end of the conversation. He wasn’t swallowing any of their man made concoctions, they rarely even put a dent in their pain, their advanced metabolisms eating through it at an incredible rate.

Kagome sighed, she wasn’t one for acting all coy and pleading, but she’d do it if that meant he’d take the medication. Especially because she got the distinct feeling that a certain amount of male ego was getting in the way.

“For me?” She blinked her sapphire eyes at him, tilting her head beseechingly. Her hair was falling loose from its haphazard braid, falling in silky waves down to the small of her back. His fingers itched, wanting to feel the strains against his skin. He imagined that her glorious hair would look absolutely stunning fanned out across his pillow.

Inuyasha felt all rational thought grind to slow halt in his brain as he looked on at her. Her long, sooty eyelashes were sweeping back and forth, her face tilted up at him. He couldn’t look away from her when she did that! He wasn’t going to give up that easily, his chin jutted out stubbornly. He forced himself to refocus, but everything in him was so drawn to her right then.

“K–Keh! Hells no, woman. ”

Her eyes narrowed. Fine, two could play this game, she hid a devious smile as she planned her next move. She poked her bottom lip out just a hint, exposing the glossy texture to the light, it was her secret weapon. The trick was to keep it from being completely obvious that you were trying to pout. The only man she’d ever used the pout on had been her Daddy when she’d been a very little girl. It had never failed.

“Please?” She added the hint of pleading as an afterthought, hoping for it to enhance the overall effect.

Inuyasha swallowed against the rising emotion that boiled in his chest, he couldn’t pry his eyes off that pretty pink lip, but it was way she said the word that made him simmer. Her mouth was made from to tempt a man, it was all he could do to keep from the sinful allure. He wanted to tilt her head back and crush his lips to hers until they were bruised a swollen, until his lungs burned. He had to bite back the low groan that threatened to rise up at the images that paraded around in his head. He literally had to rip himself away from the thoughts. He mercilessly beat back the need but the heat remained there, smoldering beneath the surface.

“Fine.” The word rumbled up out of him, barely discernable from the growl that vibrated through it. It was a testament to his willpower, that one word.

Kagome had only a moment to consider the consequences of her actions, and it was all it took for her to realize her mistake. The ploy may have gotten what she wanted, but she was now a prisoner to the man in front of her. The instant she’d met his flaming gaze she’d gotten more than she’d bargained for, his entire air shifting to something simply feral. She could feel the flush rush up over her, that same low heat consuming her from the inside out. It was the low baritone of the word though that set her aflame, there had been so much glorious tension in the single utterance. She bit down on the soft flesh of her inner cheek to stifle a wanton sigh. The space between them seemed too far now, all she wanted to do was close the gap…

They hung there, suspended in time for an eternity, but for only a second.

“Let me go get it for you then,” The words rushed out of her, more whisper than actual sound. It broke the spell and he moved back slightly away from her so suddenly it made her chest ache. Kagome forced herself to rise up off the couch and walk away, away from the strange moment that still stretched between them.

Inuyasha watched her go. She was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans that looked loved and worn. The denim hung off of her hips, and hugged the curve of her firm backside appreciatively. The material was tightly fitted letting him see the long, lean line of her legs. She had on another tank top, as the weather outside was still balmy and warm during the day. She looked comfortable and absolutely fucking delectable. He sighed, letting his head fall back against the back of the couch.

Gods, that girl was trouble, sexy ass trouble.

* * *

The afternoon sped by, Kagome had given Inuyasha his Advil but had let out a sigh of relief as She saw Souta enter the front door. They’d spent the remainder of the day in the living room taking turns on his various game consoles. As it turned out Inuyasha was extremely at all of the combat games, and most of the racing games as well. He’d put Souta’s flawless records to shame in some of them and given him a run for his money in all of the others.

Inuyasha’s fingers gingerly flew over the controller in a serious of flurried movements, effectively jumping from the rooftop and landing strategically behind the other armed figure, shooting Souta’s man in the head. He grinned as the boy threw his hands in the air totally exasperated.

Dude! How? Just tell me how!” He wailed passed his breaking point. Kagome had to say, she was impressed, she knew her brother was an avid gamer, and for him to go down so shamefully was a surprise.

Inuyasha just continued to smirk, “I’ve never been beaten kid.” He boasted.

