InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ One Battle ❯ Protect and Mend ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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Originally posted to Issekiwa on August 4, 2011 for Prompt #131 Faint.

Title: Protect and Mend
Author: ananova
Rating: T
Prompt: Faint (Issekiwa)
Genre: General
Word Count: 250
Warnings: Mention of blood and injuries but nothing specific
Summary: Kagome's view of a battle against Naraku.

Kagome felt helpless. Her heart lurched painfully with every blow Inuyasha took, every blow was meant for her. Why hadn't she hid like Shippou had urged her to? Why was she just standing here?

She felt faint as she saw how much blood coated Inuyasha's clothing, visible despite the red of his fire-rat clothing. She had to do something, help him somehow!

She notched an arrow but before she could aim a tentacle shot toward her. Then Inuyasha was there, shielding her, taking yet another blow meant for her. Faintly she wondered how many more blows his body could take before it gave out?

She watched as he turned, throwing himself back into the battle with an angry snarl, and launched yet another attack against Naraku. But was that? Yes, it was! Somehow, his attacks were getting stronger. It was faint at first but soon became very apparent. Even to Naraku who soon withdrew, retreating. She watched as Inuyasha stood a moment longer, Tessaiga raised in preparation for a trick, before he finally collapsed.

Kagome gasped, hurrying to his side, wincing at all of the injuries. She made to check his wounds but he stopped her, insisted on checking her over first.

“Baka!” she cried. “I'm fine, let me take care of you.”

His eyes searched her carefully before he offered her a faint smile and allowed her to carefully bandage his many wounds.

Those were their roles: He protects her and she mends him, body and soul.
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