InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Kanna ( Chapter 5 )

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Afterwards, we went our seperate ways. Kohaku went with his sister, Hakudoshi went off by himself, and I stayed together with Kagura. She was more worried than happy about her new freedom. She kept saying Naraku might not really be dead, that he died too easy, and that he might come back somehow.

I don't care, really, but you can expect that from me.

The rest of Japan was probably in chaos; after all, the hanyou that had been terrorizing it for who knows how long had just been found dead without explanation. They'll probably conclude he died in battle. then they'd probably recognize that his body isn't injured at all, but it's not like we could explain it to them. We don't know why he died either. And that was what was scaring us, even me, partially.

Inuyasha and his crew were talking about how they were gonna have to keep killing people from now on. I don't know why they care. There's plenty other life in the world. If some die, there's plenty more left. That's what I'd always made myself think ever since I first started working for Naraku.

My father. I don't hate him. My siblings all do, but I don't. No child is born immediately hating their parent, and me and my siblings are no exception. A child believes and loves what they are raised and taught to, until they gain a bit of independence from their parent and experience the outside world and slowly come to make decisions for themselves.

The only difference between us is how we reacted to what we found.

My siblings were astonished; they turned on my father. It was so easy for them to make up their minds. It wasn't so easy for me.

While they chose to go further into the outside world, I turned a blind eye to it. I convinced myself it was lying, and that Naraku, my father, had to be right. I wouldn't let anyone, or anything even try to make me think otherwise. I didn't want to believe it. I had held my father to the highest regards for so long, and I didn't want to stop. I always wanted to feel the same way about him, so I did not listen to things I didn't want to believe.

It was no easy task, either. It took hard work to keep on brainwashing myself, forcing myself to think a certain way. That's when I learned to just tune it all out. Detach myself so that I couldn't hear. I did that for so long, it became natural. It became a part of me.

Now that he's gone, it's rather silly. But many people do that. It's much easier to keep on living a satisfying lie than to wake up and face the cold, harsh truth. And many choose to fool themselves so that they can be happy; at least pretend they are happy, even if they know they're living a lie.

"Ready, kids?" I heard Dung Beetle's voice. "It's showtime."

We were inside Zearth's cockpit; he had teleported us. Huh. That was rather sudden.

"Arg, be careful when you teleport us next time!" Kagome was yelling, pulling Inuyasha's outer haori around herself. "There's some things we don't like to be interrupted during!"

"I guess the moment of transportation was ill-chosen." Dung Beetle replied, causing Kagome to swipe at the air, trying to hit him. Apparently she was taking a bath when he chose to teleport all of us here.

"Did anyone here than voice thing?" asked Miroku.

"Me." I whispered. "After Naraku died, I got the signal immediately. But I didn't know how to react at the time."

I guess that was a bad subject to bring up. Everyone froze and they each took on a different facial expression.

"...How's the robot arm?" I asked Dung beetle before finding my seat. My plain, wooden seat painted white.

"It repairs itself. It's handy like that." he replied. "Anyway, here it comes."

This one looked like an upside-down teardrop with arms. That's the best I can describe it. I kill it, huh? Without saying a word, I lifted my-Zearth's-foot and started walking. Humans' houses were being crushed underneath me with every step.

"The houses!" Shippo shrieked. I ignored him and continued to walk, making crunching sounds with every step. People were screaming as I overturned everything.

"Kanna, watch your step!" I heard Sango shout. "Don't just crush everything!"

I blinked. "Why not? I don't particularly care."

Inuyasha spoke up. "Listen, kid, there's people in those houses. People that have nothing to do with this!"

"So, how can I fight without moving?" I looked him square in the eyes. "If we can save...the rest of the world, then a couple thousand lives is something I'm willing to sacrifice."

"What-? But you can't just do that!" protested Kagome. "You gotta think of others!"

"After yourself." I replied. Just then, the other robot sprouted what looked like a tentacle and grabbed my-Zearth's foot, much like I had seen Naraku do with his tentacles. It started to swing us around in a circle and then threw us into a random village.

"No problems for us." announced Dung Beetle. "This cockpit is a floating model."

"But what about the people under us?" asked Kagome.

"Heh. You'd better hope they'd evacuated already."

Once again, it wrapped a tentacle around our leg and swung us around before hurling Zearth into a mountain. Before I could react, it got ready to repeat the same cycle.

"Kanna, it's trying to keep you from getting any closer." said Kagura. "Do something about it-if you can't, then do what the enemy is doing."

This time, I used the fact that it had its tentacle around my leg to pull it closer to me. I pulled and pulled; then I flung it around by its own tentacle and threw it off. Just like it had done to me. I grabbed it again and kept swinging it until I could see the round vital area.

There. An opening. I found the sphere, pulled it out, and crushed it in Zearth's hand.

I feel...I feel so dizzy. The ground looks very welcoming.

(Normal P.O.V.)

"I-I don't wanna do this anymore..." Shippo whimpered from Kagome's shoulder. "This, this is like-"

"Sorry. No can do." Dung Beetle interrupted."You all signed the contract. Nothing can stop it now."

They stared at Kanna's limp form as Kagura went to check her sister. She collapsed so suddenly. Just like Naraku had. "Is she..." the wind witch mumbled. "Is she dead?"

Thirteen sets of eyes came to rest on Dung Beetle. "What?" he exclaimed. "Why are you mean you didn't know?"

"Know what?" Inuyasha demanded.

"All of these robots operate using life energy. You mean Jun didn't tell you about that before I got here? For every battle you win, the pilot's life is taken away to keep Zearth operating for the next round."


" can't be serious..." Hakudoshi spoke, slowly raising his fist before lashing out and trying to punch Dung Beetle. "You little piece of shit!"

Dung Beetle managed to dodge very easily. "Hey hey, it's a good deal! You control the strongest thing on Earth, protect the world, in exchange for your own life!"

"It's me." Kohaku spoke up. Everyone looked up at him, except for Hakudoshi, whose frustration hadn't yet calmed down. "Next is me."

"K-Kohaku...?" Sango stuttered.

"I heard the voice." the boy confirmed.

"Y-you don't have to fight!" Inuyasha shouted. "They can't make us agree to something like this. Why should we-"

"I think it's set up so we have no choice." Miroku interrupted. "Remember, we have to do this to protect the Earth? So that means, if we don't fight...the Earth would be destroyed."

"Well said!" Dung Beetle spoke in approval, Hakudoshi finally having calmed down. "You figured it out. If you don't fight, the enemy will kill you, you'd lose, and the world is gone. Even if they don't, it's set up so that if no outcome is reached whithin 48 hours, the Earth ceases to exist. And if you lose, same thing. You can either fight, and die saving the rest of the world, or you can shoose to not fight, and die along with the rest of the world."

No one spoke; until Rin started to whimper. "Wh-why? Why are you doing this?"

"Me? I'm not. This isn't my choice. My resposibility is to teach you the rules. I don't make them."

"Then, who makes the rules?! Why is this happening?"

Dung Beetle turned his back to them and gave no answer.

Kikyo, after having been quiet the whole time, let out the breath she had been holding in. "So that's the reason Naraku died."