Souta glared at him, his brown eyes serious, “I want a re-match.”

Kagome laughed, “It’ll have to wait Souta, dinner it almost ready.” She chided gently, the smell of dinner almost making her stomach growl in anticipation. Their mother was the best cook from here to Hokkaido. She must have gone all out for Inuyasha judging by the smell of sizzling meat.

Souta crossed his arms, his ego chaffed, but Kagome could also see the grudging respect. “Re-match, after dinner.” He got up, leaving his controller on the floor. Kagome went behind him, picking it up and laying it on the coffee table.

“Hungry?” She asked Inuyasha as they moved into the living room, she winced as she saw him slowly rise from the couch. His face never belied any pain, but she knew it still had to hurt, even with his out of this world pain tolerance.

He managed a one shoulder shrug at her question, his eyes downcast, “Little bit,” He grunted out.

Eventually all of them were seated on their perspective cusions, Kagome taking up the seat directly in front of Inuyasha. The aroma of the meal in front of him made Inuyasha’s belly rumble loudly. He almost set his hand over the irate organ to quiet it, but his eye caught Kagome’s smirk, her pretty eyes sparkling at him.

She arched a brow, laughing. “Just a little hungry, huh?”

He wanted to cross his arms, but knew it would pull his wounds. “Maybe.”

Yamoto settled around the table in a great show, positioning himself as regally as his stiff old body could. He didn’t say much, all but ignored Inuyasha completely.

Fumiko smiled warmly at the bickering, not giving her father in law any attention he was so subtlety trying to get. “So, Inuyasha, how are you feeling?” The medical training in her kicking in, she made a mental note to check his wounds as soon as she could. She scooped a bowl of rice for Souta, who was positioned to her right.

The question surprised him, he stopped chopsticks poised halfway to his gaping mouth, “Uhm, other than some slight discomfort I’m okay, ma’am.”

The older woman reached over to the boy at her side and set a warm hand on his forearm. “Please, call me Fumiko, or the like. I know those wounds will take a bit to calm down, especially after that minor infection. I don’t want you to go until I’m satisfied those wounds are in good enough shape. You’re welcome to stay for as long as you like.” She said fondly. “I do think you should call someone though, at the very least. I’m sure their worried sick about you.”

Inuyasha didn’t know how to react to the maternal way she fussed and fretted for him. He just blushed and nodded again. What he didn’t tell her is that he’d probably receive the same, if not better treatment at ‘home’ at least clinically. It was the motherly affection she poured over him though that seemed to be like soothing balm on wounds that he’d thought had long healed. He really didn’t want to contact his asshole half-brother, anyways. He’d rather recover here in this house with all the warmth of this family. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d sat down at the table and eaten a meal like this.

Kagome observed the conversation curiously, frowning at the her mother’s word choice in reference to Inuyasha’s infection. There had been nothing minor about it. Inuyasha seemed to instantly calm when her mother spoke to him. She felt the tip of her lip curl in a lopsided smile, her mother had that way about her though, always knew how to instantly quiet a screaming child often getting them to laugh in the very next minute.

Her mother leaned back, her attention back on their meal, “So, how old are you Inuyasha?”

“I’m twenty as of last spring.” He shoveled a piece of meat into his mouth, savoring the homemade meal.

“Twenty, huh? That means you’re two years older than Kagome.” She nodded her head toward her oldest child, a playful air about her.

Inuyasha’s eyes flicked to Kagome’s in surprise. The girl was kneeling comfortably against the table, she was glaring at her mother angrily though the image was ruined by the spoon protruding from her mouth. He couldn’t help the easy smirk that split his face. “Really?”

“Oh, yes, she just graduated high school a few months ago. Now she’s studying for her entrance exams.” She tilted her head, an uncanny copy of her daughter. “What about you? Where did you graduate high school, did you attend locally?”

He shook his head, his lengthy hair falling over his shoulders wildly. “I didn’t. I had tutors, for the most part I was homeschooled. I technically graduated high school at fifteen.”

Kagome’s brows rose, homeschooling with tutors was extremely expensive. It spoke a bit about this mysterious boy, and the fact that he’d been a high school graduate before most children were even in high school was bit odd. She leaned in as she ate wanted to her more.

“So does that mean you’re attending University?”

