InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Jun 2 ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"We call it Zearth." explained Dung Beetle while everyone stared at the robot in shock. They were no strangers to supernatural things, but this...this was not alive. It was no demon. What was it? And meanwhile, the one from the future, Kagome, knew what is was but couldn't understand how something she'd only seen in sci-fi movies and anime had ended up in Feudal Japan.

Jun had disappeared after Dung Beetle teleported the rest of the contracted pilots to the area. Nobody knew where he went, or why. Kagome surveyed the others; who else was contracted to use this thing? She saw Inuyasha, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Koga, Naraku, Kagura, Kanna, Hakudoshi, Kohaku, Jaken, Rin, Sesshomaru, Kikyo-wait, Kikyo? What was she doing here?

"Why, exactly, am I here?" the miko spoke up at that moment. "I'm not one of these...contracted people. I have never touched those papers. I don't even know what's going on."

"You don't do you? Well, too late." Dung Beetle replied. "The fight'll start at any minute, and you're here anyway, so let's just go."

Rin's sudden shriek of terror drew everyone's attention away from their conversations and onto the girl. She was hiding behind Jaken, pointing at something. "Th-that! What is that?"

The fourteen others that had yet to lay eyes on the newcomer all turned their heads to where Rin was pointing. It was another metal creature-another "robot", as Kagome called it. This one didn't look like the one called Zearth. It was white, shaped like a cross between a spider and a scorpion, and had to be about 60 stories tall.

Jaken gulped. "Is-is that the enemy?"

"Yup." confirmed Dung Beetle. "You're not gonna fight though. Jun's gonna fight it, to show you how to use the Zearth. Once his turn is over, your magazine will be loaded. Then it's your turn."

Suddenly the atmosphere around them became fuzzy; Kagome could compare it to TV static. Something was off; they felt dizzy. So Dung Beetle was teleporting them somewhere...would it always be like this?

Soon the weird vibes and dizziness was gone. They now stood in an empty, circular room with fifteen chairs floating in a circular formation in mid-air. There was a screen in the middle where one could see what was going on outside the robot. Fourteen chairs were empty. Only one chair was occupied; the occupant they could now identify as Jun.

He turned around and flashed a grin. "Welcome to the cockpit."

Nobody moved or said a word. Whether it was shock, confusion, or they were just observing in silence, they wouldn't budge. The air was thick with tension.

"The enemy will now attack." Jun announced.

Sure enough, the other robot began shooting out intense waves of electricity from its head, aimed at Zearth. It bounced off of Zearth's armor; however the villages nearby that received the deflected attack weren't as lucky as the pilots. Their screaming could be heard from inside the cockpit; the villages were burning down.

Jun, however, did not seem concerned at all. "Heh. An attack of that level won't knock off a single plate of armor." He announced. "Now, let's go." Everyone felt the vibrations as the massive robot containing them moved.

"Ah!" screamed Sango. "It moves?"

"It moves if you will it to. It's linked to the pilot's mind, so you all shouldn't have any trouble using it."

With that said, thousands of little lights popped up on the surface of Zearth's armor. They turned into laser beams; countless laser beams that ruthlessly pounded at the enemy came from all over Zearth's body. Jun continued to attack for well over ten minutes, then stopped. The smoke cleared away to reveal the enemy robot completely unharmed.

Jun scoffed. "Of course, that won't do much damage to them either. In order to win..." the boy paused, making Zearth run over to the enemy and stab through its center with the robot's cannnon-like arm. "You gotta pull off the armor when necessary!" The boy was shouting now.

Zearth tore off its opponent's limbs piece by piece. "...This is important, so pay attention!" he panted. "All robots have vital areas. The location varies for each opponent, but it's usually inside the body, protected by layers of thick armor! You can't win without destroying it!"

Jun pulled out a round, layered metal sphere from inside the opponent's body. "And once you find that, crush it." Zearth's giant fingers utterly destroyed the "vital spot" effortlessly.

But Kagome could have sworn that Jun had hesitated. Somehow, he didn't want to crush it. He had a look of sorrow in his eyes just before he destroyed the sphere.

Exactly what was the "vital spot", anyway...? What was in it?

The enemy robot was no longer moving. They could see that its face had fifteen spots; fourteen were blank and only one was lit. As soon as the sphere was destroyed, the single light faded away, now leaving fifteen blank spots on the robot's face. They didn't know what this meant.

Jun scanned the fourteen empty chairs around him with a grim expression. He looked as if he was deep in thought; but then, he just closed his eyes and grinned.

"Well, that's it." He announced. "My job is done. After this, it's up to you all the protect the Earth."

"The Earth?!" Inuyasha exclaimed. "Wait, wha-what is really happening?"

"Don't ask stupid questions. You already saw everything you need to know!" Dung Beetle snapped. "It's time to go back."

"...Dung Beetle?" Jun whispered.


"Remember me."

"...I will."

The atmosphere became blurry again; and they knew Dung Beetle was about to teleport them away. They could see a faint outline of Jun's form still.

"Hey guys?" They saw his silouhette turn its head towards them. "I'm really, really sor-"

They were back at the beach. Zearth and the other robot that had lost were still out at sea, completely still. First the losing robot evaporated into thin air; it seemed. Then Zearth soon followed and disappeared as well.

"...Well, if you have any questions, just call for me." And Dung Beetle disappeared too.

They split up into their usual groups and went their seperate ways. Naraku seemed a bit too happy for Inuyasha's liking. Sesshomaru, of course, was completely unemotional throughout the whole thing.

"The Earth, huh?" Miroku sighed. "It's not just Japan anymore."

"Yeah well, look at the bright side!" Sango smiled. "We have a weapon that's practically invincible!"

"I wonder...if that boy is okay now." Kagome said softly, drawing four sets of curious eyes to her. "When we were coming back...I think what he was trying to say was...I think he was about to say 'I'm Sorry'."

And in Zearth's cockpit, there were now fifteen empty chairs instead of fourteen.