InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Rin 3 ( Chapter 15 )

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The enemy looks like a ring with legs. The ring isn't empty-it's more like a circular plate. And on top of it, there was the round vital spot-fully exposed for the world to see.

"Rin, we should move the battle to the coast-" Seiko started, but was cut off by Miroku.

"Wait a minute. Rin, zoom in on the top of the enemy." The monk said. I did as I was told. Everyone could see the round "vital spot" with its layers of armor.

"The vital spot is exposed?!" Koga exclaimed. "What does that mean? Is it a fake?"

"Nope." Dung Beetle reassured. "That's your target."

Kagome seemed apprehensive. "So we can just smash that and win?"

"But look at that shape..." Miroku noted. "Something is weird. Rin, I think you should move back and watch for a while."

I nodded and did so. The opponent immediately charged at Zearth and then took flight. We couldn't see it.

"Is it gone...?" asked Kagome, before she noticed something. "Oh my God, look up above!"

The enemy had brought itself down on us, using its legs and the plate on top to hold Zearth in place. It had caught us. We were trapped.

"Squeeze out and get away!" Inuyasha shouted.

I tried with all my might to move, but Zearth couldn't move while the enemy had its hold on us. "I can't..." I whimpered. "I can't get out."

The air was thick with tension. "What's it going to do to us?" asked Sango.

As if to answer her question, suddenly, the ring at the top of the enemy started to move.

Koga jumped. "What's that noise?"

The circular plate detached its outer ring, and that ring began to circle downwards rapidly, pushing the legs that held us inwards. "Is-is it grinding us down?" I asked.

Hiroshi nodded. "The ring-like structure on top is rotating and moving downwards."

"No wonder!" Seiko exclaimed. "When the ring lowers, it'll push the legs inwards. If we don't do something about it soon-"

"-I know that!" I got Zearth's laser beams ready and fired-but instead of hitting the enemy, they were blocked by the circular plate on top of us and shot downwards towards the ground instead. It was no good.

"Raise the arms!" Inuyasha suggested.

"I can't. I can't move my arms."

"Then your feet!"

I kicked Zearth's foot back-and strangely, laser beams started coming out from Zearth's foot. I didn't know it could fire lasers from there. I move the leg in order to aim the lasers at the "vital spot" on top of the enemy, but I couldn't reach up that high.

Vibrations shook the cockpit; the ring was getting lower and lower. I couldn't get away. At this rate, we'd all be crushed to death.

"Hey kids, this ain't looking good." Dung Beetle commented. "Looks like we're about to be crushed. I can teleport the rest of you guys outside, but not Rin. Of that case, it would only change where you all spend your last moments alive. Cause either way, this planet'll blow."

Suddenly, we heard a loud crash above us. The screen showed that something had attacked our enemy's vital spot.

"What's going on? Jesus, don't they know that's useless?" said Dung Beetle.

I zoomed in on the enemy's vital spot and saw a familiar two-headed dragon.

"Ah-Un!" I shrieked. "Ah-Un is trying to help! But..." I swallowed nervously. "There's no way he can live! Ah-Un, get out of there!"

"Ask the other tribes for assisstance." Takeo spoke up suddenly.

"Didn't you learn anything from last time?" Dung Beetle scoffed, but Takeo glared at him.

"If Zearth loses, there won't even be anyone else. It's a die-or-die situation then. And since their vital spot is exposed like that, don't you think maybe we might have a chance?"

We all looked at the screen. Ah-Un was still hopelessly attacking the vital area.

"Alright, Dung Beetle." said Hiroshi. "Please teleport us outside."

Dung Beetle scoffed. "Idiots." And they were gone.

Not soon after they left, an idea struck me. "There is something." Everyone turned to me hopefully. "I don't know if it'll work or not, but there night be a way."

I got the idea while thinking about my conversation with Lady Kagura. Her heart was outside her body.

Zearth could detach its body parts; Naraku had done so, Kohaku did too.

"I'm gonna detach our cockpit from the main body."

Immediately after my announcement, Dung Beetle returned alone. "And how is that gonna help?" He asked dryly.

A large explosion outside distracted me; hundreds of youkai had arrived. They were not all bird demons, but they could all fly. In the midst of chaos, I couldn't see what was going on. I couldn't see Ah-Un.

Under the enemy's vital spot, several lights lit up. Then it shot laser beams at the youkai around it.

When the smoke cleared, not a single one of them were left.

Not even Ah-Un.

"Ah-Un..." I trembled, wanting to cry. This isn't fair. This isn't right. I felt a surge of anger rush through me like never before.

"We're in a bad enough spot as it is!" I screamed at Dung Beetle. "I'll do it! It'll give us a short window to victory! Trust Rin!"

There was silence. And then, we heard cracking sounds followed by a feeling of motion like we were flying through the air.

"We did it..." Kagome breathed out.

Yes, we had. Our cockpit was now detached from the main body, outside of Zearth, floating around in mid-air. I looked down; we were up so high. Everything looked like little ants from here.

Not only that, I could see that we were directly above the enemy.

I narrowed my eyes and fired laser beams from the cockpit itself; I didn't even know we could do that, but it popped to my mind. We moved to a safe distance away from the enemy afterwards. "Did it work?"

"No." Dung Beetle answered as the smoke cleared. The vital area was only grazed; it had not been destroyed. "You came up a bit short."

Yes, all I had to do was destroy it just a tiny bit more.

The only problem was that from here, I couldn't reach it.

Suddenly we heard another large explosion.

"Takeo?!" Sango exclaimed. Sure enough, the bird demon was firing attack after attack at the enemy's vital spot, trying to finish what I'd started.

It was working, but very slowly. Not fast enough.

Then the enemy's lights started blinking again. It was getting ready to fire. Takeo seemed like he was ready to die; they both attacked at the same time.

The smoke cleared again. The vital spot was completely gone; but so was Takeo.

It seemed the combined energy of their attacks made some sort of weird explosion which killed both parties.

"...A suicide attack." Inuyasha breathed out.

Dung Beetle landed our cockpit safely on the ground. "A narrow victory."

We exited the cockpit. For the very first time, we got to see it from the outside and see what it really looked like.

It looked exactly liked the vital spots of our enemies. My jaw dropped.

"Dung Beetle?" I turned my head nervously. "Just who are we fighting?"

He paused before answering. "I think you've got a good idea of who it is."

"Well, I thought...maybe..." I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself. " was too unbelievable."

(Normal P.O.V.)

He wouldn't cry.

Sesshomaru never cried.

Even as his heart-the heart that wasn't supposed to exist-had just been shattered to pieces in the most brutal way he could imagine. Even as he stared at the place where Jaken, Rin, and Ah-Un used to play together while he watched. Even as its current emptiness seemed to slap him in the face with cold reality.

He needed an errand to be run. He had called for his servant.

But Jaken never came to obey.

He arrived at his campsite, and he usually was greeted.

But Rin never ran to him hugging his leg.

When he got ready to leave, he had, out of habit, reached for a reign to signal a dragon to move.

But Ah-Un never followed him.

He was alone. Completely alone now.

And although he was clenching his fists so tight his claws dug into his palms and left deep, gaping, bleeding wounds, he would not cry.

Sesshomaru never cried.