Inuyasha shifted uncomfortably, “Uhm, no not technically.” Technically Inuyasha had already graduated with a degree from college as well, although admitting that would just be a little bit too much information about him. He’d been required to earn the degree among other things.

Fumiko’s mouth formed a little ‘O’, interested in the young man they’d saved just this morning. It was incredible now that she thought about it, that just last night they’d been worried he might be in some serious trouble, “I see. So do you have any hobbies?”

“Mama! Why are you interrogating him?” Kagome interrupted, she could clearly see Inuyasha’s discomfiture, it was obvious in the stiff line of his body. She didn’t know why she was suddenly so defensive, in all actuality she wanted to know much the same things that her mother did. She just didn’t like seeing him so cornered, knowing he didn’t like the questioning.

“I’m not! I’m simply trying to get to know him, dear. There’s nothing wrong with that.” She turned to her patient. “Right Inuyasha?” She looked at him for affirmation.

“Er–Right.” He said uncomfortably. “Uh…. I’m a black belt in Karate. I’m also trained in Tae Kwon Do and various forms of mixed martial arts. ”

“Really!?” Souta exclaimed unexpectedly around a mouth full of food, launching a few pieces of rice across the table. “That is so cool!”

Inuyasha smirked at the praise, he was earning some serious points with this kid. He could see the younger boy’s eyes starting to twinkle with excitement; he found he genuinely liked the squirt.

“Could you show me some moves? I’ve always wanted to take classes, but Grandpa won’t let me.“  He grouched, giving the old man a dirty look. Soccer was his only allowance from him, as he was hardcore soccer fan. All things had to be approved through Grandpa unfortunately for the boy.

Grandpa swatted the table angrily, “Absolutely not! You are not getting into that hoo-ha! You are going to be taking over this shrine when I die. You are my apprentice!”

“I don’t want to take care of this old place!” He gave his mother a beseeching look, “Mom, could you have another kid and make him do it?”

Fumiko laughed and shook her head her short pixie hair shifting slightly. “Absolutely not! I’m way too old for babies now! I want grandbabies here soon.” She eyed Kagome meaningfully, before sending Inuyasha a quick almost suspicious glance.

Kagome put her hands up defensively, red infusing her skin from chest to her hairline. Dear Lord! Did her mother have no decency! She was embarrassing the ever loving crap out of her, “Uh-uh! You’ll have to wait for those, sorry.” She spooned a great heaping helping of rice into her mouth effectively ending her part in this ridiculous conversation.

Inuyasha was inclined to grin at Kagome’s antics, having totally missed Fumiko’s look. She would probably a really good mom, surely they would have an amazing grandmother. He was slightly curious about that left field thought, so he shoved it into the back of his mind.

“I should hope so young lady!” Grandpa chimed in loudly, his outraged face turned the same shade as Kagome’s. “I’ll have you married before any of that nonsense!”

Kagome groaned, “Seriously! I’m not even old enough to drink! Give me some credit, geez!” She sputtered near exasperation.

Inuyasha peered over to Kagome, watching her expressions change with the conversation. He was really starting to get stuck on this girl and her family.

* * *

Kagome set the last washed dish in the drying rack and leaned against the counter. Her mother and brother were in the other room watching some anime, her mother probably pouring over her latest novel. She sighed, deciding to head up to her bedroom to see if Inuyasha needed anything before they settled in for the night. She walked into her now occupied room to find Inuyasha sitting on her bed, a beautifully carved piture frame resting in his hands. She silently moved closer and sat next to him, careful to keep her distance after this afternoon’s incident. She was still cooling down after that one.

Inuyasha heard the girl enter the room, but chose not to move, allowing her to believe she’d slipped in. He didn’t really know what to say, now that she’d seen him gazing at the old photograph. He’d seen it and was too curious to keep himself from prying.

They’d just finished dinner and he’d been determined to brave the stairs by himself. He didn’t mention anything but he was probably healing at an accelerated rate under his wrappings, and was already feeling considerably better. He was still wary, most of his muscles were still hella sore, a tell-tale sign of his fever fit from last night.

Kagome looked down into the picture over his shoulder; it was of her father and herself. She was perched on her father’s shoulders, her tiny hands trying to cover his eyes. He was looking up at her laughing, his much bigger hands wrapped around her little feet to keep her stable. She smiled just looking at it, she barely remembered that, but the moment was forever captured for her.

