InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ One Battle ❯ His Strength ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Blanket Disclaimer:Inuyasha and all characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi. I don't own them and am not making any money from this.---------------------------

Title: His Strength
Author: ananova
Rating: T
Genre: Action/General
Universe: Canon
Word Count: 459
Warnings: Language and mention of blood and injuries but nothing specific.
Summary: Inuyasha struggles to protect Kagome while in a battle against Naraku.

Author Note: This is the longer version of what I posted to IB4Y for W-Prompt #10 Hope. The edited version can be found in my Inuyasha drabble collection.

Inuyasha growled as he saw the tentacles head towards Kagome yet again. He immediately placed himself between them and her, wincing as they bit into his body, yet another new wound for him to bear. 'That's alright' he told himself. 'I'll heal. Better me than Kagome.' A determined look settled over his face. No way was he gonna let that bastard touch a hair on Kagome's head!

A growl escaped him as he listened to Naraku's taunts but he brushed them aside, raising Tessaiga and unleashing the wind scar. “Kaze no Kizu!” he cried, feeling a sense of satisfaction as several more tentacles were severed from Naraku's body.

He panted, knowing he had to end this soon. He didn't know how much more his body could take. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Kagome notch an arrow. Naraku saw as well. Inuyasha resisted the urge to yell at her, why was she drawing attention to herself?! Instead, he took the blow yet again, his golden eyes flashing with pain and determination. He hoped he could find the strength to end this soon.

He heard Kagome cry out to him and her voice filled him with hope, with strength. He had to protect her, at all costs! Raising Tessaiga again he unleashed another attack. He blinked, yes his attacks were getting stronger. He unleashed another, and another, always making sure to keep Kagome safely behind himself. She had to remain unharmed!

Hope filled him as he saw that the tide of battle was turning. Naraku was getting desperate, trying to distract him with his taunts. But Inuyasha ignored them, focused on ending this, for Kagome's sake. He no longer felt his exhaustion or his wounds. He only felt the strength rushing through his body at the knowledge that he had to protect Kagome.

Then it was over. He watched as Naraku took off into the air, running away, his Saimyosho covering his escape. Inuyasha stood there a moment longer, Tessaiga ready, in preparation for a trick. Then satisfied that the dark hanyou was truly gone, though disappointed that his enemy had escaped again, Inuyasha allowed himself to relax. Immediately the wounds he had been ignoring caused him to hiss in pain and collapse to the ground.

“Inuyasha!” Gentle hands turned him over and he met worried blue-gray eyes. He felt her try to search him for injuries but stopped her. Instead, his eyes roamed over her form, searching her for any injury. A faint smile escaped him as his hopes were answered, she was unharmed. He had managed to protect her, his light, his strength, his hope. Finally satisfied, his eyes closed and he drifted off knowing he was in her safe and capable hands.
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