Inuyasha looked at her, his thumb stroking the glass absently. “You have his eye color.”

She nodded, even though he wasn’t looking. “Yeah, the only thing he gave me. I look more like my mother everywhere else. That and my hair, Mama’s is more brunette.”

He hummed in acknowledgement. “So, where is he?”

She shook her head, she could feel his eyes on her, burning her skin with his gaze. “My Dad died when I was nine.” She told him, the smile fading from her eyes but she determinedly kept it attached to her face.

“From what?”

She shrugged avoiding his eyes, “I could never ask, I was too young to understand. It doesn’t matter how he went, just that he’s gone…” She could feel the terrible loneliness and familiar panic as she let the thought settle, there was something about the fact she’d never see her father smile at her or ruffle her unruly locks that made it hard to breath. Sometimes it was so difficuly to accept that her father had missed, and would miss so much of her life. Her first day of school, graduation… He’d never walk her down the aisle to give her away to her husband, he’d never bounce her babies on his knee, A terrible pain erupted in her heart and she had to swallow the lump that formed in her throat.

“I don’t have parents.” Inuyasha replied, no longer really looking at the picture. He’d never told anyone that. Had no clue why he felt compelled to tell her that, maybe it was the bare hint of saltiness that was coming from her. Maybe he wanted to stop her tears before they started… Almost everyone at base knew, so there was never a need to ever really talk about it or think about it for that matter. The words caused a huge void to split open curiously close to his heart, he rubbed his chest.

“What happened?” She whispered the soft sound soothed his mood, making his mouth move without his brains consent.

“My father was… mugged and killed the day I was born. And my mother…” He took a deep shuddering breath, fighting some inner battle. “I walked into her room one day and I thought she was sleeping. She was so peaceful. But… she wasn’t breathing and I couldn’t hear her heartbeat. She never woke up. I think… I think it was too hard for her to live on without him. I think she died of a broken heart.” She’d left him and went off searching for the father he’d never known.

Her heart twisted as she heard him quietly tell her how his parents died, but she said nothing. There was nothing she could possibly tell him that would make the feeling disappear. She never whispered an apology, she hated when people did that, she sensed that he’d feel the same.

“I’ve never told anyone that before…” He blinked, he’d never even told Miroku his best mate. He could hear the surprise in his own voice as he said that, his eyes flew up to clash with a beautiful set of blue.

She tilted her head at him, another of those wholly breathtaking smiles graced her lips. “Thank you.”

He blanched confused at her gratitude, “For what?” He asked incredulously.

“For telling me about your parents, I’m sure it was hard.” He felt the cool tips of her fingers slide across his shoulder, easing all of the tension from them unwillingly.

The honesty of her words collided with the walls around his heart, the impact causing them to fracture and crack. He stared at her momentarily alarmed; he’d never been in this position before. Things were always far too complicated to engage in conversations like this.

“K–keh.” He stumbled, his gaze sliding to the panels of wood on the floor.

He was in very big trouble.

* * *

Sunshine started to trickle through the blinds in the living room and disturb Kagome’s wondrous slumber. She grumbled and turned over in the makeshift bed, trying to avoid the sun’s intrusive rays. After about ten minutes of attempting sleep and failing, she sighed and decided to give in. Her bladder wouldn’t be ignored at this point anyway. She yawned, feeling her stiff jaw crack at the pressure. She scrubbed her hands over her face as she made the lethargic trek up the flight of stairs. Still in a state of half-wakefulness it didn’t even occur to her to knock as she shoved the door to the bathroom wide.

A rush of hot steam swept at her face causing the remnants of sleep to leave her completely. The small area was humid, misty even. Moisture clung to every available surface in the ill-ventilated space, little collections of water forming and sliding down the tempered glass. The first thing she noticed was the floor littered with clothes and bloodied bandages as it was. She followed the discarded fabric like a road to the man showering in the open concept of her traditional Japanese bathroom.

Inuyasha had his back to her. His head hanging under a gush of scorching water, beads of moisture bouncing off the wide, chiseled mass of his back. Little streams of the liquid running over his trim hips, caressing the smooth, round curve of his sculpted backside, finally slithering down his thick, corded legs. Kagome could almost feel those tiny droplets mocking her as they enjoyed the expanse of exposed flesh. The light in the room glanced off his bronzed skin like glitter, making him appear ethereal. Those swirling marks covered the lower half of his body as well, curling over his legs and lower back. The sight of him in the buff was truly something to behold. She found it extremely hard to well, breath, look away, or move.

The noise of the door banging open must have alerted him though, because he started to turn toward her. Surprise causing his much darker brows to fly up, but as the sight of his chest came into view she was torn between continuing to looking at his face and glancing slightly lower. Heat flooded her cheeks and she scrambled back, stumbling over the threshold.

“I–I’m sorry!”

Kagome slammed the door closed and leaned against heavily it to catch her breath. Oh my Gods, did I really just see him naked?! Humiliation coursed through her violently, pumped by the erratic beat of her thundering heart. She stamped her foot in frustration, her lips snagging her bottom lip as she felt true mortification wash over her. How was she going to face him now?!

“Oi, wench! Did you get a good enough look?” The laughter in his voice was apparent.

The jerk wasn’t even slightly embarrassed! Wild indignation started to beat back some of her earlier embarrassment, her face twisting with it. “Ha-ha, very cute. Have you ever heard of locking the door?”

He actually did chuckle that time, the low baritone warming her even as it grated on her quickly fraying nerves. “Ever heard of knocking?”

She rounded on the door furiously, indigo eyes aflame, her arms stiff at her sides. “Well, excuse me! I’m not used to having a twenty year old freeloader taking a shower in my bathroom!” She spat at the wood panel in front of her.

“It’s fine. Consider the peep show my thank you.” He dismissed casually. She could almost see his hand carelessly fling out at her mockingly, like a king disregarding an obnoxious jester.

“Oh!” She growled out, anger blooming in her chest. “You’re such an ungrateful prick!” This was the second time this guy had caused a less-than-decent word to fly out of her mouth. She stomped off towards her mother’s bathroom, grumbling a series of not so nice adjectives about her newest guest.

* * *

Later that day Kagome and Fumiko were huddled around Inuyasha, whom they’d had to almost wrestle unto the barstool. His wounds were overdue for a good rewrapping. Fumiko wanted to make sure everything was healing appropriately, especially after the horrible ‘infection’ that had consumed his body earlier.

Fumiko had forced him into the room, and by forced he meant politely ordering him with a stern lowering of her brows, and signaled that he remove his shirt. He made a face but grabbed the hem of it and pulled it up and over his head. With the flimsy material off he felt oddly exposed; he shifted uncomfortably under the scrutiny.

Fumiko’s brows rose, “Where are your bandages?”

“Oh, I took a shower this morning,” He glanced up at her guiltily, like a small child confessing he’d taken one too many cookies from the cookie jar.

She frowned, not liking that tidbit of information at all, but she relented slightly. “Well, I suppose you needed a bath. I wish you would’ve told me though, that way I could have cut them for you.”

“No big deal, they came right off.” He shrugged. It hadn’t been, all he’d had to do was slid his slightly elongated fingernail down the length of the bindings and they’d fallen off of him. In the lapse of conversation he stole a quick glimpse over at Kagome. Her cheeks were a delightful rosy color, her eyes strictly averted, looking anywhere but him. He felt the self-satisfaction tilt the sides of his lips. He knew exactly why she’d been avoiding him all morning. If the girl only knew how much fun it was to tease her. Granted, it was one of the first times he’d ever had a member of the opposite sex get such an intimate view of him, but for the few times he’d been unconscious and on the brink of death on an operating table. The look on her face had been so very telling as she’d stood in the doorway stunned by the sight of him. He’d almost immediately smelled the rich desire that had wound into her scent as she’d drank him in. And if that hadn’t been enough proof for him, the half-lidded look of interest did. She’d nearly jumped out of her skin when she’d realized her situation, her tiny hand fluttering up to cover her mouth. It had been so damned adorable he’d completely forgotten to be bashful.

A sudden intake of air from the older woman hovering over his shoulder broke him away from his musings. She started to rest her cool hands against his overly warm skin, her prodding were impartial and calculating as she surveyed the results of her quick handy work.

Inuyasha stiffened under her ministrations. He did not like the attention, all of his instincts were telling him to get the fuck out of dodge before this intelligent woman put two and two together. He’d never been very good at receiving affection, not that he did often. In fact the only woman he ever let him touch at home was Sango, and it’d taken him near dying and a ten year bond before that had happened. Still he sat inhumanly still under the female’s hands, letting them do as they pleased. He fought a grimace as he could only imagine the endless teasing he’d receive from the lecher if he ever found out about this.

Fumiko gasped as she examined her patient’s lacerations, or what had once been his lacerations. The skin had pulled together nicely so far, all signs of infection absent from the tears in his skin. The skin was lovely pink and extremely healthy, a scab was already forming to close the widest gaps and repair the most extensive damage. It was every doctor’s dream to see a patient heal so quickly and so well, she just hadn’t thought it was going to take only three days…

“Well, Inuyasha,” She patted his shoulder affectionately. “Looks like your body didn’t need too much help from me after all. I’m going to remove all the stitches and we’ll bandage you up again.”

Kagome’s bright blue eyes shot up at her mother completely surprised, “Really?” Last time they’d had to stitch up Souta after a particularly nasty fall in one of soccer games he’d had to wait over a week to remove his. It’d been less than seventy-two hours for Inuyasha’s.

Fumiko had noted the odd acceleration in the tissues recovery, but also knew that depending on the treatments and the person’s genetics that it wasn’t impossible. Just… really unusual. She shrugged, “All people heal at deferent speeds. It’s not entirely uncommon.”

Kagome frowned at her mother’s rationalization. Still….

Inuyasha had to stifle a sigh of relief. He’d been worried that his advanced recovery rate would have tipped them off to something weird. It was already bad enough that they’d been exposed to the strange wound. Luckily they’d accepted his vague information on the attack.

The older woman glanced down at the patient in front of her, “So are going to call your family?” Her eyes were warm, but he got the distinct feeling that she’d not be having him avoid the call.

Inuyasha looked like he’d just rolled in a large pile of cow dung at the prospect, but answered none-the-less with a, “Yes, ma’am.” Knowing as soon as the words left his lips they’d be a lie. He’d been gone longer than this without a word breathed in the direction of his older brother. The fucker was probably thrilled with the idea that he was dead.

“Good.” She affirmed grabbing a pair of stitching scissors and started in on him. Slowly she took the thread out and moved on to the next wound. It took about thirty minutes to unbind them. It took another twenty minutes to sterilize, smear antibiotics, and rebind his torso. By the time everything was said and done all three of them were more than relieved, especially Inuyasha.

“Well, then,” Fumiko started, her hands balled into fists and resting against her hips, “I think that it is time for us to get out of this stuffy house and enjoy this beautiful day! Summer’s going to end here shortly.”

Kagome couldn’t agree more, between her studies earlier in the week and then finding a dying man on her doorstep, she desperately needed some R and R.

* * *

Kagome’s mother had been right, as the afternoon sizzled into the early evening the temperature dropped quite a bit. It didn’t deter any of them though, as the entire household was outside enjoying the soothing weather. Her mother had taken advantage of the moment and was wearing her bonnet and gloves, buried up to her forearms in dirt. Kagome shook her head, she just couldn’t fathom why one of her Mama’s favorite pastimes was weeding. Although her garden was easily one of the prettiest in the area, in fact many of the guests stopped to admire or take pictures of the beautiful patch of earth.

Kagome leaned back against the wood beam behind her in an attempt to relax. It was quite an effort considering Inuyasha sitting cross-legged next to her. His large arms were folded together against his chest as he stared out into the garden. Why he’d taken up residence beside her she had no idea, but it was making her extremely nervous. They hadn’t had an actual conversation since this morning’s heated yelling match, and there’d been a very solid wooden door between them at that point. The memory of his naked body came crashing back into her mind’s eye and with it came the heat. It rolled through her a settled low in her belly to simmer there. Really, the boy was gorgeous, but he could do with some simple manners! She flushed from the combination of frustration and embarrassment and seething remnant of desire. Kagome didn’t know why all of these unbelievable and wholly perturbing things continued to happen to her! She made a face, cursing fate or destiny or whoever enjoyed bullying her so mercilessly.

Inuyasha sneezed violently, a chill running down his back. Someone was most definitely talking some shit about him, probably that bastard brother of his. He resettled himself, his amber eyes flicking to his fidgeting companion. He felt his nostrils flare wide as he breathed her in, he could smell just a hint of that familiar heat from earlier. She was once again sporting a healthy rose-colored glow, her face contorted in discomfort. She was obviously uncomfortable next to him, and he loved every minute of it. He was sure he’d be answering for it later when Karma came back to bit him in the ass, but he’d worry about it then. A grin so wide the slightly too sharp edge of his canine peeked over his lower lip.

Kagome couldn’t stand another minute of the apparent one-sided awkwardness. She took a deep breath and turned her head toward him stiffly, surprised to catch the wolfish smirk smeared over his face.“So how are you feeling? Are you in any pain?”

Inuyasha was surprised by her sudden question. His eyes examined her face and he immediately had the urge to laugh. It was pinched, her lips thinned and tense, and she had turned at him in such a way it was a wonder her back wasn’t killing her. The odd tension radiating off of her contrasted widely with her syrupy sweet words.

“These ain’t nothing woman.” He scoffed at her, and they really weren’t that bad at all, he’d been in much worse condition. A minion bit was something his kind dealt with on an almost daily basis

He saw her delicate dark eyebrow arch sharply, a very clear indication he’d pissed her the hell off. He had a sense of strange foreboding, that not even a major demon seemed to be able to conjur in him.

Really? Is that why you ended up bleeding all over my house? Why it also took me more than twelve hours to cool your body to a temperature that wouldn’t fry that little brain of yours like an egg in boiling water?”

Inuyasha’s eyebrows lowered drastically, casting them in shadow. The gold of his eyes caught the lingering light of the sun and glittering at her dangerously. “Whatever, little girl, I’ve had worse.”

Her jaw dropped, eyes darkening to a swirling amethyst color. Mixtures of horror, worry, and concern flew over her face in rapid secession, the look shot through him like a bullet, stopping his heart momentarily. He inwardly cursed knowing he’d just totally fucked up by letting that piece of information slip. He scrambled to cover his tracks, his eyes darting around looking for anything that could change the extremely touchy subject.

An awkward silence settled over them, she’d leaned away from the large pole at her back, her slender finger come to rest on his forearm. It set his nerves ablaze, kindling a growing desire that could turn dangerous. The look in her shimmering sapphire eyes caused his chest to tighten, she was so concerned for him right then. He felt all of his less than slick lies leave him completely the longer he looked at her. Her mass of ebony locks fell over her shoulder to shield them from the last bit of sunshine like a dark curtain. He watched in slow motion as her lips parted, on the verge of saying something when a loud clatter stole her attention.

Kagome’s was momentarily at a loss as she took her grandfather in. He’d came crashing out of the room adjacent to them, nearly wrenching the shogi door off. He was dressed to the nine’s, decked out in his most formal, albeit moth eaten priest attire. He extended one of his gnarled, liver spotted hands out ominously towards the two.

“I have spoken to the great Gods in heaven! I have asked them to give me guidance on this wayward soul!” His gaze fixed his yellowing eyes on Inuyasha, gesturing as wildly as his archaic bones would allow.

The duo was so stunned by the outburst all they could do was sit there and stare in befuddlement.

“And they have spoken!” He cried out, arms splayed above his head dramatically. “They tell me that I must be rid of you! I must purify this taint!” Spittle launched furiously in the air after the offending word.

Kagome covered her now burning cheeks with her hands, “Oh Gods, Grandpa! What are you doing?!”

He turned his wrinkled face to his only granddaughter, a sincere look further crinkling his aged skin.“Oh sweet Kagome, I am protecting you!” He beseeched her. He planted his feet, trying in vain to straighten his curled spine against his threat.

Inuyasha sat up and the surprise on his face morphing to full on amusement. He chuckled at the irony of the statement. If only the geezer knew exactly who he was, and just whom was protecting whom. “Calm down, old timer.” He chided roughly, his hand palm up in a show of gentle surrender.

That did not help the situation any, in fact, it only caused to agitate the already riled ‘old-timer’. His cheeks reddened in indignation at the slight. The senior man reached inside his outer layer of clothing, producing a single slip of something. He slid the flimsy rice paper between two fingers, chanting a quiet prayer before flinging it with more precision than anyone his age should have had.

“Take that demon spawn!” He wailed.

Inuyasha’s eyes were the size of dinner plates, disbelief plastered all over his face, “Did…. Did you just throw an ofuda at me?!” A slow boil of anger welled up in his chest, seriously? This old bag was going to throw shit at him?

Fumiko raised her gloved hands in front of her in shock, still conscious not to touch her face, “Oh dear!”

The geezer guffawed triumphantly, “That is your heavenly punishment!” He settled his hand on his hips, self- satisfaction puffing out his chest.

“What is this Gramps? Sailor Moon?” Souta called out between barks of laughter, tears leaking over his flushed cheeks. He was currently doubled over, soccer ball rolling away, completely forgotten as he enjoyed the scene before him.

Fumiko marched from her place at her garden up to the wayward priest. “Yamato! This is absolutely unacceptable! You apologize to Inuyasha this instant!” She was shaking a finger at him, like she would if she was chastising a misbehaved pet.

The person in question stuck his bulbous nose into the air, “I will do no such thing.” He refused, like a petulant child.

A dark look passed over the older woman’s face, her usual cheerful bright demeanor falling away to reveal a real anger. “You will. Or you’ll be making your own meals for the next week.” Despite the ridiculous gardening attire she still managed to look quite threatening. She knew that if there was one thing she could do, it was take home his warm three square meals a day. Yamato was a terrible cook, something that Kagome unfortunately took after.

Inuyasha had to wonder if that was the power of a mother, ‘cause if it was, it was starting to seriously freak him out. The woman reigned over her family like a patient king, but as it turned out that if you crossed her she was much less forgiving. The image of his stoic brother at the receiving end of this woman’s tongue lashing appeared in his mind. Oh hells yes! I’d pay to see that shit.

Yamato turned on his daughter-in-law, eyes narrowing suspiciously, “You wouldn’t!” A hint of challenge in his shaking voice.

She smiled mischievously, brown eyes twinkling with something almost sinister, “Oh, but I would.”

“Fine! I apologize, you demon spawn!” He hmphed, appalled that he’d lowered himself to such an atrocity, then he proceeded to turn on his heel, a little less gracefully as he was up pretty far in years, and stomped into the house like a chagrined five year old.

Inuyasha was still pretty shocked he’d just been the recipient of an ofuda attack. The houshi would’ve loved that shit. He was still sprawled out on his back, his elbows holding his shoulders up of the ground, so he wasn’t too surprised when Kagome leaned over him, examining the damage. He could almost, almost thank the bastard for the stupid move as he felt Kagome’s right breast brush against his upper arm, he almost groaned out loud.

Kagome had to appreciate the sight of him, his position letting his shirt ride up over his hips in the most alluring tease she’d come to like a little too much. His silvery hair was an absolute mess though; his bangs were hopelessly tangled in the strange adhesive that her grandfather made himself. “Oh no, I ‘m so sorry.” She whispered close to his ear as she started to pick through the strands in a attempt to dislodge them from the glue.

He suppressed a shiver as her breathe tickled his ear. She was so close to him that he could heart the fluttering of her heart. It made him want to grab her and pull her flush against him to see how fast he could get it to speed…

He watched her as she bit her lip, her small white teeth catching the plump flesh in the way that had to be the most innocently sexy he’d ever seen. “This is pretty bad…”

He couldn’t make himself care at the moment, the unbidden image of her straddling his hips in his position made him whimper piteously. What he wouldn’t do to feel her against him like that, the hot apex of her womanhood pressed against him… he felt his naturally high body temperature rise. She looked down at him apologetically, thinking that his accidental vocal slip was one of frustration over his hair. Oh, fuck, if she only knew. Their eyes locked, he was sure his desire for her was written all over his face, he could smell her scent spike. He inhaled it in great gulps.

“You’re making it worse, Sis!” Souta shouted as he bounded up the steps, closely followed by his mother, breaking his train of thought. It was as effective as bucket of frigid water. He leaned away, clearing his throat.

“Shut up Souta!” She continued cautiously over her shoulder, the faint rosiness creeping up her neck the only lingering connection to the previous moment. She leaned back on her feet no longer able to meet his eyes, but continued to pick at his hair.

Fumiko rushed over, swatting Kagome’s hands out of the way, “Don’t waste your time, dear. There’s nothing you can do. I’m afraid there’s only one option left.” She shooed her son in the direction of the kitchen. “Go get me the scissors Souta."



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